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Martial World - Chapter 423


Chapter 423 - Purple Flame Crystal Conversion




Ouyang Shenxiu stood in the center of the square, coldly looking at Lin Ming. It was unknown when, but a light black fog began to cover his face, making it difficult for others to see him. In this black fog, there was only a pair of vibrant red eyes that shined through. A cold light continuously flashed out from these eyes, causing anyone who dared to glance at them to feel a deep despairing fear.

Ka ka ka!

Ouyang Shenxiu gripped his fists together, and a purple flame ignited on his hands;this was similar to the Purple Flame Bone Lance that Ouyang Guang had used earlier.

’’What is going on? Sovereign Ouyang is not using a sword?’’

On the various lake islands, all the Acacia Faction disciples were surprised as they spoke. Those of the Acacia Faction used a sword. If a sword user were to use their fists, their power would naturally weaken by a great deal.

In conclusion, Ouyang Shenxiu still feared divine Phoenix Island. Since he clearly knew that he couldn't kill Lin Ming without provoking a calamity upon himself, he might as well not use his sword and only use his fists and sword fingers. Everyone could see this modest and humble act.

If he easily defeated Lin Ming without using his sword, he would be able to display his own style and aura as a master. No one would say that he was a senior that was bullying the weak and the young, but instead would say the his strength was vast and fathomless.

This was Ouyang Shenxiu's plan. If he were to defeat Lin Ming by creating a big ruckus and using an overwhelming momentum, he would lose face even if he won.

On a small island, another Acacia Faction disciple blankly stared at the disciple who had just spoken, ’’What do you know. Sovereign Ouyang is going easy on Lin Ming, this is the Sovereign's grace. Even in this situation, he is still staying his hand. I can only hope that Lin Ming knows what's good for him and doesn't ignore this kindness, otherwise the Sovereign will teach him a harsh lesson.’’

’’So it's like this! The Sovereign is indeed great.’’

All the lower level disciples couldn't help but compliment and praise the Sovereign. Within the entire Acacia Faction, there was only a single person who had practiced the 'divine Acacia Power' to the limit of the seventh layer. To all the disciples of the Acacia Faction, Ouyang Shenxiu was no different than a god.

’’You won't draw your sword?’’ Lin Ming asked with a smile.

Ouyang Shenxiu sneered. Although his swordless strength was lacking, his sword fingers were still far more than enough. If Lin Ming thought that he would be able to take matters lightly just because he wasn't using a sword, then he would be sorely mistaken.

10,000 Shadow Fingers!

Ouyang Shenxiu flicked his fingers, and thousands upon thousands of purple beams shot out from his hands like a violent storm of purple rain.

Lin Ming's spear shook, and his entire skeleton began to emit crackling noises;he used 30% of his Tempering Marrow true essence.

10,000 Flames Burning World!


A raging inferno of fire swept out. A gale of wind swept up Lin Ming's long hair, scattering it in the wind. The fiery conflagration smashed into the purple beams of light, and with explosive 'ka ka ka' sounds, the flames and purple lights began to melt together, shattering against each other!

Ouyang Shenxiu's sword fingers issued a sharp whistling sound. Lin Ming stood against this strength, and his Tempering Marrow true essence erupted with 50% force. The might of the spear - irresistible!

The sword fingers were suddenly torn apart by the flames.

’’Mm?’’ Ouyang Shenxiu frowned. The area where their energies were colliding was becoming increasingly intense!


An azure true essence that seemed to devour all light shot out. Lin Ming's spear shook, and the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared behind him;his spear thrust straight towards Ouyang Shenxiu's chest.

Explosions filled the air like rolling thunder.

The power of this spear erupted. 10,000 vibrating threads of true essence locked down the void. Ouyang Shenxiu only felt a sudden tightening of the space around him, and a strong oppressive sense as his aura began to distort under this pressure.

As Ouyang Shenxiu saw the shining spearpoint stabbing towards his chest, his expression finally changed. He waved his hand, and a deep red light condensed in his hands, gradually manifesting into a four foot long sword.


Ouyang Shenxiu's sword cut down on Lin Ming's spearpoint! When a sword and spear collided, the sword would always be at a disadvantage!

Lin Ming's lips panned up in a dark grin;the complete strength of Tempering Marrow opened!

The violent and tempered power of thunder and fire mixed with the complete Tempering Marrow true essence, exploding like a volcano.


Sword and spear crossed. Ouyang Shenxiu felt as if his sword had cut across a mountain. A chaotic and uncontrollable flux of energy broke into his body, causing his blood to stop. His body suddenly shook, and he was forced to soar backwards and into the air by Lin Ming's unstoppable spear potential.

Lin Ming's attack was extremely quick, but Ouyang Shenxiu's retreat had also been extremely quick. To the casual observer, it seemed as if Lin Ming's spear had sent Ouyang Shenxiu flying backwards!

Lin Ming's spear shot towards Ouyang Shenxiu in the sky. Ouyang Shenxiu's blood red eyes shot open.

Ahhh -

’’Break for me!’’

Ouyang Shenxiu gave a loud shot, and purple flames broke forth from his entire body. This was the eruption of an extreme Xiantian master's true strength. Under the impact of this strong force, Lin Ming's offensive finally disintegrated!

As Lin Ming flew through the air, he finally stopped, his toes pointing towards the ground. Like a feather, he gently floated onto the square, his spear still pointed at Ouyang Shenxiu in the sky.

The entire audience fell into silence. All of the Acacia Faction disciples that had been speaking so highly of Ouyang Shenxiu shut up.

Ouyang Shenxiu had been forced to fly away by a spear!

’’Lin Ming's strength is equal to that of Ouyang Shenxiu?’’

A second-grade sect's Elder said, stunned. Although it had seemed like Lin Ming had suppressed Ouyang Shenxiu with his attack, the truth was that Ouyang Shenxiu had taken great care to not use a weapon, and also held back in his attack. Thus, this was the result, and that was why to this second-grade sect Elder, it seemed as if Lin Ming's strength was almost equal to that of Ouyang Shenxiu.

’’How could that be possible? Sovereign Ouyang used less than half his strength in that last move!’’ An Acacia Faction disciple stubbornly said. In their eyes, Ouyang Shenxiu was an invincible existence. ’’Just wait to see our Sovereign use the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power'. The world itself will change. This Lin Ming boy won't be able to block it!’’

’’Humph! Let alone Lin Ming, even if Jiang Wuji came here himself he would still have three points of fear!’’

The Acacia Faction disciples all held their breath as they spoke. But, the disciples of the smaller sects didn't quite believe this;it was obvious from their eyes that were filled with suspicious.

At this time on the square, Lin Ming gave off a feeling like he was an ocean, an unfathomable and inestimable force. Perhaps Ouyang Shenxiu's seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power' was incomparable in power, but who knew what other secret cards Lin Ming had hidden up his sleeve?

Since he had the confidence to force his way into the Seven Profound Valleys and take Ouyang Boyan's life, his strength might even be beyond this!

Ouyang Shenxiu was deeply ashamed. Before, he had only used his sword fingers, but not only was he not able to suppress Lin Ming in the first move, but he was actually forced by Lin Ming to use his sword and even forced to retreat into the air.

This boy's strength was at least equal to someone at the top of the late Xiantian realm. It was even possible...

As Ouyang Shenxiu thought this, his expression changed.

That was simply impossible!

A late Houtian realm martial artist could have strength equal to an extreme Xiantian martial artist?

He couldn't accept this conclusion. His own cultivation was at the extreme Xiantian realm. If a late Houtian boy were to have the same level of strength as him, then that would simply be too pitiful to bear! He could not accept this!

Regardless of how strong Lin Ming was, it was true that when he was fighting Ouyang Guang and his group, he had still been hiding his strength!

Ouyang Shenxiu's eyes were brilliant as he stared at Lin Ming. Before, he had said that after three moves, he would drop all matters regardless of life or death. But, if he couldn't even manage to harm a single hair on Lin Ming after three moves, and was also forced back because of a counterattack, he would completely lose any face he had.

This boy!

Ouyang Shenxiu's eyes gradually turned ice cold. He extended his longsword and then gave a loud shout. With a whistling sound, Ouyang Shenxiu's longsword suddenly kindled to life with purple flames. A moment later, these purple flames shrank, manifesting into reality and attaching onto the sword. These purple flames turned into a thin layer of purple crystal. This sword had become an amethyst blade.

’’That's the Purple Flame Crystal Conversion!’’ An Acacia Faction disciple shouted from a small island.

The Purple Flame Crystal Conversion was a magic technique that was only found within the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power'. Once one cultivated the 'divine Acacia Power' to the seventh layer, they would have long lasting youth, and their Yang essence wouldn't dissipate. Although it was impossible to extend one's life beyond what was allowed by their cultivation, just that fact that their Yang essence wouldn't fade was already a great temptation for many Acacia Faction disciples.

Currently, within the entire Acacia Faction, only Ouyang Shenxiu had cultivated the 'divine Acacia Power' to the peak of the seventh layer. This was also the reason that Ouyang Shenxiu, although he was 300 to 400 years old, still appeared to resemble an attractive middle-aged man.

’’The Sovereign used the Purple Flame Crystal Conversion from the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power' cultivation method.’’

As this amethyst sword appeared, many Acacia Faction disciples felt proud and happy. When Ouyang Shenxiu had been pushed back by Lin Ming a moment ago, they had almost fallen into despair.

’’Haha, the Sovereign is finally serious!’’

’’Let's see just how this boy will block the Purple Flame Crystal Conversion this time!’’

Once Ouyang Shenxiu used the seventh layer of the 'divine Acacia Power', that was his message that he would no longer use a light hand.

Lin Ming slightly narrowed his eyes. As he looked at the amethyst sword in Ouyang Shenxiu's hand, he was able to see that the purple flames' dark Yin energy had disappeared, and instead turned into pure energy.

’’The highest level of the 'divine Acacia Power' can force the dark Yin energy to return to its natural state? This cultivation method also has a few good points.’’

Lin Ming held the Purple Come Spear flat, and readied himself to completely invest everything he had in this battle. Before this, he had repeatedly saved his strength, and it was all for this moment. Lin Ming's power was very explosive, but it was simply unable to last for an extended period of time. In the end, his cultivation was simply too insufficient. The true essence in his dantian and tempered marrow combined was still far inferior in thickness to that of an extreme Xiantian master. He had to ensure that he would be at his best condition when facing Ouyang Shenxiu.

The purple lights gathered from all over towards Ouyang Shenxiu's sword. The entire blade radiated a dazzling purple light, and ghostly cries emitted from it. On Ouyang Shenxiu's body, dozens of purple beams of light shot into the sky. All of these light beams were spurred by Ouyang Shenxiu's sword, and then pierced towards Lin Ming.

Sound seemed to disappear. This sword had created a near perfect 'potential'. This strange sword attack swallowed all sound side, touching upon a faint and elusive Concept!

’’What a terrifying sword. This Ouyang Shenxiu has not only cultivated the 'divine Acacia Power' to the limit, but he also has such a deep and profound understanding into swordsmanship. I wonder just how Lin Ming will defend against this! Within a pavilion on the lake, a martial family head with great eyesight spoke.

Facing the full force of Ouyang Shenxiu, Lin Ming's expression was calm as usual. However, the true essence within his body had already been circulating to the limit.

In the realms of martial artists, the higher one's cultivation, the greater the disparity in between boundaries. When Lin Ming was at the late Pulse Condensation period, his strength was comparable to an early xiantian master. However, he was not naїve enough to think that after his cultivation had jumped an entire realm, his power was now equal to a Revolving Core master.

Against the full force of Ouyang Shenxiu, Lin Ming did not underestimate him at all.

Heretical God Force - open!

After experiencing the trials within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm for nearly an entire year, the power that came from reaching the second layer of the Heretical God Force completely erupted!


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