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Martial World - Chapter 471


Chapter 471 - Renowned Name





The Elder fell hard onto the ground, a wave of dust swirling in the air.

In the fierce melee, this scene was especially dazzling. All of the other sects' martial artists were stunned;what had just happened was like a dream. A South Sea Demon Region Elder had been struck and sent flying away by a little Houtian kid?

Since ancient times there had been countless examples of Houtian defeating Xiantian or Xiantian defeating Revolving Core. But, none of them had ever heard of a Houtian martial artist being able to defeat a Revolving Core martial artist. That was something as unbelievable as a little dog trying to bite a massive tiger to death!

Mu Qingshu's eyes widened, his expression petrified. He had been anticipating and fantasizing about Lin Ming's miserable appearance and suffering, but he never imagined that this would be the result!

How was this possible!?

He knew that although Lin Ming was only at the late Houtian realm, he had the combat strength of an extreme Xiantian master. But the extreme Xiantian realm was still only the extreme Xiantian realm;it was far from being able to match someone at the Revolving Core realm.

For a late Houtian boy to fight someone at the extreme Xiantian realm was abnormal, but it was still within the bounds of logic. This was also a feat that the legendary Emperor Shakya would have been able to achieve. However, in these short three to four months, it was difficult to imagine that Lin Ming's strength had risen to this degree. Could he actually defeat a Revolving Core master?

Mu Qingshu bit his lips and dug his nails into his palms until they bled. He was unwilling to believe this!


The South Sea Demon Region Elder crawled up from the crater in the ground, wiping the blood from the corners of his lips. He couldn't believe he had been injured by a mere Houtian boy. Those terrifying bloody runes were like knives that tore through his protective true essence like paper.

As Lin Ming saw the South Sea Demon Region Elder crawl up from the ground, his heart went dark with regret. If he had opened the Heretical God Force a moment ago, or even burned the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, then he would have been able to ruthlessly kill him instead of just severely wounding him.

But whether it was the Heretical God Force or the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, he could only maintain it for a few dozen breaths of time once it was activated. Thus, Lin Ming didn't dare to use it so rashly.

’’Is that... a Great Desolate Blood Halberd?’’

Within the South Sea Demon Region forces, an Elder recognized that the weapon in Lin Ming's hand was a Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica. For these past tens of thousands of years, there were countless Great Desolate Blood Halberd replicas that had been forged. But that Elder was able to recognize one that came from his South Sea Demon Region, and also that the one Lin Ming held had once belonged to Lei Mubai!

’’That is Xuan Ji's weapon... you are the one that killed Xuan Ji? You are Lin Ming?’’

The South Sea Demon Region Elder's heart stirred and he immediately called out Lin Ming's name!

In that moment, the entire crowd exploded. The deeds and name of the boy called Lin Ming had already spread through the South Horizon Region;his name was renowned, and everyone had heard of him.

There were too many rumors of Lin Ming, and a great number of them were unbelievable. Many young heroic elites thought that one day they would be able to exchange blows with Lin Ming, but now, that legendary Lin Ming was standing in front of them!

’’He is Lin Ming?’’ A Dire Space Sect disciple asked with astonishment.

’’The rumors said that Lin Ming's strength far outstripped his cultivation, but... this... this is too strange! A Houtian realm being able to fight a Revolving Core realm...’’ Another Supreme Mystery Temple disciple gulped. He was also an outstanding heroic elite of his generation, and originally had thoughts that he might one day compete with Lin Ming. But in this current situation, he could only ruefully smile.

As the waves of wonder passed through the crowd and many eyes filled with disbelief, Lin Ming grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, silent.

He had already expected that his status would be revealed in this battle. If he didn't use the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, then he would have had to use the Purple Comet Spear. Many people present had already seen the Purple Comet Spear. If he had revealed that, it was no different than directly telling others that he was Lin Ming.

At the South Sea Demon Region side, two Xuan bloodline Elders slowly stood up, their expressions dark and ominous.

When Lian Jie had died, that had been a matter concerning the Lian bloodline clan;it had nothing to do with the Xuan bloodline clan. The Xuan bloodline clan were the direct descendants of the Netherworld Great emperor, and the Lian bloodline were the descendants of one of the top Devil Generals underneath the Netherworld Great Emperor. Between the two great clans, there were many disputes. Not just that, but the South Sea Demon Region and divine Phoenix Island had been at war for over a year with countless casualties on both sides. It was natural for someone to die, and if anyone wanted revenge, then that would all depend on their own strength to attain it. Thus, the Xuan bloodline did not help the Lian bloodline.

But Lin Ming was the one who had killed Xuan Ji. Xuan Ji was the most outstanding youth of their Xuan bloodline, and also the cherished great grandson of the top person within the South Sea Demon Region - Xuan Wuji. They absolutely had to take revenge for this grudge. Otherwise, they would be criticized and looked down upon. Not to mention the loss of face that would occur, but once they returned, Xuan Wuji would absolutely not forgive them.

Although the Xuan bloodline had only sent out two Elders, one of them was at the middle Revolving Core realm - his strength was no worse than Lian Chengji's!

Suddenly, the pressure on everyone increased by many times!

’’You are Lin Ming?’’ The middle Revolving Core Elder known as Xuan Zhan asked.

’’Yes!’’ At this time there was no need to play games, Lin Ming directly admitted it.

’’You once killed a man called Lei Mubai. That man was this old man's great nephew. Since you took Xuan Ji's life, then you will pay for it with your own;all of this is perfectly justified!’’

Lin Ming sneered, not bothering to respond.

’’My grandson Lian Jie was also killed by you!’’ Lian Chengji's eyes were blazing as he glared at Lin Ming. If he used his full strength here, killing Lin Ming would be as simply as turning his hand.

Lin Ming smiled, ’’Oh? I killed him? And so what? Not to mention the South Sea war, but just in this bloody wilderness, how many disciples of other sects have you South Sea Demon Region martial artists killed? Killing someone and robbing them here is common practice. Since your grandson attacked me, did you want me to stretch out my neck so he could finish me faster?’’

Lian Chengji's eyes gleamed with a cold light as he heard this. ’’You killed my grandson and you even dare to admit this in front of me! Good! This old man will use strength to teach you a lesson. Those that are weak can only stretch out their necks to die, and any resistance will be met with immediate death!’’

As Lian Chengji spoke, he reached out a claw towards Lin Ming!

True essence formed into a bloody claw, and the faint rumble of wind and thunder rolled in the air. Wherever the claw went, countless particles of bloody sand formed, turning into a swirling crimson tornado. The ground was suddenly shattered apart by a terrifying gale force.

Lian Chengji was going to personally deal with Lin Ming!

’’Lin Ming, be careful!’’ Mu Qianyu wanted to help him, but at this time she was blocked by another Elder.

This was the first time that Lin Ming had faced a middle Revolving Core realm master. As one reached the Revolving Core realm, there existed a massive gap between every level. It was common for Houtian or Pulse Condensation juniors to jump levels and fight those with higher cultivation, but in the Revolving Core realm, those that could leap over levels to fight were few. Even crossing over a small boundary to do so was insanely difficult.

Lin Ming's expression was somber. He linked his true essence to the Heretical God Seed.

Heretical God Force - open!


Highly compressed true essence erupted like a violent volcano. Lin Ming's body howled as his muscles began to make reverberating popping noises;the power of Tempering Marrow was pushed to the extreme!

’’Blood Seal Twisting Murder!’’

14 Blood Drinking Seals floated recklessly atop the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. These Blood Drinking Seals that completely ignored the suppressive laws of this world was the greatest advantage that Lin Ming was depending on!

A blood vortex that formed around the Great Desolate Blood Halberd cut down onto Lian Chengji's bloody claw. A crimson power of thunder twisted around Lin Ming, fusing with him, as if he were wrapped by a thick red python!

Ka ka ka!

True essence fiercely collided. Lian Chengji's bloody claw was twisted apart by Lin Ming's Blood Seal Twisting Murder and then smashed into pieces!


Lian Chengji couldn't believe his eyes. Lin Ming's strength had already completely surpassed his comprehension, he was just like an infallible general!

This child could not be allowed to live!

This was the first time that Lian Chengji had ever felt fear facing a Houtian junior. He didn't know what sort of secret skill Lin Ming had used to achieve this ridiculous power, but without a doubt, he was certain that even if Lin Ming didn't use such a secret skill, he would still be powerful to the point of making others tremble!


The bloody claw exploded into pieces, but Lin Ming's Blood Seal Twisting Murder that he had used with his full force had also collapsed. A massive pit was blasted into the ground, and bloody grains of sand shot into the skies. The true essence shockwaves caused all of the surrounding martial artists to step back again and again. For a fight of this caliber to happen in this broken world where their true essence was suppressed to 20% was unimaginable.

’’Heavens! He was even able to resist a middle Revolving Core master's attack!’’

’’He's really only at the Houtian realm!’’

All of the surrounding martial artists were shocked dull with surprise. But at this time, Lin Ming's expression was grim. In that collision a moment ago, his 14 Blood Drinking Seals had instantly disintegrated. Although he could reform them, their light was much dimmer than before. A middle Revolving Core master was just too strong. Even though his strength was suppressed by the laws of this world, he was still so terrifying.

Lin Ming had opened the Heretical God Force a moment ago in order to strike out with his full strength. Although it looked as though they were evenly matched, the truth was that he was the one with a disadvantage. And the most important factor was that Lin Ming could not keep this state up forever!

He couldn't use Thunderfire Annihilation. His Thunder Soul and Flame Essence would have a supportive effect at beast. In this situation where his true essence was suppressed to 20%, even if he did use the complete Thunderfire Annihilation, it would just be like using a large firecracker in front of Lian Chengji - not even enough to hurt him.

If Lin Ming had an advantage, then that would only be one.

That was the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art!'

’’Fight me!’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth, and the flame marks between his eyebrows began to shine with a radiant light, emitting an overwhelming mysterious and ancient aura along with it.

At this moment, Lin Ming was burning the Vermillion Bird blood essence!

Lin Ming's momentum suddenly and dramatically shot up!


Lian Chengji felt as if the world was going crazy. Lin Ming's aura was rising even further!?

In that instant, Lian Chengji no longer had time to think. Lin Ming's Great Desolate Blood Halberd was already thrusting towards him. The Blood Drinking Seals spun around the blade, turning into a crimson vortex that seemed to swallow the void.

’’Humph! Break for me!’’

Lian Chengji clawed out with his hands, and true essence formed into a bloody eagle. The bloody eagle let out a clarion cry that rang through the skies, emitting a thick killing intent. The Lian bloodline was most adept at claw techniques.

However, when the true essence blood claws were about to grab the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, an incredible scene happened. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd seemed to penetrate space, instantly arriving in front of Lian Chengji!


Lian Chengji was shocked. At this critical moment, he drew backwards while slashing out with his hands and releasing dozens of crimson palm shadows, taking on this strike from Lin Ming!

But at this moment, Lin Ming's direction of attack suddenly changed. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd penetrated through space again, instantly disappearing. In the next instant, it appeared in front of a black-clothed old man. This black-clothed old man was the Elder that had been injured by Lin Ming, and was now recovering.

As the black-clothed old man saw Lin Ming's halberd piercing towards him, his expression completely changed.

He quickly wanted to lift his sword and meet this oncoming strike, but how could he keep off the likes of Lin Ming in his wounded state!


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd pieced through the old man's dantian, twisting and shattering it. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder shot through, carrying a fine mist of blood essence along with it!

In that next moment, this blood essence condensed in the air, forming into a new Blood Drinking Seal.

As for that old man, his body twitched, his fading expression one of fearful incredulity.


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