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Martial World - Chapter 472


Chapter 472 - Tragic




’’An Elder died!’’

All of the surrounding martial artists' hearts went cold. The two sides hadn't even been fighting for ten breaths of time, but a Revolving Core Elder had already died here, and at the hands of Lin Ming!

Defeating someone and killing someone were two entirely different concepts!

No matter what sort of secret skill Lin Ming had used, the truth was that in this broken world, Lin Ming had strength equal to a middle Revolving Core master's combat strength!

In this situation, all of the martial artists were in increasing awe and fear of Lin Ming. It wasn't just Lin Ming, but also Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun;it was difficult to imagine just what sort of incredible combat strength they had. If the two sisters united in their attacks, and with Mu Qingyi's support, then they were able to keep on par with the middle Revolving Core realm Elder Xuan Zhan!

The combat strength of divine Phoenix Island had already surpassed the imagination of many disciples. Not just that, but two Elders of divine Phoenix Island hadn't even joined in!

Of course, the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region also hadn't acted yet;it wasn't just the Lian bloodline and Xuan bloodline that were present.


After the Revolving Core Elder died, his blood essence twisted and turned into a mysterious crimson seal. The number of Blood Drinking Seals that twirled along the Great Desolate Blood Halberd suddenly turned into 15.

After the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was cultivated to the highest level, Blood Drinking Seals could be condensed nearly infinitely. One could create and use millions or even billions of Blood Drinking Seals to attack or defend;it was a top combined offensive and defensive combat technique.

Of course, the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' had an enormous weakness, and that was that its cultivating method was mediocre.


Lian Chengji's expression darkened with horror. Lin Ming had fought with him, but in his presence, not only had Lin Ming successfully defended, but he had also killed a South Sea Demon Region Elder! He had lost all of his face!

’’Good! Good! Very good!’’ Lian Chengji stared at the Blood Drinking Seal that was slowly condensing. From beginning to end, Lin Ming had been using martial arts from the demonic path. Lian Chengji had already noticed this. But a moment ago, Lin Ming's strange moves had caused his heart to be shocked.

What Lin Ming used was an extremely strange and peculiar cultivation method, it even had many similarities with the ancient Devil Tome!

It was only that those crimson seals were not mentioned within the ancient Devil Tome.

’’What's going on?’’ Lian Chengji was alarmed. He certainly didn't believe that Lin Ming had modeled this technique by using the ancient Devil Tome as a main source of inspiration. This sort of cultivation method might not even be able to be created by an Emperor level powerhouse, so where did Lin Ming's devil arts come from?

Lian Chengji clenched his teeth. There were too many mysteries swirling around Lin Ming! But at this moment, Lian Chengji no longer had time to think about this. He saw the faintest and weakest of the 15 Blood Drinking Seals suddenly explode, and then divide and fuse into the other 14 Blood Drinking Seals. The dim Blood Drinking Seals instantly became much more radiant and dazzling!

Lian Chengji's heart sank. Without doubt, Lin Ming had attracted the blood essence of the dead Revolving Core master in order to increase the power of his own technique!

This boy!!!

Lian Chengji's heart raged with a brutal anger. His grasping claws swooped straight down, and waves of blood rolled down with them. He vowed to killing Lin Ming in a single stroke!

’’Come on!’’

Lin Ming shouted. His current combat strength couldn't last forever. He had killed the black-clothed Elder in order to take his blood essence and strengthen the power of the Blood Drinking Seals. If he was going to engage in direct battle with Lian Chengji, then the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was all he could rely on. His Thunder Soul and Flame Essence had already lost all effect underneath the enveloping suppression of this world's laws.

If he couldn't severely wound Lian Chengji, divine Phoenix Island would eventually lose this battle.

As true essence gushed out, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted. Lin Ming held the blood halberd in his hands;the Great Desolate Blood Halberd swept out!


Lin Ming's body began to explode with crackling sounds. He galvanized the potential of his body to the extreme, and even his complete willpower was all poured into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, merging with it into one being! Not only would this strike wound his enemy, but it would also injure himself!

This was a cultivation method from the demonic path that had used the tenacious body of the Giant Demon Race as the model for the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'. Although Lin Ming had reached the point where his marrow was like golden soup and his body was abnormally strong, using this move still resulted in a giant burden on his body!

As Lin Ming rushed in at high speed, he felt as if his own body was caught in the storm of energy formed by the Blood Drinking Seal. His body was in pain everywhere, especially his spine that hadn't undergone Tempering Marrow yet;it was barely able to withstand this powerful distortion.


Lian Chengji's face twisted in a horrible expression. Behind him, the phantom of a crimson eagle appeared. It spread its wings to fly, its keening screech piercing the heavens!

The bloody claws and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd collided. The swirling Blood Drinking Seals were like a sharp needle as they pierced through the air, created rippling waves!


A bloody light radiated outwards, and the sky itself seemed to change color. A crimson vortex of energy twisted apart a blood claw, shattering it to pieces. However, there was still another that sailed through the energy vortex, grabbing towards Lin Ming!

Meanwhile, the crimson halberd light had enveloped Lian Chengji!

This was a battle of attrition. Lin Ming was aware that in fighting Lian Chengji, whether it was combusting the blood of the Ancient Phoenix or opening the Heretical God Force, in several dozen breaths of time all that he would accomplish was wounding each other.

Lin Ming's protective true essence wasn't too noticeable, but his bodily defensive power was absolutely terrifying. After reaching this stage in Tempering Marrow, Lin Ming could use his unarmed flesh to twist apart a high-grade human-step treasure!

As for Lian Chengji, his bodily true essence was formidable, but unfortunately, in this broken world where the laws that governed it suppressed true essence, just how strong could it be? As for his bodily defensive strength, he was a martial artist that had only cultivated to creating a dantian;his bodily defensive strength was equal to nothing at all!

Lian Chengji's expression changed, he didn't think that Lin Ming could be so ruthless.

’’Humph, this old man does not believe that you can withstand this claw!’’

As they fought to here, they had already exchanged moves several times, and every single move was filled with utter desperation and their complete strength. Lian Chengji was fuming with anger. But, if he could kill Lin Ming with this claw in exchange for some superficial injuries, then that was a bargain he was willing to make!

No matter what sort of secret skill Lin Ming was using, his true essence had been weak throughout - this was an immutable fact!

’’Break for me!’’

Lian Chengji shouted, and Lin Ming's bodily true essence protection was ripped apart by that blood claw like a thin piece of paper. The crimson claw smashed into Lin Ming's chest!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if he had been struck by a mountain and that his body was going to turn into paste. But as that strength transmitted to his ribs, it was actually abruptly withstood by them!

When Lin Ming had completed Tempering Marrow to 30 to 40%, he had already repeatedly tempered his ribs. The cavity that housed his heart and lungs was a key point, so he naturally had to temper his ribs first.

Lin Ming's ribs were like an impregnable fortress. Under this great impact, most of the force struck this barrier and twisted, most of it melting away into nothing. However, a great deal of that energy still sank into Lin Ming's organs!


Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood and soared backwards!

As for Lian Chengji, his situation wasn't much better. With his true essence suppressed to 20%, that violent halberd light had cut apart his protective true essence. Although over half of it dissipated in order to break through his defenses, the rest still slashed onto Lian Chengji's body. A long cut extended from his shoulder to his stomach, his collar bones were broken, and he had suffered intense damage to his organs. The brutal bloody force had even penetrated into his meridians, recklessly destroying anything in its path!

As the fight had arrived at this stage, tragic was no longer enough to describe it.

’’Damn!’’ Lian Chengji cursed in anger. He revolved his true essence and suppressed this strange bloody force that rampaged in his body. ’’This boy is hard to deal with, but he's done for...’’

Lian Chengji propped himself up from the ground, his other arm hanging limp. With his collar bone broken, it was hard for him to summon any strength.

As Lian Chengji remembered the scene where his blood claw had torn apart Lin Ming's protective true essence like scrap paper, he had felt much more relieved. Obviously, Lin Ming had spent a great deal of strength and placed everything into this attack. With such a strong attack, there was no way he could have summoned any true essence to protect his own body, and that was why it was so weak.

He took out a precious miracle medicine and even as his heart ached a bit, he popped it into his mouth. This sort of pill was able to slowly recover true essence in combat, and also had a healing effect on wounds. For most restorative medicines, one had to sit down and meditate in order to allow it to work.

Every pill that could be used in combat like this was extremely precious and rare. Even Lian Chengji only had several of them, and they were all for him to save his life at critical points. However, the current situation was just too complex. divine Phoenix Island was already so difficult to deal with, and there was also the Great Zen Temple watching from the side. In comparison to his life, a minor sacrifice like this wasn't worth mentioning.

’’Mm? He's alive?’’ Lian Chengji felt true essence fluctuations coming from Lin Ming's body;the boy actually hadn't died yet. Lian Chengji wanted to curse. He was about to head over and finish the deed, but at this time, his face froze in stunned disbelief, and mind went grim and dark.

He watched helplessly as Lin Ming stood back up and casually wiped the blood off the corners of his lips. He seemed entirely unmoved by the situation, even letting the blood on his chest flow freely.

’’This... how is this possible!?’’

It wasn't just Lian Chengji, but all of the surrounding martial artists widened their eyes. Lin Ming had clearly been struck by Lian Chengji's attack a moment ago. His chest should have been reduced to pulp, so how come he was still moving!?

As they looked at the injury on Lin Ming's chest where the bones were nearly exposed, they all felt a chill crawl up their spines. Lin Ming was like an unstoppable and invincible general. No matter how strong the enemy, he would not back down. And what was more terrifying was that he refused to die, he refused to be killed!

’’You... you... are you really human?’’ Lian Chengji clenched his teeth. This question seemed absurd, but the truth was that at this moment, Lian Chengji had real suspicions of whether Lin Ming was a human, or whether he was a true descendant of the ancient Giant Demon race!

This terrifying devil art that Lin Ming practiced might very well be a legacy of the Giant Demon race!

Lin Ming was disinclined to bother with this stupid talk. His right hand touched his spatial ring, and he took out a crystal clear green pill and ate it. This was the Yang Reversion Pill that Mu Fengxian had given to him to save his own life.

As Lian Chengji saw this pill, he almost bit his own tongue;it was actually the Yang Reversion Pill!

The Yang Reversion Pill was similar to the miracle medicine that he had used, but the effects were nearly three times better! And the cost of the Yang Reversion Pill was at least 20 times more!

Let alone him, but even a late Revolving Core realm Elder might not have such a lifesaving medicine!

And now, Lin Ming had taken out this Yang Reversion Pill and eaten it without batting an eye! This caused Lian Chengji to feel a sort of deep despair in his heart.

Lian Chengji's cultivation was higher than Lin Ming's, and his true essence capacity was naturally much larger. If Lin Ming ate a similar miracle medicine, his true essence would be restored much quicker. But now, Lin Ming had eaten the Yang Reversion Pill, with three times the effects!


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