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Martial World - Chapter 444


Chapter 444 - Zombie Guards




As a black-armored man saw the slaves' medicine baskets growing heavy, he smiled and said, ’’Big Brother, we've really hit it big this time. There are many more medicinal herbs than we expected. Once we return, we'll receive a great number of military exploit points. Not just that, but us brothers will also be able to keep a bit! When that happens, Big Brother's status will surely rise within the family clan!’’

’’Yah! We've already been in this bird shit land for half a year, finally we'll be able to accomplish something!’’

’’When we head back, I can't wait to see just what those old fool Elders' expressions will be like!’’

The several black-armored men enthusiastically spoke. They were from a third-grade martial family clan that was subordinate to the South Sea Demon Region. The South Sea Demon Region covered countless large and small islands, and there were even many strange and foreign races within them. There were dozens of third-grade sects and martial families, and some of those third-grade sects were formidable to the point that they surpassed even Peacock Mountain and came close to becoming fourth-grade sects.

In this great war between the South Sea Demon Region and divine Phoenix Island, the larger the scale of the opponents, the greater the scope involved. All of these small sects under the South Sea Demon Region participated in order to grab a share of the spoils.

This also meant that more and more Xiantian martial artists came to the South Sea battlefield. A massive number of squads were formed for this war, and some of them weren't even part of either side;they were fully private and voluntary squads that were created to seek fortune in the chaos of war. For these most basic martial artists, even picking up the junk left behind by powerhouses was enough for them to live for several years.


In the dense, dark jungle, when the Demon Region martial artists' squad was about seven or eight miles away, Cool Foam suddenly stopped. ’’I've found them. There are around seven to 10 powerhouses, and also some weak life fluctuations - those should be the herb gatherers.’’

Normally, the person in the squad with the best perception was also the strongest. However, the Fire Ax Squad was an exception. Cool Foam was very talented in this aspect, and as for Fire Ax, although he was strong, his perception was his greatest weakness.

’’Mm, good job. Let's get ready to ambush them. Violet Rain, you and me will hold back the Xiantian masters. As for everyone else, concentrate your efforts on finishing off the peak Houtian martial artists. We'll follow the same plan as we've done before. Wild Halberd, this is your first time coming to the battlefield with us, so you don't need to be in front. Just wait for a good opportunity to attack!’’ Fire Ax glanced at Lin Ming as he spoke. Normally, the new recruit would inevitably be nervous during his first foray on the battlefield, and it would lead to abnormal reactions. Even if they were a veteran of war, they would still be a burden due to this. This time he would allow Lin Ming to adapt to the situation, no one expected that he would be able to accomplish much.

’’Haha, no need to be nervous. It's alright, since it's your first time on the battlefield, let's compare our strength!’’ The bearded big fellow laughed as he patted Lin Ming's shoulder.

Lin Ming smiled, ’’Okay.’’

’’Everyone prepare for battle!’’ As Fire Ax issued his order, everyone else extracted their weapons. ’’Go!’’


Nine people ran out. Under the full speed impact of a master's speed, this wasn't a long distance at all!

’’Mm? The enemy is here!’’

The leader among the eight black-armored soldiers turned around, his complexion changing, ’’Prepare to meet them!’’

Cha cha cha!

Eight spears pointed towards the Fire Ax Squad together. But at this point, Captain Fire Ax had already reached the front, ’’Mountain Splitting Ax!’’

Bang -

A red inferno burst forth like a volcanic eruption. Fire Ax's ax chopped down, his strength exploding to the limit. This was Fire Ax's way of fighting: lacking finesse, but sweeping away all opposition with absolute strength.


The captain of the black-armored soldiers crossed his spear to block Fire Ax's strike. However, Fire Ax's attack was too strong, the powerful impact forced the black-armored soldier to take a step back, directly miring his feet in the ground.


Fire Ax chopped down with his ax again!

The black-armored martial artist waved his lance to fight again, but he was sent flying backwards dozens of feet.

At this time, Dark Sword, Violet Rain, and the rest of them were all locked in battle. Dark Sword was the third Xiantian realm martial artist of the Fire Ax Squad. His cultivation was at the most early Xiantian realm and the weapon he wielded was a darksteel heavy sword.

As for Violet Rain, she didn't use any weapon, but her hands flashed with purple thunder. Her entire body was wrapped in glittering electric lights. With just a touch, a black-armored soldier was paralyzed. The power of thunder entered into his meridians, wreaking absolute havoc!

Violet Rain's palm thrust towards the spot between the enemy's eyebrows!

’’Woman, I am your opponent!’’

With a thick murderous intent flowing out from him, a black-armored martial artist thrust his spear towards Violet Rain's chest, forcing her to take several steps back. The one who attacked her was another Xiantian master of this Demon Region squad.

The black-armored squad had two Xiantian martial artists, one less than the Fire Ax squad.

Because of this, no one was able to stop Dark Sword.


With a miserable scream, the weakest black-armored soldier's stomach was pierced by a jet black sword. The sword twisted, shattering his dantian;he died right on the spot.

Of the eight black-armored soldiers, one of them had died to a sneak attack and now there were only seven left. But the Fire Ax Squad had nine people, and they also had an extra Xiantian master;the disparity in their combat strength was already obvious.

The Fire Ax Squad's bearded big fellow and the rest had already anticipated this and stepped in front of black-armored soldiers, blocking their escape. Even if they couldn't kill all of them, they would at least kill half!

’’You really think that we are fish on the chopping block, hm!?’’ The captain of the black-armored soldiers wiped the blood from his lips and savagely smiled. He didn't seem to care that they was ambushed by others. Since he was carrying out missions on South Aurora Island, he knew that every moment there was one more moment on the precipice of life and death. At any moment it was possible that they would be surrounded and ambushed. Every soldier had to be ready to fight at all times, and also know that death could come for them at any time.

’’Mice of the Wartime Alliance, since you've come today, you won't be leaving!’’

The black-armored captain swiped his spatial ring and two large wooden boxes appeared. These were actually two coffins.

As the coffins hit the ground, they began to violently tremble. There was grating sounds coming from within, as if zombie corpses were scratching at the coffin lids with their nails.

’’Zombie guards?’’

Fire Ax's complexion changed. Within the cultivation methods of the demonic path, refining the corpses of the dead into a zombie guard was an extremely notorious one.

’’You will all die here today!’’ The black-armored soldier's face flashed with a mad grin.

The coffin lid began to shake more and more. Two groups of black fog rose from the coffins, forming into two thin ghost claws. These claws were completely black and were sharp like sabers. The hands were full of bone spurs, and between the spurs were boiling pustules.

After the ghost claws extended, they suddenly turned and ripped opened the lid of the coffins. Two zombie guards stiffly stood up from the coffins, their bodies covered in bubbling pustules and bone spurs.

As their withered eyes opened, they revealed two scarlet eyes. In the middle of the night they were especially vivid.

Lin Ming's heart stirred as he saw these two zombie guards, 'So that's how it is. The Seven Profound Valleys' Puppet Faction's corpse puppets are in reality a demonic path cultivation method used to make zombie guards.'

Refining a corpse into a puppet was in truth creating a zombie guard. Mugu Buyu had even transformed a part of his body into that of a zombie guard;no wonder Mugu Buyu had grown up into such a creepy mummy-like appearance.

’’Peak of early Xiantian zombie guards!’’

Fire Ax's complexion sank. At this moment, the number of enemy Xiantian masters now outnumbered them by one!

’’Violet Rain, you handle the zombie guards. Your power of thunder is best at suppressing the dead!’’ Although the current battle had flipped around, Fire Ax was still calm. ’’Wild Halberd, you're also a thunder-attribute martial artist. Support her from a distance, and do not approach!’’

Fire Ax darkly sighed in his heart. 'To think that his first battle would be so fierce, this is truly a brutal test for Wild Halberd. Whether or not he can persist is difficult to say.'

’’Let's go!’’

Fire Ax loudly shouted, and grasped his ax as he rushed over to the black-armored captain. His entire body's true essence was revolving to the limit. If he could kill this enemy captain, the battle was as good as won!

Hong hong hong!

Fire Ax and the black-armored martial artist fiercely battled. Fire Ax was a bit stronger, but to defeat his opponent in a short period of time was impossible.

Violet Rain's exquisite eyebrows pressed together. She said to Lin Ming in a low voice, ’’Follow close to me. Do not leave my electrical net of protection. Otherwise I won't be able to distract myself and save you!’’

As Violet Rain spoke, she shot towards the two zombie guards. The purple electrical network around her expanded, becoming wider and allowing Lin Ming to move around.

Lin Ming steadily followed. Although he had only known these people for a few short days, these fellow squad members had been very good to him.

As for the other Fire Ax Squad members, they were all engaged in fierce combat with the other black-armored soldiers.

Dark Sword was facing the other black-armored Xiantian martial artist. Although he was a bit weaker, he wouldn't be defeated so easily.

As for the others, they were almost equally matched. But, the greatest pressure was on Violet Rain. Because the black-armored squad now had one more Xiantian realm master, she had to face two enemies in order to protect the squad behind her.

Even though the power of thunder had a great effect on restraining the corpse energy, going one against two was still going to be extremely tricky.

In front of Lin Ming, Violet Rain took out a blue soft sword. As purple arcs of electricity sparkled on the blue sword, it was like bright flowers blooming at night!


Violet Rain's sword cut down on a zombie guard's claw. The power of thunder ignited the corpse, causing faint traces of black smoke to appear.

Violet Rain frowned - she couldn't cut through!

The early Xiantian realm zombie guard had been fused with tough metals from top to bottom;its body was comparable to a treasure. Although Violet Rain's power of thunder was able to burn away the corpse energy around the zombie guard, destroying it was another matter altogether!


The zombie guard issued a hoarse growl and was forced back by Violet Rain. Another zombie guard rushed forward at Violet Rain, its chilling claws grasping towards her chest.

Violet Rain gave a loud shout and purple lightning erupted around her body. It concentrated on the top of her longsword, manifesting into a large blue bird!

’’Thunder Shock Sword!’’

The three foot long soft sword carried the blue bird as it chopped down on the zombie guard. The zombie guard was enveloped by the blue bird, causing blue flames to erupt all over its body. It fiercely trembled, and then was sent flying back by the shaking!

But at this moment, the other zombie guard had already rushed in front of Violet Rain. The nails of its black claw were over a foot long and emitted a sickening black light. Once she was grabbed, it would create five bloody holes.

Violet Rain's complexion changed. She didn't have time to draw back her sword and defend against this attack. She could only use her foot to kick away the zombie guard!

Flesh and blood against a zombie guard's claw! Once they collided, Violet Rain would inevitably be injured!

Lin Ming's eyebrows jumped. He flicked his finger, and two small arcs of purple electricity instantly shot into the zombie guard's eyes. Lin Ming was deliberately restraining his power. But even so, the power of thunder that contained the will of the divine Demon Thunder Soul was not something that the frail zombie guard's eyes could resist.

The zombie guard shook, and it suddenly slowed down. But at this moment, Violet Rain had enough time to heavily smash her foot into the zombie guard's face, directly kicking it away!


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