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Martial World - Chapter 447


Chapter 447 - Might of the Halberd Arts




Two months later, at the edge of the spiritual forest, the South Sea Demon Region had just established a new stronghold here 10 days ago. The edge of the spiritual forest was a relatively safe location.

The moon was bright in the sky, the stars shined, and in the forest, the sounds of conversation drifted through the trees.

’’That damn Blood Demon, he really makes everyone uneasy. I don't know he is, but he's really messing with us. Every three or four days we have to change location.’’ The one who spoke was a black-armored man who held a spear in his hands.

This black armor and spear were common battlefield equipment given to soldiers of the South Sea Demon Region. The Blood Demon that the black-armored man spoke of was a mysterious killer that had haunted the South Sea Demon Region martial artists for the past few months;everyone panicked at his name. This person was vicious, savage, and every time he killed someone he would suck out all of their blood essence. This was why he was given the name Blood Demon.

Another black-armored martial artist shook his head and said, ’’There's nothing to complain about, this is simply what war is like. Our side's Blood Bone, Viper, and Nightmare are also the same. They've killed the South Horizon Region martial artists to the point that they don't dare to show their faces. Now most of them have withdrawn to the Wartime Alliance headquarters and are too scared to even come out.’’

Since the Blood Demon was so vicious, the Big Three of the South Sea Demon Region naturally wouldn't idly sit by and let this happen. They also killed a massive amount of Wartime Alliance soldiers. Although the Wartime Alliance had a great number of martial artists, it was a very mixed bag of quality. The majority were second rank or third rank soldiers. Compared to the Big Three South Sea Demon Region masters, they were just cannon fodder.

’’I wonder how strong Blood Bone, Viper, and Nightmare are compared to that Blood Demon?’’

’’Who knows? Blood Demon is extremely strong, and also very mysterious. In fact, no one knows if he's a single person or a squad. It would be nice if the sect could send a Revolving Core Elder to South Aurora Island to clear up this Blood Demon.’’ The black-armored martial artist said. The South Aurora Battlefield couldn't be considered important, all it had was a medium-grade true essence stone vein deposit as well as a parcel of spiritual forest. South Aurora Island simply wasn't important to the war situation, and even if it was taken it wouldn't be much help, so why would a Revolving Core powerhouse come? Not just that, but finding this Blood Demon in so many thousands of miles was not an easy task.

’’Hey, don't count on those Revolving Core Elders to do anything. Who knows what those old men are doing. The battlefront has paused here at Blood Demon Island and South Aurora Island for almost half a year, and yet they haven't advanced in the least. If this continues, life will just be wasted on the battlefield. divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region are much smarter. They rarely use their disciples, and instead use the disciples of smaller sects as cannon fodder!’’

The black-armored martial artist carelessly said, his tone filled with complaint and dissatisfaction. As he finished speaking, he dragged a forest fairy girl into a tent, and the sounds of ripped clothes and cries followed.

The captain of the black-armored men frowned, ’’Old Seven, stop messing around, if you want to play with women then return to base!’’

’’Hey, this is what I'm like. If I don't get to relax like this then what's the point of living. And if the Blood Demon really comes, our squad won't be able to deal with him. Captain, your cultivation is at the late Xiantian realm, and in addition to our...’’

As the man in the tent spoke to here, his voice was cut off!


A man's head rolled onto the ground, and blood gushed out from his body like a fountain, spraying all of the forest fairy girl's face.


The young girl screamed in abject horror.

’’Old Seven!’’ The black-armored captain was shocked. He rushed into the tent and saw Old Seven's head roll over the ground like a rubber ball. His body was still stiff, and his hands were still clutching the young girl's clothes as she trembled in fear.



As the black-armored man rushed into the tent, he heard two pitiful screams from the outside. Two peak Houtian Demon Region martial artists had also been murdered in cold blood.


The black-armored man's entire body erupted with true essence. He flourished his spear and rushed out just in time to see the bodies of his two brothers burst open, and two bloody symbols fly out from their bodies. It was clear that these bloody symbols had ripped apart his brothers' bodies.

’’Blood Demon!’’ The black-armored man's eyes were filled with a crazy light, ’’Everyone below Xiantian, spread out!’’

The black-armored man issued this command that he thought was wise, however it had no meaning. As long as it was a peak Houtian or half-step Xiantian martial artist, as long as they were struck by this blood symbol it would be fatal! Their speed was in no way faster than this blood symbol!

The blood symbols danced in the air and blood splattered. In just two breaths of time, nearly everyone below the Xiantian realm in his squad had perished.

’’Big Brother, he's over there!’’ There was a shadow in the forest holding onto a nearly 10 foot long halberd. As this shadow stood within the trees, half his face covered by darkness and the other have covered by the mercurial moonlight, he looked like a killing god.

Twelve Blood Drinking Seals flew back through the air, spinning around the edge of the halberd. These Blood Drinking Seals were in essence masses of energy, and also the foundation on which all moves of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' relied on.

The stronger the Blood Drinking Seals, the mightier the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' would be. Not only did the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' contain skills, but also a cultivation method. Otherwise, if one was only skilled in moves, they would at most be able to defeat martial artists at the same level. Against the suppression of absolute strength, it would all be useless.

Solely reaching the pinnacle of a style in halberds arts couldn't be called top halberd arts.

These 12 Blood Drinking Seals that revolved around his halberd were the end result after Lin Ming had spent two whole months refining them. In these two months, Lin Ming had rarely gone to battle with the Fire Ax Squad. To him, the Fire Ax Squad's main role was to provide information.

Facing the sudden arrival of the Blood Demon, the black-armored man panicked and ran away in haste. He hadn't even noticed Lin Ming's cultivation.

All he knew was that in just two short breaths of time, Lin Ming had annihilated every single martial artist below the Xiantian realm. This was a strength much greater than what he had imagined He originally thought that with his late Xiantian realm cultivation and with the assistance of his squad, he would be able to resist the Blood Demon. But now, it seemed as if it was nothing more than wishful thinking!

’’Separate and escape!’’ As the black-armored captain shouted out an order, Lin Ming had already rushed forwards.

All that was left over were three Xiantian masters. Lin Ming chose the weakest one, an early Xiantian realm master.

Samsara martial intent!

As the early Xiantian realm martial artist was about to run, he felt his spiritual sea tremble. Countless scenes and images chaotically surged in his mind, and he stood stopped in his tracks.

The halberd swept out, a head flew high!

At this time, a middle Xiantian martial artist had escaped about 50 steps away!

’’Primeval Halberd Strike!’’

Lin Ming wielded his halberd, and the 12 Blood Drinking Seals began to spin on the halberd blade, forming a swirling red vortex! All of the space around the Blood Drinking Seals began to warp. The Xiantian martial artist that was flying away felt as if an invisible force was pulling on his body, greatly reducing his speed.

This... what was going on!?

The martial artist was frightened! The space around him became thick and viscous like tar. It was as if he was a fly caught in a spider's web. No matter how he tried to fly, he couldn't move quickly!

Not only was it him, but the black-armored captain was the same.

At this time, they could no longer afford to wonder what the reason was, a maddening murderous intent had already locked onto them.

The middle Xiantian realm black-armored martial artist turned around to see Lin Ming's halberd thrusting towards him. The halberd was very slow, he wanted to raise his spear to block, but in that moment, the halberd seemed to pass through space, instantly appearing in front of the black-armored martial artist!


Blood sprayed into the air. The black-armored martial artist looked with utter disbelief at the halberd that was embedded into his chest. This chaotic speed that confused his mind seemed to be even crazier than the pain in his chest.

How could this be...

That was the black-armored martial artist's last thought as Lin Ming twisted the halberd in his hands, directly tearing apart the black-armored martial artist's heart!

’’Second Brother!’’

The black-armored captain's eyes were red with rage. His body felt as if it were being suppressed by a sticky strength. He couldn't fly quickly, and could only watch in helplessness as his brother died in front of him.

’’Go die!’’

The black-armored captain knew that he couldn't escape. In his despair, he desperately pushed his true essence to the limit and swept his lance towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming moved his halberd to meet the attack. On the halberd blade, Blood Drinking Seals danced about.


Spear and halberd intersected! The Blood Drinking Seals fell atop the spear, and in that moment, the black-armored captain felt like his spear was stuck in stone - he couldn't pull it back.


Lin Ming swept his halberd out. The black-armored captain screamed, threw away his spear and retreated.

Whoosh -

The Blood Drinking Seals floated off of the spear and attached themselves to the halberd. Lin Ming thrust his halberd, and the black-armored captain felt the space around him tighten as if it were collapsing around him. He couldn't avoid this halberd strike!


The black-armored captain gave a miserable cry. He punched at Lin Ming!

But how could flesh and blood be as tough as a weapon? Not just that, but there were strange Blood Drinking Seals that were adhered onto Lin Ming's halberd.


The black-armored captain's fists exploded into bloody messes. The halberd pierced through his head, directly extinguishing his life!

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder shot out, submerging into the black-armored captain's body. It was silent for a few moments, and then the body of the black-armored captain suddenly shook. A fog of blood sprayed into the air, and then condensed into the 13th Blood Drinking Seal!

At the same time, all the martial artists that Lin Ming had slaughtered had their blood essence sucked up by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, turning into pure flows of energy that nourished the other 12 Blood Drinking Seals.

As Lin Ming looked at this 13th Blood Drinking Seal that floated in air, he waved his hand and gathered all the Blood Drinking Seals. ’’Now I'm stuck at the very early section of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'. Thirteen Blood Drinking Seals is about my limit. If I create any more, I won't be able to control them. The lethality of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' is much greater than the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', otherwise if I had to deal with so many enemies at the same time and they decided to run away, there's no way I would have been able to stop them all without the Primeval Halberd Strike.’’

The killing potential of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was much higher than the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. But, that did not mean that the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was worse than the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.

This was mainly because the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was inherently biased towards killing moves and styles;it wasn't particularly splendid in terms of increasing one's cultivation. The 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was mainly used to nourish the dantian and make breakthroughs in cultivation. Skills such as Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky and 10,000 Flames Burning World were supplementary abilities. Both of them placed emphasis on different aspects.


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