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Martial World - Chapter 465


Chapter 465 - Bloody Wilderness




As Xuan Wuji was thinking, he saw a black light flash past him. The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch suddenly sank and turned into a violent black typhoon that shot towards the Demon God Imperial Palace!

The Black Flood Dragon Patriarch's cultivation was already at the second stage of Life Destruction. In his opinion, any defensive measures or array formations that were left behind at the Demon God Imperial Palace would have already failed after these tens of thousands of years. Still, even so, as a precaution he galvanized his true essence to the max. Behind him, the faint phantom of a Black Flood Dragon appeared.

As Xuan Wuji saw this he was unmoved. He only sneered and thought to himself, 'Idiot!'


As the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch was about to burst into the main entrance of the Demon God Imperial Palace, a red light flashed. At the entrance of the palace, a shining halo appeared out of thin air, rushing out like an overwhelming tide and smashing into the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch's body.

With a dull thump, the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch was kicked backwards like a rubber ball. He was sent flying backwards, spitting blood!

As the other Life Destruction powerhouses saw this, their complexions changed. This palace that had been abandoned for tens of thousands of years actually still had the protection of an array formation? Not just that, but this array formation was astoundingly strong! Even the second stage Life Destruction Black Blood Dragon Patriarch spat blood in the collision!

Although the Black Flood Dragon's true essence had been suppressed to 20% of its normal potency because of the rules that governed this world, it had to be known that this was only a single defensive array that protected the entrance to the Demon God Imperial Palace!

If a single defensive array was able to cause the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch to spit blood, then wouldn't an offensive array violently and instantly kill them?

All of the Life Destruction powerhouses were alarmed. This Demon God Imperial Palace was too terrifying. They thought if this palace hadn't already decayed for tens of thousands of years, they would have suffered an even more miserable fate.

The Black Flood Dragon Patriarch wiped the blood from the corners of his lips. As he looked at the still flashing defensive array, his face was gloomy. What in the world was this ghostly array formation? It was actually able to maintain itself for tens of thousands of years? And not just that, but it was still so powerful. Was this really something that could be created by a human?


In the forest, there was hidden murderous intent everywhere. As the group continued running, there were constantly martial artists that died. Two hours later, as they finally made their way out of the forest, around 30% of the martial artists had perished.

’’This place is...’’

In front of the crowd were endless plains of dark red, bumpy land. There were thick bones half buried in the ground, and all around were dark gray stone tablets that were stuck in the land. There were big and small stone tablets, and each one had been engraved with all sorts of intricate symbols. These symbols were different from the symbol system that existed on the Sky Spill Continent;the martial artists weren't able to understand what they meant or represented.

These dark red plains gave off an extremely oppressive feeling. Even the sky was a dark red, and it glowed faintly with a bloody light.

From the virgin forest to this bloody wilderness, the intense visual difference was shocking to the mind.

With the experiences of the forest still fresh in their minds, everyone present maintained 120% vigilance as they faced these strange red plains.

At this point, continuing on was dangerous, but staying in the forest was also dangerous. If they had to make a choice then they had to proceed;they might even be able to find a lucky chance here.

’’Let's go.’’ The first one to step onto the dark red plains was the hawk-nosed old man from the South Sea Demon Region. He was the South Sea Demon Region Elder, Lian Chengji. His cultivation was at the middle Revolving Core realm. The South Sea Demon Region side had two middle Revolving Core realm Elders and also nine early Revolving Core powerhouses. Of those early Revolving Core masters, two or three of them had already reached the peak of the early phase. With their strength, the South Sea Demon Region was the strongest force amongst the sects present, so they were also the most confident.

As soon as Lian Chengji stepped onto this vast red plain, his complexion changed. This blood wilderness was even fiercer in suppressing his true essence;he could actually only use 25% of his true essence efficacy.

’’Another 5% of true essence is suppressed!’’ Lian Chengji dismally said.

’’The laws of this world are too strange. If this continues then the situation will only become more dangerous.’’ Another Elder also appeared worried. He decided that if his true essence was suppressed below 20%, he would no longer go forwards. Otherwise, there was a possibility that he really might be killed by these powerful and strange vicious beasts.

After the South Sea Demon Region martial artists walked forwards, the other sects' martial artists followed them onto the bloody wilderness. Many of them had already activated a protective cover to detect space cracks. There was no life here, none of them knew whether or not this was caused by those terrifying rifts in space, so it was better to activate preventive measures just in case.

Everyone continued carefully, maintaining their minds at full alert. No matter how they looked at it, this bloody wilderness was stranger than the forest and even more dangerous.

However, they didn't expect that after they walked for half an hour, they actually hadn't encountered any dangers.

Some people couldn't help but whisper to themselves. At this time, the hawk-nosed South Sea Demon Region Elder suddenly swiveled, his hand slapping downwards.

There was an explosive sound as the ground was split open. The martial artists behind were all shocked. They thought there was a surprise enemy attack, but they didn't think that after the earth had burst open, a thick greatsword would come flying out.

This five foot long sword was jet-black as if it were made from ink, and the aura that it emitted was comparable to a high-grade earth-step treasure!

’’What!?’’ All of the martial artists' eyes shined. That Elder had just casually taken an item from the ground, but it was a high-grade earth-step treasure!? No... this wasn't right... it wasn't a high-grade earth-step treasure. From the energy fluctuations, this should only be a medium-grade earth-step treasure. Yet, it was several times better than a normal medium-grade earth-step treasure. This should be amongst the rarest of medium-grade earth-step treasures.

Lin Ming traced his jaw. He thought to himself, 'This is a normal medium-grade earth-step treasure that was forged by an ancient refining master. It is several times superior to an ordinary medium-grade earth-step treasure that is forged by the refining masters of the current era.'

A medium-grade earth-step treasure was exceedingly valuable and precious. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica that Lei Mubai had used was also a top medium-grade earth-step treasure.

Lin Ming had very high standards. Naturally, he didn't think too much of this weapon. But all of the martial artists at his side had widened eyes filled with greed. Most of them used low-grade earth-step treasure. Seeing such a rare medium-grade earth-step treasure in front of them, they were all envious.

After passing through that gauntlet of dangers and surviving, they finally saw a lucky chance appear!

This was the thought that most martial artists present had.

This bloody wilderness may have seemed dangerous, but the truth was that it wasn't dangerous at all. Instead, there were all sorts of buried bones and treasures here. It was like this was an ancient battle site.

If they followed behind the ass of the South Sea Demon Region, they wouldn't be able to pick up anything. If they fought with them, they also couldn't win.

Thinking this, many of the martial artists began to part ways in small groups, quietly changing directions and leaving the main group. Out of precaution, these martial artist had at least an extreme Xiantian master leading them, or even two or three late Xiantian realm masters.

As the main group continued, more and more martial artists left, and even the South Sea Demon Region martial artists began to spread out on their own. Everyone wanted to pick up some treasures. If they followed behind Lian Chengji, they wouldn't even be able to obtain scraps.

’’Let's go towards that side.’’ Lin Ming said to Mu Qianyu. As there were fewer and fewer people in the group, the image of Lian Chengji in front of them became increasingly dangerous.


Mu Qianyu and Lin Ming left the group together. They didn't know whether or not this bloody wilderness was truly safe!

Most of those present also understood this. But, they were all blinded by greed. As they saw Lian Chengji pick up a top medium-grade earth-step treasure in front of their eyes, none of them were able to resist the temptation to go off by themselves.

Perhaps this ancient battlefield had not only treasures, but also other things. For instance, they might even pick up a spatial ring that contained the complete worth of a top master. At that point they would really rise up in power.

Mu Qingshu watched Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu's backs from a distance, and bitterly ground his teeth together. He even wanted to hire someone to kill them. But if he did that, the bloodline in his body would completely melt away within half a year, and he would lose all of his cultivation.

Since he didn't have any means to retaliate against Lin Ming, he could only helplessly watch as Lin Ming walked closer and closer to Mu Qianyu, seeming to be very intimate and close to each other. He felt like he could vomit blood at this sight.

As Mu Yanzhuo watched this from afar, he could only sigh.

Reality was cruel. The result was already obvious, but many times, not everyone was willing to accept the truth in front of them, especially when someone's object of desire was stolen away. The taste of this feeling was truly hard to swallow...


Lin Ming cautiously made his way forward, completely opening his perception. In this strange world, Lin Ming was only able to extend his sense to around 200 feet. If it was underground, it was even shorter at around 100 feet.

And this 100 feet of earth was completely flooded by a massive amount of skeletal bones.

’’There are so many bones!’’ Lin Ming gasped. These skeletons and bones came in all sizes. Some seemed ordinary and had turned to oil after tens of thousands of years underground, but there were also those that hadn't changed in the least, still remaining a jade-like translucent color. There were even some bones that shined like a rainbow. Obviously, this was related to the cultivation method that the deceased had practiced before their death.

’’There is also a spatial ring...’’

Lin Ming discovered that there was a hand bone with a spatial ring on it. With a wave of his hand, the spatial ring flew up from underground. However, as he investigated it with his soul force, he shook his head in disappointment. The mini dimension inside of the spatial ring had already collapsed upon itself.

This sort of man-made world was originally unstable. Normally, the world inside a low-grade earth-step spatial ring would last for several thousand years before disintegrating.

It wasn't just the spatial ring, but many treasures had decayed. Those treasures that could be buried in the earth for tens of thousands of years and remain pristine and everlasting were quite special. Lin Ming walked for a quarter of an hour but still hadn't discovered one.

’’Mm? That seems to be...’’ Mu Qianyu's mind stirred. As she looked several hundred feet in the distance, there were actually exotic looking flowers there.

In this vast blood wilderness, this bunch of flowers was very unexpected.

’’Blood Ghost Flower? I didn't think that something like that would appear here...’’ A Blood Ghost Flower was a sort of spiritual flower that loved to grow in lands that were filled with dark and bloody influences and had gone through great periods of carnage. Only under those circumstances would they be able to nurture themselves and germinate, slowly growing. Normally it would take millennia to flower, and that was why it was extremely rare within the Sky Spill Continent, and to think that there would be such a large bunch of them here.

However, the ruins of this ancient battlefield had already been rich with bloody and demonic influences. Not just that, but no one had appeared here for tens of thousands of years. It wasn't strange for such a large batch of these flowers to be born here.

’’These Blood Ghost Flowers will be of great help to Little Flame's evolution! This is really a lucky chance!’’ Mu Qianyu was delighted. As she went forwards to pick them up, she suddenly stopped in her steps and frowned. She could clearly feel the energy of a few people hidden in the vicinity of the Blood Ghost Flowers. They gave of a faint murderous aura like a tiger that was crouching in the brush.

This energy belonged to a human. It was most likely one of those 'companions' that had just been in their group, and was also a Revolving Core powerhouse.

’’They want to use the Blood Ghost Flower as bait and kill us to rob our possessions?’’ Mu Qianyu sneered.


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