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Martial World - Chapter 425


Chapter 425 - Stones Dyed With Blood





Ouyang Shenxiu fell into a pile of rubble, stirring up a large cloud of dust and dirt.

As the bright light from the explosion faded, the true essence shockwaves subsided. The lake was quiet, and even the wild, turbulent waves became gentle once again. On the main island, every building was completely razed to the ground, turned to crushed stones and tiles. There was now nothing left but a long stretch of ruins!

Pa ta!

A drop of bright fresh blood trickled down from the cold point of the Purple Comet Spear. As this drop of blood fell onto the ruins, it broke apart. In the utter silence of the square, this sound was incomparably clear.

Lin Ming stood within these ruins, his entire body dyed in blood. Part of this blood was from Ouyang Shenxiu, and part of it was from himself.

At this time, Lin Ming was like a Killing God that crawled out from an Ashura battlefield. All of the martial artists that looked at Lin Ming had a shine of fear and horror in their eyes. Even though the extreme Xiantian master Ouyang Shenxiu had emerged to stop Lin Ming, he was still beaten to the edge of death!

Ouyang Ming heaved a deep sigh of relief. In the face of someone like Lin Ming, he was completely paralyzed. Even Liu Xuan, who had grown up under the halo of being a genius, had a complex expression on his face. He now learned that there was no limit in this world;no matter how strong he was, there was always someone stronger. No one wanted to admit that they were a frog in a well. But now, he had no choice but to acknowledge the world outside of the well. He had discovered that the world outside of this well was much more broad and limitless than he could have ever imagined.

Ouyang Shenxiu lay waiting the ruins of the main island, half his body buried within the crushed stoned. Ouyang Shenxiu had long fallen unconscious. In comparison to the bloody Lin Ming who stood next to him, this left an extremely strong visual impact on all that saw this.

This strong visual impact, as well as the thick and frightening killing intent that still filled the air, caused everyone around to not dare to make even the smallest noise.

The entire square had fallen under an oppressive pall of silence. The tyrannical aura seemed thick enough to manifest into reality.

Pa ta!

Pa ta!

More and more blood dropped onto the ruins. As drop of blood after drop of blood fell down, it formed a blossoming flower of blood atop the crushed stones.

Lin Ming's body swayed twice.


The Purple Comet Spear struck the ground. Lin Ming supported himself by grabbing onto the spear shaft, finally coming to a halt. Even though he had consumed too much true essence and he was heavily injured, he still managed to stand firm.

’’He's reached his limit!’’ Ouyang Boxu narrowed his eyes as he stared at Lin Ming, finally relieved.

'No matter how formidable you are, since you have reached your limit, there is nothing to fear from you!'

’’Five Great Elders of the Acacia Faction combined to attack him, and even Ouyang Shenxiu fought him;it's already a miracle that he could still stand at this point. But, there is no longer any need to fear him!’’ Ouyang Guang said to several other elders on the main island with a true essence sound transmission. To everyone present, it was obvious that Lin Ming had reached the end of the road.

Lin Ming raised his Purple Comet Spear and began to slowly move towards Ouyang Boyan. On the chilling point of his spear, a cold light flashed.

But at this moment, Ouyang Boyan's younger brother Ouyang Boxu was standing in front of him.

’’What? This boy is even trying to kill my brother now? Is his brain filled with water? He is simply seeking death!’’

With his longsword in hand, Ouyang Boxu's eyes flashed with a deep murderous intent. He wished that he could immediately kill Lin Ming. But in this situation, he didn't have the courage to do so.

’’Lin Ming! If you take one step close, I will cut you down with my sword!’’ Ouyang Boxu shouted out with a dour expression.

His entire body's true essence was revolving to the limit. And beside him, even Ouyang Guang had once again taken out his longsword and was prepared to fight at any given moment.

Lin Ming was expressionless as if he hadn't heard anything at all. He continued to slowly walk and stumble towards Ouyang Boyan.

The corners of Ouyang Boxu's lips twitched. Ouyang Guang said, ’’Boxu, us three will attack together. Although we can't kill him, we can still severely injure him and ruin his blood essence and meridians. Even if we do so, divine Phoenix Island won't say anything. After all, Lin Ming was the one who attacked first, and he also injured Boyan and the Sovereign's blood essence. If we damage his blood essence and meridians then that will be a perfectly justified matter;there is no reason that divine Phoenix Island would punish us!’’

’’That's right. At this time divine Phoenix Island needs our hearts united in order to face the South Sea Demon Region. They would not dare to bully us like that, otherwise the already loose alliance will disperse and divine Phoenix Island will suffer a major loss. We will damage Lin Ming's blood essence today and have him pay the price for his rampant and flagrant actions!’’

Ouyang Boxu devilishly smiled. 'This Lin Ming is such a self-important idiot. He is already wounded with this miserable appearance, but he still wants to kill my brother. If he was smart and had just a bit of respect, he would have stopped here and I wouldn't have had an excuse to harm him. But now, he can die!'


Ouyang Guang gave a loud shot. Ouyang Boxu led the way, rushing to the front, his sword slashing towards Lin Ming's right arm.

’’First I'll take your arm!’’

Ouyang Boxu's lips curved up in a savage grin and his longsword whistled. Lin Ming faltered in his step, but still walked forwards.

This sword contained all of Ouyang Boxu's potential! If Lin Ming's arm was severed, he could still reattach it, but at that point the damage would have been done.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Behind Lin Ming, Qin Xingxuan screamed as she covered her mouth in absolute horror. Even Qin Ziya was pale. The zither in his spatial ring suddenly appeared in his hand. But, Qin Ziya was only at the early Xiantian realm. Against these three great senior Xiantian masters and even the middle Xiantian realm Ouyang Guang, Qin Ziya was limited in what he could do!

The thousands of people in the surroundings widened their eyes. For Ouyang Boxu to take advantage when someone was in such a helpless position was truly despicable, but this was also the best opportunity he would have. Lin Ming was a lamp that had run out of oil, just how would he be able to defend against this?


Ouyang Boxu's longsword slashed down, a brilliant purple flame enveloping it.

In a split-second, Lin Ming's eyes suddenly condensed. The phoenix flame mark between his eyebrows suddenly combusted in a fiery blaze!

Phoenix true blood, Nirvana Rebirth!


A clarion phoenix cry sounded out, directly impacting through the heavens. From between Lin Ming's eyebrows, a powerful and dominant power of fire erupted. Phoenix true blood poured through the blood vessels of Lin Ming, causing his blood to boil

A phoenix was immortal and endless. Similarly, its bloodline was the same. It was able to bathe within the blazing fires of nirvana, and had the effect of being rebirthed even from the precipice of death!

Normally, when a martial artist burned their blood essence they could trade it for a powerful strength in return. But once blood essence was burned away, it was gone forever!

However, phoenix true blood was different - it itself was already capable of rising from the ashes of fire. Even if it were burned, it would not be reduced by the tiniest bit!

This was the effect of the Phoenix true blood, a power that was capable of defying the heavens themselves!

After this phoenix true blood poured into Lin Ming, half of his bodily wounds were restored in just a blink of an eye. As for his true essence that was nearly depleted, with the combustion of the phoenix true blood, it began to violently rise!

Lin Ming's eyes were cold, just like stars from quiet nine heavens. The forceful coldness of his vision pierced through the hearts of those who met his eyes.

As Lin Ming vision's touched Ouyang Boxu, Ouyang Boxu subconsciously froze for a moment. He felt as if he were being glared at by a catastrophic monster, and chills ran all over his body. He had an ominous foreboding feeling creep up his heart, but...

It was already too late!

Lin Ming shook the Purple Comet Spear in his hands, and the vigorous Fallen Star Flame combusted. Under the blessing of the Phoenix true blood, the flames became an increasingly deep and vibrant purple!

’’Go die!’’

Lin Ming's icy words were like an arctic wind that came from the endless abyss. His spear thrust out, flame howled, and the air trembled!

The shining flames condensed into a phantom of a phoenix, directly shooting straight towards Ouyang Boxu!

’’divine Phoenix Within the Heavens!’’

This was shockingly a killing move that Lin Ming had learnt from the third layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. Its might was naturally inferior to that of Thunderfire Annihilation, but it was still more than enough to deal with the early Xiantian realm Ouyang Boxu!

’’What!? How is this possible!??’’

The Lin Ming who had been like dying embers had suddenly ignited in a burst of raging power. As Ouyang Boxu saw this with his own eyes, he felt a sense of intense panic overtake him. He couldn't believe what was happening in front of his own eyes. But in this critical moment, Ouyang Boxu no longer had time to reflect on the reasons behind it. As the blazing flames swept towards him, Ouyang Boyu's expression completely changed. He loudly shouted and then slashed out at the flaming phoenix!


It was just an instant, but the purple flames on Ouyang Boxu's sword were completely swallowed by the flaming phoenix. And then, that flaming phoenix continued to soar towards Ouyang Boxu.


As Ouyang Boxu witnessed the flaming phoenix swallow his flames, he felt as if he had gone mad. He revolved his bodily true essence protection to the limit!

Chi chi chi!

There was only the sound of cracking, as if molten metal were being poured atop cold ice. Ouyang Boxu's protective true essence melted in an instant, and the flames engulfed him, swirling around his body.

Ouyang Boxu sent out a miserable shriek.

At the same time, Lin Ming stabbed his spear through Ouyang Boxu's dantian and then twisted. As Ouyang Boxu's dantian was shattered, he immediately died on the spot.

All of the surrounding martial artists had fallen deathly silent, none of them were able to respond to this sudden change.

How was this possible?

Lin Ming, who had already spent all his energy, was actually able to suddenly erupt with strength to instantly kill Ouyang Boxu?

Lin Ming's spatial ring flashed and Ouyang Boxu's corpse was sucked into it. Ouyang Boxu's spatial ring wasn't able to be placed into the pocket dimension, so Lin Ming took that himself.

A single spear had killed Ouyang Boxu. At this time, Ouyang Guang and another Elder were halfway to Lin Ming, and they suddenly lagged as this saw this horrifying scene. Most of their momentum instantly dissipated.

Lin Ming didn't stop. His eyes flashed with a cold light and he took a step forwards, his spear thrusting towards Ouyang Guang!

Ouyang Guang had already lost a massive amount of true essence from his earlier fight, and had even been wounded. Although he was at the crest of the middle Xiantian realm, now his strength was at the lowest of the middle Xiantian realm masters!

His complexion completely changed. He now realized how terrifying and severe Lin Ming's killing intent was. This spear was not a sparring shot or a deterrent, it was a true killing strike!

If he could not block this, he would die!

In that instant, Ouyang Guang felt cold sweat trickle down his back.

Just then, a purple light flashed at his side. The Acacia Faction Elder who had attack together with him had abandoned all else and ran away!

The disciples of the Acacia Faction had never had much loyalty to begin with, they had always placed their own lives as their top priority in life. As this Elder saw Lin Ming lock onto Ouyang Guang, he immediately escaped. Compared to his life, honor was nothing!


Ouyang Guang's eyes widened. However, he now had no choice but to face Lin Ming's spear!

’’You've gone too far!’’

Ouyang Guang's sword potential turned. From the bottom up, he cut against Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear. However, as his sword cut against the spear, he felt a strange vibrating energy spread into his body from the spear. His arm shook, and the sword fell from his hand.

Ouyang Guang was shocked. At this time, Lin Ming's spear swept out, the cold tip of the Purple Comet Spear carrying a billowing flame!


Ouyang Guang's sword slashed down on the flames of the Purple Comet Spear. However, a tiny wisp of purple Flame Essence split off from the flames and silently fell onto Ouyang Guang's chest...

Puff -

The Fallen Star Flame was like a serpent that penetrated into Ouyang Guang's body.


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