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Martial World - Chapter 463


Chapter 463 - Sorry, Please Make Way




As this voice sounded out, there were constantly responses from surrounding martial artists. It seemed that most of them had also suffered greatly here.

’’Lin Ming, they are most likely disciples of Great Zen Temple. Should we have go and have a look?’’ Mu Qianyu asked Lin Ming.

Lin Ming thought about it for a moment and said, ’’That sounds like a plan. This forest is too strange, there's no knowing what could be behind us. We should get out of here before we think about our next course of action.’’

After tens of thousands of years of evolution, the situation inside the ancient battlefield had already surpassed everyone's imagination. In such times, one needed to be extremely cautious. After all, these were the remains of an ancient sixth-grade sect. Lin Ming wasn't so arrogant that he believed his strength allowed him to go wherever he wanted to.

Most of the marital artists present also thought this. Thus, all of the martial artists that had been scattered around in the forest had gathered to this Great Zen Temple disciple after he shouted out.

Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu walked several miles and finally came upon a forest glade. There were several dozen martial artists gathered here. Some wore golden colored cassocks;these were naturally the disciples of Great Zen Temple. There were those that were dressed in all black and had an ancient Giant Demon totem embroidered on the chest of their robes;these were the Demon Region disciples. And there was also a minority of Black Flood Dragon clansmen, divine Phoenix Island disciples, and Five Element Region disciples.

When Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu arrived, they didn't arouse anyone's curiosity. Lin Ming's heart suddenly shook as he saw two early Revolving Core powerhouses in front of him. However, the two of them didn't even care about him.

’’It seems like because of the laws of this world, true essence is suppressed to 30% and these early Revolving Core powerhouses cannot see through Bi Luo's appearance changing technique because of that. This appearance changing technique is quite marvelous.’’

After Lin Ming confirmed this he was much more at ease. Otherwise, if he met someone from the South Sea Demon Region who had been related to Lei Mubai, it would be really troublesome if that person tried to do something to him behind the scenes.

At this moment, Lin Ming suddenly heard a happy tone, ’’Cousin Qianyu, is that you? I'm glad you also made it here safely.’’

Lin Ming turned around to see a handsome elite-looking man joyfully striding over to Mu Qianyu's side. This person was Mu Qingshu.

Mu Qingshu already knew that Mu Qianyu had entered the ancient battlefield. Although he wasn't able to see through her appearance changing technique, for a divine Phoenix Island disciple that he didn't recognize to suddenly appear here with the same cultivation as Mu Qianyu, it was naturally easy for him to deduce her true identity.

This caused Mu Qingshu's heart to itch with greed. In the end, he really couldn't give up on Mu Qianyu. He kept continuing to struggle for a slim chance to win her over;unless he fought, he would never win anything. Not to mention Mu Qianyu's divine beauty and elegance, but Mu Qingshu incomparably longed for Mu Qianyu's pure bloodline. He dreamt of pressing Mu Qianyu down beneath him and recklessly unleashing his desire upon her. However, because of the existence of Lin Ming, all of these dreams had been destroyed!

As Mu Qianyu saw Mu Qingshu, her face was colored with utter disgust and loathing. Originally, she didn't have much of a favorable impression towards Mu Qingshu. In fact, she didn't have any impression towards him at all. However, she hadn't found him so repugnant at that time. But several months ago, she had discovered that Qin Ziya's letter that he had sent to divine Phoenix Island to rescue Qin Xingxuan had been intercepted by Mu Qingshu. Mu Qianyu was no righteous saint herself, but towards something so ruthless and insidious, that slight annoyance she had towards him had turned into outright disgust.

’’Cousin Qianyu, there are dangers everywhere in this ancient battlefield. It's too dangerous if you go alone. If you go with me and my grandfather then no danger will fall onto you.’’ Mu Qingshu's grandfather was naturally divine Phoenix Island's Third Elder, Mu Yanzhuo. Mu Yanzhuo had also entered the ancient battlefield.

’’No need.’’ Mu Qianyu coldly said.

Mu Qingshu felt like he had kicked his foot. He felt a bit embarrassed. At this time, he noticed Lin Ming, who was standing near Mu Qianyu. As he noticed Lin Ming's cultivation, his face immediately became dour. He had guessed just who Lin Ming really was.

Lin Ming also coldly looked at Mu Qingshu. Mu Qianyu had already told him the matters about the letter from beginning to end. When Lin Ming was still at divine Phoenix Island he naturally couldn't do anything to Mu Qingshu. However, now they had met on the ancient battlefield. It could be said that they were only enemies that had just crossed each other's path.

The two of them were already like water and fire, it was just that they were maintaining decorum by being outwardly polite.

Mu Qingshu clenched his teeth and said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Cousin Qianyu, if you come with us then we are all from the Mu Family Clan. With the Mu Family's bloodline oath, it is impossible for any of us to betray you. You can trust your own people. But this little boy...’’

Before Mu Qingshu finished, Mu Qianyu suddenly interrupted him and said, ’’I'm sorry, please make way.’’

Mu Qingshu lagged, freezing on the spot. Mu Qianyu didn't even bother to glance at him. She pulled Lin Ming's hand and said, ’’Let's go over there.’’

As she spoke, she pulled Lin Ming to pass by Mu Qingshu's stunned body.

Mu Qingshu immediately paled, turning ashen. His outstretched hand was still stiff in the air. He turned his head and was shocked to see that Mu Qianyu and Lin Ming had already sat down on a clean clearing of grass underneath a large tree. They were very close to each other, and they hadn't even let go of each other's hand yet.

Seeing this scene, Mu Qingshu nearly cracked his teeth apart by grinding them.

Lin Ming also couldn't react in time. Although he had a very close relationship with Mu Qianyu, the feelings between the two of them were still seeds that had yet to bud. They had touched skin, but that was only because the circumstances of the time had required it. They had simply never leisurely held hands like this.

If he had to say it though, Mu Qianyu's hand really felt nice in his own. Her hand felt creamy, soft, and incomparably delicate;he was reluctant to ever let go.

Lin Ming knew Mu Qingshu's thoughts on Mu Qianyu. At this time, he naturally couldn't ignore a moment to anger Mu Qingshu. He held onto Mu Qianyu's hand and played with it, squeezing it in his own. This touch that was like soft and tender jade... Lin Ming found it hard to put down.

Mu Qianyu's complexion also reddened a bit. She had only thought to get rid of Mu Qingshu's incessant bothering of her, but she never thought that after she gave Lin Ming an inch he would try to take a yard. She hesitated for a moment, but didn't draw her hand back.

Third Elder Mu Yanzhuo was watching all of this from a distance and his face darkened. Although he no longer held any hope that Mu Qingshu would one day marry Mu Qianyu, he still didn't want to see his own grandson shamed like this.

’’Qingshu, come back!’’ Mu Yanzhuo said with a true essence sound transmission.

Mu Qingshu clenched his teeth but didn't respond. At this time he was trembling with anger. He wished that he could castrate Lin Ming! He wished that he could cut him to pieces!

’’Qingshu, have you not shamed yourself enough!? I told you not to bother with Mu Qianyu again, she isn't someone that the likes of you can obtain.’’ Mu Yanzhuo's expression flashed with anger, and he began to earnestly become angry. He already knew that Mu Qingshu was already obsessed with this matter. If things continued like this, it would definitely become a knot in his heart that would stifle his thoughts, thus affecting all of his future martial arts cultivation.

’’I am unwilling! If I do not fight, that's the same as admitting defeat!’’ Mu Qingshu's expression was grim. His fists were so tightly gripped that his nails dug deep into his flesh.

’’You have already lost. All you need to do is cultivate well. Your talent is good, you should be able to reach at least the middle Revolving Core realm.’’ The middle Revolving Core realm was also the cultivation boundary of the Vermillion Bird Faction's Great Elder, Mu Chihuo. This realm had originally been satisfactory for Mu Qingshu. However, in comparison to Lin Ming, it was just garbage!

Mu Qingshu couldn't accept the feeling that such a massive gap existed between him and Lin Ming!

He looked at Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu, his eyes flashing with a cruel light. He said, ’’It's not over yet, not until the last moment!’’

As Mu Yanzhuo saw the grotesque animus in Mu Qingshu's eyes, Mu Yanzhuo's complexion changed. ’’Qingshu, what are you thinking of? Don't do anything crazy. If you use some method to deal with Mu Qianyu then you will absolutely die a miserable death. Mu Yuhuang will never forgive you, and whatever you do might even reach the crime of betraying your bloodline. You are a Mu Family member and you also have the Mu Family bloodstain contract mark. You should know just what the fate for betrayers is!’’

The bloodstain contract was a special document created by the divine Phoenix Island Founder. This contract took the bloodline as its basis. As long as one had the bloodline of the Mu Family, they would be restricted by this.

If they dared to violate the terms within, their body's bloodline would melt away. The cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island took the bloodline as their foundation. Once one's bloodline melted, the divine Phoenix Island cultivation method they practiced would naturally dissipate along with it.

The only way to break through the limitations set down by the bloodstain contract was if one's cultivation reached the extreme Revolving Core realm and had a strength that approached the divine Phoenix Island Founder's. If they had this power, they would naturally be able to break through the restrictions of the bloodline contract.

The direct descendants of divine Phoenix Island were all required to sign the bloodline contract once they became an adult. They had to sign that they would never betray the sect. In the future, if there were other situations that arose, they might have to sign the contract yet again. For instance, Mu Yuhuang had many Elders sign the bloodstain contract again so that no one would reveal the existence of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle's' eighth layer. This was also a reason why divine Phoenix Island favored those juniors that had the Mu family name, but distrusted those that didn't share this last name.

Mu Qingshu's strength was naturally inferior to Mu Qianyu's. If he wanted to use some method to deal with Mu Qianyu, he could only find someone else to do his dirty work. This was already enough to become a crime of betraying one's sect.

Mu Qingshu grit his teeth, trying to suppress these dark thoughts in his heart. However, once a heart demon was planted, it was difficult to erase!

At this time, the forest shook again, and a few more red-robed divine Phoenix Island disciples came into the forest glade. The old man in front leading them was tall and thin. He had a wide frame, and held a 10,000 year Sacred Flame Parasol Tree cane in his hand. His long beard fell all the way down to his chest.

As Lin Ming saw this person, his eyes narrowed. This old man was the Vermillion Bird Faction's Great Elder, Mu Chihuo. Lin Ming's relationship with Mu Chihuo was also like that of enemies.

After the 30-some top masters had directly flown to the Demon God Imperial Palace, all of the other Revolving Core Elders on the ancient battlefield were at the early Revolving Core realm with a small few at the middle Revolving Core realm. Mu Chihuo was one of these people.

As Mu Qianyu felt Lin Ming tense up, she sent him a true essence sound transmission, ’’Don't worry. No matter how much the Great Elder hates you, he won't dare to do anything to you.’’

’’Mm, I understand.’’

Mu Chihuo's eyes passed over all the Vermillion Bird Faction disciples before he paused for several seconds on Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu. There was no look in his eyes. Finally, he moved over towards the rest of the divine Phoenix Island disciples.

After Mu Chihuo arrived, Mu Bingyun followed in. She glanced at Mu Qianyu, nodded, and then sat in a corner of the forest glade, meditating and clearing her mind.

In addition to divine Phoenix Island, the disciples of other sects also continued to arrive there in abundance.

Of these martial artists, those from the South Sea Demon Region and Black Flood Dragon Clan that practiced demonic path cultivation methods had all gathered together. As for divine Phoenix Island's side, those from Great Zen Temple, the Five Element Region, Dire Space Sect, and Supreme Mystery Temple had all gathered together. Because there were more sects, those on the side of the righteous path sects were double the number of those from the demonic path sects.


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