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Martial World - Chapter 436


Chapter 436 - Slaughtering Path of the Battlefield




The Vermillion Bird blood essence was a kindness that was given to Lin Ming. But after he had returned from the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm and taken out the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', he had returned this kindness dozens if not hundreds of times over. Now, Lin Ming no longer owed divine Phoenix Island anything, but rather it was divine Phoenix Island that owed Lin Ming.

If this was true, then what sense of belonging did Lin Ming feel for divine Phoenix Island that still remained?

Even if he left now, no one would say anything. Why would Lin Ming stay at divine Phoenix Island, or even help divine Phoenix Island rise to the level of a Holy Land?

My Fengxian had thought that Lin Ming and Qianyu were very intimate with each other, and she wanted to let this relationship between them naturally develop instead of trying to interfere ahead of time. But this time, Lin Ming had killed his way into Blood Demon Island and rescued a young girl called Qin Xingxuan;this left Mu Fengxian no choice but to shift the inquiry of this matter to an earlier date.

After all, this sort of scene in which a man desperately gave his all to save a woman like a shining knight would cause most girls to be moved. Like this, that girl would absolutely fall in love with Lin Ming.

Once the two of them were together for enough time, the girl would take initiative and show meticulous care for Lin Ming. If the result of this was that the two of them developed extremely intimate relationships together and even made love together, that wouldn't be strange at all.

Mu Fengxian could see that what was between Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu went beyond a casual or even close friendship. However, the problem was whether or not Mu Qianyu could be like Qin Xingxuan and pursue Lin Ming. This... was clearly impossible.

If matters continued like this, then several years from now, Lin Ming might marry Qin Xingxuan. When that time came, what would Mu Qianyu do?

Lin Ming stood there, frozen, not knowing just how to answer.

Lin Ming certainly felt something towards Mu Qianyu. It was just that he didn't want to consider something like marriage currently. In the future, he didn't know just where he would go. Whether it was the South Horizon Region or even the Sky Spill Continent, neither of these places would where he stopped.

Once a marriage was set down, he would have another responsibility. In the future, he would adventure all over and might even face death many times. With another bond tying him down, he might always feel some qualms in his mind.

Lin Ming thought about this for a very long time. Finally, he said, ’’Reporting to Master Ancestor, this disciple would not like to consider the matter of marriage before 40 years of age.’’

Lin Ming said 40 years of age in order to give himself some time. 20 years was more than enough time for many things to change. At that point, he might have the power to affect the Sky Spill Continent.

Mu Fengxian hesitated. Lin Ming was obviously trying to find an easy way out and avoid the question;how could she be satisfied with an answer like this?

Suddenly Mu Fengxian's mind jumped as she remembered something. She slyly smiled and said, ’’Alright, then I shall not you ask about that. Instead, let's talk about something else. I'm not sure if you know this, but recently the Vermillion Bird Faction's Third Elder has been wanting to discuss matters of marriage with me. He wishes to have his grandson Mu Qingshu marry Qianyu. He thinks that they should be engaged this year, and 10 years from now they can share intimacy with each other. Lin Ming, I wonder just what your opinion on this is?’’

Lin Ming's words died in his throat. He helplessly looked at Mu Fengxian. The Third Elder wanted to discuss marriage matters with Mu Fengxian, but now Mu Fengxian wanted to ask him about this instead?

As he thought back to a few days ago when he met Mu Qingshu on the island, he was able to feel the man's hostility. At that time, Mu Qianyu had a very difficult and awkward expression. Suddenly Lin Ming became aware of what had happened - so that's how it was!

Mu Qingshu had regarded him as a rival in love. No wonder Mu Qianyu had been so embarrassed to explain the reason, and had even needed to use a true essence sound transmission to warn him of Mu Qingshu...

As soon as Lin Ming thought of Mu Qianyu's reddened face that was a bit embarrassed, he felt an inexplicable pang in his heart, like warm and tender waves filled with sweetness began to surge through him. Lin Ming thought back to that dubious night in the forests of Thundercrash Mountain. He even thought about how after Mu Qianyu arrived to the Seven Profound Valleys, she had helped him forge his spear, and had given all sorts of precious materials without holding anything back or having any ulterior motive...

As these scenes flittered through his mind, he also thought about what might happen 10 years from now. Mu Qianyu would have to accept marriage with someone she didn't like, and would be forced to have intimate relations with someone whose actions almost killed Qin Xingxuan... thinking this, Lin Ming suddenly felt his heart stop.

Lin Ming looked up to see Mu Fengxian smiling at him. That smiling expression of hers was somewhat like a wily old fox...

Mu Fengxian had lived for many years. Naturally, she was very familiar with human emotions and desires. She was able to approximate just what Lin Ming was thinking.

'You want to play with this old woman? Hehe, let's place the option of Qianyu and Mu Qingshu's marriage on the table and I'll see just how nice you'll be.'

’’Lin Ming, so what do think about this matter?’’ Mu Fengxian amicably asked again. The smile on her face only grew wider.

As Lin Ming saw Mu Fengxian's cunningly bright smile, he was simply left speechless, ’’Master Ancestor, please don't play tricks on this disciple...’’

’’Play tricks? Do you think this old woman will take something so important like Qianyu's marriage to play little tricks on you? I just want to ask you, if you think it's acceptable, I will decide Qianyu and Qingshu's marriage.’’

At this time when Mu Fengxian asked again, Lin Ming had called down, ’’I do not wish for that to happen.’’

Mu Fengxian let out a long breath, and she lovingly smiled at Lin Ming. ’’Alright, as long as I have your word, it is fine. As you said before, it's alright not to consider marriage before 40 years of age. I am also in favor of this. In fact, it isn't considered too late if a martial artist marries at 100 years of age. You have a will focused on the martial arts, but so does Yu'er, so it's even better. Unless you have some double cultivation method, prematurely releasing your Primordial Yin essence doesn't help anyone.’’

As Mu Fengxian spoke to here, she also said, ’’Oh, you also seem to be planning on having that girl you brought back enter into divine Phoenix Island?’’

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming honestly said.

’’Mm... alright. However, that girl's talent could only be considered ordinary. She will only be relying on the transplanted Vermillion Bird blood essence to have the opportunity to practice the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. You should also know what Vermillion Bird blood essence means to other disciples. Ten drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence, well, that's something that every disciple has longed for in their dreams. But now, it's been used by you on a girl whose talent is only ordinary. These disciples will not dare to oppose you, but to Qin Xingxuan, I'm afraid that they will inevitably be hostile to her...’’

Lin Ming could imagine just how true Mu Fengxian's words were. A woman's jealousy was much stronger than a man's. There were many areas in which women were much more manipulative and there was often serious infighting. If Qin Xingxuan were to become an inner court disciple and be placed into this gaggle of girls, it was possible that she would be isolated or even bullied.

She had a different surname, and her talent came from having 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence transplanted into her. Any one of these reasons was enough for Qin Xingxuan to be isolated. When that time came, they would use arguments such as that she was depending on her man to get a foot up in life. This opinion might spread, and with Qin Xingxuan, she might not be able to stand up to the criticism behind these arguments.

No matter how strong the deterrent of Lin Ming was, it was impossible to control just what these girls said in private.

Mu Fengxian said, ’’How about this. Let's have that girl be a maid disciple and she can accompany Yu'er around. You should already be well aware of Yu'er's personality;Yu'er will not mistreat her or be unkind to her. As for cultivation methods and resources, she will be assigned treatment equal to a core disciple.’’

As Mu Fengxian spoke, a smile hung on her face throughout. It was best to have Qin Xingxuan together with Mu Qianyu to avoid her following Lin Ming around, in which case something could occur between the two too fast.

Not just that, but after Qin Xingxuan followed Mu Qianyu around and they became familiar with each other, she might be too embarrassed to compete with Mu Qianyu.

Lin Ming didn't think too much on this. He nodded and said, ’’That would be great.’’

’’As for this South Sea Demon Region war, would you like to go out to battle with Yu'er?’’ Mu Fengxian was planning on having Lin Ming go out for some experience and a little adventure. If he was together with Yu'er, it would be easier to protect them, and it would also be easier to promote the personal feelings between the two.

However, Lin Ming actually said, ’’Master Ancestor, this disciple wishes to be alone while participating in the South Sea war.

’’Mm? Alone?’’ Mu Fengxian was a bit surprised. She shook her head and said, ’’Alone is not good. It's just too dangerous. Also, if you are recognized and the South Sea Demon Region finds out, the consequences will be dire!’’

Lin Ming said, ’’I will be careful. I have an appearance changing technique that I can use to disguise myself. Only someone who is much stronger than me will be able to see through it. Otherwise, they won't be able to. As for those middle and late Revolving Core masters, they will not appear randomly in these early skirmishes. Even if they do show up, they won't necessarily be able to recognize me.

On both sides of this war, there weren't many times when Revolving Core masters personally acted. Even if they did, it was often in fights on the same level. When they fought, the skies would darken and the earth would shake, but the truth was that it was rare for any of them to fall.

The true main forces of this war were the Xiantian masters.

Lin Ming already intended to participate in this great war against the South Sea Demon Region. What he needed the most right now was spear arts;Lin Ming knew very few, and of those he knew, they were quite weak. Only the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was the best fit for him.

The 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' was a cultivation method from the demonic path. Walking down this road meant walking down the road of death. In order to practice it he would need to slaughter many enemies.

For this, the best and most suitable place was the South Sea battlefields!

But if he went with Mu Qianyu and had the protection of a Revolving Core master, it would be hard to find many opportunities to engage in combat. Not just that, but those he would fight in would be easy, superficial skirmishes - this was not want Lin Ming wanted.

He wanted to experience the true depth of fighting on the front line.

As Mu Fengxian saw Lin Ming insistence, she slightly frowned. Although his strength would grow much faster if he fought on the front lines, the danger level would double or even quadruple.

’’You've already decided this?’’


’’Alright.’’ Mu Fengxian sighed. Then, she took out a small bottle from her spatial ring and also a silk sack. ’’Here is one Scarlet Blood Pill, two Yang Reversion Pills, and also an Escape Symbol. If you encounter true danger, use them. Don't try to be brave and show off. Coming back safe and alive is what is most important.

Lin Ming received the pills and Escape Symbol, and also a jade slip that described how to use them.

The Scarlet Blood Pill was able to greatly enhance one's strength for a short period of time. There were many similar pills, but the side effects were serious and often deadly. This Scarlet Blood Pill had very few side effects, and after using it one would only be weakened for a period of time. This was the reason why the Scarlet Blood Pill was so expensive.

As for the Yang Reversion Pill, it was a wonderful life saving pill. No matter how grievous a wound was, as long as it wasn't a soul wound, the Yang Reversion Pill could help one recover in a short period of time. It could even restore damage done to meridians and could restore exhausted true essence.

Compared to the Scarlet Blood Pill, the Yang Reversion Pills were much more precious. Not just that, but they weren't something that was simply purchasable with true essence stones.

Finally, the Escape Symbol was the rarest and most expensive of the three gifts.

As Lin Ming took the Escape Symbol, he saw many simple lines on it - these were actually an ancient array formation.

Ancient array symbols?

Lin Min was stunned. Once activated, this Escape Symbol could transfer one several hundred miles away. It was truly a life-saving tool.

Without a doubt, this was obtained from some ancient ruins somewhere. With the Sky Spill Continent's current level, these were impossible to produce. Every single one of these was extremely precious.


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