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Martial World - Chapter 464


Chapter 464 - Demon God Imperial Palace




Lin Ming sat in a corner and began to observe all of the martial artists that were present. The South Sea Demon Region, Black Flood Dragon Clan, and the Great Zen Temple all had middle Revolving Core masters protecting their juniors. As for those Life Destruction powerhouses, they had already long since rushed towards the Demon God Imperial Palace. The special rules that governed this world may not necessarily have been able to suppress those strange old fellows.

The other disciples were mostly at the Xiantian realm. There were some Revolving Core realm masters, and Houtian disciples were only a very small part.

’’Big Brother Lin, is that you?’’

At this moment, Lin Ming suddenly heard someone call out to him. He turned and was surprised to see that the one who called out was Zhang Zhen, the divine Phoenix Island core disciple who had been the one to first welcome him to divine Phoenix Island.

Originally, Zhang Zhen had been the one who brought Lin Ming to attend Revered Master Tianguang's birthday banquet contest. He had also told Lin Ming many things about divine Phoenix Island and the Five Element Region. The two of them were on very friendly terms with each other.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, you also came?’’ Lin Ming was startled. With Zhang Zhen's strength, coming to such a dangerous land was really pushing his luck.

Zhang Zhen listened to Lin Ming's words and ruefully smiled, ’’I just happened to be nearby the ancient battlefield and wanted to come along and see what it was like. I didn't expect that it would be so dangerous here...’’ As Zhang Zhen spoke, his expression was of exasperated annoyance.

At this moment, a clump of dirt under Zhang Zhen's foot rose up.

Lin Ming's pupils shrank, ’’Be careful!’’


A red-patterned snake that had the thickness of an arm darted out of the dirt! Lin Ming's reflexes were fast;the Purple Comet Spear in his hand thrust out like a bolt of lightning!


The spear directly pierced into the red-patterned snake, tightly nailing it into the ground.

Black blood spurted out and sprinkled on the ground, all of the nearby green foliage began to rapidly whither!

Zhang Zhen was in a cold sweat from fear. That red-patterned snake's attack was fast like lightning and the toxins inherent in it were frightening. If it wasn't for Lin Ming promptly helping him a moment ago, he had no doubt that he would already be dead.

Meanwhile in the forest glade, several other red-patterned snakes shot out from the earth, quickly attacking the disciples from other sects. Several disciples with weaker cultivations tried to dodge but had their throats torn out by these snakes.


A heart-pounding scream rang in the air. A martial artist had been bitten by a red-patterned snake and his face immediately turned into a deep purple black.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother!’’ A youth that was nearby the bitten martial artist cried out, his face turning red with rage. He slashed out at the red-patterned snake with his sword, but as his cut fell upon the snake's back, there was the sound of metal colliding;he was simply unable to cut through. During this time, the martial artist that had been bitten had already died.

In this split-second, his junior-apprentice brother that had practiced with him for over ten years had suddenly died. The youth was deeply grieved by this loss.

’’Everyone be careful! These snakes are hard to deal with!’’

The martial artists that had been meditating on the ground had already stood up.

Because their true essence was suppressed to a mere 30% of what it usually was, these normal Xiantian powerhouses' attacks weren't able to break through the formidable defense of these red-patterned snakes.

Cha cha cha!

The Revolving Core powerhouses acted together, cutting apart any red-patterned snakes they saw. However, these snakes had an astonishing vitality. Even if they were cut in half, their mouths still bit towards any martial artist present.

’’Evil beast, prepare to die!’’

A long-bearded monk from the Great Zen Temple gripped his staff and pounded down with it. There was a flash of golden light and faint Buddhist hymns began to ring in the air. A massive golden Buddha statue appeared in the sky and dropped down, smashing several red-patterned snakes into mush.

After this long-bearded monk began to attack, the pressure on everyone else was greatly reduced. But at this moment, everyone heard a loud rustling in the distance, as if a rainstorm were coming their way. It seemed as if hundreds and thousands of snakes were crawling their way towards the martial artists.


Even middle Revolving Core masters didn't have confidence they would be able to face such a massive group of these snakes. Everyone displayed their movement techniques and quickly ran into the forest.

’’Lin Ming, let's hurry up and go!’’ Mu Qianyu hurriedly said.


Lin Ming didn't say anything else. He quickly picked up Zhang Zhen and rushed straight into the deep forest.

The Revolving Core masters led the way. The light of many treasures flashed out in all directions. Vines were cut apart and grass was hewed away, fluttering in the air.

Spiritual sense was suppressed here;no one was able to detect anything more than a few dozen feet away. Such a distance was basically useless. By the time they were able to discover any danger, that danger would already be in front of them.

As they fled at high-speed, a red vine silently crept up from the ground. It pointed at a Xiantian martial artist and shot out like lightning!


The Xiantian martial artist's protective true essence was pierced through as if it were nothing but thin paper. The red vine clasped onto the martial artist's thigh and countless tiny roots pierced into his flesh, immediately sucking up vast amounts of blood.


The martial artist emitted a soul-piercing scream. His body began to wither at a visible rate, and the red vine that sucked his blood swelled up like a balloon.

’’Be careful! It's a vampiric plant!’’

The red vines were extremely tenacious. Those Xiantian martial artists that had their true essence suppressed to 30% were simply unable to do anything. Any martial artist that was grabbed by a red vine would die here!

’’Little Brother!’’

A Black Flood Dragon Clan Revolving Core master saw as his own little brother was stabbed in the stomach by a vampiric vine and his eyes turned red with anger. His saber slashed out at that vampiric red vine, and blood gushed out from a small gash in the vine. However, only a little part had been broken. The vine still gripped the little brother's body, quickly sucking up all his blood.

’’Damn it all!’’

That Black Flood Dragon Clan Revolving Core master reached over to the vine and ripped it out from his brother's body. However, as he pulled out the vine, the vine had already penetrated deep into the little brother's body and taken root. Flesh and organs were pulled out with the vine. The little brother gave a pitiful, feeble cry. His face whitened and his life was on the verge of collapse.

’’These vines fear fire!’’ A divine Phoenix Island disciple suddenly shouted. A moment ago he had used a martial skill from the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' to attack the vine, and had burned it.

Following this, Mu Chihuo gave a loud shout. He pressed his hands out flat, and a wave of searing fire burned down from the heavens. As the vines met these waves, they began to rapidly wither away. Soon, the vines had completely retreated back into the depths of the forest.

This scene startled Lin Ming. This middle Revolving Core old man was still so powerful even though his strength was reduced to 30%.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief, catching their breath.

’’We need to leave, it's not good to stay here.’’ Mu Chihuo said.

No one dared to be careless. They displayed their movement techniques and rushed deeper into the woods.

’’What horrible luck. I thought there would be some lucky chances here, but this accursed land has no such thing. There are no good lucky chances here. The only lucky chance is the chance to die everywhere!’’

’’Don't complain. We can't go back anymore, we can only move forwards.

In just this short window of time, over 10% of the martial artists in the group had perished. There weren't any Revolving Core powerhouses that died. Those that died were early and middle Xiantian realm disciples as well as Houtian realm disciples.

After having suffered two attacks, the martial artists were increasingly wary. Even if their perception couldn't extend to too far, if they sent it continuously out they would at least be able to prevent dangers from underneath the ground arising.


At this time a hundred miles away above a desert, over 20 rainbow-colored lights flashed in the sky. These were the lights that were left behind when top masters flew.

This broken world had fundamental rules that suppressed flight. However, these rules weren't able to completely suppress these Life Destruction powerhouses;it was only that their flying speed was severely restricted. Otherwise, they would have been able to easily cover this distance of a hundred or so miles in half an incense stick of time.

At this time, there were three more lights that began to slow down the more they continued, dipping deeper and deeper. The two men and a woman finally landed on the ground. Their cultivation was at the late Revolving Core realm. As they entered deeper into this broken world, the laws that suppressed them became increasingly intense. And now, these late Revolving Core powerhouses no longer had the ability to fly.

The female Elder among the three watched as the 20 plus beams of light in the air became increasingly blurry as they moved into the distance. She sighed and said, ’’It looks like we won't have the fortune to enter the Demon God Imperial Palace.’’

’’Hehe, this old man originally came for some fun anyway. Even if I go to the Demon God Imperial Palace, with those Life Destruction fogies around, there is no way that any of us would have been able to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root. At most we would be able to obtain some small chances. But I never imagined that we wouldn't even be able to enter. But, this is also a bit of a relief.’’

’’Mm. Although it's a pity that we cannot enter the Demon God Imperial Palace, it's not necessarily a good thing to enter. No one knows what dangers are inside. And if we're outside, that doesn't mean we won't come across some lucky chance...’’


As the suppressive laws that governed this world intensified, Mu Yuhuang was also nearing the limit of her abilities. Among all the late Revolving Core masters, she was the one who had persisted the longest.

’’I see it. That should be it.’’

Mu Fengxian's true essence sound transmission sounded out in Mu Yuhuang's ears.

Mu Yuhuang looked out in the distance. In the distant skies, a vague ghostly image emerged out of the blue;it was a magnificent and enormous palace.

'Demon God Imperial Palace?'

Mu Yuhuang was shocked.

The entire Demon God Imperial Palace looked like it was a mirage, it didn't seem as if it were real.

The Life Destruction powerhouses that flew in the front also discovered this massive Demon God Imperial palace, and they sped up.

The giant Demon God Imperial Palace stretched out for countless miles. The palace towered high above the desert and was surrounded by numerous thick columns, each of them engraved with a multitude of totem reliefs.

In the center of the Demon God Imperial palace was a massive demon god statue that held a great ax in it's hands. This statue was over a thousand feet high and stood there, imposing. As it stood there, an ancient atmosphere naturally emanated from it, spreading out in all directions. It spread between the heavens and earth, shaking the minds of anyone who felt it.

It had to be known that this demon god statue had already stood here for tens of thousands of years. As the Life Destruction powerhouses flew to the statue, they were no different than a swarm of mosquitoes, simply insignificant creatures.

’’True essence has been suppressed to 20%.’’ Xuan Wuji was secretly shocked. The laws of this world were simply too strange. Even late Revolving Core powerhouses weren't able to fly. Now, facing this giant statue, Xuan Wuji couldn't help but want to fall to the ground, prostrating himself in complete worship.

This feeling frightened Xuan Wuji out of his wits!

He had no idea just who it was that carved out such a terrifying statue, but it seemed to be above the laws that ruled this world. If so.....if a mere statue could make him feel like this, then if he entered into the Demon God Imperial palace and encountered something, would he still be able to put up any form of resistance?

Xuan Wuji took a deep breath. The further he went in this broken world, the more he discovered that compared to the Demon Emperor of tens of thousands of years ago, he was nothing but a little defenseless baby!

’’This Demon Emperor's cultivation was immeasurably deep. I'm afraid that even the current Emperor level powerhouses of Sky Spill Continent would be nothing in front of him!’’


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