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Martial World - Chapter 424


Chapter 424 - Horrifyingly Fierce




As the Heretical God Force was opened, Lin Ming was like a monster that leapt out from an endless abyss;his momentum completely broke free.

As Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear, the ground underneath him began to shake, and cracks began to spread out from where he was like a spiderweb. He flourished his spear, and countless tiles of white marble rolled up like a mat, with countless stones and rocks being sent swirling in a high speed vortex. If a weaker martial artist were to be touched by these chunks of stone, it would pierce a bloody hole through their body.

After the Heretical God Force's aura of the second layer erupted, all of the martial artists present, including even the Xiantian Elders, felt a great suppressive pressure. They had no choice but to revolve their true essence to resist it.

Ouyang Shenxiu's amethyst sword cut down. On top of the sword, the amethyst layer had already grown nine feet long. That four foot sword had actually become a nine foot long greatsword!


Ouyang Shenxiu's sword cut out!


Sword energy and spear light wove as they smashed into each other, creating a cold and terrifying storm of true essence.

The true essence tore apart the earth, sending massive crushed stones flying high into the air. Giant waves appeared on the lake as if it were in the middle of a sea storm. Under the force of such a crazily strong impact, Lin Ming's body was blown backwards like a leaf.

Puff puff puff!

Lin Ming was flung away from the main island and fell on top of the lake. Just as he was about to land, Lin Ming waved his sleeves and a cool breeze surrounded him, supporting his body in the air. Lin Ming slowly settled down, bouncing atop the churning waves before steadying himself.

The heavy impact from a moment ago had caused him to pale, and a thin line of blood leaked out from the corners of his lips.

His explosive strength was strong, but the difference between their cultivations was just too great. After all, his foundation was weaker. Lin Ming's Tempering Marrow true essence was fine. It was just that the meridians in his body weren't able to withstand such a vicious impact and he received a wound.

Ouyang Shenxiu was forced dozens of feet away by the true essence shockwaves. When he saw that Lin Ming was injured, he let out a light breath. However, before he had a chance to speak, his pupils suddenly narrowed.

A small purple and red flash of light was approaching him. It was only several inches long, but was moving at an incredible speed. The chilling aura that it released was just like a serpent that shot towards Ouyang Shenxiu's chest!


Ouyang Shenxiu raised his sword to cut down on it. However, he had just used some of his gathered strength and hadn't recovered enough. With the true essence in his body in chaos, he couldn't make a decent counterattack.

That small ray of light struck apart Ouyang Shenxiu's sword, piercing through his chest and causing a fountain of blood rain to gush out!

In that moment, Ouyang Shenxiu felt as if all the blood essence within his body was rushing towards that small light.


Ouyang Shenxiu's eyes widened. He roared out and then punched himself in the chest. The power of the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power' manically erupted, and finally forced that small bright light out of his body.


That flash of light became a three inch long steel needle. There was the image of a dragon and snake engraved on the needle. It flew back into Lin Ming's hand, submerged into his fingertips, and vanished without sight!

Ouyang Shenxiu's chest was stained in blood and his face was pale. His eyes were like a wild beast as he stared at Lin Ming, hatred glowing within them.

What a terrifying and strange steel needle! Not only was it able to break through such the powerful storm of true essence, but it wasn't destroyed and still managed to pierce through Ouyang Shenxiu's chest, severely wounding him. It had even carried away a little wisp of blood essence.

A martial artist's blood essence was incomparably precious. Although Ouyang Shenxiu had no plans of trying to reach the Revolving Core stage, he still treasure his own life beyond all else. Blood essence was immediately able to influence one's lifespan. Now that he had lost his blood essence, that also meant that he had lost additional years of life!

’’Ouyang Shenxiu is injured.’’

’’And heavily so!’’

’’I can't believe that an extreme Xiantian master was actually injured to this extent by a junior, and even had a portion of his blood essence taken away.’’

The disciples from the distant small islands were spectating this battle with looks of fear and suspicion on their side. To martial artists from a second-grade sect, Ouyang Shenxiu was one of the top controlling characters of the Seven Profound territory.

Although the Seven Profound territory had a single Revolving Core old master, it was said that that old monster was nearing the end of his life. There were even some rumors that he had gone into closed door seclusion to extend his life. With that Revolving Core master unable to attend to any matters anymore, in the minds of many martial artists, Ouyang Shenxiu and those like him represented the top figures of the Seven Profound territory.

But now, Ouyang Shenxiu was actually wounded by a junior!

If he was so fierce at the late Houtian realm, what would happen once he stepped into the Xiantian realm?

The present Acacia Faction martial artists had long turned silent. They looked onstage towards the bleeding Lin Ming who was soaked in blood, and were able to feel a deep fear coming from their hearts.

This was just too horrifyingly fierce. Just what was that steel needle? Before, everyone had seen a small flash of light attack Ouyang Boyan. But there were also those who didn't catch it in time. These people only assumed that it was a concealed needle weapon or even a hidden weapon. There were some martial artists that excelled at hidden weapons or even hidden weapons like needles. There were even some martial artists that used hidden weapons and would engage in sneak attacks. But, these sneak attacks weren't some glorious or correct method, and many martial artists despised those who relied on them.

Now it seemed as if their guesses were completely different. If this weapon could submerge into a martial artist's body or even fuse together with the martial artist, then there was only one possibility, and that was that this needle was a manifestation of pure energy.

’’What is going on? How could he be so strong!?’’

Many of the martial artists present had limited knowledge. They had never seen a Thunder Soul, and they also didn't know what this divine Demon Steel Needle was.

Lin Ming gently stroked the divine Demon Steel Needle. Because it had just absorbed Ouyang Shenxiu's blood essence, the crimson snakes of lightning became bright and more vibrant. This was the terror behind the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. Once it drilled into one's body, no matter what effort was made, it would still equally attract their blood essence. Unless one was able to immediately shake it off, they would permanently lose blood essence.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Shenxiu had a very deep cultivation, and it took him an instant to stop the divine Demon Steel Needle. Otherwise, the longer it took, the greater Ouyang Shenxiu's loss would have been.

Distantly, Ouyang Shenxiu was glaring at Lin Ming, his eyes thickening with a dreadful killing intent!

’’Lin Ming! I have gone easy on you everywhere I could, and yet you actually damage my blood essence!?’’

’’Gone easy on me? You have?’’ Lin Ming sarcastically asked. Ouyang Shenxiu had continuously used the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power'. If he hadn't opened the Heretical God Force, there was no way he would have been able to defend against it.

Even so, Lin Ming had relied upon the formidable defensive and recovery power of Tempering Marrow in order to exchange damage. He calculated that as long as Ouyang Shenxiu still hadn't recovered his strength, he wouldn't be able to make some sort of sneak attack. Otherwise, there was no way that Lin Ming would have managed to emerge with an advantage from the exchange a moment ago.

’’This Lin Ming is far too arrogant!’’

Around the square, the Acacia Faction disciples were all clenching their fists. Lin Ming plainly didn't place their Acacia Faction in his eyes.

’’Good! Very good!’’ Ouyang Shenxiu began to sizzle with anger.


Purple flames completely wrapped around Ouyang Shenxiu. Suddenly, it wasn't just his sword, but his entire body was wrapped in amethyst crystal.

The so-called three moves that Ouyang Shenxiu had settled upon earlier had already been completely abandoned. He now only desired to cause severe harm to Lin Ming, otherwise he would never be able to release this hatred that festered in his heart.


Ouyang Shenxiu slashed out with his sword. The space around Lin Ming suddenly tightened, collapsing.

Lin Ming was calm as usual. The Purple Comet Spear in his hands was like a whip as it fiercely slashed out. Because of its extreme speed, even the spear shaft bent. The spearpoint cut through the air, causing a sharp howl that pierced the ears.


Spear and sword collided. A strange vibrating power penetrated through the amethyst sword and into Ouyang Shenxiu's body, causing his entire body to shake.

’’This boy has such a strange attack skill!’’

Ouyang Shenxiu was darkly amazed. But, although this power of vibration was strange, he was still barely able to melt it away once it entered his body.

The collision of the two became increasingly intense. Spear light and sword energy haphazardly intertwined together. Lin Ming's spear had the Concept of Wind fused into it, and his spear shadow melted into the wind. The wind itself became his spear, overwhelming and with no gaps!

Bang bang bang!

The roiling true essence swirled into a giant storm, completely crushing the ground. Within the lake waters around the main island, the strong gales and intense true essence caused massive columns of water to rise into the air. Dozens of columns of water soared into the air, turning into giant waterspouts that hung in the sky, slowly being dragged into the massive storm.

All of the surrounding martial artists could only look on in helplessness and awe. Against such a terrifying fight, let alone taking any of these blows, if they just walked a few steps closer, it was likely that they would be shredded to bits by this storm of true essence and immediately die!

Blood Flame Slash!

As Ouyang Shenxiu slashed out, the aura of his body suddenly changed. His entire body was enveloped in a bloody fog, and it was as if waves of blood were surging out from him. The intense impact of true essence created a tornado that swept up the countless broken shards of white marble from the floor.

Peng peng peng!

As this tornado of debris was thrown towards Lin Ming, it was also swept up by the azure true essence that Lin Ming released, continuously exploding in the air and becoming a fine white sand.

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. He had to take the offensive and finish this fight in the next few dozen breaths. Otherwise, the power from the Heretical God Force would soon exhaust itself!

’’You want to exchange wounds? Dream on!’’

The sword in Ouyang Shenxiu's hand suddenly accelerated. His attack speed was significantly faster than Lin Ming's!

A sword cut down onto Lin Ming's chest. At this time, because of his lost blood essence, Ouyang Shenxiu had been driven to madness and desperately attacked.


Spear and sword locked together. Most of Ouyang Shenxiu's sword attack was blocked by Lin Ming. However, most of the sword energy still cut towards Lin Ming, ripping open his clothes, slicing his chest, and causing blood to shoot out.

Ouyang Shenxiu's smile didn't even last an instant before it froze on his face. Lin Ming simply ignored this chest injury and cut down with his spear towards Ouyang Shenxiu.

’’What? He's alright!?’’

Ouyang Shenxiu hadn't left any room for dodging after making his move. Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear was like the blade of a guillotine as it came towards him. He was struck by that spear and sent soaring back!


Ouyang Shenxiu crashed into the floor. Within the ruined ground, another crater appeared. His mouth was already full of blood, several of his ribs were broken, and his organs were crushed. His face was pale white and his entire body was damaged all over. This battle was brutal beyond his imagination!

All of the current martial artists were stunned silly. Lin Ming had used his own body to forcefully withstand Ouyang Shenxiu's sword energy? And then he had made a counterattack?

A single spear had sent Ouyang Shenxiu cratering into the ground. What kind of character was Ouyang Shenxiu? But he had actually been struck by a junior and sent slamming into the ground. A fight of this level was too terrifying!

Lin Ming's own situation wasn't too good. He had relied on the powerful defensive capabilities of his 65% completed Tempering Marrow and withstood Ouyang Shenxiu's sword energy. But, his meridians had been damaged in many sections and his chest was already stained red with blood. The Heretical God Force could only last for about 10 more breaths of time!

Seeing Ouyang Shenxiu stand up, Lin Ming fiercely grit his teeth. He shot forwards, and the Thunder Soul and Flame Essence on his spear connected.

Thunderfire Annihilation!

Ouyang Shenxiu's two eyes were bloodshot. He grabbed his sword with both hands, and all of that amethyst crystal completely manifested onto the blade of the sword. The absolute limit of the 'divine Acacia Power's' seventh layer of strength transferred to the sword, slashing down at Lin Ming!


In that moment, it was like a bloody sun rose within the center of the square. Ouyang Shenxiu's body was like a piece of broken straw as he was thrown backwards...


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