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Martial World - Chapter 420


Chapter 420 - Those Who Block My Path Will Die




’’Take my life? Hahaha!’’ Ouyang Boyan richly laughed. ’’This old man is standing here. I want to see just how you will take my life!’’

Lin Ming sneered, not responding. With a shake of the Purple Comet Spear, arcs of lightning began to flash atop the spearpoint!

As Lin Ming took a step at a time towards Ouyang Boyan, his momentum began to increase, solidifying to the limit!

’’How presumptuous! Where do you think you are!?’’ At this time, a dragon-bearded man stepped forwards, holding a nine foot long staff in his hand. This dragon-bearded man came from a second-grade sect, and his talent was also decent. His cultivation was a half-step into the Xiantian realm. But because of his limited resources, had had been trapped at this stage for ten years and hadn't been able to reach the Xiantian realm.

This time he came to request help from Ouyang Boyan. He had prepared a great number of gifts in order to infiltrate into the Acacia Faction and cultivate the divine Acacia Power, hoping to find an opportunity to break through to the Xiantian realm.

Since the dragon-bearded man needed help from Ouyang Boyan, he would naturally raise his head at this time to show his utter loyalty.

He simply didn't know who Lin Ming was, nor did he notice the pity in the eyes of Ouyang Ming, who was looking at him from behind.

However, the dragon-bearded man was not stupid. Since this youth came here on a phoenix, his strength possibly surpassed even his own. With a wave of his hand, three people that were standing behind him jumped forwards;their cultivations were at the peak Houtian realm.

They were all from the same sect. Today, they had all come to submit themselves to the Ouyang Family Clan.

’’The four of us are going to attack him together. Don't hold back, this fellow won't be easy to deal with.’’ The dragon-bearded man said to others with a true essence sound transmission.


The four of them had gone through many tribulations together, and already seamlessly understood each other and were able to coordinate well. They had an implicit faith and understanding in each others' strength. If they attacked at the same time, rushing Lin Ming's weak angles from four different directions, then it should be impossible for Lin Ming to block from so many attacks at once.

’’Out of my way!’’


A terrifying air wave of pressure erupted. Lin Ming didn't even bother to move - it was simply the massive momentum that was contained within him suddenly breaking out at once. A savage and violent true essence recklessly shot out, and an incomparably sharp and deadly storm lifted the marble tiles off the floor.


All four of them spat out blood as they flew backwards, their bodies smashing into the floor and rolling back dozens of feet like gourds that had been kicked. Two of them even helplessly fell into the lake.

As for Lin Ming, he hadn't even moved at all!

The entire audience was petrified.

’’What?’’ He defeated four peak Houtian masters with a single move? How is that possible?’’

’’A move? You think that Lin Ming actually made a move? I didn't even see it! He stood there, not moving at all. He only shouted 'out of my way', and all those people were sent flying backwards by his aura!’’ A Houtian realm Seven Profound Valleys disciple said. His strength was better so he was able to see what had happened much more clearly than these second-grade sect disciple.

’’Lin Ming?’’ The second-grade sect disciples were startled, ’’What? That youth is Lin Ming? Which Lin Ming?’’

’’Don't speak such stupid nonsense. Naturally it is the one who became the champion of the last Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction Martial Meeting! That Lin Ming!’’

With this remark, there was a series of gasps within the square and then silence. At this time, no one cared to ask why Lin Ming hadn't died. Instead, they were only baffled by his overwhelming strength.

Lin Ming was only 17 years old!!!

17 years old. Not only was his cultivation at the late Houtian realm, but his strength had reached such an abnormal degree that he was able to send four peak Houtian masters and even a half-step Xiantian master flying back, wounded! Now, the competition that these so-called talents had before was simply like little babies slapping each other - nothing but an unsightly event!

The second-grade sect martial artists felt like they were living a dream. This was a true top talent? A person like this really existed in this world?

The Fierce Flood Sect's Liu Xuan watched Lin Ming at the center of the square, his palms oozing sweat. He had grown up under the halo of a genius even since he was a baby, and his character had become naturally arrogant and proud. He believed that after stumbling into the cave mansion of a long-dead mysterious master of the South Horizon Region and obtaining a great lucky chance, that he himself would be able to enter the ranks of the top talents. But now, compared to Lin Ming, he was nothing but a joke.

He couldn't help but glance over at Ouyang Ming, and saw that his expression was also very perturbed.

Although Ouyang Ming hadn't thought that these four people would be able to threaten Lin Ming's life, there had still been four of them, and they were also skilled in combination attack techniques. At least they should have forced Lin Ming to expend some effort to deal with them. He never imagined that Lin Ming would only give a single shout, and those four would be sent flying backwards!

Lin Ming's talent was even more terrifying than it was a year and a half ago! A chill ran up Ouyang Ming's spine.

Lin Ming coldly glanced at everyone present. His voice contained a thick murderous intent as he said, ’’This is the last and final time I will show mercy. If anyone blocks my path again, then they have walked onto the path of death!’’

All of the Seven Profound Valleys Elders' complexions completely changed. Most of the Elders present were at the early Xiantian realm, and there were even several that had just entered the early Xiantian realm a few years ago. A moment ago, they were able to see everything that had happened clearly. Although that dragon-bearded man and his companions were from a small sect and also had ordinary strength, their cultivations were still at least at the peak Houtian realm. If they were in Lin Ming's position, they wouldn't have been able to win like Lin Ming!

Facing the current Lin Ming, this caused them to give birth to the belief that they could not block his way!

Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear, walking forwards a step at a time. On the spearpoint, the power of thunder and fire flashed out!

Ouyang Boyan's complexion sank until it was able to leak water!

He finally realized the most important and dreadful truth. That was that Lin Ming had the ability to deal with him!

With every step that Lin Ming took forwards, his momentum became increasingly formidable!

Ouyang Boyan felt a heavy pressure weigh down on him. The current Lin Ming was like a Death God, and he was listening to the sounds of the netherworld slowly approach!

’’You are dissolute! You really think that no one in my Acacia Faction will stop you!?’’

Just now, a drum like voice sounded out. A white-robed old man flashed and instantly appeared on the square. He was the Acacia Faction Elder Ouyang Guang, and his cultivation was at the peak of the middle Xiantian realm!

This banquet was also a celebration of him taking a concubine. As one of the hosts of this banquet, how could he allow someone to ruin it like this?

Lin Ming calmly looked at Ouyang Guang. His voice was bone-chilling as he said, ’’You want to block my way?’’

’’What a joke. This is my Acacia Faction, it is not a place where you can be so rampant. You really think you are invincible within this world? How about you kill this old man first.’’

Lin Ming held the Purple Comet Spear horizontally in front of him, and indifferently said, ’’Those who block my path will die!’’

Lin Ming already didn't have the tiniest bit of a favorable impression towards the Acacia Faction. Not to mention the actions of the Acacia Faction in the past, just this matter of Ouyang Boyan trying to deal with Qin Xingxuan, how could he have done so and suppressed Qin Ziya if not for the help of his connections through the Acacia Faction?

The Acacia Faction was a scourge upon the Seven Profound territory. All that the Acacia Faction produced were the lowest of scum. Lin Ming was not a bloodthirsty or vicious person, but in dealing with the scum from the Acacia Faction, he had no qualms about killing them at all.

’’Truly an arrogant junior;you have no idea what it means to die! With your mere late Houtian realm cultivation you can roll over martial artists at your level, so you think no one in this world can defeat you. Today, this old man will let you experience what a Xiantian master's strength is like!’’

Ouyang Guang gave a loud shout, and true essence erupted from his body. Purple hued true essence gushed out from his dantian. A Xiantian realm martial artist's dantian contained a cyclone of true essence;their true essence was much purer and thicker than a Houtian realm martial artist's.

A dazzling purple flame instantly condensed into a purple bone lance in Ouyang Guang's hand. From the body of this lance, ghostly cries were emitted.

This was the Purple Flame Bone Lance of the 'divine Acacia Power'. Lin Ming had already seen this move many times. But compared to what he had seen before, the purple bone lance in Ouyang Guang's hand was much thicker and larger. Not just that, but the end was also shaped like a grim and ominous skull - it seemed incomparably fierce.

’’Junior, prepare to die!’’

Ouyang Guang threw out the bone lance in his hands. His target was Lin Ming's stomach. Although he didn't dare to kill Lin Ming, he absolutely wouldn't let him leave unscathed.

The ghostly skull lance was fast like lightning. A blurry shadow followed behind it, along with a long tail of purple flames. It cut through the air with the keening wail of ghosts, almost piercing through one's eardrums.

Lin Ming's expression was the same, and his eyes were cold. Azure true essence billowed around his body like flames, and one could clearly hear the sound of this incomparably sharp true essence splitting the air.

’’divine Demon Thunder Soul!’’

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. Thunder howled. A thick arc of purple lightning mixed with a bright blood red bolt of lightning, twining together and forming a giant, revolving beam of lighting. This beam of lightning collided against the Purple Flame Bone Lance!

Against ghosts and devils, the power of thunder was absolute suppression!

After the divine Demon Thunder Soul crashed into the Purple Flame Bone Lance, there was only a high pitched 'chi chi chi' sound. The Purple Flame Bone Lance was actually like a ball of snow that fell into a blazing furnace - it instantly melted away!

The power of thunder didn't diminish in the least. With the sound of rolling thunder, it impacted straight towards Ouyang Guang!

Ouyang Guang's eyes widened in surprise and shock. Everyone present was also amazed. Just how was this possible?

Everyone already expected that Ln Ming had the strength of a Xiantian realm martial artist. But he shouldn't have been able to so easily break apart Ouyang Guang's killing move!

’’My power of thunder is especially capable at destroying ghosts and devils. Does Elder Ouyang not know even something as basic as this?’’

Lin Ming's voice contained a hint of ridicule. But, the attack in his hands didn't slow at all. After the divine Demon Thunder Soul was sent out, Lin Ming's spear potential turned, the Fallen Star Flame erupted!

’’10,000 Flames Burning World!’’

First thunder, now flames. Lin Ming displayed the might of thunder and fire to the limit!

Ouyang Guang paled. He gave a loud shout, and the air around him distorted. The tiles underneath his feet were seared red by heat. He thrust his hands out like he was forming claws. A blood red light seemed to envelop his entire body.

’’Blood Demon Claws!’’

With a flash of blood colored light, a crimson blood claw shot out. This was a martial skill from the sixth layer of the 'divine Acacia Power'. It contained over 90% of Ouyang Guang's true strength!

Lin Ming smiled. The 'divine Acacia Power' was originally martial arts from the demonic path. In the past, Zhang Guanyu's Life Severing Dead Bone Blade, Ouyang Dihua's Soul Severing Blood Skull, Ouyang Zifeng's Purple Flame Bone Lance, and even the current Ouyang Guang's Blood Demon Claws - all of them were the same school of martial arts. With each attack, it consumed one's own blood vitality. Thus, those who cultivated these skills had to double cultivate and suck dry the Primordial Yin energy of women in order to make up for their own lost energy.

To use this cultivation method against someone like Lin Ming, well, that could only be considered their bad luck.

’’Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!’’

Within Lin Ming's hand, the light of thunder began to turn, becoming a crimson blood colored python of electricity. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was born to suck dry blood essence!


The crimson python opened its great jaws and directly chomped down on the Blood Demon Claws, instantly swallowing it!


Ouyang Guang was unable to believe what had happened in front of his own eyes.

However, he no longer had time to even feel dismay. The purple flames and thunder had already arrived in front of him!

Ouyang Guang took out a longsword and slashed down!


After being weakened twice, the python of lightning was chopped apart by Ouyang Guang's sword. However, the Fallen Star Flame made a solid strike against Ouyang Guang's bodily true essence protection.

The Fallen Star Flame had a unique ability to corrode anything it touched. It immediately ripped open dozens of tiny gaps in Ouyang Guang's bodily true essence protection, and the full power of that corrosive flame sunk into Ouyang Guang's meridians. Ouyang Guang immediately shook, paled, and bled from his nose!

As the audience saw this, every martial artist fell silent. The peak of the middle Xiantian realm Ouyang Guang had already been injured so heavily after just a few rounds of battle!?


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