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Martial World - Chapter 410


Chapter 410 - Destination: Blood Demon Island




The sea breeze swept past him, and the strings that were broken shivered. Qin Ziya stood up on the beach, still like statue.

This was Lin Ming's sound transmitting talisman?

Lin Ming hadn't died!?!?

Qin Ziya was petrified for a long time. The contents of the sound transmitting talisman were very simple. Lin Ming asked about his parents' situation and whether or not they had received news of his death, and whether anything had happened to them because of a broken heart. Then he left behind a new sound transmission mark and asked Qin Ziya to wait for him on the island. Soon, he would fly over and meet him.

Lin Ming was alive!

Qin Ziya took a few deep breaths to calm himself. Then, he took out a long distance sound transmitting talisman from his spatial ring that was used to report on military situations. He gave a simple and brief summary of the current situation and then with a shake of his hand, the talisman ignited.


10,000 miles away, a mass of flames appeared in front of Lin Ming but was instantly left behind by Fireshine's terrifying speed. The message briefly echoed in Lin Ming's ears...

’’Lin Fu and Lin Mu are well, there is no need to worry about them. Yang Lin has been overthrown and Yang Zhen has ascended to the throne. Marshal Qin has been placed under house arrest, and Ouyang Boyan used the threat of the Qin Family's lives to compel Qin Xingxuan into a certain death dead end on the open sea battlefield's Blood Demon Island. It has already been one month since then... my ability is weak, and because of a military command, I have been trapped on Star Coconut Island, and cannot leave this place to rescue her...’’

After hearing this message, Lin Ming's complexion instantly paled.

Ouyang Boyan!!!!!!!

Lin Ming's heart burned with a raging anger. When he left the Seven Profound Valleys, he had also left behind this dangerous serpent. It wasn't that he didn't want to kill him, it was just that he didn't have the ability to.

Ouyang Boyan represented the Seven Profound Valleys' Acacia Faction and the Ouyang Family Clan. The forces that supported him from behind were far too great, and his cultivation had already been at the peak of the early Xiantian realm for dozens of years. Against such a character, there simply wasn't anything he could do.

Lin Ming had deliberately arranged for the safety of his parents and Lin Xiaodong, but he didn't expect that Ouyang Boyan would actually target Qin Xingxuan!

Qin Xingxuan was a disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. Without a reason, he couldn't visibly deal with her. But now, he had secretly trapped all the lives of the Qin Family, and had held onto Qin Xingxuan's weakness!


Lin Ming's fists tightened until loud popping sounds could be heard from them, and flashes of electricity sparked up from his hands. Even the flame mark on Lin Ming's forehead turned an angry red.

’’First I will rescue Qin Xingxuan. Then, Ouyang Boyan, I will have you pay the deepest price for your actions!’’

Lin Ming bent down and touched Fireshine's back, continuously injecting true essence into Fireshine's body. ’’Fireshine, hurry, as fast as you can!’’

Lin Ming was incomparably nervous. The South Sea region was a vast, endless land. Even with Fireshine's speed and transmission arrays, it would still take time to reach her!

He didn't know whether or not a calamity would befall Qin Xingxuan during this time.


’’Elder Qin, where are you going to?’’ An Acacia Faction disciple asked with a bright smile. This disciple was sent by Ouyang Boyan to monitor him, and his cultivation was at the middle Houtian realm.

Qin Ziya looked at the hourglass in the corner, estimating his time. Without caring for the middle Houtian Acacia Faction disciple behind him, he walked into the operations room and picked up the sea map, wrapping it up.

As he picked up the sea map, all the little flags that were on top fell onto the floor.

The Acacia Faction disciple's expression was immediately ugly, ’’Qin Ziya, what is the meaning of this?’’

’’No meaning. I'm just going to go out for a few days. I'm borrowing this sea map, and then in a few days I'll return it.’’ Qin Ziya casually said.

’’Qin Ziya, are you planning to rebel?’’ The Acacia Faction disciple was angry, but as he thought about it, he sneered and said, ’’Humph, this is also good. Since you are defying military orders, you are just digging your own grave. Don't blame me for what I'm going to do. I'll write down all your crimes and report you to the sect. When that happens, they'll impeach you! Mm, what's with that look? What are you thinking of doing? You want to kill any witnesses to your crime?’’

The Acacia Faction disciples derisively smiled. Although his cultivation was only at the middle Houtian realm, he had the support of Ouyang Boyan. Not just that, but he was also part of the Acacia Faction;he didn't necessarily need to fear the Zither Faction's Qin Ziya.

Qin Ziya looked at this man with pity. At this moment, a shrill phoenix cry sounded in the skies. The Acacia Faction disciple jumped in shock and then rushed out. He saw flames and wind coming from all directions, as a massive Vermillion Bird landed outside of the command post. The phoenix extended its huge, fiery wings, covering the entire courtyard.

As for who the Vermillion Bird was carrying on its back, it was actually a red-robed youth. His hair was disheveled and flew everywhere, and his eyes flashed with thunder. His appearance was outstanding, and his momentum was utterly threatening. Between his forehead was a flame mark that caused those who saw it to feel their heart palpitate with fear.

’’This... this...’’ The Acacia Faction disciple was stunned. Just what was going on?

As the Acacia Faction disciple looked more closely at the red-robed youth, his eyes became increasingly dazed.

’’This... doesn't this person look like...’’ The Acacia Faction disciple's eyes met Lin Ming's, and he suddenly felt as if he had fallen into a massive black vortex. In just a few breaths of time, his mind shook as he turned white, and then spat out a massive amount of blood!

Lin Ming hadn't intentionally hurt him. It was just that he had learned of Qin Xingxuan's situation, and his innermost murderous intent was overflowing everywhere, spilling out and covering the world. After almost an entire year of trials within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had experienced an endless scene of slaughter and his murderous intent had reached the degree where it could manifest in reality.

Now this murderous intent could spill out depending on his mood. His vision was like a flash of thunder that could directly pierce through an ordinary martial artist's spiritual sea.

This Acacia Faction disciple's cultivation was at the middle Houtian realm. But with just a single glance from Lin Ming, he had been injured by Lin Ming's killing intent!

’’You... you are... Lin... Lin Ming!?’’ The Acacia Faction disciple's legs began to shake.

Lin Ming frowned, and the black vortex in his eyes began to spin once again.

’’Allow me.’’ As Qin Ziya spoke, he took out a long zither from his spatial ring and then played a few notes. The Acacia Faction disciple's legs went soft, and he tumbled onto the ground.

Qin Ziya said, ’’He won't remember you. Now we won't alarm the Seven Profound Valleys.’’

Lin Ming nodded. Now wasn't the time to make public the news that he was still living. Once this news spread, Ouyang Boyan would be able to prepare in advance. Maybe, when that happened, Ouyang Boyan might even run away.

’’Let's go!’’

Qin Ziya jumped onto Fireshine's back, and Fireshine spread its great wings, soaring into the sky!

’’Martial House Master Qin, what is Xingxuan's sound transmission mark?’’ As the strong winds blew against Lin Ming's hair, his eyes were frosty and determined.

Qin Ziya sighed, ’’After Qin Xingxuan went Blood Demon Island, her sound transmission mark was cancelled. Now, I cannot reach her.’’

If Ouyang Boyan wanted to deal with Qin Xingxuan, then he naturally had to shut off all ways for her to contact Qin Ziya.

Lin Ming's mind sank, and his killing intent thickened by several degrees. ’’Without the sound transmission mark, then how will I find Xingxuan on the vast Blood Demon Island?’’

’’I already expected that she would be pushed into a dead end. So I had her separate a sliver of her soul and sealed it into a jade slip to create a soul jade slip. I had wanted to use this to know whether or not she was still living, but this soul jade slip can also be used to determine her position by sensing it.’’ Qin Ziya took out Qin Xingxuan's soul jade slip.

Lin Ming looked at it and then felt his heart tighten. A soul jade slip's soul sliver was connected to the main soul. It could be used to determine the current situation of its owner.

Lin Ming could feel that Qin Xingxuan's life was like a flickering candle in the wind. This was an extremely bad situation!

Qin Ziya sighed. ’’Blood Demon Island has an incomparably rich blood demon energy. Even without considering how much she has probably been fighting, but even if she didn't, that blood demon energy would still slowly corrode her, causing her life to continuously weaken. A Houtian martial artist would be relatively fine, but Xingxuan is only at the early Pulse Condensation period.

Lin Ming didn't speak, he only remained silent. The strong gales howled in his ears, but the air around Lin Ming seemed to completely stop without a single trace of air flow. This was result of the amount of killing intent that he was emitting, which almost formed a domain around him. The thickness of this killing aura was even enough to make Qin Ziya feel suppressed.

Qin Ziya gasped. A while ago, he had been in a hurry and hadn't carefully probed Lin Ming's situation. But now that he looked, he only felt a simmering fear and cautiousness;this youth was like a raging Demon God!

If God blocked him, then he would kill God. If Buddha blocked him, then he would kill Buddha!

He couldn't imagine that the one standing beside him was a late Houtian realm martial artist. Just what had Lin Ming experienced in this past year!?

The atmosphere was tense for a very long time. Qin Ziya thought of something to say, and then hesitated before saying, ’’About the Qin Family and Lin Family's situation, I wrote a letter to Her Highness Mu Qianyu, and even sent two, but there was no response from her...’’

Lin Ming frowned. He didn't doubt Mu Qianyu's character. If she knew that this was happening, then she wouldn't idly stand by.

In fact, Mu Qianyu didn't know of the grudge he had with Ouyang Boyan. Not just that, but currently divine Phoenix Island was embroiled in a war. After confirming that he had died, she would most likely send some gifts to Green Mulberry City's Lin Family, but would never have thought that someone would try to deal with his friends and family.

However, Qin Ziya had written a letter. So where did that letter go?

Lin Ming's voice sank as he said, ’’Martial House Master Qin, I understand Mu Qianyu's nature very well. She owes me a favor, so she would never do something like this. Your letter disappearing and coming to nothing would absolutely not be her intention. I will investigate this matter!’’

Lin Ming's voice was somewhat cold. He knew that ever since he appeared in divine Phoenix Island, not everyone appreciated his presence. There were many people that were intensely jealous of him. Not just that, but he had taken their resources, and even the vial of Vermillion Bird blood essence;he had no idea how many people were madly resentful of him!

This time, because of what had happened, Lin Ming had learnt a crucial lesson. Against all his enemies, he must be ruthless!

’’Lin Ming, 6000 miles up ahead is a new transmission array that is set up by the Five Element Region's Thundercrest Sect that can directly send us to Blood Demon Island. If we go from there, we can arrive at Blood Demon Island in just a few hours, and save an entire two days.’’

The South Sea was incomparably vast. During this great war, every sect had to find ways to easily transport themselves, thus there were many temporary transmission arrays that had been set up. The reason Qin Ziya had taken the sea map a while ago was to determine the positions of every transmission array and plan the quickest route.

’’I got it.’’ Lin Ming poured true essence into Fireshine's body, speeding up Fireshine. At this moment, in his heart, his killing intent had risen to a monstrous level!

6000 miles passed before too long. With Fireshine's full speed, it took a mere two hours to reach there. In Lin Ming's field of vision, an island appeared just as stated on the sea chart.


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