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Martial World - Chapter 449


Chapter 449 - Ancient Battlefield




’’He has some secret he's afraid others will discover?’’ The skinny martial artist's heart stirred.

’’That Blood Demon probably has an extreme Xiantian cultivation;around the same as you, me, and Nightmare. If he wants to kill us, it will be too difficult. If we want to kill him, it won't be easy either! I discovered that whenever the Blood Demon killed others, he would suck dry their blood essence. Most likely he is cultivating some sort of devil art. I even think he might be someone from the South Sea Demon Region who's killing those like him in order to improve his devil arts.’’

’’Mm?’’ The skinny martial artist's complexion changed. If this was true, then it was a serious matter. ’’Viper, should we report this?’’

’’Heh, those at top won't even bother with us. These past days, those Revolving Core Elders have all been busy with some important event. As for what it is, I'm not too sure. They simply don't have time to deal with something so minor like South Aurora Island.’’ Viper calmly said. For the last half year or so, the South Sea Demon Region had been deadlocked with the Wartime Alliance and hadn't been able to advantage. Instead, both forces fought, causing massive amounts of death.

The most obvious point was that Revolving Core masters were participating in the war less and less. Both sides were engaged in a battle of attrition, and there were increasingly less disciples in the army. Those that went to fight were usually martial artists from small sects that served as cannon fodder. They were tempted by the rewards of divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region, and would most likely die on the battlefield.

What was the South Sea Demon Region trying to do? Could they have thought that the war was unsustainable and began to abandon the war effort?

If so, then this battle was simply meaningless. They would lose so much, and yet there wasn't anything to gain from it.

Viper frowned, simply not knowing what was going on.


Several hundred miles away, Dark Moon Island -

Dark Moon Island was located at the eye of the South Sea's Yin pulse. There was a legend that in ancient times, an unrivalled war had been fought here, and countless powerhouses had died. A chilling wind blew all year around on Dark Moon Island, and the air was filled with a black fog. Many powerful and fierce ghosts were bred from this island.

This island was different from the neighboring Blood Demon Island. There was no true essence stone vein, and only endless dangers and traps. Thus, no one visited Dark Moon Island.

In the past, the Moon Seizing Sect had hidden their treasures in Dark Moon Island because of the security offered here. Not only was almost no one ever on Dark Moon Island, but there was also a strange phenomenon that occurred on Dark Moon Island, and that was that the black fog that permeated the island was able to inhibit one's soul perception. As long as a secret entryway was hidden well, even a Revolving Core master wouldn't be able to locate it.

This phenomenon had once roused the interest of many masters. They came to Dark Moon Island in droves to explore the land and discover the reason behind this. However, they weren't able to obtain any results, and thus let the matter go at that.

As time passed, everyone slowly became accustomed to this strange phenomenon. No matter what level martial artist, no one would bother coming to this barren land.

However at this time, there was a group of shadows shrouded in the thick black fog on Dark Moon Island. They were seven or eight black-robed old men, and on their robes was a dark blue design. This was a totem design of the Giant Demon race.

These old men all had a cultivation at least at the middle Revolving Core realm. There were even late and extreme Revolving Core masters.

Behind this group of old men stood 10 tall men, their entire bodies wreathed in bulging muscles. Their skin was a light blue hue;obviously they shared some blood with the Giant Demon race. However, there were varying degrees of the Giant Demon bloodline. These large fellows had a relatively poor Giant Demon bloodline. Compared to the Netherworld Great Emperor of the past, it was much worse.

These 10 large fellows all had a cultivation at the late Xiantian realm. A long spear rested atop these large fellows' shoulders, each one over 200 feet long and as thick as a water jar. It wasn't known was sort of metal these spears were forged from, but the tips of the spears were extremely thin, like a drill.

’’It's here, let's start!’’ An Elder held an array disc in his hands. After he repeatedly confirmed his position, he decided that this was the location.

As this Elder finished speaking, two other Revolving Core Elders behind him waved their hands, and true essence attached onto the top of the massive spears.


The spear on a large fellow's shoulders flew into the air!

After reaching around 1000 feet of altitude, the spear tip swiveled downward as it fell, smashing straight down like a meteor


The earth trembled, and cracks appeared in the ground like it was an earthquake. Rocks exploded;the 200 foot spear had sunk halfway into the ground.

’’Spin, dig all the way!’’

A black-robed Elder calmly said.

With that, the 10 large fellows all extracted iron rods from their back as thick as an arm. They inserted these into slots on the spear!


The 10 large fellows shouted out together, and the muscles on their bodies bulged to ridiculous proportions. Their true essence revolved to the limit as they pushed these iron rods with all their strength. Slowly, the spear began to spin.

Ka ka ka -

The sound of rocks bursting and cracking filled the air. The spear crushed through the earth with its tip, slowly spiraling downwards.

Even with 10 late Xiantian masters revolving their true essence to the limit, they were only making progress with great strain and difficulty.

As an old man saw this he faintly smiled and said, ’’The rock bed here is truly tough. Even spears made of metal-breaking steel are just barely able to drill down.’’

’’The Demon Emperor's letter is true!’’

As the spear found it harder and harder to drill down, the several Revolving Core Elders began to use their own special techniques and methods to force the spear drill down. Slowly, the rock cracked, and a dark red liquid began to ooze out of the ground. This liquid was blood.

At the start, only a small amount of blood spurted out. But later, the blood began to shower out like a fountain. Finally the blood exploded like a geyser, flying dozens of feet into the air. Even the crushed rocks were sent flying away by this stream of blood.

’’The seal is really here. The blood pond seal and the blood from this blood pond were all absorbed from the ancient battlefield. This land is vast, and it was originally filled with the smell of blood. Because the black rock is able to block perception, no one was able to discover these even through so many years.’’

’’There should be a total of six blood ponds. We'll go and open them, and then followed the method written down in the letter to open the seal. The blood sacrifice should be enough...’’

’’If it's still not enough, we will launch an all-out offensive. At that time, the blood should suffice!’’

’’Hehe, the old bat Mu Fengxian, she could never imagine that there was such a great secret hidden underneath Dark Moon Island and Blood Demon Island! As for the true goal of this South Sea war, she never would have imagined the truth.’’

The several Revolving Core Elders were all speaking to each other with true essence sound transmissions.

If one flew 100,000 feet into the Primal Chaos Heavens and looked down, they would find that the South Sea war front nearly composed a circle. And the center of this circle was Dark Moon Island and Blood Demon Island!

The Demon Emperor's letter had said that the entrance to the ancient battlefield was located between Dark Moon Island and Blood Demon Island.

However, because of time, wanting to open the massive array of the ancient battlefield was far too difficult. At this time, the South Sea Demon Region had declared war upon divine Phoenix Island. In truth, all of those martial artists that died on the battlefield were nothing more than pawns to be used in a blood sacrifice on an immeasurably vast scale! This was also the reason that they hadn't advanced in such a long time.

The large array created by the natural features of the land were able to gather blood to nourish the blood pond seal. With the secret techniques on array formations written within the Demon Emperor's letter, they would be able to fully open the blood ponds.

In the name of war, they were perfectly able to justify such a massive blood sacrifice. Otherwise, the South Sea Demon Region would never have been able to find so many Houtian and Xiantian martial artists to kill.

Not just that, but after the ancient battlefield was opened, they would rely on this to exterminate divine Phoenix Island. This war could be considered as exhausting divine Phoenix Island's strength ahead of time;it was a plan that killed two birds with one stone.

A Revolving Core Elder couldn't help but sigh as he said, ’’According to the Demon Emperor's letter, the ancient battlefield that has been sealed away is in fact a small independent world. I just can't imagine what sort of great supernatural power and magical strength must be required to create an independent world.’’

’’Maybe calling it a broken world is more suitable. This world was damaged by the shock and disaster of the ancient war, it might only last for several more millennia.’’

’’Several millennia is enough for me enough for me and my people. I want to have a look at just how brilliant and majestic this Supreme Elder from the ancient times truly is!’’

Although history was hidden in the dust of time and could no longer be investigated, there was one truth that never changed. And that was that the martial artists of ancient times were much more formidable than they were now. In those times, there were many Great Emperors, Saints, and all other sorts that appeared. These were existences that could cause an apocalypse with a wave of their hand, destroying the heavens and earth!

The Demon Emperor was one such existence. As for these ancient battlefield, it was even more ancient than the Demon Emperor. In a way, this ancient battlefield where the broken world existed was the lair of the Demon Emperor. When he had come here, he had used his formidable strength to take this realm as his own.

After a blood pond was opened, it was covered up with an array formation. Then, the group of people continued over to open the second blood pond.

In an entire day, of the six blood ponds, they managed to open four.

As for the fifth blood pond, they failed.

A black-robed Elder no longer had the strength to speak as he looked at this last blood pond. He whispered, ’’After these tens of thousands of years, even with the natural array of the land nourishing the blood pond, it is still dry. Launch the offensive.’’

’’Mm, launch the offensive!’’


Lin Ming was sitting inside a hidden cave near the Wartime Alliance Headquarters. In front of him were the 13 Blood Drinking Seals, floating around. As long as Lin Ming didn't die, even if the Blood Drinking Seals were destroyed, he could recreate them.

Lin Ming took out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica. After he had killed Lei Mubai, he had never actually used it. The Blood Drinking Seals excitedly smacked into each other as they floated around the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, issuing whining sounds.

’’It seems that even a replica of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd can greatly enhance the power of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'. This is something that even the Purple Comet Spear cannot achieve.’’

Although the Purple Comet Spear was a higher grade weapon, it was only able to increase the power of thunder and fire. As for the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art', it had nearly zero effect.

A halberd thrust out. All of the space around seemed to twist in confusion;it was simply impossible to determine the position of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

Hu! Hu!

Lin Ming wildly danced with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. All of the rocks in the cave were sucked up into a vortex of energy, flying into the air.

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly heard a loud sound from outside, as if there was a massive explosion of energy.

Lin Ming's eyes widened. He dashed over to the cave entrance, and was surprised by what he saw. In his eyes, he could see that the Demon Region martial artists had gathered and were beginning their offensive against the Wartime Alliance headquarters! All sorts of energy was blowing up in the air, the battle was intense!


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