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Martial World - Chapter 450


Chapter 450 - The Ancient Array Opens




Within the headquarters of the Wartime Alliance, Commander Lu Huo - the Xiantian martial artist who was responsible for overseeing this island - deeply frowned as he saw the overwhelming number of South Sea Demon Region martial artists that blotted out the sky.

’’Is the South Sea Demon Region crazy?’’

The South Sea Demon Region's martial artists had an individual strength that surpassed those of the Wartime Alliance martial artists. For example, the Big Three of the South Sea Demon Region;it was difficult for them to find anyone from the Wartime Alliance that was at their level and also a worthy opponent. But the Wartime Alliance still had a large defensive array set up as defense. If this big array was activated, the South Sea Demon Region martial artists would fall into a passive, defensive situation. If they attacked the Wartime Alliance headquarters on their own initiative, they would absolutely have to pay a higher price.

And even if they won, taking control of this town wouldn't have any effect. It was simply meaningless.

’’Mm? That is...’’ Lu Huo's mind stirred. In the distant camp, he could see a red-robed skinny man as well as a pale middle-aged man. These two were Blood Bone and Viper of the Demon Region's Big Three.

And in front of these two, there was a red-haired man who looked as pale and exquisite as a jade carving. Blood Bone and Viper were treating this red-haired youth with a great amount of respect. Obviously this red-haired youth had a very high status.

The red-haired youth had a cultivation at the extreme Xiantian realm, and looked around 20 to 30 years old. He wore a long black robe, and on the fabric of his left chest was embroidered a Giant Demon totem.

As Lu Huo saw this totem, he gasped. A Giant Demon totem was the symbol of the South Sea Demon Region. This meant that this red-haired youth was almost certainly a genius from the South Sea Demon Region sect!

Even extreme Xiantian martial artists were divided by strength. For instance, Lu Huo was also an extreme Xiantian master, yet he was almost 200 years old. In truth, he was the most basic and weakest of extreme Xiantian masters, and there was no hope for him to break through to the Revolving Core realm during his lifetime.

As for Blood Bone, Viper, and Nightmare, they were at a higher level. They could be called strong extreme Xiantian masters, and they had a small hope that they would one day break into the Revolving Core realm. This was also the reason that they were so famous within South Aurora Island.

And even higher was a sect genius like this red-haired youth. There were few with this talent even in a large sect.

They would often reach the extreme Xiantian realm at around 30 years of age. In addition, they would also have many hidden trump cards and rare treasures. Their truth combat prowess was not what Lu Huo could compare with;they could be considered the pinnacle of extreme Xiantian masters. If there wasn't an accident, they would step into the Revolving Core realm, and perhaps even reach the middle or late Revolving Core realm!

This red-haired youth in front of him was obviously such a pinnacle extreme Xiantian existence!

With such a powerhouse at this level helping, there was no doubt that the South Sea Demon Region was taking this offensive as a serious objective.

After this speculation, Lu Huo swept past everyone. Indeed, he found that among all the martial artists in this offensive, there were a massive number of direct descendant disciples from the South Sea Demon Region.

It had to be known that the South Sea Demon Region didn't have that many direct descendant disciples - they only had several tens of thousands. In such a massive war that covered the entire South Sea, there wasn't enough of these disciples. Most of these direct descendant disciples would be sent to the battlefield by the South Sea Demon Region in order to gain experience. There were very few that would even be brought to such an invasion offensive;this was normally the job left to cannon fodder.

’’What's going on? Why is the South Sea Demon Region placing so much importance on such a small South Aurora Island battlefield?’’

As Lu Huo was pondering, at this moment a sound transmitting talisman lit in front of him. As he heard this message, he was at first overjoyed, and then his happiness turned to worry.

What he was happy about was that divine Phoenix Island had already obtained the news that South Sea Demon Region was beginning their offensive, and had thus sent a massive amount of direct descendant disciples to support them. However, what he was worried about was that South Aurora Island was simply too far from the main battle zone. If the disciples of divine Phoenix Island rushed their way over, it would still take an hour of time. Only the heavens knew just what sort of situation the rag tag martial artists of the Wartime Alliance would be in after that time passed.

During this moment, a beautiful rain of light came pouring down from the sky. The giant light curtain of the protective array formation began to fiercely tremble, and then it rapidly began to dim down, as if it were on the verge of shattering.

’’Demonic Fire Ballista!’’

Lu Huo was stunned. He saw that within the forces of the South Sea Demon Region, there was a 50 to 60 foot long black ballista.

This sort of ballista was named the Demonic Fire Ballista. It was forged with metal-breaking steel and even had a bit of precious Purple Comet metal mixed within. The cost of a Demonic Fire Ballista was immeasurable, and every bolt cost hundreds of medium-grade true essence stones as energy to fire. For such a weapon to be used on the South Aurora Island battlefield was simply overkill.

As the red-haired youth saw the dazzling rain of light scattering over the battlefield, his lips curled up in a grin. There was only one goal in this offensive, and that was to kill as many people as possible.

However, he only looked down at these scruffy martial artists with disdain. The reason that the South Sea Demon Region had sent him here was mainly to control the Demonic Fire Ballista and destroy the defensive array formation so that their forces could break through the enemy lines.

As the red-haired youth saw the soldiers of the Wartime Alliance in disarray underneath their array formation, he cheekily sneered. He waved his hand, and another bolt was shot out!

The brilliant demonic fire bolt pierced through the void, issuing a keening whistle as it heavily smashed into the large defensive array like a meteor.


With a loud explosion, the array formation immediately collapsed, disintegrating into large bursts of light sparks that rained down.

Lu Huo's complexion paled! All of the other Wartime Alliance martial artists were also shaken by fear at this sight.

The great protective array formation was broken!

’’Kill them, leave no one alive!’’ The red-haired youth gave the order without any expression.

The Demon Region martial artists began their frenzied attack!

Gorgeous martial skills cut through the clear blue sky;the Wartime Alliance base was bombarded with all sorts of abilities.

The Wartime Alliance martial artists had true essence to protect their bodies. Those that had a strong cultivation were safe, but those that were weak had their protection broken, instantly dying and becoming just more cannon fodder!




At the forefront of this battle, the Demon Region martial artists had already engaged the Wartime Alliance martial artists in a desperate melee. Those that came to the front were almost nearly all Xiantian realm martial artists, the weakest were at the peak Houtian realm.

The South Sea Demon Region had the support of direct descendant disciples, and they also came well prepared. As for the other side, most of them were a mixed bunch of soldiers that had been recruited by the Wartime Alliance. From the very beginning of this battle, the Wartime Alliance was hard-pressed to resist!

Fresh blood flowed, pitiful screams pierced the air over and over again!

Especially the Big Three of the South Sea Demon Region - they rushed into the Wartime Alliance's base like three sharp knives! Every martial artist below the Xiantian realm was instantly killed, and even the early Xiantian realm martial artists weren't their opponent!

These random soldiers of the Wartime Alliance had come to South Aurora Island in order to take risks and obtain treasures, it was impossible to expect them to be unafraid of death. Thus, a great portion of these people were scared witless by this scene and began to retreat!

However, trying to escape in the chaos of this battle was difficult. There were many martial artists that turned around to escape just to be pierced by the spears of the Demon Region soldiers!

Seeing this, Lu Huo maintained a calm appearance, but his back was already dripping with a cold sweat. He knew that he couldn't lose his cool during this situation, but he was also unable to think of any command that would be able to change this situation.

’’What a bunch of trash!’’ The red-haired youth looked down from distant high ground, jeering at the Wartime Alliance martial artists, ’’This mob is just garbage, and yet they had me personally come out to deal with them. This is just too disappointing!’’


Ten miles away from the battlefield, Lin Ming held onto his halberd as he calmly and quickly ran through the forest. He didn't have the ability to change a battle of such a great-scale, nor did he dare to be too aggressive and reveal himself.

A late Houtian realm youth with an extreme Xiantian master's combat strength was far too loud and excessively unbelievable. Within the entire South Horizon Region, the only person that had this strength was Lin Ming. At that time, if he exposed his strength then at least half of them would be able to successfully guess his identity.

This was easily cause for a Revolving Core Supreme Elder to come. Once his appearance changing technique was seen through, he would be in danger.

Since he didn't have the power to change the outcome, Lin Ming decided to find the Fire Ax Squad and help them through this disaster. This could also be considered as putting an end to their causality and karma.


’’Haha! This is great! This battle is long overdue, I have no idea what those South Sea Demon Region Elders were thinking!’’ At the front of the battlefield, a man with white-hair that hung to his waist was wantonly slaughtering everyone around him. He had a handsome and delicate appearance, and was also a bit effeminate. This man was Nightmare of the Demon Region's Big Three.

’’If that Blood Demon dares to come out at this time, I'll take him on. I want to see just what kind of strength he has!’’ Blood Bone said nearby Nightmare.

’’Humph, there's no point in caring about this fellow that never shows himself. How about this, let's make a bet on who can kill more. If you lose, then you will give me your Demon Bloodstone. How about it?’’ Nightmare asked with a provocative smile. As he spoke, he also launched a spirit attack on a Wartime Alliance martial artist, easily destroying his spiritual sea.

’’Haha, so you've taken a liking to my Demon Bloodstone. Good! I've also taken a fancy to your 'Soul Amplifying Technique'. Let's have a match!’’

Blood Bone laughed and then rushed into the Wartime Alliance's base. He extracted a crimson colored 10 foot long halberd and began to massacre everyone around him with abandon. But at this time, the entire South Aurora Island began to violently shake!

’’Mm?’’ Blood Bone's expression changed, ’’Is this an earthquake?’’

Ka ka ka!

The earth began to shake more and more wildly. Boulders broke, mountains trembled, and massive cracks that were dozens of feet wide appeared in the earth, splitting the ground. The two sides that had been fighting spontaneously stopped as they were all stunned by this phenomenon.

What was going on?

More and more fissures appeared in the earth. A distant mountain peak collapsed in a great avalanche. This was not an effect that would be caused by an ordinary earthquake!


With a deafening explosion, in the distance seas, dark clouds covered the skies, and titanic crimson columns of blood directly pierced through the Primal Chaos Heavens!

From afar, these six columns of blood were like crimson pillars that supported the heavens;it was as if they alone were holding up the skies!

’’What is that!?’’

’’That's from the direction of Blood Demon Island and Dark Moon Island!’’

Both sides were unknown what was happening. At this time, the entire South Aurora Island began to collapse!

Those fissures in the ground that were dozens of feet wide suddenly increased to hundreds of feet wide. The Wartime Alliance headquarters was like a sand castle;it instantly disintegrated into nothing!

’’Hurry and fly!’’

All of the Xiantian realm martial artists soared into the air. However, the Houtian realm martial artists were in a pitiful state;they couldn't fly!

Those that were close to their companions and friends were carried up into the skies. As for those rich ones that could afford a spirit boat or were near one, they instantly boarded it. But, a vast number of Houtian martial artists were like slips of paper as they dropped into the bottomless abyss. Their wailing screams were drowned out by the earth shattering explosions that were ringing around;no one was able to listen to their last cries.

They were like grains of sand tossed into the sea;there was nothing they could do.

Rumble rumble!

A giant black vortex appeared under the land after South Aurora Island began to collapse. It was like the maw of a monster, devouring and destroying all....


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