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Martial World - Chapter 451


Chapter 451 - The World is About To Collapse




Lin Ming looked at the massive swirling gray vortex beneath his feat, his eyes filled with bewilderment. As he extended his sense into the vortex, it was immediately cut off;it was just as if there was another world that existed behind that gray vortex.

A terrifying dragging force suddenly erupted from the vortex, affecting everyone. At this time, the surrounding space seemed to transform into a separate dimension - it was impossible to escape!

Even the overweeningly arrogant red-haired youth turned white.

Just what was going on!?

Those six massive beams of light from a moment ago seemed to have come from where the sect Elders were gathered. What had happened over there?

Hong hong hong!

The entire South Aurora Island was being crushed and torn apart. The turbulent sea crazily surged, turning into massive waves that towered in the sky. These waves were then sucked into the vortex, completely disappearing.

As the towing force grew stronger, all of the Xiantian masters that had flown into the sky began to be forcefully slowed down. Gradually they were forced to a halt by this immense force, and then they slowly began to be pulled into the swirling vortex!


A late Houtian realm martial artist that was riding a spirit boat had his spirit boat smashed apart by the force of the vortex. Afterwards, he was like a leaf in a storm;he was sucked into that massive swirling vortex and shredded into pieces.

’’This is...!’’

As everyone saw this, their hearts turned cold. Anyone that fell here would die!

But if they wanted to escape, they couldn't!


Several Houtian masters that were picked up by their comrades were tossed into the swirling vortex, twisted into nothing! At this time, the true face of human sentiment and friendship was tested to the limit. Those brothers that shared life and death clung to each other. As for those that were only normal friends, they immediately dropped their comrades, only thinking to preserve their own lives!

Pu! Pu!

Two people were immediately torn into fragments by the vortex of energy. Another man screamed in desperation and began to revolve his protective true essence in a last ditch hope.

Ka ka ka ka!

The vortex of energy was like a razor that shaved off true essence, slowly wearing it away. As the martial artist's bodily true essence was breaking, he clenched his teeth and revolved his true essence to the limit. Finally, the vortex of energy torn open a hole in his true essence, shredding his arm!

The martial artist howled. He fiercely bit his tongue, combusting his blood essence!


The true essence of his body instantly rose several times over. Finally, he was able to withstand the tearing pressure of the swirling vortex of energy, and passed through the swirling layer.

Seeing this, all of the Xiantian martial artists in the air were stunned, and then immediately overjoyed. If a peak Houtian martial artist could safely make his way through the swirling vortex of energy, then they would naturally have an easier time in doing so. Although they didn't know just what was behind the vortex of energy, having this knowledge that they would be able to survive for a while longer was great news.

The pulling force of the energy vortex increased. Some Xiantian martial artists knew that they wouldn't be able to resist for much longer, and decided to save their energy and fly directly towards that swirling vortex. They stimulated their bodily protective true essence to the limit and safely rode their way through.

As for the peak Houtian martial artists, those that were strong were able to directly pass through. As for those that were weaker, they combusted their blood essence and safely passed through.

There were less and less people still in the air. Lin Ming was able to feel the surrounding space around him compressing, as if it were tightening around him. Even if he was able to resist this terrifying suction, he feared that he wouldn't be able to escape. Not just that, but there were changes in the energy vortex that were occurring;it was impossible to know what would happen next. Thinking this, Lin Ming grit his teeth, pushed his true essence to the limit and flew towards the swirling vortex of energy...


Hundreds of miles away, at the point between Blood Demon Island and Dark Moon Island, 10 black-robed people were suspended high in the air. Their expressions were inscrutable as they watched the massive swirling vortex thousands of feet beneath them.

This swirling vortex of energy was tens of times greater than the one that had appeared at South Aurora Island!

The vortex of energy that appeared at South Aurora Island was an ash-gray that spun with an amazing momentum, as if it were a rolling thunderclap.

But this vortex of energy was completely black. When one looked into it, they could see all sorts of faint and blurred illusions, as if they were staring into the endless void of chaos.

The swirling black vortex here was much more peaceful. Despite the surging waves that were swallowed by the vortex, there wasn't any noise. But this strange feeling was instead much more profoundly terrifying, and the reason was that this swirling vortex swallowed all, even the sound of the sea...

Without a doubt, the tearing strength of this pitch black vortex was several times more horrifying than the one at South Aurora Island!

’’What a terrifying space storm! If we go down we'll die!’’ A black-robed Elder said, frowning.

A moment ago, those 10 late Xiantian large fellows that had opened the seals, because they were too near to the entrance when it had opened, were torn apart by the vortex of energy. They had been pulled into the space storm and ripped into a bloody fog before completely decomposing into fine dust;there wasn't even any residue left over.

’’We've made an error in judgment! The degree to which the ancient battlefield decayed has exceeded our every assumption! Even the entrance has been covered by a space storm, the inside is probably much worse!’’

’’I thought that this broken world would be able to last for a few thousand more years, but it seems that it's already begun to collapse. If we enter, we will encounter layers upon layers of dangers. This world can collapse at any moment. If we are inside when it does, we will be annihilated along with the world!’’

After a world collapsed, the space storm it produced in the void would be extremely terrifying;even an Emperor powerhouse wouldn't necessarily be able to resist it.

Moreover, as they looked at the situation of this entrance, they realized they couldn't enter. They were not able to withstand a space storm of this level.

’’We've spent so much time and effort in order to open this ancient battlefield, but all we've found is a world on the verge of collapse. We don't even have the ability to access the inside. Our South Sea Demon Region's plans have come to nothing!’’

According to this letter of the Demon Emperor, the small world contained in this ancient battlefield had many different Laws. If a martial artist could practice within, they could be exposed to origins of all sorts of energies. If one had excellent perception, they might even be able to comprehend these origin Laws!

If the South Sea Demon Region could have moved into this ancient battlefield world and then blocked the entrance with a secret skill written in the Demon Emperor's letter, the ancient Demon Region would be able to obtain a surpassingly good stronghold. Not just that, but they would obtain the massive amount of treasures that the Demon Emperor had left behind. Once all these treasures were obtained, being able to raise an Emperor level powerhouse would no longer be a fantasy.

Thus, as long as they had several hundred years, the ancient Demon Region would be able to become a Holy Land! When that time arrived, they would dominate the entire South Horizon Region. They would be able to reproduce the grand majesty and brilliance of the Silent Demon Emperor City from 3000 years ago!

But now, this plan was nothing but a dream that was popped like a bubble.

’’We can't use this world, but this world still has treasures left over from the Demon Emperor and the ancient battlefield. If we can take some of it, our efforts wouldn't have been in vain!’’ The one who spoke was a woman with a veil covering her face and who wore a long black robe. Although she covered her face, she couldn't cover up her impressively buxom figure;she was the Demon Region's Western Faction Sovereign.

’’We cannot go through the main entrance. Even this old man's third stage Life Destruction won't be able to pass this terrifying space storm. If we want to enter... we can only go through other entrances.’’ As the man spoke, he glanced around. At the edges of this main vortex, there were also 36 small vortices;the vortex that had appeared at South Aurora Island was one of these.

’’That's useless. Those are just broken spaces that are separated from the main world. If we go into one, we still won't be able to enter the main world unless we can shatter the barriers of space!’’ The Demon Region Sovereign vacantly said. When a world first began to collapse, it would split into fragments first. These 36 smaller vortexes all corresponded with a splinter of the main world.

If they entered into small worlds, they would at most be able to obtain some treasures left behind on the ancient battlefield. Although these might be high quality treasures, they didn't hold much appeal to the South Sea Demon Region Elders. What they longed for were the treasures within the Demon Emperor Palace!

At this time, wasting their time to go treasure hunting in a small splintered world was ridiculous.

’’The situation is worsening. If this continues, we'll be discovered soon;even Supreme Elders from the South Horizon Region and Five Element Region might show up. If Life Destruction masters or Emperor level powerhouses show up, there won't be anything left for us.’’

After hearing these words, all the Elders fell silent. They had thought they would be able to open the seal and obtain an independent world. Then they could follow the techniques written on the Demon Emperor's letter and open and close the entrance of the world as they pleased, obtaining all the treasures within.

Who knew that the situation would turn out like this?


Several hundred miles away, at South Aurora Island's gray vortex.


Lin Ming smashed into the ground. He felt dizzy, he had just passed through the vortex of energy a moment ago. Even though his body was protected with true essence, he felt a painful sensation as if his entire body was being torn apart.

Presumably the other martial artists were in a worse situation.

Lin Ming didn't immediately stand up. He kept his eyes closed and diffused his perception outwards, sensing everywhere around him. First, he had to scout his surroundings.

He was in a vast and desolate land, surrounded by groups of martial artists who had fallen down with him.

There were no plants on the ground, and the dirt was a dark red color, as if it had been stained by blood. There were countless crushed large and small stones suspended in the air, as if there was no gravity here. Within this entire world, there was not a single hint of wind - it was eerily peaceful.

What place was this?

Lin Ming had a very uneasy premonition in his heart. At this time, more and more martial artists began to crawl up. There were Demon Region martial artists and also Wartime Alliance martial artists. Nearly everyone that survived were Xiantian realm martial artists, with peak Houtian masters being in the minority. Not just that, but all of them had extremely pale complexions;they had obviously consumed a great deal of energy to survive.

Lin Ming also quietly stood up. In the crowd of so many martial artists, he seemed unremarkable.

He took stock of the treasures on his body. He still had his spatial rings, and his meridians and organs weren't damaged. As he glanced at the Demon Region martial artists, he impressively saw the red-haired man along with the Demon Region's Big Three!

Both of these hostile parties had suffered through the catastrophe. But now that they stood up, they were all filled with a wary vigilance. The martial artists of the Wartime Alliance became flustered and unconsciously pulled away from the South Sea Demon Region martial artists, finally separating and gathering together.

However, the final result of this was frightening to the point of many panicking;The remaining Wartime Alliance martial artists numbered only a third of those from the South Sea Demon Region!

This didn't include the top masters of the South Sea Demon Region - the Demon Region Big Three and the red-haired man!

As long as the South Sea Demon Region people wanted to kill them, they wouldn't even have their bones left!


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