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Martial World - Chapter 433


Chapter 433 - Blood Red Jade Slip




After hearing that Lin Ming would compensate for the 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence, not only did Great Elder Mu Chihuo laugh, but all the other Elders thought this was farcical. A red-robed old man coldly snorted and said, ’’The value of a single drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence is inestimable. This old woman wants to see whether or not you have anything worthy of compensating for it!

This red-robed old woman was the one that had just called Qin Xingxuan a piece of trash.

’’The reason that divine Phoenix Island gave you the Vermillion Bird blood essence was not for you to give it to others, and especially not to waste it to court some random hussy! Exactly what qualifications do you have to do this!?’’

This red-robed old lady spoke aggressively and also recklessly sent out her aura, directly pressuring Lin Ming. If it wasn't for her grandson lacking some Vermillion Bird blood essence, he would have absolutely been able to break through to the Revolving Core realm. This caused the red-robed old woman to feel a deep resentment. Now, with Lin Ming's words, she used her aura to pressure Lin Ming!

For a middle Revolving Core Supreme Elder to send out an aura to oppress a Houtian master, it would be able to frighten him out of his wits!

But this red-obed old woman knew that Lin Ming wasn't an ordinary Houtian master. She wouldn't be able to kill him with her aura. The most she could do was embarrass him and make him wet his pants. Thus she did not lighten her hand at all, releasing her aura with full force.

As soon as Mu Yuhuang saw this her complexion changed. She immediately wanted to stop this, but as she raised her hand halfway, she noticed that Lin Ming had induced too much onto himself;she simply couldn't resist the outrage that had been stirred up in order to protect Lin Ming. Not just that, but Mu Yuhuang was also very dissatisfied with what Lin Ming had done this time.

As for the Great Elder, he wasn't bothering to hide his smile, he was waiting for Lin Ming to make a fool of himself.

However, Lin Ming sat still tightly in his seat. His face was not red, and his heart wasn't palpitating - he didn't even look troubled. It was as if the red-robed old woman's aura was just like the air.


The red-robed old woman was shocked. She had released her full aura in order to suppress a junior, but now she was being completely ignored? How was this possible!?

It had to be known that even within the boundaries of the Revolving Core Elders, if an early Revolving Core master was being suppressed by a middle Revolving Core master, they wouldn't be able to be so relaxed!

She thought that Lin Ming would be overwhelmed, unable to withstand the pressure and begin to grit his teeth and sweat. But she didn't expect that he would simply ignore her. What face did she have left?

Unable to stop from embarrassment, the red-robed old woman revolved all of her true essence and began to galvanize her aura to the extreme. Seven of the fire flowers near her had their petals blown away by her momentum. But Lin Ming only coldly looked at her, remaining completely unmoved.

All of the Elders present were awed. The red-robed old woman was a top ranked Elder among those present. Lin Ming was strong, but there was no way he was strong to this degree. How was this possible?

Lin Ming calmly stood up, his eyes coldly glaring at the old woman. He slowly said, ’’I, Lin Ming, have truly used the Vermillion Bird blood essence to save a girl. This girl was forced into a desperate situation because of me. She was alone and in despair. Not only that, but I also owe her graciousness for her kindness to me in the past. Even if it wasn't so, I would still not sit idly by and do nothing at all. If it's as Senior says, then in the relationships between people, is the only important factor how valuable they are? Is the only measure in which they can be evaluated how much they can be used?’’

Lin Ming's words were combative. As he spoke, the Ancient Phoenix bloodline from within his eyebrows naturally emitted, releasing a pulsing aura that caused everyone's hearts to quicken. The woman in red bore the brunt of this momentum, and her heart suddenly stopped for a moment. She didn't know why, but at the time, she felt the very depths of her being tremble. It was as if this was... bloodline suppression.


An incredible scene took place. The red-robed old woman's aura was like late winter snow. In just a few breaths, it completely melted away!


All of the Elders present turned to Lin Ming, the look in their eyes changing.

Lin Ming calmly stood in front of the table as before. He indifferently said, ’’divine Phoenix Island has been kind to Lin Ming. I was originally planning to freely offer something to divine Phoenix Island, but since everyone intends to be so calculating about 'worth' and 'value', I shall offer this object to divine Phoenix Island as per the rules. Great Elder, if Lin Ming is not wrong, then the rules of divine Phoenix Island state that after entering the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, any treasures obtained belong to whoever obtained them, and they could also be exchanged with divine Phoenix Island for resources of an equal value. Am I correct?’’

’’That's right!’’ Mu Chihuo's eyes jumped. He was still startled thinking about the scene where Lin Ming so easily broke apart an Elder's aura.

’’Since that's the case, I shall hand out part of this object in exchange for 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence. As for the rest, we shall negotiate further!’’


With these words, everyone was shocked.

Hand out part of an object in exchange for 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence and then negotiate for the rest!?

Listening to Lin Ming's words, he seemed think that whatever he had to offer was actually equal to at least 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence?

The Great Elder's expression sank, ’’Lin Ming, this old man wants to see just what you can take out!’’

’’Then I shall have to ask Honorable Sect Master to take a look.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he took out a blood red jade slip from his spatial ring. This jade slip was twice as large a normal jade slip, and the face of the jade slip was crisscrossed with crimson lines. It looked extremely mysterious.

Mm? Jade slip?

Cultivation method?

All of the Elders present were startled. As for the Great Elder Mu Chihuo, his eyes were riveted to the jade slip. No matter how he looked, he didn't know what to think.

This jade slip was obviously from the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm!

What could it be?

Cultivation method? Martial skill?

Mu Yuhuang deeply looked at Lin Ming before she took hold of the jade slip. As she held it, she felt as if she were holding onto an object from ancient times. Brilliant flames shined on the jade slip, and it emitted a very ancient and profound energy - this was certainly an extraordinary object!

Mu Qianyu was sitting beside Mu Yuhuang. As she looked at this jade slip, she turned to look at Lin Ming, her heart racing. She silently waited for Mu Yuhuang to reveal the results of her investigation.

As Mu Yuhuang slipped her sense into the jade slip, her heart suddenly shook;the beginning of the jade slip was the first layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'.

Could it be...

Mu Yuhuang suddenly realized a possibility, and that was that this jade slip Lin Ming had brought back was able to fill in the flaws of the current 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle!'

If this was so, the value of this jade slip was difficult to imagine.

As she silently looked down, Mu Yuhuang swept past the fifth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. As she saw the sixth layer, she gasped, her eyes flickered and her breathing became rapid!

With Mu Yuhuang's understanding of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', she was certainly able to determine whether this cultivation method was real or fake.

The founder of divine Phoenix Island had obtained only the first five layers of the cultivation method. But even with so many flaws, the 'Vermilion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was not inferior to any cultivation method of a fifth-grade sect, or even a Holy Land! It was only that one needed the Vermillion Bird bloodline in order to practice this cultivation method. Thus, this cultivation method was not coveted by fifth-grade sects.

The higher this cultivation method went, the more terrifying its might was. With the first six layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', it would become a top cultivation method capable of creating an Emperor level powerhouse!

If this cultivation method was obtained by divine Phoenix Island, then there was a possibility that they could become a Holy Land!

This was certainly not something that several drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence could compare with. Even if it were a few dozen drops, or even a hundreds drops, it simply could not compare!

However, at this moment, the unbelievable occurred. After the sixth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', there was actually the seventh layer!


The seventh layer of the cultivation method!

Mu Yuhuang's hands actually began to slightly tremble. As the Elders present saw this, their eyes began to change. They looked at the jade slip in Mu Yuhuang's hands - just what did Lin Ming bring back that could cause her to have such a violent reaction?

Then, after she looked at the seventh layer of the cultivation method, Mu Yuhuang's heart nearly stopped for a moment. After the seventh layer of the cultivation method was shockingly...

The eighth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'!

Eighth layer...

Mu Yuhuang felt cataclysmic waves going off in her heart and mind, as if the world itself were overturning. How powerful the eighth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was, she simply could not imagine.

Mu Yuhuang's fingers trembled and she had to use her hand to support herself on the table. She looked at Lin Ming with absolute amazement in her eyes.

’’Sect Master, just what is in that jade slip?’’ The red-robed old woman who had been arguing with Lin Ming couldn't help but ask as she saw Mu Yuhuang's violent reaction.

Mu Yuhuang laid down the jade slip and closed her eyes in order to restore her tranquil mood. After a long time, she handed over the jade slip and said, ’’See for yourself.’’

As the red-robed old woman received the jade slip, she was already able to faintly guess what it was. There was probably only a single situation in this world that could cause Mu Yuhuang to react like this.

Her sense swept down. Suddenly, the red-robed old woman's heart shook - it was true!

However, as she continued, her expression became increasingly stunned, shocked, and awed. Finally, she felt completely slack-jawed.

Although she had prepared in advance, she had never imagined that this jade slip would contain the eighth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle!'

’’What is it?’’ The surrounding Elders asked together.

’’The 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'...’’ The red robed old woman whispered. She turned to look at Lin Ming, and then after several breaths of time, she haltingly said, ’’The first eight layers of the cultivation method!’’


’’First eight layers?’’

All of the Elders were shocked beyond measure. When they had seen Mu Yuhuang react like that, they already had some faint guesses in their heart. But when the red-robed old woman spoke the truth, they finally realized that they had far underestimated just how terrifying this jade slip was.

Third Elder Mu Yanzhuo looked completely befuddled. He looked at Lin Ming and felt an increasing amount of awe in his heart. When the founder of divine Phoenix Island had first entered the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, she had found a great lucky chance and obtained the first five layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' cultivation method. After that, she had founded divine Phoenix Island. But now, Lin Ming had taken out the first eight layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' from the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. How!? He simply couldn't imagine the circumstances.

The Great Elder also looked gloomy. As he looked at the blood red jade slip in Mu Yuhuang's hands, his fists clenched together;he didn't know just what to think.

The other Elders had various looks. If it was just the complete first five layers of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' cultivation method, then they would already be delighted. It had to be known that they had all reached the fifth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. However, many of them were still stranded at the early Revolving Core realm or middle Revolving Core realm. If they wished to break through to a higher step, they had to reconsolidate the fifth layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' in order to purify their understanding of this cultivation method and try to make a breakthrough.

This was all because they did not have the sixth layer of the cultivation method!


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