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Martial World - Chapter 455


Chapter 455 - I Was Impulsive




Although Xuan Chang was proud, since this involved his life, he still wasn't above admitting defeat and apologizing in the presence of everyone. This was something he was still willing to do. However, what Xuan Chang was afraid of was that even if he capitulated and apologized, Lin Ming would still bear a grudge against him in the future.

Perhaps in several years, or even less, Lin Ming would be able to crush him like an ant. At that time, his life or death would all depend on Lin Ming's mood! Xuan Chang was unwilling to hand his fate over to others like this.

Xuan Chang clenched his teeth and gripped the blood halberd in his hands. He didn't need Nightmare's soul attack to wound Lin Ming. As long as Lin Ming hesitated for just a second... he would be able to kill him!

’’Nightmare, when I attack, you join in;use everything you have to kill him, leave nothing behind! Otherwise, we won't have another chance!’’

Xuan Chang had an extremely grim expression. This sort of attack that took one by surprise could only be used once. The second time, Lin Ming would have protective measures in place and there wouldn't be much of an effect. And if he escaped in advance, then in this broken world full of space cracks and other dangers, whether it was chasing or running or hiding, everything was a death-defying act.

All of it would depend on one one's destiny. And Xuan Chang was not confident to the point where he thought his own destiny was greater than Lin Ming's.

’’Alright.’’ Nightmare was a bit surprised, Xuan Chang seemed to take this Blood Demon especially seriously. Did he know the identity of this Blood Demon?

’’Netherworld Devil Arts!’’

Xuan Chang shouted, and true essence erupted from him like a volcano. He activated the third layer of the 'Netherworld Devil Arts' cultivation method. Xuan Chang had just managed to trace the threshold of this third layer. When trying to control the overbearingly savage and violent demonic path cultivation method, if his technique or control was insufficient, it was highly likely that he would end up suffering a backlash and wounding himself. He might even drive himself to madness. For Xuan Chang to use this now proved just how desperate he was!

As Xuan Chang's dreadful aura flooded out, his hair billowed in the wind. At this moment, he was like an all-powerful war god that no one could defeat, looking down at the world with arrogance!

All of the surrounding martial artists felt their backs turn cold as they witnessed Xuan Chang's power. Even the South Sea Demon Region's Big Three were alarmed and frightened.

’’This is too terrifying! Were Xuan Chang's early moves just tentative attacks?’’

’’His strength suddenly rose up so high. All of us are at the extreme Xiantian realm, yet the difference is so great!’’

’’Who can resist Xuan Chang like this?’’

All of the Wartime Alliance martial artists felt despair fill their hearts, even Lu Huo had dispelled his thoughts of teaming up with the Blood Demon to deal with Xuan Chang. With Xuan Chang and the Big Three of the South Sea Demon Region, whether it was quality or quantity, they were stronger. If they resisted, they would all die!

Lu Huo sighed. Just how many people would be able to survive this impending disaster?


Lin Ming's pupils contracted. He naturally knew that his opponent was planning on going all-out with everything he had. As for his own card that he had in hand, it was a pure killing move he could only use once - he was saving it for a situation in which it would absolutely be successful. But this time he had no way of holding back, otherwise he would be severely wounded here. If he couldn't escape, then he would die soon after.

’’When I faced Ouyang Shenxiu, I only opened the Heretical God Force - I didn't burn the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. And after the battle, my condition wasn't at its best. But now that I'm facing Xuan Chang, my strength has greatly increased and I'm also in top condition. I wonder just how far I can go!’’

Lin Ming began to seethe with fighting spirit!


The blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted! The flame marks between Lin Ming's eyebrows began to shine with a golden flame light. The most potent ability of the Ancient Phoenix's blood was that it was able to bathe in flames and be reborn. This mean that the blood of the Ancient Phoenix could be burnt without limit, and none of it would be lost!


Xuan Chang tightened the grip on his blood halberd and all of his upper body clothes tore apart. His red hair scattered in the air, and with every step he took, the ground shattered. A vast surge of true essence turned into a giant red eagle, flying towards Lin Ming!

Ka ka ka!

A halberd was wielded;the surrounding space seemed like it was being torn apart.

Lin Ming's eyes were deep. His true essence touched upon the Heretical God Seed.

Heretical God Force - open!

A vast amount of terrifyingly compressed true essence erupted from the Heretical God Seed. In that instant, the true essence of Lin Ming's body was like a vast and endless ocean, turbulent waves of true essence ceaselessly crashing into the world!

All of the surrounding martial artists paled as they experienced this crazily fierce aura. Even Fire Ax didn't dare to believe his own eyes. He knew that Blood Demon was strong, but he never would have imagined that he was strong to this degree. Was that violent battle from a moment ago just a small part of his strength?

Nightmare's complexion turned white. He originally thought that Xuan Chang wouldn't even need his help, but now it looked as if it might not even be enough!

Nightmare revolved true essence within his body. At this critical moment, he stared at Lin Ming. His spiritual sea rushed forwards, his soul pierced out!

At this time, Lin Ming no longer cared about hiding his status. The highly compressed power of thunder and fire within the Heretical God Seed exploded forth. At this moment, his entire body flashed with arcs of thunder and blazed with soaring flames. At the same time, Nightmare's soul attack pierced Lin Ming's spiritual sea!


Lin Ming's mind stirred;sneak soul attack?

Lin Ming barely even bothered to react. The savage and wild power of thunder that had been slumbering within his spiritual sea burst forth and attacked this strange and sneaky soul attack!

Meanwhile, a swirling black vortex appeared in the skies of Lin Ming's spiritual sea - this was the Samsara martial intent!

This martial intent that was formed from experiencing 100 Samsaras came from the legacy of the Sorcerer Pagoda's seventh floor. How could it allow its territory to be desecrated?


The swirling black vortex was like the massive maw of a demon, directly tearing that fragment of soul energy to pieces.


Nightmare screamed, falling to his knees as he clutched his head and collapsed. Just a moment ago he had attacked Lin Ming with his soul force per Xuan Chang's instructions. He had exhausted all of his strength in that attack. A soul was a martial artist's most fragile aspect. If a martial artist attacked someone who had a strong soul force defense with an all-out attack, it was no different from smashing a rock with an egg;they would suffer a horrendous backlash!

Many martial artists heard Nightmare's pitiful screams. But at this time, no one could reflect on just what this meant;Xuan Chang's halberd was already coming down.

But at this time, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in Lin Ming's hand had at some point been exchanged for a red and purple spear!

A manic power of thunder and flame interweaved into a singularity - Thunderfire Annihilation!


In this dark and desolate world, a gorgeous purple sun seemed to rise into the air. All sound was swallowed, and a blazing light flooded the vision of everyone present!

All of the surrounding martial artists were considered extraordinary geniuses of their generation and lands. But facing such a dangerous explosion, they were like leaves in a storm. All of them were blown away, scattered about in disorder.

In that maelstrom of thunder and fire, Lin Ming and Xuan Chang both flew backwards.

But, the difference was that Lin Ming balanced himself and fell to one knee, his face paling. As for Xuan Chang, he smashed into the ground, vomiting a giant mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, all of the martial artists were awed, especially the scene of Nightmare suffering a backlash. None of them could believe their eyes. The extreme Xiantian Nightmare was infamous throughout the South Sea battlefield for his soul attacks. But a moment ago, Nightmare had sneak attacked Lin Ming during the chaos, and not only was Lin Ming alright, but Nightmare was severely wounded in return!

Viper and Blood Bone both had extremely difficult expressions. They best understood Nightmare and knew just how strong his soul attacks were. After suffering the piercing of his spiritual sea, let alone attacking as usual, even standing would be difficult.

However, Lin Ming seemed to have shrugged off this attack with no response. Not only did he resist Nightmare's soul attack, but he had accepted Xuan Chang's strongest strike and had also beaten him into vomiting blood!

Was this really a human?

’’He is too terrifying!’’ Blood Bone's lips twitched. Against Lin Ming, he simply couldn't muster the courage to face him!

’’Luckily... we didn't encounter Blood Demon earlier.’’ Viper gulped, his forehead sweating. If they had really encountered Blood Demon earlier, it wouldn't have been strange if one or two of them had died! Thinking of this, he was horrified.

Everyone was in complete silence. Xuan Chang crawled up from the ground, his face white. As he smeared the blood off his lips, he glanced at Nightmare who was twitching on the floor, and his complexion became even uglier.

Xuan Chang had overdrawn his true essence to make an all-out strike. During this time, Nightmare had also used his soul attack. However, not only was his attack blocked, but he had been beaten into such a miserable state!

How was this possible?

How could this Lin Ming be formidable to this degree?

Was he really only 17 years old? Was his cultivation really only at the late Houtian realm?

Xuan Chang's heart filled with waves of despair. Let alone forcing Lin Ming to stay on scene, it didn't seem as if he could even defeat him!

He knew that several months ago Lin Ming had killed his way into the Seven Profound Valleys and had slain several Great Elders of the Acacia Faction. He had even fought the Acacia Faction Sovereign and severely wounded him, causing him to lose blood essence. Finally, he had killed his own enemy with his own hand in front of all the Acacia Valley Elders. But the Seven Profound Valleys' Valley Master didn't dare to stop him or publically reveal this information

If he didn't kill Lin Ming today, then maybe a dozen or so years from now, Lin Ming would have the ability to kill his way into the South Sea Demon Region, and in the presence of the sect Elders, squash him like a bug!

But... could he kill Lin Ming?

It was looking more like he would be killed by Lin Ming!

Thinking of this, Xuan Chang felt his intestines turn green with regret;how could he have provoked such a dark star!

To come to such an insignificant South Aurora Island and run into Lin Ming, his luck was truly the ultimate trash.

Lin Ming wiped off the blood from his lips and slowly stood up. The truth was that the actual situation wasn't what Xuan Chang had imagined.

For Nightmare to suffer a counterattack in his soul attack, that could be considered his bad luck. With the Heretical God Seed's Thunder Soul in addition to his Samsara martial intent, Lin Ming's soul defense was formidable to the point of being utterly abnormal.

For Nightmare to try and pierce Lin Ming's spiritual sea, that was simply a suicidal action.

As for the Thunderfire Annihilation a moment ago, because he still had so many enemies to face, he didn't dare to use the complete Thunderfire Annihilation. Even so, he had still consumed around 30% of his true essence.

But this strike had only severely injured Xuan Chang, his opponent still had a high combat effectiveness left.

As Lin Ming took stock of himself, whether it was opening the Heretical God Force or burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, neither could be sustained for too long. If this lasted, then at most both he and Xuan Chang would be severely wounded. As for the South Sea Demon Region's Big Three, he absolutely wouldn't have the power to resist them!

What should he do?

Lin Ming already expected that this would be a difficult uphill battle, but he had no choice other than to fight. As for escaping from here, Lin Ming also dreaded those space cracks that existed everywhere.

At this time, an incredible scene happened. Xuan Chang abruptly lowered the halberd in his hands and said, ’’I admit defeat. I...was impulsive in my actions a moment ago, and I apologize for that. Forgive me.’’


Lin Ming was shocked.

It wasn't just Lin Ming, but all the surrounding martial artists were dumbfounded.

Just what had happened?


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