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Martial World - Chapter 441


Chapter 441 - Blood Drinking Seal




The cave entrance was around the height of two people, and within the cave, there were six or seven South Sea Demon Region martial artists that were gathered together, chatting.

’’Captain, these past three months we've already mined over a thousand medium-grade true essence stones. In addition, we've also accumulated a ton of military exploit points by killing our enemies. After going back, Captain should be able to be promoted to a 3-star Devil General. When that happens, us brothers will also share in the glory!’’ The martial artist who spoke was around nine feet tall. In comparison to a normal human, he was much taller and his skin was also slightly blue toned.

’’Haha, with Captain's talent, being promoted to a starred Devil General was only a matter of time!’’ Another South Sea Demon Region martial artist said, crazily laughing.

Within these people, the one they called captain was a martial artist with a cultivation at the middle Xiantian realm. He didn't look any different from a human;he had a handsome, delicate face and his skin was a bit pale, as if he were constantly sick. At first glance, he looked like a human youth. His temperament was a bit similar to Lei Mubai's;he was most likely a descendant of the Netherworld Great Emperor.

Hearing the flattery of so many people, the youth chuckled and said, ’’Strength is the foundation of all. Titles like starred Devil General or anything else are simply meaningless vanity! In this South Sea war, my greatest harvest isn't my military exploits or the true essence stones I've acquired, but having cultivated my Monster Killing Law to the third layer!’’

On the endless battlefield where the only true friend was slaughter, it was the best time to master cultivation methods such as the Monster Killing Law.

’’Since Captain says that strength is most important, we'll have to give our all and kill more during this war!’’

’’Humph! 3000 years ago, the humans of the South Horizon Region were merciless to my people. Now it's time for them to pay blood with blood... mm?’’ As soon as the youth spoke here, his complexion changed. He expanded his sense and heard two light sounds outside of the cave as both of the wolf beasts guarding were immediately killed!

’’The enemy is attacking!’’

The Demon Region youth's complexion paled. The surrounding six martial artists also tensed up.

’’Let's go!’’

With a cry from the demonic path youth, there was a loud bang as the entire cave suddenly exploded. Rocks were crushed to pieces, and a terrifying shockwave cracked all the way through the mountain and created a massive gap. Large chunks of stone came crashing down.

The seven Demon Region martial artists escaped out of the cave in distress. One of them was covered in blood, his entire arm was turned into bone chips and meat. He didn't have time to react when a blood red light suddenly flashed past him light a rainbow;the speed was too fast for him to have any response!


A long halberd stabbed through the dantian of that Demon Region martial artist. The crescent moon blade twisted, and the youth's dantian shattered - he died on the spot.

As this martial artist fell, an incredible scene took place. The martial artist's body suddenly collapsed in on itself, turning into countless bits of flesh and blood that rained down. And in this endless shower of blood, a red streak of lightning that looked like a small red snake circled around. The blood and flesh gave off a faint blood energy that was completely condensed into the red lightning. That red lightning darted back into a black-clothed youth's hand.

This black-clothed youth was Lin Ming, and that red lightning was the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!

Lin Ming flicked his finger and a red line separated from the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, circling around Lin Ming's fingertip. After a few breaths of time, this red line condensed into a strange crimson seal. On that seal were faint lines that emitted a bloody energy!

'So this is this blood needed to form the Blood Drinking Seal described within the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'...' Lin Ming bent his finger, and the Blood Drinking Seal sunk into Lin Ming's body. Suddenly, an icy cold energy spread through his body, and a wave of killing intent surged through Lin Ming's heart. Along with this, he could feel a slight change in his aura. His aura had become even fiercer, and contained a faint murderous intent.

The 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' followed the slaughtering road. Every time someone was killing, their blood essence would be used to create a Blood Drinking Seal. The stronger the victim, the stronger the Blood Drinking Seal!

The martial artist that Lin Ming had cut down a moment ago was at the peak Houtian realm. He wasn't even enough to form the weakest kind of Blood Drinking Seal. This sort of Blood Drinking Seal - whether it was attack power or defensive power - would be extremely weak.

Blood Drinking Seals could constantly fuse together. In the midst of carnage, if one killed one million people, they could create one million Blood Drinking Seals, fusing them together to create an even stronger Blood Drinking Seal.

As one slaughtered more and more, the power of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' would also become increasingly strong!

If one could create tens of thousands of high-grade Blood Drinking Seals, then they could travel wherever they wished between the heavens and earth!

This was the killing road of the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art'.

Lin Ming didn't walk the demonic path, so he would naturally have more problems in condensing a Blood Drinking Seal. However, this problem was solved by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was able to absorb blood essence. With this ability, it would only take a blink of an eye to fully condense a Blood Drinking Seal.

As the Demon Region youth stared at the blood seal within Lin Ming's hand, his complexion became extremely ugly. ’’This is a demonic path cultivation method!’’

’’A human martial artist actually practices a demonic path cultivation method!' The Demon Region youth's face darkened, ’’A mere late Houtian realm human dares to kill their way to my base. You are quite confident in yourself!’’

As the Demon Region youth spoke, the martial artists around him had all come out of their earlier panic, they had all drawn their weapons.

Lin Ming casually glanced over the six remaining martial artists. A middle Xiantian realm, an early Xiantian realm, and also four peak Houtian realms.

The six of them should be able to condense two Blood Drinking Seals.

’’Captain, let's kill this boy and make a corpse guard from his body so we can take revenge for Old Seven!’’ A Xiantian martial artist in the squad pointed his long spear at Lin Ming, his eyes flashing with killing intent. On the demonic path, there were many martial artists who used spears or halberds!

’’Be careful, this boy isn't so simple!’’ The Demon Region youth reminded everyone. Since this boy dared to rush into their base, he naturally had something he relied on. But he still didn't believe that a boy with a late Houtian realm cultivation could simultaneously deal with the six of them.

’’Die!’’ The early Xiantian realm martial artist with a spear rushed at Lin Ming.

The Demon Region youth savagely grinned and also rushed forwards. His weapon was a spear over 10 feet long. The blood red spear edge gave off a thick bloody energy!

’’Kill! Kill!’’

The six individuals rushed towards Lin Ming together. In a war where the only purpose was to kill, they naturally wouldn't care about something idiotic like rules or fairness. As soon as they attacked, every strike they made was an all-out offensive to kill their enemy.

For a time, six weapons were pointed at Lin Ming. Once these martial artists attacked, their murderous auras billowed. These were elite soldiers that had thrived on the killing fields!

’’10,000 Flames Burning World!’’


Tens of thousands of flames swept up like a tide, directly rushing over the Demon Region youth. Lin Ming swept out with his halberd, and heard a loud bursting sound as three peak Houtian martial artist exploded into a bloody rain. A small red snake twisted around these piles of flesh, and all the blood essence became a faint red line that was completely absorbed by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!

’’Old Six! Third Brother!’’

A halberd-wielding martial artist's eyes turned red. It was just a single exchange of moves, and yet even with the six of them combined, three of them had been instantly killed!

’’Die!’’ The Demon Region martial artist cut down at Lin Ming with his halberd. But as he did so, the Demon Region youth's complexion changed. The youth had realized one thing, and that was that this black-clothed youth in front of him was absolutely a God of Death!

’’Old Second, don't do it...’’

The Demon Region youth's words had only partially come out, but it was too late.

Lin Ming's halberd thrust out, meeting that Xiantian martial artist's attack head-on. Tempering Marrow true essence suddenly erupted, and an incomparably peerless strength broke forth. That Xiantian martial artist felt his arm shake, and then the grip of his hand tremble;his weapon was sent flying away!


A purple light flashed, and in a split-second, Lin Ming's halberd had pierced through that Xiantian martial artist's body. With a twist of the halberd, the martial artist's dantian shattered!

’’Old Second!’’ As the Demon Region youth saw this, his eyes widened. These Demon Region martial artists had been together with him for years, they were no different than his brothers.

He grit his teeth, and without a single word, turned around and fled.

The only one left was a last peak Houtian martial artist. As he saw this, he also turned and fled. The direction he chose was completely different from the Demon Region youth.

’’Smart idea, but too bad... it's too late.’’

Lin Ming flicked his finger and a red light and a purple light shot out.

The red light was the Blood Drinking Seal he had just condensed, and the purple light was the divine Demon Steel Needle!


The red Blood Drinking Seal instantly overtook the peak Houtian martial artist with an astonishing speed. It was like a serpent as it drilled through his body.

The martial artist's body shook, and his eyes glazed over. The Blood Drinking Seal had already penetrated through his every blood vessel, and had cleanly absorbed every last bit of blood essence.

After several breaths, the martial artist's body withered away. The Blood Drinking Seal burst out from his body, and the seal's red lines were much clearer than before.

Lin Ming extended his hand, and the Blood Drinking Seal submerged back into his body. At the same time, the divine Demon Steel Needle also caught up to the Demon Region Youth!

’’Go die!’’

The Demon Region youth's hair was in chaos, and his eyes were bloodshot. He turned around and struck the divine Demon Steel Needle with his spear!


The spear struck against the divine Demon Steel Needle, and a terrifying compressed power of thunder suddenly burst forth. The Demon Region youth was struck by the overwhelmingly violent shockwave and sent flying backwards. He tasted a sickly sweet taste in the back of this throat, and then spat out a mouthful of blood!


The divine Demon Steel Needle didn't give the Demon Region youth any chance to recover, it immediately pierced through between his eyebrows!

The Demon Region youth's body trembled, and his eyes were filled with unwillingness that gave away to despair before going dull. All of his meridians were destroyed by the manic power of thunder, torn into pieces.

After a breath of time, the youth's body collapsed and then turned into a shower of bloody rain. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder sucked up the faint traces of blood essence and then returned to Lin Ming's fingertip.

In just 10 breaths of time, six Demon Region martial artists - including a middle and early Xiantian realm martial artist - had all been annihilated!

If these people had decided to escape at the very start and had taken different directions, then Lin Ming would only have been able to kill three or four of them at most. But because they sensed that Lin Ming's cultivation was low, they had looked down on him and underestimated him. By the time they had decided to separately escape, it was already too late.

’’It seems like my cultivation is the best disguise for me.’’

Lin Ming looked at the two crimson Blood Drinking Seals in his hands and the corners of his lips curved up. He only had two Blood Drinking Seals now, but he couldn't imagine what it would look like when he had tens of thousands of these Blood Drinking Seals. At that time when he put them all together, its power would be extremely horrifying.


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