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Martial World - Chapter 418


Chapter 418 - Seven Profound Valleys Banquet




’’You will go to the Seven Profound Valleys? Now?’’ Qin Ziya was startled. In his view, Lin Ming was truly formidable, and was even stronger than him. But if he went to the Seven Profound Valleys, there were countless Xiantian realm masters scattered around like clouds - and even extreme Xiantian masters. Ouyang Boyan was himself already strong, but no matter how fierce Lin Ming was, how could he possibly do anything to Ouyang Boyan within the Seven Profound Valleys? At best, when Lin Ming went there, anything he tried would come to nothing.

’’Yes, I'm going to go now.’’ Lin Ming's voice trembled with a light note of killing intent. The surrounding temperature seemed to drop by several degrees.

’’Lin Ming, don't be so rash. Think about this.’’ Qin Xingxuan was afraid that Lin Ming would lose and that something would happen to him. It had to be known that within the complex and layered forces that existed within the Seven Profound Valleys, the Ouyang Family Clan was one of the greatest and most notorious. Ouyang Boyan was an important character of the Ouyang Family Clan, and his network covered the entire Seven Profound Valleys. A strong dragon shouldn't press local snakes. If he faced off against Ouyang Boyan within the Seven Profound Valleys, it would be easy for him to suffer a loss.

’’Lin Ming, how about this, let's go to divine Phoenix Island first and see if we can use divine Phoenix Island to pressure the Seven Profound Valleys...’’

’’No need. I will solve this matter by myself. Now, let's go!’’

’’This... alright.’’ Qin Ziya glanced at Lin Ming's killing intent and nodded. ’’When the time comes, try to negotiate as much as possible. I'm sure the Seven Profound Valleys would convene the Council of Elders...’’

Qin Ziya thought that the Seven Profound Valleys would punish Ouyang Boyan themselves. If this happened, they wouldn't have to draw in divine Phoenix Island.

’’But...’’ Qin Xingxuan was full of worries.

Qin Ziya said, ’’It's alright. Lin Ming shouldn't be able to accomplish anything on this trip. But no matter how courageous the Seven Profound Valleys is, they wouldn't dare to lay their hands on him.’’

Qin Xingxuan bit her lips then nodded. She whispered, ’’Lin Ming, be careful alright?’’

Qin Ziya paused and then said to Lin Ming. ’’Let's look for a safe place first and settle Miss Qin down. Afterwards you and I can go to the Seven Profound Valleys together.’’

Lin Ming shook his head. He said, ’’War is erupting in all lands and directions - there is no safe place in the South Sea. Even if it was an isolated island in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't feel relieved. Xingxuan, it's best if you travel with me. Let us go to the Seven Profound Valleys together.’’

’’This...’’ Qin Ziya was a bit worried, ’’Lin Ming. When the time comes, there are bound to be some battles that occur. If there is some accident, Miss Qin might be harmed...’’

Lin Ming's expression went cold. ’’If there is anyone who dares to harm Xingxuan, I will exterminate the entire Seven Profound Valleys!’’

As these words came out, the murderous intent that had been hiding within Lin Ming began to overflow once again. Qin Ziya suddenly felt his back go cold, and he realized that Lin Ming was not joking. He prayed that when the time came, they would be able to peacefully settle matters. ’’That is... well, let's not tarry any longer. We'll go now.’’


The Seven Profound Valleys, Acacia Faction -

A light mountain fog hung at the bottom of a vast lake. On top of the lake, there were a number of man-made islands. From far away, it looked like these islands were connected together by strings of shining pearls.

Today, the Acacia Faction was very lively and festive. Within the sect, they were holding a grand banquet.

There were three celebrations happening at the same time. The first was that the Acacia Faction Great Elder Ouyang Guang was taking a concubine. Second, was that the Acacia Faction's chief disciple Ouyang Ming had made a breakthrough to the Houtian realm. And third, the faction Elder Ouyang Boyan, who had been stranded at the peak of the early Xiantian realm for dozens of years, had finally made his breakthrough to the middle Xiantian realm!

Of these three happy events, the most important two events were the celebrations of breakthroughs in cultivation. As for Ouyang Guang taking a concubine, that was an event worth celebrating, but to Acacia Faction Elders who had groups of wives and concubines, it wasn't that great a deal. It was just that he was joining in with the rest and having a little celebration himself.

As for Ouyang Ming and Ouyang Boyan making a breakthrough in their cultivation, this would greatly strengthen and consolidate the Ouyang Family Clan's status within the Seven Profound Valleys.

These years, the top master of the Seven Profound Valleys had mainly been the Jiang Family Clan. But, they couldn't keep up with the Ouyang Family Clan's flourishing descendants. The Elders had groups of wives and concubines, and many more girls that they played with.

The larger their foundation of descendants, the more talents they could produce.

Under such a situation, the Ouyang Family Clan's population was several times that of the Jiang Family Clan. They had already nearly equaled them in power.

On the main island of the lake, there were seven distinguished and broad stone bridges that connected to the other islands. These bridges were made of iridescent white marble, and were 50 feet wide. It was enough to allow two large carriages to pass by each other with room to spare. It was quite spacious.

As this time, on these white marble bridges, there was a steady stream of people walking back and forth. Most of these people were from martial cultivation families, or were top figures of small sects.

’’Haha, Brother Boyan, congratulations!’’

A man with a long face greeted Ouyang Boyan as he saw him, cupping his fists together across his chest.

’’You as well.’’ Ouyang Boyan laughed in return. At this time, he was flushed with success and filled with elation. At this time, he had broken through to the middle Xiantian realm, Lin Ming had died, and his great blood grudge had been resolved. His thoughts flowed freely, and his heart was at ease. The true essence that had been blocked within him had finally connected, and he had made a successful breakthrough.

Also, there was another event that caused Ouyang Boyan to feel very happy. And that was that Qin Ziya, the man that had kept obstructing him, had finally gone stupid and did something idiotic, injuring the disciple that he had sent to monitor him at Star Coconut Island. Not only that, but he had then swept away the sea chart and left without authorization from the sect. The Seven Profound Valleys had very strict rules. In times of war, they were even stricter. This time, Qin Ziya would not be able to emerge from this even unscathed.

It was just a pity that Ouyang Boyan still hadn't been able to make Qin Xingxuan submit to him and serve him. Although Ouyang Boyan was an Elder, the most he could do was pressure her using his influence and a military command. As for forcefully ravaging her, she was still a Seven Profound Valleys disciple, so that was impossible.

This caused Ouyang Boyan to feel some regret. Otherwise, if he was able to possess and thoroughly enjoy the woman that Lin Ming had loved before his death, then that would be the greatest and most carefree dream that would make his mind flow even more freely.

’’Elder Ouyang, congratulations. To reach the middle Xiantian realm before 160 years of age, it's not impossible for you to step into the extreme Xiantian realm in the future.’’ A long bearded daoist priest smiled in congratulations as he flicked his whisk around.

This long bearded daoist priest was the master of a second-grade Daoist Temple. The Seven Profound territory had many small second-grade powers within it. They were not part of the Seven Profound Valleys, but still maintained a good relationship with them. Sometimes they would pay tribute with some top quality goods, and thus the Seven Profound Valleys would tacitly allow their continued existence.

’’So it's Temple Master Qin, please, enjoy yourself.’’ The atmosphere of the event was very happy and festive. As one of the main hosts of honor of this event, Ouyang Boyan had to smile even when greeting these leaders of second-grade sects. He had fully stepped into the middle Xiantian realm, and had now officially joined the ranks of masters within the Seven Profound Valleys. Ouyang Boyan was only 150 to 160 years old;he still had much room to rise. After several more decades, it wouldn't be surprising if he reached the late Xiantian realm.

And the late Xiantian realm was where the true top level masters of the Seven Profound Valleys were. It had to be known that extreme Xiantian masters were exceedingly rare within the Seven Profound Valleys. Within the entire Ouyang Family Clan, there was only a single extreme Xiantian master.

A grand feast had already been arranged on the islands. The seats around the tables faced the lakes, and the beautiful pavilions shimmered like they were carved from the purest jade. They were crystal clear, high, and absolutely gorgeous.

Those that could enter these pavilions were the top characters of second-grade sects, or they might be heads of certain great martial cultivation families. As for the main island, that was mostly reserved for the Elders of the Seven Profound Valleys. Those of lesser status celebrated on the surrounding islands. The entire banquet seating arrangement was organized by a very distinct separation of status.

Ouyang Ming naturally sat at the main island. A year later, he was still as handsome and talented as before, it was only that his calm and restrained atmosphere was even more intense than before. As he sat there, he was instantly the focus of everyone present. His every movement caught the attention of the outstanding heroic elites present.

Ouyang Ming had stepped into the Houtian realm at only 21 years of age. In the future, there was great hope that he would be able to reach the extreme Xiantian realm. Then, the Ouyang Family Clan would be able to usher in another golden age of unlimited prosperity!

The young men present couldn't help but compare themselves to Ouyang Ming. As for the young women, especially those that came from small family clans or small sects, they all constantly tried to enter the eyes of Ouyang Ming. These girls of common talent all dreamed that Ouyang Ming would fancy them and take them as his concubine. Not only would their status in their family clan or sect dramatically rise, but they would even have the support of the Acacia Faction's resources. With that, breaking through to the Pulse Condensation period would be simple.

For these young girls, this temptation was a fatal poison that they couldn't resist. Not to mention that Ouyang Ming had extremely good looks that seemed sculpted from jade. If they gave their bodies to him, they wouldn't consider it a loss.

’’Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, is that Ouyang Ming really so fierce? He's at the early Houtian realm, but he can actually jump ranks to defeat a late Houtian master? Doesn't that mean he is also more formidable than Elder Senior-apprentice Brother?’’ In a gazebo near the lake waters, a 20 something youth said in a quiet voice. He was from a small second-grade sect in the Seven Profound territory.

His Elder Senior-apprentice Brother was nearly 30 years old, and his cultivation was at the late Houtian realm. In their small sect, this Houtian realm disciple was their top number one talent.

The Elder-apprentice Brother nodded and said, ’’This late Houtian realm disciple should be a sect's martial artist. Here, any casual inner court disciple is already far beyond me. Lamentably, I am inferior to Ouyang Ming. I am already 29 years old and Ouyang Ming is only 21. The difference between us is just too great!

’’But...’’ That Elder Senior-apprentice Brother changed the topic, ’’Liu Xuan from the Fierce Flood Sect is not some common nobody. This time, he might have thoughts to show off his skills during this banquet competition and brilliantly shine. Perhaps he might even think of challenging Ouyang Ming.’’

Within the South Sea Horizon and the Five Element Region, it was normal that a sect would hold a friendly competition during grand banquets. The Seven Profound Valleys was no exception. This was also a good opportunity for young talents to display their skills.

Martial artists at the Pulse Condensation period and the Houtian realm could go onstage. But, the truth was that most of these second-grade sects' Houtian realm martial artists were nearly 30 years old;they couldn't really be considered as 'youthful' heroic elites. But in order to allow the Seven Profound Valleys' Houtian realm disciples to show their skills, they had no choice but to go up onstage.

In truth, many disciples were stilling willing to go up. When facing against a Seven Profound Valleys disciple, losing was no shame, and winning meant great honor.

For instance, the Fierce Flood Sect's Liu Xuan had stumbled into the cave domain of a South Horizon Region master that had passed away a long time ago, and had obtained a lucky chance from the legacy he had left behind. Now, he wished for the opportunity to go up onstage in the banquet competition and amaze the world with his display of skills.

Over time, important figures of the Acacia Faction as well as some Elders of the Array Faction, Mirage Faction, and Refiner Faction began to arrive.

However, there were very, very few people from the Zither Faction and Sword Faction..

The Seven Profound Valleys had many internal contradictions. As the saying went, those who walked different paths had to go separate ways. Because of the different cultivation methods that they practiced, those from the Sword Faction and Zither Faction had very different personalities from those of the Acacia Faction. The Acacia Faction did not have harmonious relations with these two other factions. Since Ouyang Ming had Ouyang Boyan had made a breakthrough, only those Elders from the Sword Faction and Zither Faction that personally had connections with those from the Acacia Faction had arrived.

There were multiple rounds of drinks, and the celebratory atmosphere had reached a peak. Now, the banquet competition would begin!

This was the highlight of the banquet. Many young heroic elites smiled as they went onstage. These geniuses were the greatest talents of their sects. Naturally, they had waves of applause.

But at this time, just several hundred miles away from the Seven Profound Valleys, Lin Ming was standing on Fireshine's back as he flew in the direction of the banquet. He could already see the Profound Sky Mountains from several hundred miles away. To Fireshine, this several hundred mile distance would only take an incense stick of time to traverse...


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