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Martial World - Chapter 411


Chapter 411 - Demon God




At the transmission array on the island, there were seven or eight youths, men and women, sitting in a circle.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, what a great harvest! Haha, over 600 medium-grade true essence stones, and also a Blood Demon Crystal. That Blood Demon Crystal is a great treasure!’’

Around a unibrow man there were several 20 something year old youths looking at a small wooden crate in front of the unibrow man, their faces full of envy.

This small wooden crate was packed to the brim with medium-grade true essence stones. And on top of the true essences stones, there was a finger-sized gem the color of blood. This gem was the Blood Demon Crystal. This Blood Demon Crystal was the core that an almost 1000 year old Blood Demon had condensed;it was extremely beneficial to Xiantian masters.

The unibrow man was very satisfied with himself, this harvest was truly great. He said, ’’To be honest, much of this is thanks to this temporary transmission array. Otherwise, it's impossible for me to have such a high efficiency rate. If I didn't have this transmission array and also a Golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle to ride, then going back and forth would be a 10 day round trip.

Around Blood Demon Island, the sects of the Five Element Region had laid down their own respective transmission arrays. This sort of long-distance transmission array cost a fairly great price to construct, and also had a limited lifetime of use. Every sect cherished their own long-distance transmission array and constructed one themselves. But this sort of construction was expensive, thus the disciples that came from Blood Demon Island to had to take out parts of their own harvest as the price to activate it.

The Thundercrest Sect and the Seven Profound Valleys were different. The disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys had relatively low strength, and when they came to Blood Demon Island it was nearly certain death. But, disciples of the Thundercrest Sect had a much high chance of survival. Although their probabilities of dying were still high, their harvest was also correspondingly enormous.

To the common disciples of the Thundercrest Sect, medium-grade true essence stones were very rare and valuable. Thus, there were some desperate disciples that pursued treasures and came to Blood Demon Island at their own risk.

These people present were basically all in this situation.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, I think that before you are 30 years old you'll be able to step into the extreme Xiantian realm! Your cultivation speed isn't much worse than that Lin Ming from a year ago!’’ A flattering youth nonsensically said.

’’Haha!’’ Although this was clearly irrelevant drivel, the unibrow man still enjoyed this. He seemed to suddenly realize something, and then traced his mustache and shook his head, saying, ’’Although Lin Ming was a genius, he still died. No matter how great he was, or how heaven defying he was, a genius that falls from the sky is no longer a genius.’’

During Revered Master Tianguang's birthday banquet, this unibrow man had personally witnessed Lin Ming's performance. He was an accompanying Xiantian disciple and had been sitting in the banquet's corner.

’’Come on, you can each take four or five of these medium-grade true essence stones. Consider it your reward.’’

’’Thank you Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang.’’ These disciples were overjoyed and each took five medium-grade true essence stones.

These young disciples were all in their twenties and most had a cultivation at the Houtian realm;there were some that were still at the Pulse Condensation period. To them, these five medium-grade true essence stones were enough to last them for half a month.

The unibrow man enjoyed being the center of attention. In the Thundercrest Sect, an inner court disciple like himself simply had no presence at all in front of a core disciple or direct disciple. But, to these weaker inner court disciples, or even outer court disciples, he was their absolute big brother. Much less, these people's cultivations were all lower than his.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a red dot rapidly approaching from the distant skies.

’’Mm? Who is it?’’

The unibrow man stood up, and the other disciples did the same. During a time of war, they naturally had to be vigilant of any sudden surprises.

’’Vermillion Bird?’’ The unibrow man was shocked, ’’It's someone from divine Phoenix Island!’’


The 100 foot wingspan Fireshine landed on the ground, and a massive cloud of dust and mist erupted into the air. There were even some Pulse Condensation period disciples that were blown back several steps before steadying themselves.


The unibrow man was furious, these fellows simply didn't know the rules! This was their Thundercrest Sect's domain!

His vision swept past Qin Ziya who was atop Fireshine, and the unibrow man frowned. The other party had dropped down so roughly and rudely - obviously they had ill intentions!

’’Who are you?’’ The unibrow man called out. Although his cultivation and Qin Ziya's were about the same, he wasn't afraid. Not too far behind him was the Thundercrest Sect's station, and there were also several Xiantian masters that had been garrisoned there.

’’I would like to borrow your transmission array!’’ Lin Ming stepped forwards, and with a single step, his momentum erupted. His eyes were like a bolt of thunder that instantly locked onto the unibrow man.

With these two eyes locked on him, the unibrow man felt as if a saber had pierced through his heart. A cold chill swept up his back.

’’This... this person is...’’

The unibrow man saw Lin Ming's face, and he froze on the spot, his expression distorted. For a time, he was in utter disbelief and his face switched through various expressions.

He hadn't died? How was he alive? Was his death only a smokescreen that divine Phoenix Island released?

There was a dream he could never forget. Almost one year ago during the banquet competition, this youth had battled Lei Mubai, another youth who was like a reincarnated Demon God. Yet, that Lei Mubai was defeated under Lin Ming's spear! It had to be known that Lei Mubai was in truth the Saint Son of the South Sea Demon Region. That was the Saint Son of a true fifth-grade sect! And yet, Lin Ming had jumped realms in order to eliminate him!

Not just that, but Lin Ming had also swept the ground with the Deep Earth Sect's Elder Shi Zhongkun as well as the Thundercrest Sect Sovereign. After whatever plans they had were ruined, Lei Mubai had suffered a miserable fate.

This was definitely a man who could not be crossed!

And what was most terrifying was that Lin Ming's cultivation at the time was only at the late Pulse Condensation period. Now, he had actually reached the late Houtian realm!

Heavens! What had happened this past year? In less than a year he was able to jump an entire realm!

Lin Ming had already been such a terrifying monster when he was at the late Pulse Condensation period. At that time, his strength was comparable to a Xiantian master. But now that he had reached the late Houtian realm, just what kind of abnormal existence was he?

The unibrow man fell listless as he thought this, But, the disciples behind him didn't notice the change in the unibrow man. They only heard two people wishing to borrow the transmission array, and then began to laugh in anger.

’’Did I hear it correctly? They want to borrow the transmission array?’’ A disciple carelessly said, his words full of derision.

’’What an idiot. This transmission array is for our sect's use. If an outside wants to borrow it, then no way!’’

’’Those two are mentally ill. They come down so aggressively and cover this father's face with dirt, and yet want to borrow the transmission array. Just who the hell do they think they are?’’

Lin Ming's complexion sunk. At this moment, his heart was overflowing with murderous intent. He was like a powder keg that could explode at any moment. With just the slightest provocation or accident, he would erupt!

’’I will repeat myself one last time. Let me borrow the transmission array!’’

Lin Ming's voice began to turn frosty. The unibrow man who bore the brunt of this began to sweat all over.

’’I am speechless. To think I met...a...crazy...’’

’’Shut up!’’ As a disciple was speaking, the unibrow man fiercely cut him off midway. ’’Shut up and open the transmission array!’’

The disciple was stunned for a moment, ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, why... huh?’’

’’Hurry up!’’

The unibrow man's forehead was already dripping with sweat. He had seen with his own eyes just how terrifying this Lin Ming truly was. At that time, he was at the Pulse Condensation period and was so horrifying. The unibrow man simply couldn't imagine what Lin Ming's current strength was after he reached the late Houtian realm. Just by being locked down by Lin Ming's aura, he felt as if a serpent was poised to strike at him!

The disciples around the unibrow man were confused. Just what was boss doing? How were these people scary? One was at the early Xiantian realm and the other was at the late Houtian realm. Although that late Houtian fellow had a pretty intense momentum, there were four or five Xiantian masters not too far away behind them. Any one of them could turn this fellow into mush.

The unibrow man saw a disciple extremely reluctant in placing a true essence stone on the transmission array. A fire lit in him, and he suddenly walked over and kicked him away.

’’Motherf*cker! Have you not eaten enough? Stop being so greedy!’’

The unibrow man kicked away the hapless disciple, grabbed his true essence stone and personally placed it down. When he had faced Lin Ming's murderous intent alone, he felt that he could have died at any moment.

This man was simply a demonic villain. Under the lockdown of such a murderous intent, the unibrow man was extremely afraid that if he didn't hurry up, Lin Ming would instantly kill him in the next moment.

’’You seem to know me.’’ The unibrow man stiffened. Lin Ming's true essence sound transmission had reached his ear.

’’I... I know. I was also present at the banquet competition.’’

’’I hope that you won't spread any news of me being alive. Otherwise, I will take your life!’’

’’Yes... yes... I swear, I will never speak of this.’’ The unibrow man quickly made a pledge. Normally, it was an unimaginable matter that a late Houtian martial artist would threaten an early Xiantian martial artist, not to mention that the unibrow man was a disciple of the Thundercrest Sect. But the unibrow man didn't doubt that as long as Lin Ming was given more time to grow, he might even be able to kill his way through the Thundercrest Sect!

The transmission array was finally activated. Lin Ming inspected it for a moment. After he determined there wasn't a problem, he stepped on with Qin Ziya and Fireshine.

As a curtain of light was enveloping him, Lin Ming sent out a true essence sound transmission. ’’Today I, Lin Ming, have to rush to Blood Demon Island. I owe you a favor.’’

Then, Lin Ming's figure vanished. The unibrow man waited for Lin Ming to completely disappear before he let out a long sigh of relief, wiping away all the sweat on his forehead. Thank the heavens, this scary Demon God had finally left. The unibrow man had a very strong suspicion that even if all the Xiantian masters that were stationed here joined together, they might not necessarily be Lin Ming's match!

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, who was that?’’

’’Why did you allow him to use the transmission array?’’

’’Just using this transmission array once takes a large amount of resources. Even we are reluctant to use it whenever we need to!’’

These Houtian and Pulse Condensation disciples found this unbearable, so they all opened their big mouths and repeatedly asked.

The unibrow man was speechless, he simply couldn't say anything about Lin Ming's identity. He clenched his teeth and bit out, ’’That person was my relative.’’

Even he couldn't believe this ridiculous lie. Obviously, these low level disciples wouldn't be tricked either.

Relative? A relative caused you to break out in a cold sweat?

Facing the doubts of these disciples and even some contempt, the unibrow man felt extremely wronged. F*ck! These fellows simply knew nothing! He should have let these idiots suffer a moment ago and let them personally find out just what sort of calamity he had let pass them.

As he felt that the big brother image had had set up had already collapsed, the unibrow man was disinclined to explain any further. He simply coldly snorted and said, ’’Cut the nonsense, if you have so much time to speak, then go practice! No one will speak of what happened today or I will take back your true essence stones!’’


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