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Martial World - Chapter 460


Chapter 460 - Breaking through the Void




’’Nanyun Wang seems to be very interested;it looks like he has much more confidence than during his last jaunt through the ancient battlefield!’’ Xuan Wuji said, his smile not reaching his eyes. They were both third stage Life Destruction masters. Although he feared Nanyun Wang a bit, it wasn't excessively so.

It was said Nanyun Wang was originally a martial artist from the common mortal world and lived a bleak and desolate life. However, he seemed to have encountered some sort of heaven defying chance, and experienced a meteoric rise to glory. Afterwards, he joined a third-grade sect within the South Sea.

Because of Nanyun Wang's overwhelming talent, that third-grade sect had placed the utmost importance on him, not sparing any resources in raising him. They hoped that one day in the future, Nanyun Wang would soar into the heavens and lead their sect to becoming a fourth-grade sect.

However... every so often, a sect's destiny simply wasn't equal to the destiny of its geniuses.

Nanyun Wang had amazing talent. However, as a result of his talent being too high, when Nanyun Wang was at the Xiantian realm, he had provoked a great number of Revolving Core masters, finally bringing a calamity onto his sect. That third-grade sect was completely obliterated, and as for Nanyun Wang, he managed to escape, growing until he became a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse.

This Nanyun Wang seemed to incomparably long for an emperor's life. He build a palace and filled it with a harem of 3000 beautiful concubines. On the body of each of these women, he had placed a restricting spell. Every day, Nanyun Wang would summoned four or five concubines into his palace to serve him. When he travelled, he would have golden guards clearing his way and a bevy of beautiful maids attending to his every need.

However, this Nanyun Wang had always been a martial artist of the demonic path who followed his heart. Thus, all of this reckless behavior didn't affect his heart of martial arts.

’’Since everyone has arrived, let's open the space channel.’’ The one speaking was the abbot of the Great Zen Temple. This elderly monk wore a golden-threaded cassock and held a staff in his hands. His two large ears drooped like two big jugs and his white brows hung down to his shoulders. Whether it was waiting or the arrival of Nanyun Wang, this white-browed monk didn't have any change in expression. He was in meditation with his eyes closed.

’’Let us do as master says. For now let us join our strength and open up the space channel. If we delay any further, there might be more troubles that occur.’’ Xuan Yuqie tenderly smiled. Although she hated these fellows that came to steal all her goods, she didn't have any good reason to reject them. With just their South Sea Demon Region's people, it was simply impossible for them to open up the Demon God Imperial Palace.

More than 30 Revolving Core and Life Destruction Supreme Elders floated down, falling into the central space vortex of South Aurora Island.

The swirling space vortex that was able to instantly rip apart a peak Houtian master was just like a gust of wind against these Revolving Core and Life Destruction masters;it only gently lifted their clothes.

After these masters went down, the Five Element Region's seven sects, divine Phoenix Island, and the South Sea Demon Region disciples quickly entered into the swirling space vortex. These disciples were the younger heroic elites that had been chosen to come.

This broken world was the ruins of a sixth-grade sect. Naturally, there would be many treasures that were left behind. These things were scattered through the broken world. Thus, the various factions had all reached a tacit understanding that the juniors of these factions would be able to enter to adventure and experience.

Every sect had a quota of disciples they could bring based on their power;they could only bring a few, not too many. divine Phoenix Island had brought around 30 people. Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu were among them.

’’Lin Ming, Yu'er, you two be careful. Don't separate and remember to take care of each other. In this foray into the ancient battlefield, there will inevitably be life or death battles!’’ Mu Yuhuang said to them with a true essence sound transmission as she entered into the swirling vortex. She had already said these words to them countless times before, urging them to be safe.

’’Understood, Master.’’ The one who replied to Mu Yuhuang was a blue-clothed girl with delicate looks that weren't too spectacular. This was Mu Qianyu.

This was an appearance changing technique that Lin Ming had passed on to her. These past five days, Lin Ming hadn't done anything else besides assiduously teaching Mu Qianyu this technique.

Bi Luo's appearance changing technique had been found within some ancient ruins. Although it was strange, it wasn't too difficult to learn, much less with Mu Qianyu's natural talent and astonishing perception. In this few days she had been able to grasp its general concepts.

Mu Qianyu had a very sensitive status. There were many people from the South Sea Demon region that had her on their mind, wanting to obtain her. It would be easy for her to become a target. After changing her appearance, it would save everyone a great deal of trouble.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, let's go.’’


All of these young heroic elites of the major sects were like big fish as they dove into the swirling vortex of space. Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu appeared unremarkable among them.

Hua la la -

As Lin Ming reentered the world shard of South Aurora Island, the first sound that he heard was torrential rainfall. It was like a vast waterfall pouring down.

The air was filled with thick mist that had a slightly salty and bitter flavor. The vast amount of seawater that the space vortex had sucked up was already dozens of feet high. Between the heavens and earth, this misty world gave an extremely suppressive feeling.

’’This is...’’ As Mu Qianyu saw this scene she was startled.

’’This is the seawater that was sucked in by the space vortex.’’ Lin Ming had already expected this. Looking ahead, he could see many small and large whirlpools in the water, they were like the greedy maws of deadly vicious beasts. Lin Ming knew that under these whirlpools, there were the hidden deathtraps known as space cracks.

This small and scattered world was filled with countless space cracks. Some of them had already collapsed onto themselves, sucking in the seawater and forming whirlpools.

There was a massive amount of seawater that came in from the main space vortex, which was balanced out by the seawater that left from the space cracks. Otherwise, in these past five or six days, this broken little world would have already long been filled with seawater.

In this heavy rain, visibility was very low. But all of the martial artists that came in were geniuses and masters. Their radiating sense of perception was not affected at all.

Among the curtains of rain, a dim halo glowed, just like a lamp in a rainy night. Lin Ming placed a symbol paper on himself, and then a golden light completely surrounded him, reaching 50 feet around.

This was a symbol paper that wasn't too special or complicated to make. But in this broken world, it was a life-saving treasure. As long as one approached a space crack, the countless glowing lights would be stirred by it, and the user would immediately be able to see the disturbance.

After using this symbol paper, as long as they were slow and steady in their movements, they wouldn't have any accidents.

In front of this crowd of people, the 30 plus top powerhouses led the way. To them, these space cracks weren't much. As long as these old fellows joined forces, they could even open up channels in space. These trivial space cracks weren't worth mentioning to them.

However, since they had to look after the juniors behind them, they couldn't fly too quickly.

The small broken world carved out from the main one wasn't too large. Even though they were flying very slowly, they managed to reach the edge of the zone in about an hour.

Here, one could see that the vast amount of seawater suddenly vanished, as if it had been cut apart by an immeasurably sharp saber.

’’It's here!’’ Nanyun Wang lazily said. He was lying atop a flying carpet, his arms still grasping onto the bosom of a beautiful woman.

’’According to our position, this shouldn't be wrong.’’ Xuan Wuji said. After these old fellows had discussed for the past several days, they had designated this area and route as the best entrance. If they made a space channel here, they would be able to save a great deal of strength.

The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch that had been flying a bit further back suddenly waved his hand. A massive column of water shot into the air, turning into a water-shaped flood dragon that roared and then shot forwards.

With a banging sound, the water dragon smashed into an invisible wall and then immediately collapsed.

’’Everyone, begin! Third stage Life Destruction in the front!’’ From the group, Xuan Wuji stepped forwards, his expression blank.

Following him, the white-browed monk also stepped forwards, floating in the air.

’’Hey,’’ Nanyun Wang laughed and slapped the butt of the woman hugging his chest, ’’Baby girl, you wait for me outside.’’

Nanyun Wang lazily turned his flying carpet and slowly flew beside Xuan Wuji.

Great Zen Temple's white-browed monk, South Sea Demon Region's Xuan Wuji, and well as loner Nanyun Wang.

Of the over 30 top masters that had gathered here, only these three were at the third stage of Life Destruction.

As for Xuan Yuqie and the Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch, they were at the second stage of Life Destruction.

Of these 30 some people, there weren't many at the second stage of Life Destruction - there were only a mere seven. The others were stranded at the first stage of Life Destruction or below;Mu Fengxian was one of them.

It had to be known that those present were from three great fifth-grade powers, eight fourth-grade powers, and also many free martial artists from all around. Yet, they only had this many second stage Life Destruction masters. From this, it could be seen just how difficult and treacherous the gate of death was that lay between the extreme Revolving Core realm and the divine Sea realm. Every extreme Revolving Core master that came to this path had to be exceptionally cautious in traversing it.

The white-browed monk flipped his hands and his monk staff flew out. Xuan Wuji took out a jet-black treasure sword. As for Nanyun Wang, he took out a thick black ruler from his spatial ring.

Nanyun Wang looked at Xuan Wuji's treasure sword and chuckled, ’’Brother Wuji, I heard from somewhere that some years ago you managed to obtain a heaven-step treasure. How about you take it out today and let my sectless country hick self take a good look at just how grand it is?’’

Xuan Wuji looked at Nanyun Wang and calmly said, ’’Since ancient times, heaven-step treasures have nearly always belonged to Emperor level powerhouses. I haven't yet been able to experience such a lucky chance!’’

’’Haha, is that right?’’ Nanyun Wang laughed, a bit of disbelief in his voice.

Behind these three great masters, the various sect Elders and powerhouses also took out their treasures. These various treasure shined and bloomed along each other, mutually enhancing their beauty.


With a shout from the white-browed monk, the over 30 top masters all simultaneously attacked the space boundary!

This range of magnificent martial skills, power of the elements, storm and thunder, could be called earthshaking!

The young heroic elites of the great sects had retreated several thousand feet back. But even so, they felt as if they would be blown away by this violent and crazy true essence storm.

Monstrous waves were stirred up in the seawater. The space boundary fiercely trembled and a multitude of lights splashed out. The loud noises were like billowing thunderclaps.

The power of these 30-some top masters combining their attacks together was evident. But to smash apart this space boundary was extremely difficult. With every step they advanced forwards, they had to consume a great deal of energy, and many Elders were already dripping with sweat.


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