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Martial World - Chapter 437


Chapter 437 - Life Destruction




Lin Ming silently accepted these three treasures. Mu Fengxian had treated him very well. Whether this stemmed from sincere affection in her heart, or whether it was because she valued his future contributions, the truth was that she had helped him out a great deal.

These three treasures she had taken out were treasures that he sorely needed.

’’Thank you Honorable Master. This disciple will be sure to return alive.’’

Mu Fengxian sighed. She already had a faint understanding of Lin Ming's personality. When he was at Thundercrash Mountain, he dared to entire the Flood Dragon's cave with just a mere Bone Forging stage cultivation, much less take the risks he did now.

However, she knew that if it wasn't for this character of his, he never would have reached this step at a mere 17 years of age.

If she wanted to restrict him because of his safety, it would only imprison Lin Ming's potential. A dragon that was locked in chains would never be able to fly up to the nine heavens.

’’Lin Ming, you'll be able to do it. I believe.’’

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded, and just as he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something. He said, ’’Master Ancestor, I have a matter I would like to inquire about.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’Disciple has discovered that a first-grade family clan or sect would take a Pulse Condensation period martial artist as an Elder. A second-grade sect would take a Houtian realm martial artist as an Elder. a third-grade sect would take a Xiantian realm martial artist as Elder, and a fourth-grade sect would take a Revolving Core realm master as an Elder. Every increasing grade corresponded with a higher standard of strength in their Elders. According to this logic, a fifth-grade sect would take an Emperor level powerhouse as an Elder. But, from what disciple has discovered, the disparity between a fifth-grade set and a fourth-grade sect doesn't seem too great. Only a top fifth-grade sect or even a sixth-grade sect might have an extremely rare few Emperor level powerhouses.’’

Lin Ming had always had these doubts. When he had inherited the fragmented memories of the Realm of the Gods' Supreme Elders, their memories of different boundaries and their strengths were very fuzzy. In addition, there might be differences in the situation of the Realm of the Gods and the Sky Spill Continent, thus Lin Ming had asked this question.

Mu Yuhuang said, ’’That is indeed true. The difference between a Revolving Core master and an Emperor level powerhouse is just too great. This is because from the Revolving Core realm to becoming an Emperor level powerhouse, one has to pass through stages of Life Destruction. Life Destruction is extremely dangerous - any failure will result in death without even an intact corpse. As for those truly powerful fifth-grade sects, their Elders are mostly stranded within the Life Destruction stages.’’

’’Life Destruction?’’ Lin Ming asked, curious. He had never heard of this term before.

Mu Fengxian smiled and said, ’’This so-called 'Emperor' level powerhouse is only a title. It is not a boundary or anything like that. The realm that an Emperor level powerhouse is at is called the divine Sea. Since ancient times, a Peerless Emperor powerhouse has nearly always had a cultivation at the divine Sea realm.

’’Nearly always?’’ Lin Ming's mind stirred.

’’Yes. There are a few who haven't yet stepped into the divine Sea realm. These individuals are still in the Life Destruction stage, but because their individual strength is so great, they are also labeled as Emperor level powerhouses.

’’What is this Life Destruction?’’

Mu Fengxian said, ’’From the extreme Revolving Core to becoming an Emperor level powerhouse, there is only a single step. But, the truth is that this step is too distant a dream. After the Xiantian realm there are two more boundaries - Revolving Core and divine Sea. A Revolving Core martial artist has their true essence condensed into a core within their dantian. If one day they could shatter this core again and again until it turned into a sea, changing the world of their dantian into a vast expanse of water, this is the divine Sea realm.

’’A divine Sea realm Supreme Elder is also known as an Emperor level powerhouse. Step into Revolving Core before 30, reach extreme Revolving Core before 50, and becoming a Peerless Emperor before 100! From extreme Revolving Core to the divine Sea, one would need to use at least a full 50 years. In order to step from extreme Revolving Core to the divine Sea realm, one has to experience several stages of Life Destruction. But every time one undergoes Life Destruction there is a high risk of death. This is the same as a top level vicious beast crossing through their heavenly tribulation.

’’Every time one undergoes Life Destruction, one has to break apart their core, and even shatter their very body, undergoing a brutal transformation and being completely reborn. This is why an extreme Revolving Core master can live for 800 years, but a divine Sea Supreme Elder can live for 1000 years or even up to 10,000 years!’’

As Mu Fengxian spoke, Lin Ming's mind shook. This was a right! 1000 year sect, 10,000 year Holy Land. The reason that a Holy Land could exist for 10,000 years was because they had an Emperor level powerhouse that could also live up to 10,000 years. With an Emperor level powerhouse guarding the Holy Land, that Holy Land would never be destroyed for that full 10,000 years.

As for the Sorcerer and Demon Emperor that had flown up to the Realm of the Gods, they could even live for tens of thousands of years!

’’Has Master Ancestor experienced Life Destruction?’’ Lin Ming couldn't help but ask.

Mu Fengxian slowly nodded. ’’I have undergone a Life Destruction. I will never forget the agonizing pain and suffering of being on the verge of death. That enduring memory will never fade.’’

Speaking of this, Mu Fengxian heavily sighed. During every Life Destruction, one's flesh and bones would shatter, their meridians would break, and even their soul would be torn. That sort of pain was simply unimaginable. And in the process of Life Destruction, one's awareness would teeter on the brink of life and death. They would lose all concept of time;it was truly enough to made one go utterly insane.

Mu Fengxian had only experienced a single Life Destruction. Because of that, she had nearly perished. She didn't expect that she would be able to undergo another Life Destruction, and that was why she decided remain within the extreme Revolving Core realm for the rest of her remaining life, and not try to step into the fabled divine Sea realm.

Lin Ming asked, ’’How many Life Destructions did the founder of divine Phoenix Island experience?’’

’’Three times. During that third Life Destruction, she failed to condense her core again and died. In order for a Revolving Core master to try and step into the divine Sea realm, one needs a tremendous amount of courage. Because one has to undergo Life Destruction several times, there are very few who have managed to fully step into the divine Sea realm! In fact, most Revolving Core powerhouses are like this old woman. We live a life of mediocrity, and after several hundred years we return to the earth.

Mu Fengxian spoke with a bit of self-deprecation as she smiled. For a Revolving Core master who had an unsteady foundation, trying to undergo Life Destruction was simply suicide.

Even if one's foundation was stable, there was still a high chance of dying during Life Destruction. In order to become an Emperor level powerhouse, one not only needed a heaven defying talent, but also a great destiny to fall upon them.

From the Revolving Core to divine Sea, this was only a single boundary, but one's life would increase by 10 times. The temptation of this was just too strong for many.

Lin Ming couldn't help but sigh. Even the Founder Master Ancestor of divine Phoenix Island had perished during Life Destruction. Even though she had such a great lucky chance, she had still died! Obviously, stepping into the divine Sea realm was an incomparably difficult task.

No wonder almost the entire Sky Spill Continent only knew of a mere 10 or so Emperor level powerhouses that existed. Even if those unknown ones were added, there might not be more than 100.

Lin Ming asked, ’’Master Ancestor, from the extreme Revolving Core realm to the divine Sea realm, how many Life Destruction stages does one have to undergo?’’

’’It's different for every person. Some only need to experience Life Destruction four times, some five times, and there are even those that need seven times, eight times, or the fabled nine stages of Life Destruction!’’

’’Every Life Destruction is a trial of life or death. With every stage of Life Destruction, true essence becomes thicker, blood vitality becomes more vibrant, and meridians become more tenacious. Thus the more times one experiences Life Destruction, the more powerful they will become. When I said that there are Life Destruction Supreme Elders that are already Peerless Emperors, that is because that have experienced many stages of Life Destruction. Once they reach the divine Sea realm, these characters would have an extremely terrifying strength!’’

’’But even so, most martial artists only hope to go through four stages of Life Destruction and reach the divine Sea realm. As for nine Life Destructions, just thinking about it is a frightening prospect!’’

’’I understand. Thank you, Master Ancestor.’’

’’Mm. Sooner or later you will personally experience the Life Destruction stages. My own life will soon come to an end. I only wish to see you become an Emperor level powerhouse someday.’’ As Mu Fengxian spoke, her face revealed an endearing and affectionate smile.

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming solemnly nodded. Reaching the divine Sea boundary was his first step into entering the Realm of the Gods. If he couldn't even accomplish this, then there was no point in him thinking of reaching the pinnacle of all martial arts.

’’Alright. When you go out tell Yu'er to come in.’’

’’Of course.’’

As Lin Ming left, he called Mu Qianyu to enter. Mu Qianyu was inside speaking with Mu Fengxian for nearly an entire incense stick of time.

Afterwards, Lin Ming heard the light footsteps of Mu Qianyu as she walked out.

However, the sound of those footsteps paused at the entrance of the bamboo house, as if she were hesitating behind the door for a long period of time. Finally, she slowly pushed apart the leaf door. As she saw Lin Ming looking at her, Mu Qianyu actually blushed red, her expression somewhat awkward.

’’I... I thought you might have already left.’’ Mu Qianyu incoherently babbled.

Lin Ming was stunned. He understood just why Mu Qianyu felt a bit awkward in facing him. He tactfully said ’’I'll go and pack my things to prepare for the South Sea.’’

’’South Sea...’’ Mu Qianyu was in a trance for a moment. She had already heard from Mu Fengxian that Lin Ming was going to head to the South Sea alone. Regarding this, she certainly didn't wish for it, but she also knew that it was impossible for her to persuade Lin Ming otherwise. She lightly sighed and quietly mumbled, ’’Take care okay... if you go to the South Sea... make sure you send a letter every once in awhile... so I can know you're safe.’’

Mu Qianyu hesitated for a long time before biting her lips and speaking.

Lin Ming nodded, ’’I will.’’


Ten days later, South Aurora Island -

South Aurora Island was one of the larger islands of the South Sea, it had a diameter of four or five thousand miles.

On South Aurora Island there were two treasure locations. The first was a medium-grade true essence stone vein deposit, and the other was a spiritual forest.

There was no need to explain the medium-grade true essence vein deposit - it was very valuable for a fourth-grade sect.

As for the spiritual forest, because of the features and energy of the land, it was rich in all sorts of precious medicines that grew there year-round. It was no less valuable than the true essence stone vein deposit.

South Aurora Island was within the territory of divine Phoenix Island. This island was quite far from the South Sea Demon Region, so it was considered safe. But in the last several months, because of changes in the war, the fires of war had already made their way here. Now, South Aurora Island had become the front line of the battlefield.

On this day, a black-clothed youth wearing a bamboo hat rode an ordinary Heavenly Wind Eagle to land on South Aurora Island.

This youth stood tall and straight. He had plain, regular looking features, and his cultivation was at the late Houtian realm. He carried a nine foot long weapon on his back, and this weapon was wrapped in cloth. The sharp half-moon blade of this weapon stuck out;it was possible that this weapon was a halberd.

This youth was Lin Ming, who had changed his appearance. Lin Ming didn't know in which ancient ruins or cave mansion he had found this technique, but the contents of the jade slip were incomparably exquisite and useful. Once used, he would be able to completely mimic the appearance, temperament, and odor of another person, to the point where even a dog wouldn't be able to distinguish between them.

In fourth-grade sects, there were many high level cultivation methods. However, this sort of useful and strangely crafty unorthodox technique was hard to find. Even if they did, it would be much worse than what Bi Luo had found within some ancient ruins.

With this appearance changing technique, even a middle Revolving Core master wouldn't necessarily be able to see through Lin Ming's disguise.

This greatly reduced the degree of danger for Lin Ming.


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