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Martial World - Chapter 416


Chapter 416 - The Feeling of Not Losing Her, How Blissful




Ou Xiong died, and it was also a painful struggle before he died. Because his cultivation was high, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder wasn't able to instantly kill him. But this only meant that he suffered more pain, and in the end, all that was left of him was a dry corpse.

The three arcs of Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder howled as they flew back towards Lin Ming's hand, and integrated into the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder's Thunder Soul.

Qin Yao gulped. Such a killing method was extremely eerie, to the point where it made her skin crawl. This was absolutely not the righteous path.

Lin Ming turned around to look at her. Qin Yao jumped. Before she knew it, her hands were wet with sweat.

’’Thank you.’’ Lin Ming said. Lin Ming had seen the moment when Qin Yao had rescued Qin Xingxuan. He imagined that Qin Yao had looked after Qin Xingxuan many times. Otherwise, with her current condition, it was impossible that she would have survived until he arrived to save her.

’’This is for you.’’ Lin Ming took out two bottles of pills from his spatial ring.

When Lin Ming had taken the spatial ring from the South Sea Demon Region's Saint Son, Lei Mubai, besides the Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica and the ancient Devil Tome cultivation method jade slip, there were also many various precious and rare pills and treasures. Some of the pills were even more valuable than the Heaven Opening Pill.

Lin Ming was not stingy. He had taken out a bottle of Origin Balancing Pills and a bottle of Earth Spirit Pills. These pills were miracle cures that were respectively used by Xiantian realm and Houtian realm martial artists. These two pills were able to stabilize one's cultivation, and could build and refine the true essence in one's body.

This so-called strengthening one's energy was in fact creating a more solid and stable foundation. Lin Ming's foundation was already at the limit of stability when he had broken through. Therefore these two bottles of pills were relatively useless to him.

Pills that could stabilize one's foundation were much more valuable than pills that could enhance one's foundation. Every two Earth Spirit Pills were equal to a Heaven Opening Pill, and, as for the Origin Balancing Pill, every one one was much more valuable than a Heaven Opening Pill!

In a single breath Lin Ming had given away eight Earth Spirit Pills and three Origin Balancing Pills.

Qin Yao took the pill bottles. After smelling the fragrance that wafted from them, she was utterly stunned. ’’These are... Earth Spirit Pills!?’’

To Qin Yao, Earth Spirit Pills were pills only found in legends. Within the Seven Profound Valleys, only a faction's chief disciple like Jiang Baoyun, Qin Wuxin, or other characters like that could obtain one or two Earth Spirit Pills after they reached the early Houtian realm in order to solidify their cultivate energy.

But Lin Ming had handed her eight of them!

Every two Earth Spirit Pills were equal to a Heaven Opening Pill!

To a martial artist from the Seven Profound Valleys, this was a staggeringly expensive pill that would leave anyone dumbfounded;how could she possibly eat these?

Since she had Earth Spirit Pills, she might as well trade them for Heaven Opening Pills. Although Earth Spirit Pills had a great effect, a similar effect could be accomplished through accumulated effort over time.

But, a Heaven Opening Pill was different. Without a Heaven Opening Pill, no matter how diligent one was, it would be impossible to step into the Xiantian realm.

Therefore, to a Seven Profound Valleys disciple, an Earth Spirit Pill was just like delicious and valuable vicious beast meat was to a poor man. A poor man wouldn't even be able to eat steamed buns, why would they eat valuable vicious beast meat? They might as well trade it in for several bags of rice and flour, that would be a much better use of it.

’’I...’’ Qin Yao didn't know what to say. She knew what an Earth Spirit Pill was, but she had never seen an Origin Balancing Pill before. Still, just from looking at the rich heaven and earth origin energy that was condensed within the Origin Balancing Pill, she guessed that this precious pill was even more valuable than the Earth Spirit Pill.

In truth, one or two Heaven Opening Pills were more than enough for her. The reason that she had risked her life to come to Blood Demon Island was to obtain enough medium-grade true essence stones in order to trade for Heaven Opening Pills. As for these Earth Spirit Pills, they were completely luxurious treasures.

Lin Ming was able to guess what Qin Yao was thinking. He smiled and said, ’’The Earth Spirit Pills are for you to eat. You inner true essence is very messy, and your foundation is unstable. Otherwise, a few blood demons would not be able to deal with you. With your current condition, it will be very difficult for you to reach the Xiantian realm. If you have these Earth Spirit Pills, you can stabilize your cultivation so that your chances are much higher. As for these Origin Balancing Pills, you can use them to exchange for Heaven Opening Pills. Three Origin Balancing Pills are enough to trade for at least three Heaven Opening Pills. Once your foundation becomes stable, two or three Heaven Opening Pills are more than enough for you to reach the Xiantian realm!’’

Three Origin Balancing Pills can be exchanged for three Heaven Opening Pills?

Qin Yao was stunned.

At this moment, Qin Ziya laughed and said, ’’Qin Yao, these Origin Balancing Pills are for a Xiantian martial artist to use. Its value is truly above a Heaven Opening Pill. I can ask the Sovereign to help you trade. The Seven Profound Valleys' Elders would be glad for this business.

Qin Ziya was a Zither Faction Elder. If he helped her in the trade, then she wouldn't need to fear that she would be scammed, and it was also safer. Qin Ziya didn't have Heaven Opening Pills, otherwise he would be happy to make a trade too. To a Xiantian master, Heaven Opening Pills were useless. But Origin Balancing Pills could be used to solidify their cultivation base.

Qin Yao was speechless with excitement. Her hands clutched her chest as she ran short of breath. Everything that happened seemed to be like a dream!

Xiantian realm! She had long ago decided that she would firm her resolve and make the sacrifices necessary in order to work towards this high goal in her life. But yet, this goal had actually been realized in an instant!

As Lin Ming watched Qin Yao's excited expression, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion. He understood very well her emotions at this time. In Sky Fortune Kingdom, there were many martial artists whose lifelong goal was to step into the Pulse Condensation period. To them, a Xiantian martial artist was no different than gods from ancient legends.

But now, these two bottles of pills were able to create a Xiantian martial artist, and realize the lifelong aspirations of a third-grade sect disciple.

It could only be said that the disparity in this world was too great. All living beings were no different than ants. As for some people who believed they were above others, they were just bigger ants.

Lin Ming's own road that he had to travel was still impossible long.

’’Qin Yao, please do not spread the news that I am alive.’’

’’I... I understand.’’ Qin Yao forcefully nodded. Although she tried to calm herself, her voice was still a bit shaky.

Lin Ming smiled. Then, he bent down and lifted up the peacefully sleeping Qin Xingxuan.

As he temporarily flattened his killing intent, Lin Ming looked for a peaceful place in the vicinity of Blood Demon Island and spread out a temporary bed of grass and clothing, letting Qin Xingxuan rest on top.

Once Qin Xingxuan's condition was completely restored, he would have the peace of mind to go and pay a visit to the Seven Profound Valleys.

Qin Xingxuan rested for two whole days. During this period, Qin Ziya lived nearby. In these two days, Qin Ziya discussed the Zither Faction's cultivation methods with Qin Yao;the two were simply birds of a feather. Qin Ziya's natural talent was extremely high, it was just that he started cultivating martial arts too late in his life, and thus missed the best window of time to do so. But, he still had a very rich experience and depth of knowledge about the Zither Faction's cultivation methods, and also into the intricacies of the Zither Heart. As he and Qin Yao conversed for two days, Qin Yao benefited a lot.

Two days peacefully passed. Lin Ming had laid down a simple isolating array formation. Fireshine was just too conspicuous. Although he was hidden in a cave, he didn't fear blood demons, but rather that any fight would disturb Qin Xingxuan's rest.


Qin Xingxuan slept soundly. Her expression was tranquil, and her face was cute and flushed, just like a baby.

Occasionally, she would frown, and a look of panic would come over her. Presumably, this was because the shadows of her heart had deepened too much from these past days. Lin Ming's death, her Qin Family's imminent demise, the serpent Ouyang Boyan, and even the perilous Blood Demon Island;all of these were Qin Xingxuan's nightmares, weighing down on her chest, making it hard for her to breath.

Whenever Lin Ming saw Qin Xingxuan like this, he could only worry and be nervous. He quietly held onto her hands during this time, hoping it would give her comfort...

This approach was truly miraculous. Whenever he did so, Qin Xingxuan would always slowly calm down, and sometimes even a happy and content smile would appear on her lips.

The cave was cool. Moisture would condense at the top of the cave, turning into crystal drops of water. Once these water drops were big enough, they would fall down, releasing a clear ringing sound that echoed.

However, Qin Xingxuan did not feel cold. The Vermillion Bird blood essence continuously and subtly transformed her bloodline, causing her blood vitality to be vibrant like a stove. Sometimes, Qin Xingxuan would even fragrantly perspire until she dripped. She would subconsciously pull off the blanket, and even tug away on her clothes.

When this happened, Lin Ming could only blush and gulp as he embarrassedly tucked Qin Xingxuan back in her blanket, waiting for the Vermillion Bird blood essence to penetrate into her marrow and completely fuse with her.

Time slowly marched on. Like this, another day passed.

It was late at night, and the shining bright moon was hanging in the dark night sky. Because of the endless red fog that never left Blood Demon Island, the round moon looked as if it were dyed red. But this only made it seem especially beautiful.

Qin Xingxuan had already completely calmed down. The flushed ruddiness of her face already vanished.

The bloodline transformation had quietly completed.

A single tear formed at the corner of Qin Xingxuan's eyes. Under the red demon moon, the light that fell down was a pale red. It was like a blood-colored pearl was hidden in the night sky. This scene was particularly poignant.

As the tear rolled down her cheek, it was actually caught by a finger. Lin Ming gently wiped away this tear, feeling some heartache.

At this moment, Qin Xingxuan loudly coughed. She revealed a pained expression and then... she opened her eyes.

As her blurry vision began to clear up, in her eyes, she saw Lin Ming's face.

She was immediately shocked.

These past two days, she had encountered countless colorful dreams and terrible nightmares. Now, Qin Xingxuan found it difficult to distinguish between dreams and realities. Between these dreams, she vaguely recalled that before she died, she saw Lin Ming coming to her on a Vermillion Bird. From time to time, this image would pop into her mind, but in the end she didn't know whether Lin Ming was alive or dead.

At the moment when she had awakened, she thought that she would be a lone girl that would have to face this desolate and bleak world. But, what she saw was Lin Ming sitting beside her, a tender and happy smile on his face.

Now, Qin Xingxuan's tears couldn't stop. She threw herself into Lin Ming's arms, crying and sobbing.

She tightly held onto Lin Ming's waist. She feared that if she let go, she would lose him.

’’It's all right, everything's fine. I've got you now.’’ Lin Ming gently caressed Qin Xingxuan's back. His heart filled with emotion. This feeling of not losing her was truly blissful.

Like this, Qin Xingxuan held onto Lin Ming. She cried without words. All of the grievances, injustices, and sorrows she had held within her now melted away like snow under the summer sun.

Qin Xingxuan suddenly felt that her life was inseparable from Lin Ming's. Even if the gap between them became a moat that divided them, she would do everything in her power to pursue him. She wouldn't leave him, even if she had to be a moth that got too close to the flames...

With a fragrant and jade-like Qin Xingxuan pressed against his chest, Lin Ming was also enjoying this scene that sent his stomach fluttering. After a long time, Qin Xingxuan whispered, ’’Um... I'm hungry...’’

After three days of not eating anything, Qin Xingxuan was starving.


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