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Martial World - Chapter 461


Chapter 461 - Main World




This barrage of attacks continued for half an incense stick of time. Finally, just as many Elders were at the edge of their stamina, a tiny crack appeared on the surface of the space boundary.

After this tiny crack was produced, it began to continually expand. As it it approached the level of the seawater, a massive whirlpool appeared. A large amount of seawater was sucked in, vanishing into nothing.

After several breaths of time, there was an explosive sound as if the world itself was cracking apart. The wall of space finally completely broke apart, and a giant vortex appeared out of thin air. It was like a grey spiral over ten feet wide, leading into the endless abyss.

’’Hehe, we've finally made a connection through the space wall! This old man has lived for a thousand years yet has never experienced something like this before.’’

’’A space wall is incomparably firm and sturdy. Once it is broken it will be permanently broken. Repairing it is far more difficult than creating it;it should be considered fairly stable!’’ As Xuan Wuji spoke, he took out a zombie guard puppet from his spatial ring, saying, ’’Go!’’

The zombie guard fearlessly flew into that pitch-black channel. After half an incense stick of time, it returned unharmed.

’’There aren't any problems with this channel. Those above the Xiantian realm will have the ability to enter. We have spent a great deal of true essence. First we'll rest for two hours here, and then after that we will all enter together. As for those things such as treasures, it will all depend on your own ability and luck.’’

No one objected to Xuan Wuji's proposal. After everyone was returned to full strength, relying on their own ability to compete would be the most fair.

The various heroic elites of the sects naturally waited together. Their cultivations were mostly at the Xiantian realm, but there were also some Revolving Core Elders mixed in among them. Within the ancient battlefield, the greatest lucky chances would all be concentrated within the Demon God Imperial Palace. However, the Demon God Imperial Palace already had over 30 top masters entering it, they simply didn't wish to compete with them.

Thus, these Revolving Core Elders that were a bit weaker could only go to the ancient battlefield with the juniors in order to test their luck.

After all, these were still the ruins of a sixth-grade sect. Not just that, but this independent world had different and strange rules that governed it. After all these tens of thousands of years, it was possible that all sorts of heavenly materials were born.


Two hours quickly passed.

The extreme Revolving Core masters were all restored to their top form. Xuan Wuji calmly stood up and said, ’’Let's go!’’

As he spoke, he was the first one to step into the space channel. Facing the enormous attractive force of the vortex, Xuan Wuji lightly stepped through, no different than passing through a door.

Nanyun Wang followed after, along with the Great Zen Temple's white-browed monk.

The strong powerhouses who had been blessed with a great deal of destiny stepped in. After them were the late Revolving Core masters. Although they had the qualifications to enter into the Demon God Imperial Palace, the chances of them obtaining any top treasures would be slim. However, if their luck was good, it was extremely likely they would still be able to obtain a small lucky chance somewhere.

After the 30-some top powerhouses entered, the weaker Revolving Core Elders among the juniors entered.

’’It's our turn.’’ Mu Qianyu said. She had been waiting with Lin Ming around five or six miles away from the vortex. In such a far position it was easy to not attract attention to themselves.

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded. There weren't many martial artists remaining outside.

As the two of them flew forwards, Lin Ming caught a glimpse of a blue-clothed woman not too far away. She was tall with a veil covering her face. From her head to her toes, she naturally exuded an icy temperament as if she were a blossoming snow lotus.

This woman was Mu Bingyun. Even though Lin Ming had been at divine Phoenix Island for such a long time, he had only seen her a few times.

Although Mu Bingyun and Mu Qianyu were twin sisters, the two of them didn't have the usually harmonious and close relationship that siblings usually had. It was just the opposite. They rarely spoke to each other, and had only met several times.

Mu Bingyun also saw Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu. She turned to glance at them and nodded. Although Mu Qianyu had changed her appearance, Mu Bingyun still recognized her big sister.

Beside Mu Bingyun there was also a middle-aged woman in blue. Her cultivation was at the peak of the early Revolving Core realm. Since she was with Mu Bingyun, she was most likely a protector that the Blue Luan Faction had sent to guard Mu Bingyun. Mu Bingyun already had the strength to fight a Revolving Core master. If the two of them were together, there likely wouldn't be any accidents on the ancient battlefield.

Mu Bingyun and the blue-clothed middle-aged woman quickly vanished into the swirling space vortex.

Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu followed.

As they entered the space channel, Lin Ming immediately felt a great tearing force acting upon him. He floated around with a confused feeling, but the channel wasn't too long. After several breaths of time, Lin Ming blinked his eyes, dizzy, and suddenly he had arrived into a bright and shining world.

This world was the ancient battlefield and also where the Demon God Imperial Palace was located.

The opening of the space channel was high in the sky. Lin Ming floated in the air, looking down at the ground beneath him. Below, a vast and endless forest extended to the horizon. The world was dotted with lakes and rivers, and the plants seemed primate and wild. It gave off a very ecological sense of beauty.


Lin Ming was stunned. Several days ago when Lin Ming had first entered into the broken world, he hadn't seen anything living at all, much less this massive expanse of forest.

This meant that this broken world was much more stable than the shard world he had been in before. At least, it didn't have space cracks everywhere. Otherwise, under the chaos of so many space storms, it would be difficult for either animals or plants to survive and multiply.

Li Ming was part of the last batch of martial artists to enter. As he looked all around him, the martial artists from before had already flown a great distance away. Some went alone, some went in groups of two or three, and some went with more. The advantage of being alone was that any lucky chance they found would belong only to them. If they went in a group, they would have to split what they found, though it would be a bit safer.

’’Lin Ming, I guess that you want to go alone, but... hehe, Master has specifically asked me to go together with you.’’ Behind Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu naughtily winked. Lin Ming's strength was still far from being able to match someone at the Revolving Core realm. If he went alone, this world might be too dangerous for him.

’’Going with Senior-apprentice Sister Mu is also good.’’ Lin Ming smiled. Even if he gave all the lucky chances he found to Mu Qianyu, he wouldn't care at all.

’’Mm, let's go. I don't know where the Demon God Imperial Palace is, so let's head towards the center of this world first.’’


The two of them flew forwards. But after a bit of time, Lin Ming felt that something was wrong. He turned his head and saw that Mu Qianyu also had a doubtful expression.

’’Something's wrong. My inner true essence has been suppressed by a great deal.’’ Mu Qianyu said, frowning.

’’The surrounding heaven and earth origin energy is very rich here, but... it seems like my body's true essence is being forcefully suppressed by some sort of invisible strength. It seems to be weakened by around 40%...’’ Lin Ming said after he carefully checked himself.

’’I'm also about 40% weaker... doesn't this mean that I'm only 60% as strong as I usually am?’’

’’If everybody is suppressed to 60% of their full strength then it would be fair. But somehow I feel... I feel like... my perception is also being suppressed.’’ Lin Ming released his perception all around him, and was shocked to discover that he could only sense around 200 to 300 feet away. Such a short distance meant that his perception was basically useless!

His perception had already been greatly increased by the Samsara martial intent as well as the 'Overbearing Soul Tactic', and his sense was much greater than that of martial artists at his level. If his perception only went out this far, other martial artists would be in even worse shape.

’’Same with me...’’ Mu Qianyu found this difficult to adjust to. A martial artist was used to using their perception to sense their surroundings. If they lost their perception, it was just like a common mortal losing their eyesight.

The two of them carefully advanced forwards. However, soon enough, they felt something strange happen. They began to fly lower and lower, and once they came down, they couldn't go back up.

’’We can't fly anymore!’’

Lin Ming had been relying on the Concept of Wind to fly, but now he felt that no matter how hard tried to control the wind, he still constantly fell.

Not just that, but the more they dropped, the less they were able to fly. Finally, Lin Ming completely lost the ability to fly and he began to fall faster and faster. Mu Qianyu was in a worse situation. Although she was stronger than Lin Ming, she had been depending on her true essence to fly, not the Concept of Wind. Because of this difference, it seemed she had lost the ability to fly even faster!

They were still 10 to 20 thousand feet in the air. If they crashed into the ground from this height, they wouldn't die but they would definitely suffer.

’’Give me your hand!’’

Lin Ming grabbed onto Mu Qianyu's hand, relying on the Concept of Wind to just barely decelerate.

Once they reached a four to five thousand foot altitude, Lin Ming's Concept of Wind completely lost any and all function. The two of them could only glance at each other and ruefully smile.

They could only galvanize the protective true essence in their bodies to the max and fall like this.

'Luckily this space is much more stable and doesn't have space cracks. If we fell onto a space crack, that would really be an unjust way to die.' Lin Ming thought. He could hear the whirring sound of air passing by as he approached the forest beneath him at breakneck speed.

Lin Ming aimed at a thick tree branch and grabbed at it.

Ka ka ka!

After Lin Ming grabbed onto the thick tree branch, it bent like a drawn bow underneath the formidable impact. The great recoil force caused Lin Ming's speed to slow by a great deal.

'Mm? It didn't break!?'

This thought had just popped into Lin Ming's mind when he heard a snapping sound and the tree branch broke in half. Although it had broken, Lin Ming's falling speed had already dropped by over half. As he plummeted to the ground, there was a muffled crash. Lin Ming's legs were half submerged into the dirt. With the protection of his true essence, he only felt a slight numbing tingle in his legs.

Mu Qianyu's skill at land wasn't any worse than Lin Ming's. However, the only problem was that she had been wearing a long skirt. As she rapidly fell through the dense forest, there was a ripping sound as a great section of her skirt was torn away, exposing a length of smooth jade-like calf.

'The trees are tough beyond my imagination.'

A normal tree wouldn't be able to withstand such a force falling at such a high speed;even an iron bar would have been bent in half.

’’The trees here are completely different from those in the outside world. I've never seen any of these before. It's as if these species of trees are all from the ancient times...’’ As Lin Ming spoke, he turned, looking all around him. His heart suddenly stirred. Wasn't this species an iron ridge tree that existed in the Realm of the Gods?


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