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Martial World - Chapter 430


Chapter 430 - Returning to divine Phoenix Island




As Sky Fortune City entered fall, the days began to be filled with a faint chill.

In the ninth month, Crown Prince Yang Lin ascended to the throne. The grand ceremony continued for a total of nine days. Before this, all of the officials that had been purged and were still living were once again restored to their former glory. They entered the palace again and again, being promoted continuously.

As for officials that had followed Yang Zhen, some were demoted and some were exiled. Even though Yang Lin was a naturally kind-hearted man, after becoming emperor he would also begin to gradually show a ruthless side.

In the middle of the ninth month, Lin Ming brought Qin Xingxuan back to his hometown of Green Mulberry City.

Before this, Yang Lin had already sent summons to meet Lin Ming's parents.

Yang Lin was clear that his life was protected and he would finally be able to ascend the throne all because of Lin Ming. Although this was a great graciousness of Lin Ming, there was no way that Yang Lin could return the favor. What he could offer Lin Ming were common things such as authority and money. However, these things no longer held any significance to Lin Ming.

However, Yang Lin was still a wise and smart character who knew the best way to do things in any situation. Since he couldn't offer Lin Ming anything he wanted, he would then give a title to Lin Ming's parents.

He titled Lin Ming's father as the Duke of Lu County with a scope of land over 500 miles wide. This Lu County also included Green Mulberry City within its borders. Henceforth, Green Mulberry City was the home grounds of the Lin Family.

As for Lin Ming's mother, she was titled as a first-class madame. Even Lin Xiaodong was given the title of a first-class viscount.

These titles were extraordinary. Whether it was a duke or a first-class madame, neither of them had official government power, but they were titles that were still only inferior to a prince or king, and were top characters among any noble circles.

These titles were also hereditary. Once titled, they would not be removed unless there was a major crime that was committed. Thus, the Royal Palace would not easily bestow these noble titles onto others. Besides times of great war or in the founding of the nation, they would almost never be given. If one thought that they could receive this title during times of peace, then that was simply nonsense.

It had to be known that the title of viscount within Green Mulberry City would include a 30 mile manor as well as 1000 servants.

As for the several great families of Green Mulberry City, besides the Zhu Family who had obtained some status because their daughter had become the empress concubine, the other family heads were not even second-rate barons. As for the commoners, the best among them could be considered the wealthy gentry of the countryside.

Between the common people and the nobility there was an insurmountable gap. The nobility represented the most honored positions. Although great merchant families were large and powerful, within the minds of the common people, their social status was inferior to nobles'.

Thus, to Lin Ming's parents, being able to receive a title and become a duke or a madame was simply a dream come true. This was an event worthy of a grand celebration, and would also bring great honor to their ancestors.

As Lin Ming saw the happy look on his parents' faces, he was deeply satisfied. He didn't think that such a common title of the mortal world would let his parents become this pleased. The last time that Lin Ming had come back, even the pills that he had given them that would let them extend their lives by a hundred years hadn't caused his parents to be so happy.

As Lin Ming's mother affectionately felt the imperial decree, her smile went from ear to ear. She decided that she would have a beautiful sandalwood box made and then place the imperial decree within. Later, when she passed onto the next world she would be able to raise her head high when she saw her ancestors. Lin Ming wasn't sure whether or not to laugh or cry when he heard these ideas.

As Lin Mu happily spoke, the cry of a little baby was suddenly emitted from the west wing of the residence.

This baby was Lin Ming's little sister.

Lin Ming had been stranded within the divine Phoenix Mystic for nearly a year. Under Qin Ziya's protection, Lin Ming's parents hadn't even heard the news of Lin Ming's death from the beginning to the end. They had lived an entire year happily in peace, and had even popped out a little sister for Lin Ming.

This could all be accredited to Lin Ming's pills. This couple that had worked hard for half a lifetime suddenly felt much younger. The wrinkles on their skin vanished, and their bodies constantly improved. Now, the husband and wife were no different from anyone else in their early thirties.

Lin Ming's little sister was only a few months old and was still nursing. Her name was Lin Xiaoge, and her nickname was Little Pigeon.

This little girl had surprisingly large eyes and wasn't afraid of strangers. As she saw Lin Ming, she stared at him with her bright black eyes shining, intently watching him.

Lin Ming was very fond of this cute baby. He took out a soul jade pendant from his spatial ring and placed it around Lin Xiaoge's neck.

This little baby had arrived right on time. Lin Ming was worried that his parents would be lonely after he left, but now that Little Pigeon was here, that wouldn't be the case. Perhaps in the future there might also be another little brother or sister, and they would also be able to inherit the family title. As for Little Pigeon, she might marry into the Royal Palace and become an empress in the future. At that time, his parents should no longer have any regrets...

Lin Ming hadn't been planning on telling his parents what had happened this year, but after the couple had been home for a while, they learned what happened. After Lin Mu heard this news, she was frightened out of her mind.

Especially after she had heard that Lin Ming was soon leaving Sky Fortune Kingdom again, and this time it would be a very long time before he returned. Lin Mu's originally happy mood fell, and she didn't speak for an entire day.

She didn't know what Lin Ming's experiences were when he went out, but what she knew was that it would undoubtedly be dangerous. Not just that, but she wouldn't be able to see her son for several years. Lin Mu wasn't happy at all.

The only one who could make Lin Mu smile was Qin Xingxuan. Although Lin Ming was only friends with Qin Xingxuan, in Lin Mu's opinion, since Lin Ming had brought her back to his home, that was the same as bringing a woman back to meet the in-laws. No matter how Lin Mu looked at it, she was very satisfied with this future wife. Qin Xingxuan had a good background, she was intelligent, kind, well-mannered, and also very beautiful.

Lin Mu made several insinuations, asking many times when Lin Ming would marry and produce some grandchildren that she could hold. Lin Ming didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She might as well wait for Little Pigeon to grow up and have some children herself.

A martial artist traveled throughout the world and had no fixed home. It was simply impossible for them to look after their own child. This was also the reason why most martial artists had children at a very late stage in their life. Normally only when they had reached the end of their potential and stabilized at whatever boundary they were at would they consider having children. Normally, a Revolving Core Supreme Elder wouldn't have children until they were at least a hundred years old.

Lin Ming lived at home quietly for half a month. During this time, he didn't cultivate much. Most of his time was spent accompanying his parents or teasing the Little Pigeon.

It was only late at night that Lin Ming would meditate over the 'Great Desolate Halberd Art' left from the Demon Emperor. The more he pondered it, the more incomparably profound he discovered this cultivation method was, and he also encountered many difficulties.

Finally, the day to depart arrived. Lin Ming had to return to divine Phoenix Island, and Qin Xingxuan would follow him there. As for his bonds with the Seven Profound Valleys, they could already be considered finished.

Next day, early morning -

The fall wind blew, the leaves were withered and yellow, and flocks of birds flew through the bright blue sky to the south. Lin Ming stood under the massive wings of Fireshine, all of his clothes flapping in the breeze blown by the flames.

Behind Lin Ming, Lin Mu covered her mouth, unable to help the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Lin Fu also sighed. He was proud to have a son like this, but to have a son like this also meant that his son was destined to not stay by their side. Otherwise, he would never be able to fly high.

’’Father, Mother, take care!’’ Lin Ming knelt down and bowed his head to the ground three times. Then he jumped onto Fireshine's back. Fireshine opened its massive wings and shot up into the sky with Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan onboard.

The Vermillion Bird soared into the heavens. The wind howled, and flames dyed the skies red...

Those that walked the road of martial arts were doomed to be alone. They lived long lives, and it was impossible for them to spend their years together with their family.

This was also the reason why many Supreme Elders - such as the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness - would return to their homeland after many years and finish the causal bonds that they held with the world they once knew.

’’Lin Ming, are we going straight to divine Phoenix Island?’’ Qin Xingxuan asked from atop the Vermillion Bird.

’’Yes, we're going straight to divine Phoenix Island!’’


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