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Martial World - Chapter 453


Chapter 453 - Ten Breaths of Time




At this crucial moment, everyone realized that they were being treated as cannon fodder, and no one wanted to stand out. Some martial artists already held onto their weapons, their true essence faintly flowing.

The red-haired youth's eyes flashed with light, ’’I'll give you ten breaths of time, otherwise, all those Houtian realm martial artists who do not walk will be executed! Do not presume that you can muddle your way through this mess;I can sense all of your cultivations.’’ This icy voice contained a very strong killing intent.

Under the shadow of this killing intent, some Houtian realm martial artists felt their foreheads begin to ooze sweat and their knees bending with weakness.

They were only normal peak Houtian martial artists. Against this extreme Xiantian red-haired youth that came from a fifth-grade sect, the disparity between them was simply too great.

This red-haired youth could kill instantly kill any one of them with just a thought.

’’Ten!’’ The red-haired youth yawned.

At this moment, a Houtian martial artist angrily shouted out not too far away from the red-haired youth, ’’You can dream on if you think we will help you! We would rather die than become stones that pave your way out of here! Brothers! Let us unite! If this continues, then we can only...’’

Nightmare sneered and concentrated his thoughts.


In a split-second, that Houtian martial artist burst apart like a watermelon, suddenly and violently dying. Even Lu Huo, who was standing near him, didn't have time to react. Lu Huo's lips twitched, but finally he was only able to sigh.

All of the surrounding martial artists cried out in alarm, a surge of anger and hate flowing through their hearts. There was a wave of 'cha cha cha' sounds as some martial artists drew out their weapons. But still, no one dared to do anything rash.

’’You are going too far!’’ An early Xiantian realm martial artist heatedly shouted.

Nightmare smiled with disdain, ’’Do you want to die too?’’

The martial artist paused, he was somewhat afraid to face Nightmare. Nightmare was a martial artist who shined in soul attacks. He was able to detonate his enemy's spiritual sea with his soul force, and could even shatter their heads. This was also the origin of Nightmare's nickname. He could easily kill a low level martial artist. In that split second that it took him to kill a martial artist, it was impossible for anyone else to save them.

The early Xiantian martial artist grit his teeth, finally not saying anything. At that moment, a deep sense of humiliation filled his mind. He hated that he had no power to stand up to these monsters.

The red-haired youth didn't even seem to have noticed what happened. He continued and blankly said, ’’Nine...’’

With the invisible pressure pushing down on them, several Houtian martial artists were suppressed by the pressure;they were barely able to hold on.



Between every breath was a chilling voice!

’’What can we do?’’ Fire Ax asked Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission. Even Fire Ax, who was normally calm, was flustered into his situation.

Lin Ming remained silent. He had truly grown a great deal these past days, but he still lacked assurance he would be able to win this battle.

A character like the red-haired youth simply couldn't be compared to someone like Ouyang Shenxiu. Not just that, but he also had the Demon Region's Big Three at his side. Any one of them would be far beyond Ouyang Shenxiu.

And with so many South Sea Demon Region direct descendant disciples added on, this would absolutely be a brutal and bloody battle!







The red-haired youth calmly counted down. But, Lin Ming was gathering his potential in silence, his eyes brilliant as he stared at the red-haired youth. His entire body was beginning to boil with fighting spirit!


As the red-haired youth counted to here, he slowly took out a halberd from his spatial ring. This blood halberd was 10 feet long and gleamed with a red light;it was also a Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica. However, its quality was far inferior to that of Lei Mubai's. Although the red-haired youth was stronger than Lei Mubai, his status within the South Sea Demon Region was naturally lower.

The blood halberd emitted a bloody energy. As several Houtian martial artists faced this aura, they couldn't help but tremble. Many of them walked out from the crowd. Facing this blood halberd, they simply lacked the courage to further resist.

If they didn't come out, they would certainly die. But if they stood out and were careful in exploring the path, they might have a slight chance of living.


The red-haired youth's count slowed a bit, the murderous intent that flowed from him condensing even further.

More and more Houtian realm martial artists realized their fate and stood out, pale, their eyes like dying flames. As the Xiantian martial artists of the Wartime Alliance saw this, they could only silently grieve.

In this strange and unknown world, there were probably dangers even greater than these space cracks. Once the Houtian realm martial artists died, it would be their turn.


As the red-haired youth counted out this last number, he suddenly laughed, ’’What great courage! You really aren't afraid of death!’’

Suddenly, his eyes fell on Lin Ming. In fact, he had already noticed Lin Ming from a moment ago. His cultivation wasn't high, but his true essence was thick to the point that it wasn't what a normal Houtian master could have.

’’Interesting! How interesting!’’

As the red-haired youth approached step by step, behind him were still Blood Bone, Nightmare, and Viper. With the illustrious renown of the Demon Region's Big Three as well as the red-haired youth that was stronger than them, these four released an aura that none of the Wartime Alliance martial artists had the courage to compete with. They were even afraid of meeting their eyes.

Lin Ming calmly looked as the red-haired youth approached and stood in front of the Fire Ax Squad. Behind Lin Ming, Enchanting Shadow and Big Beard tightly gripped onto their weapons, their palms slick with sweat.

Captain Fire Ax also had a grim expression and his nerves were on tight wires. In this critical situation, even the tranquil Violet Rain had purple arcs of electricity jumping between her fingertips.

The red-haired youth ignored Fire Ax and everyone else, only looking at Lin Ming. ’’Boy, you're quite good. You're standing in front of my aura and yet you can remain calm!’’

Lin Ming was unmoved. He only traced the halberd in his spatial ring - the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

Against this red-haired youth from a fifth-grade sect, as well as the Demon Region's Big Three and the countless Demon Region Xiantian masters behind them, Lin Ming was prepared to go all-out. He wouldn't hide his strength, nor could he;this would be a battle that decided life or death!

The powerful oppressive force caused all the surrounding martial artists to retreat, many of them having mournful expressions, ’’Finished... the Fire Ax Squad is finished. Fire Ax can at most face a normal late Xiantian master, but he would still be killed by any of these four in a second. Although that late Houtian boy has an intimidating aura, there is nothing he can do in the face of absolute suppression by cultivation!’’

’’What should we do? Do we help?’’

’’If we help them we will die! They can kill us without us even knowing!’’

’’But, if we don't resist them, we'll be at their mercy...’’ A man didn't say any more. It was better to die fighting gloriously in battle than as cannon fodder.

The man who had spoken before sighed, not saying anything else. They only had a third of the enemy's numbers, and their quality was also far inferior. What could they do? It was like trying to crack a rock with an egg.

This was also what most of the Wartime Alliance martial artists were thinking. The other side was the army of the South Sea Demon Region. As for them, they were just a gathered bunch of free martial artists.

The red-haired youth had already approached within 50 feet of lin Ming, his expression full of praise, ’’Good! Very good! I also admire those that do not fear death. But, not being afraid of death is not a positive, because those people usually die quickly!’’


The red-haired youth's body erupted with true essence. His blood-red hair whipped around in the vortex of true essence. He held his right hand out, and the 10 foot long halberd lay flat. A surge of violent bloody energy broke out;facing him was like facing a roaring army!

’’My name is Xuan Chang! Now you can die knowing who killed you!’’

Lin Ming didn't utter a single word - he had been silent from the very start, gathering his potential! His entire momentum was revolving to this limit and barely restrained. True essence chaotically surged around in the Heretical God Seed, and the 13 Blood Drinking Symbols rapidly circulated in his meridians, ready to break out at any time!

A deluge of savage murderous intent filled the air, seeming as if manifested into reality.


Xuan Chang shouted and took a step forwards, his blood halberd smashing down. The ground under his feet suddenly cracked, and the crimson blood halberd emitted a sorrowful grieving wail.

In this instant, Lin Ming finally pressed down on his spatial ring. With a flash of light, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd appeared with 13 shining souls around it. It was like a blood dragon had suddenly appeared, sweeping away all!

This weapon was the exact same as Xuan Chang's, it was just that the inherent blood energy it emitted was even richer!


The two halberds intersected, rocks exploded around them! The nearby martial artists found it hard to keep their balance in the turbulent and savage currents of wind that followed. Lin Ming's feet sank into the ground. With the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in his hands, he had firmly blocked Xuan Chang's strike!


Xuan Chang's expression was filled with disbelief - this boy had blocked his strike?

All of the other martial artists were shocked, including the Demon Region's Big Three. Xuan Chang had only casually attacked, but this attack still wasn't something that a late Houtian martial artist should have been able to resist.

As for that blood halberd in his hand, it was almost the exact same as the one in Xuan Chang's hands. It was just that the aura was even more formidable, to the point where glancing at it caused one to feel a deep sense of impending doom!

What halberd was that?

’’You...’’ Xuan Chang looked at Lin Ming and his complexion changed. Within the South Sea Demon Region, there were countless Great Desolate Blood Halberd replicas. Xuan Chang wasn't able to recognize that this blood halberd in Lin Ming's hand had once been Lei Mubai's, but he could tell that the blood halberd's forging method was without a doubt from the South Sea Demon Region. Just how did it end up in this youth's hand? Who was he?

’’Damn it all!’’ In front of so many people Xuan Chang had been blocked by a mere late Houtian martial artist. Now that he lost face, all he could feel was a blazing rage, ’’Blood Mountain Seal!’’

As he drew out a seal with his hand, he placed it atop the blood halberd. The entire blood halberd suddenly burst into a radiant light;this was a martial skill that Xuan Chang had used.

The Blood Mountain Seal was a cultivation method that had been passed down within the South Sea Demon Region for over 3000 years, it was not at all part of the ancient Devil Tome. Although its power was inferior to that of the ancient Devil Tome, Xuan Chang had cultivated it for many years and he was confident he could destroy even the hardest defenses!

Lin Ming's eyes shined with a sharp light. His Tempering Marrow true essence completely erupted! 13 Blood Drinking Seals screamed as they burst forth, ’’Primeval Halberd Strike!’’

With a thrust of his halberd, a dizzying red vortex formed on the blade edge of the halberd! The surrounding space seemed to twist around this halberd;the power of this halberd strike had faintly touched the edges of Laws.

As the two halberds crossed again, it was like a bloody sun had risen in this dark world. Xuan Chang felt a strange and astonishing spinning power spread through him. He was nearly sent flying away!

He revolved his true essence and forcefully stilled himself, but he had still been forced to retreat seven or eight steps!

’’You! Who are you!?’’ Xuan Chang's eyes were bloodshot. His vision shined brightly as he stared at Lin Ming like a man who had been bitten by a beast.


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