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Martial World - Chapter 406


Chapter 406 - Transfer Order




When Lin Ming was alive, Ouyang Boyan wouldn't have dared to act against Qin Xingxuan. But now that Lin Ming had died, he didn't need to hesitate any longer. He only feared that divine Phoenix Island wouldn't be indifferent to Lin Ming's matters.

But as Ouyang Boyan thought of a person, he frowned. ’’That Qin Ziya, because of his relationship with Lin Ming, he was able to receive a Heaven Opening Pill and that lucky bastard actually broke through to the Xiantian realm, becoming an Elder! Those idiotic Zither Faction fellows care about such boring things like favors and friendship and graciousness. If I want to deal with Qin Xingxuan, then he'll most likely try to stick his face in!’’

Ouyang Boyan's ideal result would be that he would lay a trap for Qin Xingxuan and then capture her, bringing her to the Acacia Faction so that he could cultivate his divine Acacia Power on her. After he sucked dry her Yin energy, he would kill her. That would be the best way to vent his anger. But, Qin Xingxuan was an official disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys, and also had Qin Ziya protecting her. If he wanted to quietly do this, the chances of success were low.

’’Humph, since there's an annoying fellow hanging around, I'll let you live for another couple days. If I do anything now then I'll be too obvious. First I'll wait for some time to pass and look for an opportunity to send Qin Xingxuan into a certain death battlefield, and kill her using someone else. Hehe, this is also good. If she died to those demon art cultivators of the South Sea Demon Region, that would be even more fun!’’

Thinking of this, Ouyang Boyan's smile became increasingly malevolent.



Lin Ming stepped forth with Golden Roc Shattering the Void and the Purple Comet Spear in his hand fiercely thrust out, directly smashing a rock puppet into pieces.

But at the same time, four or five more rock puppets had surrounded him.

’’I can't hold on!’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth, and decisively opened the Heretical God Force!

His aura completely erupted. Lin Ming's strength instantly rose to a new level.

’’Thunderfire Annihilation!’’


A violent explosion destroyed all the puppets that had surrounded him, instantly blowing them to pieces. Lin Ming used the explosive thrust force of the shock wave and leapt back, shooting like an arrow out of the surrounding puppet group and returning to the cave.

’’Close call!’’

Lin Ming let out a long breath of relief. The probability of death in this general level smelting trail was very high. If here were to be injured and then surrounded by puppets, death could occur at any moment.

Lin Ming had continuously used the Heretical God Force and Thunderfire Annihilation as his final cards. If he couldn't persist in the battlefield any longer, he would detonate Thunderfire Annihilation, killing all the puppets around him so he could escape.

’’Tempering Marrow is around 40% complete, and my true essence has already filled to the limit of Pulse Condensation. As long as I can go up a bit further, I'll be able to break through to the Houtian realm!’’

Currently, Lin Ming's true essence in his meridians had already filled to the limit, and true essence had gathered in his dantian. As long as he could connect these two, he would be able to truly step into the Houtian realm. But Lin Ming was thinking of letting his meridians overflow, so that he would spontaneously break through to the Houtian realm. If he did it this way, his foundation would be even more stable.

As Lin Ming meditated, he took out the sealed Fallen Star Flame from his spatial ring.

He untied the seal. The Fallen Star Flame appeared. It had transformed into the shape of a small leopard and was violently struggling against its bonds.

’’It's your turn!’’

Lin Ming directly pressed the Fallen Star Flame into his chest.

A tremendous energy that was contained with a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence burst forth. A massive amount of energy broke into his meridians, savagely conflicting with Lin Ming's own true essence!

Under this trembling surge of energy, the energy in Lin Ming's dantian and meridians also received a severe shock. As the energy of the Fallen Star Flame began to be gradually assimilate into his true essence, after some time, Lin Ming could hear a cracking sound;the true essence within his dantian and meridians had connected!

’’Mm? Houtian realm!’’

Lin Ming forced a smile. He didn't think that he would break through to the Houtian realm during this critical period, but this was also good. With the support of his dantian, it would be even easier to absorb the Fallen Star Flame. Otherwise, with Lin Ming's current strength, absorbing the medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence wouldn't be easy.


Three months later, Sky Fortune King's magnificent Eastern Palace welcomed its new master.

’’Hahahahahahahahahaha, I never thought that through the winding paths of life, the one that would have the last laugh would be me!’’ The Tenth Prince Yang Zhen traced the throne of the Eastern Palace, his fingers trembling with excitement.

’’This is all mine as it should be. Third Brother, all the fear that I felt this year, I shall return it back to you! I will let you know how it feels to have everything you own in the control of others, knowing that your head can fall at any moment!’’

As Yang Zhen spoke, his face flashed with the utter ecstasy of a fulfilled revenge.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded behind him. ’’Yang Zhen, do not forget who it is that supported you to become the new Crown Prince of Sky Fortune Kingdom.’’

Yang Zhen's body trembled, and all of the overbearing arrogance that he had displayed was immediately restrained. ’’Martial House Master, please rest assured. This little prince will never forget your kindness. Later, this little prince will follow all directions of Mister Ouyang.’’

’’Mm! Remember this well. As long as you obey, you will be guaranteed a century of rule!’’ The one who spoke to Yang Zhen was a cloaked man. This man was the new Seven Profound Martial House Master of Sky Fortune Kingdom. After Qin Ziya had broken through to the Xiantian realm, he had returned to his sect as an Elder. Thus, the position of Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Martial House Master was naturally empty. This man was a new candidate that had been chosen by Ouyang Boyan.

This cloaked man was a disciple that Ouyang Boyan had received a long time ago. His cultivation was at a half-step Xiantian, but as a sect's half-step Xiantian martial artist, he was able to completely sweep away the entirety of Sky Fortune Kingdom's martial world. Even if Muyi and all the other masters of Sky Fortune Kingdom gathered together, they would not be his match!

’’Martial House Master, in order to clear out the Qin Family, I shall be counting on Martial House Master's help.

When a new emperor came in, he would assign his own courtiers and his own subordinates. Often, the first step towards this was clearing out all the court officials of the past era. The first reason was as a show of power, the second reason was to recover wealth and authority, and the third reason was to consolidate their own rule and eliminate any chance of rebellion.

Since ancient times, powerful ministers and officials would never have a pleasant end. Not to mention Qin Xiao's fame. Within Sky Fortune Kingdom, the common folk all knew his name, but might not know the name of the emperor.

In this situation, because of Lin Ming, Qin Xiao had supported the Crown Prince. So how could Yang Zhen possibly tolerate someone like Qin Xiao.

’’I will naturally help you in clearing out the Qin Family.’’ The cloaked man indifferently said. If he wanted to deal with the Qin Family, then he would also be able to conveniently deal with Qin Xingxuan. Qin Xiao may have been a god to the military of Sky Fortune Kingdom, but in his eyes, he wasn't even a fart. If he wanted to take Qin Xiao's life, no one in the Marshal Quarters could stop him!

After Yang Zhen obtained the assurance of the cloaked man, he really wanted to laugh several times. 'Lin Ming, Lin Ming, I didn't expect that your actions would help me in the end. Without you, there was no way that Ouyang Boyan would have supported someone so insignificant as myself, and it would also be impossible for me to clear out the obstacle known as Qin Xiao. I really pity Qin Xiao. Qin Xiao has been brilliant and brave his entire life, yet his family produced such a catastrophic mess like Qin Xingxuan!'

'There is also Green Mulberry City's Lin Family. But there's no need to hurry. Once I sit on the throne, I will slowly deal with them!'


’’They want me to go to the open sea battlefield?’’

After Qin Xingxuan saw the Seven Profound Command, she was dazed for a moment.

These past months, Qin Xingxuan was in a very dark state of mind. After she heard the news that Lin Ming had died, she hadn't believed it at first, but slowly, she had no choice but to accept this fact.

She had left the Seven Profound Martial House by herself, and with the arrangements of Qin Ziya, she had gone to see Lin Ming's parents. But, she hadn't told the old couple the news.

Qin Ziya hadn't yet either. This old couple still didn't know that their son had already fallen within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

Qin Xingxuan and Lin Mu lived together for several days. Lin Mu was very happy and concerned about her, and had even made several veiled attempts to bring up the matter of marriage. In the past, this would have caused Qin Xingxuan to feel very warm and happy, but now, this only made her feel sad and morose.

Two months ago she had been sent to the South Sea battlefield. She didn't resist;she thought that battle might be able to ease her depression.

Then, she had received the transfer order to go to the open sea battlefield.

’’Open sea battlefield...’’

Qin Xingxuan ruefully smiled. For almost a whole year, the divine Phoenix Island Alliance and the South Sea Demon Region intermittently fought, but neither side committed to a life and death battle. Otherwise, these two great sects might not be able to afford the price.

However, the open sea battlefield that revolved around the three large true essence stone lode islands was incomparably brutal from the start until now. Even two Revolving Core masters had fallen there!

These three great islands were simply execution grounds!

’’Someone wants me to die?’’ Qin Xingxuan's eyes flashed as she looked at the martial artist that had delivered the Seven Profound Command, not concealing her frigid tone. A few months ago, Qin Xingxuan had learned of the simmering hatred that Ouyang Boyan had for Lin Ming and Qin Ziya. Qin Ziya had warned her to be careful. Two months had passed in peace since then, but now someone wanted to plot against her!

The person who delivered the Seven Profound Command was aan inner court disciple of the Acacia Faction. His cultivation was at the middle Houtian realm, and his name was Ou Xiong.

Ou Xiong frowned, ’’Qin Xingxuan, what are you trying to say? This time 20 disciples have been dispatched to the open sea battlefield, you are only one of them. This is also a strategic plan of the sect. I hope that you take the overall situation seriously!’’

Take the overall situation seriously?

Qin Xingxuan's heart was filled with derision, ’’May I ask which Elder's Seven Profound Command this is?’’

After Qin Xingxuan asked this question, Ou Xiong didn't look happy at all. ’’Qin Xingxuan, are you questioning whether or not this Seven Profound Command is real?’’

Qin Xingxuan coldly said, ’’I have no doubt that it is real. All Elders have the authority to issue Seven Profound Commands, but I do not have to follower every Elder's orders.’’

Ou Xiong's expression sank. ’’The person who issued this command was the vice war commander, Elder Liu. Does he have the qualifications to order you?’’

Qin Xingxuan's heart sank. Elder Liu... the internal relations within the Seven Profound Valleys were complex and mysterious. Ouyang Boyan had a very wide net of connections. If he wanted to obtain a transfer order, it would be simple!

As Ou Xiong saw Qin Xingxuan's complexion, he faintly smiled and used a true essence sound transmission to say, ’’Qin Xingxuan, I will spare you the chitchat. Yes, you have someone backing you, but Qin Ziya is only an Elder who was recently promoted;who do you expect can help you. Yes, that's right, I forgot to tell you something else. After another month, the new emperor of Sky Fortune Kingdom will ascend to his throne. The new emperor is called Yang Zhen or something like that, and he also has the support of the current Seven Profound Martial House Master. I heard that he has already taken control of your Qin Family. Your grandfather has been placed under house arrest. You should be a good little girl and follow directions. Then, your Qin Family will only be relieved of its military authority and your grandfather will be able to die naturally and peacefully of old age. Otherwise, if he happens to be charged with the crime of rebellion, then... hehe, well, you know the consequences!’’

As Qin Xingxuan heard this, it was like she had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Her body trembled, and her beautiful face that had been red with anger had now lost all color.

’’You... despicable beast!’’

’’Despicable? Are you really so naive?’’ Ou Xiong looked Qin Xingxuan up and down, then disdainfully said, ’’Who do you think you are? You think there are still people who can support you? If you don't want to go to the open sea battlefield and die, then I can offer you a path out. Dress up so you look pretty, and then go to Mister Ouyang and beg for mercy. Serve him well, take care of him, and then maybe if Mister Ouyang is happy, he'll release your Qin Family.’’


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