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Martial World - Chapter 456


Chapter 456 - Nirvana Dragon Root




Lin Ming did have the overwhelming upper hand against Xuan Chang. However, this was just in a battle with the two of them.

If this battle spread to both sides, then no matter how powerful Lin Ming was, he still wouldn't be able to overcome the overwhelming numerical advantage that the South Sea Demon Region had. It was impossible for him to single-handedly defeat 100 to 200 Xiantian masters and half-step Xiantian masters, not to mention that there were also still the Demon Region's Big Three powerhouses.

’’Is Xuan Chang afraid?’’

’’He's actually begging for mercy publicly?’’

’’Is the Blood Demon that fearful?’’

’’What is going on here?’’

Violet Rain glanced at Fire Ax and whispered, ’’Xuan Chang probably knows who Wild Halberd is...’’

When Xuan Chang had first exchanged blows with Lin Ming, his expression had completely changed and he had begun to sweat from his forehead, as if he had discovered something terrible. The most reasonable explanation for this was that Xuan Chang had recognized just who Wild Halberd was, and there was something about him that caused Xuan Chang to be afraid.

’’Perhaps...’’ Fire Ax mumbled as he ruefully smiled. As he glanced at Wild Halberd again, whether it was origin or background, it simply wasn't something he could imagine...


Violet Rain nodded, her face flushed red. Nightmare was an extremely formidable character that would cause any one of them to panic just by hearing his name. But now he was slumped silly on the floor, and this was all because of Wild Halberd. Wild Halberd's cultivation was only at the late Houtian realm - this was simply unimaginable.

Lin Ming was silent. If this fight continued, both sides would suffer major losses.

If they fought to the death, the most he would be able to do was to finish off the rest of the Demon Region's Big Three, Blood Bone and Viper;he wouldn't be able to change the general situation. If he ran away, he would face all sorts of unknown dangers, and not just that but the Fire Ax Squad he would have to leave behind would die.

Lin Ming didn't wish for that to happen.

As Xuan Chang saw Lin Ming hesitate as if he was willing to accept a truce, he hurriedly said, ’’As for the question of who will explore the path, first I will have my side's martial artists release their zombie guards. After the zombie guards are finished, then we shall have martial artists from both sides continue, half from each side;what do you think?’’

Hearing these words, the Wartime Alliance martial artists were flattered. These conditions that Xuan Chang offered were simply too good!

These zombie guards were part of the combat strength of the South Sea Demon Region martial artists. Refining a zombie guard required a great deal of resources and efforts. In the eyes of most here, a Xiantian rank zombie guard was much more valuable than a peak Houtian realm martial artist.

Having the South Sea Demon Region explore the path forwards with their zombie guards could be considered a massive hemorrhage on their part.

Some of the Wartime Alliance martial artists were happy yet perplexed. When a good man turned evil, it would be easy to despise him. But when an evil man - especially a strong evil man - turned good, this was something to celebrate.

Just why did Xuan Chang fear Lin Ming to this degree?

They didn't know Lin Ming's true identity, only that Xuan Chang was scared silly by Lin Ming's infamous title.

Xuan Chan was very self-aware that if he couldn't kill Lin Ming, he was only seeking his own death.

Now he was trying everything he could to patch up the relations between him and Lin Ming since he no longer wanted to mess with him, and also didn't want him to bear a grudge in the future.

Lin Ming looked at Xuan Chang doubtfully and asked with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Do you recognize me?’’

Lin Ming had just used Thunderfire Annihilation and also the Purple Comet Spear. Although the Wartime Alliance martial artists may not know what these meant, Xuan Chang was a talented disciple of the South Sea Demon Region and had most likely obtained information like this. It wouldn't be strange if he was recognized.

Xuan Chang felt his heart go cold. Lin Ming's identity was simply too sensitive, Xuan Chang didn't want to bring any trouble onto himself. The Western Faction's Great Elder Xuan Wuji had been obsessed about this matter. If he was found to be withholding any information pertaining to Lin Ming, then he would surely suffer serious and fatal consequences back at the sect. Not just that, but a month or two later, Lin Ming's strength might even make another breakthrough. At that time, Lin Ming might even think that it was a good idea to silence all witnesses.

Thinking of this, Xuan Chang foolishly mumbled, ’’I have recognized you, Young Hero should be Blood Demon!’’

Lin Ming's eyes narrowed. He didn't believe Xuan Chang's words, but investigating this matter was useless, he remained silent for now...


Dark Moon Island, above the South Sea -

The massive black swirling vortex slowly spun around. A vast amount of seawater was swallowed up by the vortex without a single sound. It was strangely peaceful and quiet.

12 black-robed Elders floated high above the swirling vortex, they still hadn't found a solution to the problem.

After a long silence, an Elder with a masked face slowly spoke, his voice deep and hoarse like coarse gravel. ’’If this continues, then in just several days there will be several Revolving Core fogies or even Life Destruction powerhouses arriving here. They will be from the demonic path, righteous path, South Horizon Region, Five Element Region, or even beyond. When that time comes, there will inevitably be a fierce battle here. Perhaps even this old man will perish here. Xuan Yuqie, do you really expect us old men to go all out even in this situation when we're kept in the dark!?’’

The Xuan Yuqie he referred to was the Sovereign of the Demon Region Western Faction.

Although Xuan Yuqie was nearly 1000 years old, after a martial artist underwent their second Life Destruction, they would be reborn and their body remade. Their life would lengthen, and their appearance would remain young. With some secret make-up techniques, her appearance was still like a beautiful woman around 30 years of age, ardent and aphrodisiac.

’’Haha.’’ Xuan Yuqie smiled, but she didn't immediately respond. She glanced at the feminine-looking man beside her;this person was Lei Mubai's master and great grandfather - Xuan Wuji.

As the two quickly exchanged true essence sound transmissions, the masked Elder quietly waited.

A moment later, Xuan Yuqie smiled and said with alluring flattering, ’’Elder Zhou may not believe me, but we were really planning on informing everyone of the situation within once the ancient battlefield was opened.’’

As long as there were people, there would be infighting. Even within the South Sea Demon Region, there were still struggles over power and interests;this was simply an inevitable facet of human nature.

When Silent Demon Emperor City was destroyed, the remnants of the defeated armies fled to the South Sea. Many of these remnants had the direct bloodline of the Netherworld Great Emperor as well as the Devil Generals.

Between the various bloodlines and clans, there would be conflict of interests. Who didn't want their juniors to soar into the sky and for their Elders to safely pass through the death door of Life Destruction? This also caused the relationship between the various clans to be rocky.

The ancient Devil Tome and Demon Emperor's letter were first obtained by the direct descendants of the Netherworld Great Emperor. The Demon Emperor's letter had always been controlled by Xuan Wuji and Xuan Yuqie.

If they didn't require the help of the other South Sea Demon Region Elders in order to open the ancient battlefield, then Xuan Yuqie and Xuan Wuji would have kept all the treasure to themselves.

Elder Zhou flung his sleeves and calmly said, ’’This old man is listening with full attention.’’

Xuan Yuqie smiled, ’’Well, when the Demon Emperor had taken this broken world's ancient battlefield as his stronghold, he also construction an Imperial Palace here;the treasures within are countless.’’

Elder Zhou frowned and said, ’’According to what this old man knows, the Demon Emperor didn't die, but instead flew towards the Realm of the Gods. If that's true, why would he leave behind treasures within his stronghold?’’

Unless the Demon Emperor had suddenly fallen, there was no way that he would have left treasures at this stronghold so that others could take them away.

Xuan Yuqie smiled tenderly and said, ’’Elder Zhou is wise. The Demon Emperor did take his treasures with him when he flew to the Realm of the Gods. But... there were some things that he couldn't take with him.

’’Since I invited everyone here and also spent such a great amount of effort to open the ancient battlefield, naturally I wouldn't do so in vain. According to the Demon Emperor's letter, there were two things that he couldn't carry away. One was... the medicine garden!’’

Medicine garden? Elder Zhou's heart moved, but he maintained his calm composure, waiting for Xuan Yuqie to speak.

’’In this broken world, there are special rules that exist along with the layers of array formations that the Demon Emperor laid down, this means that this medicine garden is truly special! When the Demon Emperor flew up, he naturally carried off some of these rare and valuable medicines. But there were some medicines that hadn't ripened, and there was no meaning for him to take them. He left them here to be nourished by the special rules of the broken world and allow them to grow. Now, tens of thousands of years have passed!’’

As Xuan Yuqie spoke, Elder Zhou's eyebrows twitched. Tens of thousands of years?

Normally, a medicine that was just 1000 years old would be considered extremely precious. As for one that was tens of thousands of years old, that was simply astounding!

’’There aren't many medicines that can survive for tens of thousands of years!’’

’’Correct, there are indeed very few medicines that can survive that long. Most of the plants in the Demon Emperor's medicine garden should have already wilted away. But, there is one extremely precious medicine named the Nirvana Dragon Root that can survive for over 100,000 years!’’

’’Oh? What is that?’’ Elder Zhou was surprised. According to Xuan Yuqie's meaning, this meant that it should be some absurdly precious treasure;he had never heard of it before.

’’According to the description written within the Demon Emperor's letter, the use of this medicine is to create new blood and wash one's marrow. The Demon Emperor's letter described a Body Transformation cultivation method called the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'. One could use the Nirvana Dragon Root to have true essence enter into the marrow.’’

’’True essence entering marrow?’’ Elder Zhou eyebrows arched up. ’’The significance of true essence entering marrow doesn't concern us much anymore. This old man is not interested in any sort of Body Transformation cultivation method.’’

All of the Elders present had already condensed their true essence into their dantian and formed a revolving core. If they chose this time to practice such a basic Body Transformation cultivation method, they would have to do so from the start. Thus, no matter how great this cultivation method was, it simply made no sense to do so.

’’Haha, of course, I am also not interested in this. But according to the Demon Emperor's letter, after refining the Nirvana Dragon Root and washing the marrows with new blood, one can increase the chances of successfully crossing through the Life Destruction stages!


Not only was Elder Zhou visible moved, but all of the other Elders present too. Increase the chances of crossing through the stages of Life Destruction!

’’How much can it increase by?’’

Elder Zhou was unable to contain his excitement.

Life was like an endless moat that lay in front of all Revolving Core martial artists. To cross through Life Destruction was to step over the gates of hell, walking the tightrope over the endless abyss. The truth was that many extreme Revolving Core masters already had the cultivation levels to attempt their passage through Life Destruction. But, they did not dare to do so. If they didn't attempt it, then could live for 800 years. But if they tried to cross Life Destruction, there was a chance they would instantly die!

And what made people despair was that no one ever knew how many Life Destructions they would have to cross. Crossing this again and again and again, that truly led people into anguish.

If there was some valuable material that could increase the chances that Life Destruction would succeed, even by 20%, then that would absolutely cause countless Revolving Core masters to go crazy with greed.


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