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Martial World - Chapter 438


Chapter 438 - South Sea Wartime Alliance




As Lin Ming asked people along the way and compared his location with his map, he began to move and finally determined where he needed to go. He tipped down his bamboo hat and immediately began to move towards a town. Within this town was a very prominent building;it was over 200 feet high, and on the gate was a large signboard with the words - South Sea Wartime Alliance.

This was an organization that had just been established in the last half year. After all, the South Sea Demon Region qualified as a fifth-grade sect. It had gathered the reluctant support of some deep islands within the South Sea, and it had a very great influence. Even though divine Phoenix Island had the joint help of some sects from the Five Element Region, it was still difficult to defend against the South Sea Demon Region.

This was mainly because the Five Element Region sects were only passively and lightly assisting divine Phoenix Island;it was impractical to expect them to be the main force of the war.

divine Phoenix Island could only count on itself.

However, as the war continued for nearly a year, the outer court disciples were seriously damaged and a great deal of inner court disciples were also used. In this situation, divine Phoenix Island had no choice by to seek another alliance.

During this dire time, the South Sea Wartime Alliance was formed.

divine Phoenix Island had created an alliance of all the influential martial artists within the South Sea Horizon. There were even several free martial artists from nearby lands that had come to join in on the South Sea battlefield.

According to one's military exploits, they could obtain true essence stones or even other rewards.

Of all free martial artists that had come, 60-70% either did not have a sect or came from a first-grade or second-grade sect background. Of course, the rest were martial artists of large sects that had come out for adventuring.

The rewards that divine Phoenix Island offered were quite rich, there were many free martial artists that were willing to enter the South Sea battlefield in for them. They would accumulate military exploits and then exchange them for goods.

Lin Ming intended to disguise himself as one of these free martial artists.

His status was just too sensitive at the moment. Not mentioning that he was currently the top talent within divine Phoenix Island, but just the fact that he had killed the Demon Region's Saint Son Lei Mubai was enough for the South Sea Demon Region to expend any and all efforts to kill him.

Lei Mubai was the Saint Son that the South Sea Demon Region had raised with every resource at their disposal. His talent had far surpassed anyone else in the South Sea Demon Region, and he was even a direct descendant of the Netherworld Great Emperor. For this sort of existence to be killed by Lin Ming, the hatred that resulted because of this could be imagined.

It could be said that if Lin Ming's identity was eve found out, it would cause all of the nearby Revolving Core masters to arrive. In this situation, Lin Ming had to be extremely cautious of his actions. During this sojourn to the war against the South Sea Demon Region, news had been spread that he would be going into seclusion and studying the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'.

Only Mu Fengxian, Mu Yuhuang, and Mu Qianyu knew the truth that Lin Ming had gone to the South Sea battlefield.

Once he disguised himself as a free martial artist and changed his weapon from a spear to a halberd, it was unlikely he would attract much attention.


As Lin Ming entered into the town, he found that the crowded streets were dotted with brand new buildings that looked like they had been constructed just a few months ago. There were simple stone houses and also large halls and pavilions. There were also many streets around the town square where people had set up booths.

Most of these vendors were martial artists, and their cultivation wasn't low either. The lowest were at the Pulse Condensation period, and the majority of them were at the Houtian realm. There were even some at the Xiantian realm.

Of course, whatever items the Xiantian martial artists were selling would certainly be expensive. These Xiantian martial artist vendors had very high sights, and would basically not bother to respond to martial artists that weren't on the same level as them.

In these stalls there were all sorts of pills, poisons, charms, cultivation method jade slips, treasures, and everything else that could be expected to be found.

Without a doubt, most of these things were spoils of war obtained from the battlefield.

When these free martial artists killed their enemies on the battlefield, not only would they be able to accumulate military exploits, but they would also be able to amass wealth in another way, and that was taking the belongings of their enemies.

This was a way to make windfall. As for what one obtained, that all depended on luck.

Thus on the battlefield, there were even naked corpses. In these situations, it was mostly because the enemy was wearing flexible armor, and as a result, after they died even their clothes would be torn apart.

For these martial artists that were incomparabe beings among mortals, to die in the wilderness with just a naked corpse left made one sigh.

As Lin Ming walked through the streets and glanced at the stalls, he was able to see what items were being sold. There were many good things to buy, but these were most useful to lower grade martial artists. To Lin Ming, they basically didn't have any appeal.

War was a chance for one to gain riches. By gaining military exploits and taking the belongings of those that died, a poor martial artist could suddenly become wealthy overnight.

This was why so many free martial artists had joined the Wartime Alliance in this last half year.

In this town, besides high level martial artists there were still many low level martial artists in the Body Transformation stages. These martial artists were mostly here to provide services.

In this place where there were so many people and where nearly all of them were wealthy, it was naturally easy to have thriving businesses. There were restaurants, inns, teahouses, and even brothels.

The battlefield was a place where a tremendous amount of pressure was placed on soldiers. Every day, one would have to risk their life, and their spirits would be tense. When they returned to their quarters, there were many martial artists that chose to visit the brothel in order to vent their pent up emotions. Within this town, there were two big brothels and both were very prosperous.

Lin Ming quickly walked over to the Wartime Alliance building, not raising anyone's attention along the way.

Lin Ming was currently a late Houtian realm martial artist, his energy was hidden within his body, and his appearance was also ordinary. In this small town where there were Houtian realm martial artists everywhere, he simply didn't seem like anything special.

Lin Ming walked into the main hall. It was over 200 feet high and the space inside was very broad.

Around this main hall, there were many teahouses and also soldiers sitting and drinking together. There were over a dozen people in front of the main hall looking in, sympathy and compassion on their faces.

Lin Ming had just entered the gate when a burly bearded Xiantian martial artist lazily stretched his limbs and sized up Lin Ming. He asked, ’’Are you here to enter the war?’’



Lin Ming hesitated for a moment then said, ’’Wild Halberd.’’

Wild Halberd was a codename that Lin Ming had chosen for the battlefield. There were many martial artists that had taken a code name. One reason was that it was easier to remember, and the second was that many people didn't want to reveal their real names.

The large Xiantian fellow didn't care. He took a registration form and placed it on the table, then pushed it towards Lin Ming. He said, ’’Fill this out and return it. Then wait a bit and you'll go through the strength test. Afterwards, we'll arrange you in a squad.’’

The most basic combat units of the South Sea war were squads. These squads had different occupations and they were also able to look after each other. Otherwise, after battle, one would often be severely wounded. Without someone backing them up, the survival rate would be too low.

Lin Ming filled out the form and was then brought out to the square behind the main hall. The surroundings were a dark misty gray, it was hard to see anything.

In the center of the square there were over ten free martial artists already milling around. Their cultivations were all at the Houtian realm and they were also waiting to participate in the strength test.

Of these ten or so individuals, there were men and women and old and young. As they saw Lin Ming join them, most of them didn't have any expression. Some of them were sitting in meditation adjusting their conditions, and some of them looked tense.

Although these people had been martial artists for many years, this was the first time that they were participating in a massive battle on this scale.

Lin Ming swept his eyes through his surroundings. He looked calm, but he scoffed in his heart. These surrounding martial artists didn't feel anything out of the ordinary, but Lin Ming had discovered that they were already trapped within an illusory magic array.

Outside of the illusory magic array there were four Xiantian martial artists standing around. They were pointing at the people within and commenting on them. Because they were behind the shield of the illusory magic array, they didn't hold back anything in their words.

Of these four, two of them were at the late Xiantian realm, and two of them were at the middle Xiantian realm.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhou, what do you think about the people this time?’’ A middle Xiantian martial artist who looked around 40 years old asked. In a fourth-grade sect, a man with a middle Xiantian realm cultivation in his forties could only be considered a poor outer court disciple. In his life, unless he came across a heaven defying lucky chance, it would be impossible for him to ever set step into the Revolving Core realm.

The man called Senior-apprentice Brother Zhou stroked his beard. His face was long and thin and his eyes were deep. He glanced at everyone that was about to be tested and said, ’’These are all cannon fodder!’’

’’War is a good way to get rich, but one also needs their life in order to enjoy whatever riches they have. Of these people, I think that 80-90% of them will die!’’

’’Free martial artists, ha! You really think that they will be strong? Besides a few of them that come from large sects for adventuring, most of them are martial artists from the mortal world. Whatever inheritances or legacies they have are utter garbage and they also lack resources. Their foundation is a mess too. Of course they can't be compared to a sect's martial artists.’’

’’Mm, of these people, I only think that the woman and the man with the halberd will be so-so. I think they might be able to compare to a second-rate martial artist from a fourth-grade sect.

That Senior-apprentice Brother Zhou pointed to Lin Ming and another woman - obviously he was referring to them.

As these four individuals spoke, every single word fell onto Lin Ming's ears.

Lin Ming smiled, not minding what they said. These people were not from divine Phoenix Island, but rather part of the martial artists alliance.

The martial artists alliance was located within the Supreme Mystery nation of the South Horizon Region and was a very loose and broad organization. When some individuals or forces encountered trouble, they would often come to the martial artists alliance to take on missions. The martial artists alliance would hand a martial artist a task and then take half of the commission.

In addition, the martial artists alliance provided a training platform and also gave a regular stipend to strong powerhouses.

There was no conflict in participating in the martial artists alliance and joining a sect. Currently, these four Xiantian martial artists were all outer court disciples from Supreme Mystery Temple.

After another two hours passed, there were 20 people gathered altogether. The man surnamed Zhou lazily stood up and removed the illusory magic array.

Hu -

The surrounding scene suddenly changed, and the gray mist dispersed, showing the back of the main hall. Currently, four men stood in front of the main hall and looked down with condescension on these 20 free martial artists.

The sudden transformation startled everyone, they hadn't expected that they had been within an illusory magic array.

’’Alright then. You 20 people come up, we're about to start the strength test. First, I will say that the mortality rate for participating in the war is very high. If you want to quit, there is still time!’’ The man surnamed Zhou slowly said as he closely observed everyone present, his eyes stopping for a moment on Lin Ming and a woman.


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