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Martial World - Chapter 405


Chapter 405 - War Begins





’’Well done!’’


The more Lin Ming fought, the more excited he became, and the more he burned with fighting spirit. The wounds on his body kept increasing, but no matter how much blood came out, it was like he didn't feel anything at all.

As Lin Ming massacred every single puppet, his entire body was slick with blood, and his true essence was depleted.

As he lay prone on the ground, pain coming from all over his body, Lin Ming felt a pleasant satisfaction in his heart.

There were those that were born for battle;Lin Ming was undoubtedly such a person.

Every day, he would cultivate the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' as well as the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'. He would eat, drink, and build up the true essence within his body with the food he ate. When he needed to practice, he would go outside to the battlefield. Like this, time quickly passed.

Lin Ming cultivated without a care of time. But as he continued progressing on the general level smelting trial, there were actually tremendous changes in the outside world.

The war between divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region had finally erupted!

Although the South Sea Demon Region was a fifth-grade sect, their strength was at the lowest of fifth-grade sects. As for divine Phoenix Island, they were at the very peak of all fourth-grade sects. Thus, the gap in strength between the two parties wasn't too great. In addition, divine Phoenix Island had also obtained the assistance of the 19 third-grade sects in the divine Phoenix Region, as well as support from an alliance with the Five Element Region. Whether or not the South Sea Demon Region would emerge victorious was uncertain.

Both sides had their own scruples and matters to settle. The war originally would have been stalled for a much longer period of time, but because of Lei Mubai's utter ruination, he had become the fuse that had prompted the advanced outbreak of war!

As the war started, it would first revolve around a few true essence stone vein deposits that were located in the South Sea. Later, the two sides would begin a complete large-scale war. The main force of the war was naturally the Xiantian and Houtian realm martial artists.

Revolving Core masters rarely fought. Even if they did, the opponent may look miserable but still be full of energy. In truth, it was an incomparably difficult task to kill the enemy. When it came to a martial artist at the level of a Revolving Core master, defeating one was easy, but completely eliminating one was another matter altogether.

The war went on for a full two and a half months without a single Revolving Core master dying. Those that died were mostly Houtian and Pulse Condensation martial artists as well a great number of Xiantian masters.

War was a disaster that led to calamity throughout the land. But to geniuses, this was also a great chance. Since ancient times, the eras in which Supreme Elders and other characters like that had arisen from within the Sky Spill Continent had always been eras in which the flames of war had blazed all over.

If the young flowery geniuses never experienced and tempered themselves through the true terrors of war, they would never grow. Thus, regardless of whether it was the South Sea Demon Region or divine Phoenix Island, they would send their core disciples to battle. Mu Dingshan, Mu Xiaoqing, and others had already gone to battle many times. Even Mu Qianyu had fought. Of course, every time she did so, she was accompanied by a Revolving Core master who would ensure her life was never in absolute danger.


At the front of the South Sea, on an island several hundred thousand miles away from divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qianyu was standing vigilant on a beach, staring at the endless sea. Her eyes were full of sorrow.

The sky was overcast, and the sea breeze caused Mu Qianyu's silky hair to dance in the air. It seemed as if it could rain at any moment.

For the past three months, Mu Qianyu had been in a miserable mood. There had still been no message or news of Lin Ming, and even Mu Qianyu's confidence began to waver with the passage of time.

These days, as she stood alone, she couldn't help but remember when she had been at the base of Thundercrash Mountain, and her experiences there with Lin Ming.

It had been over a year ago. Yet, she could clearly recall it like it had been yesterday.

She hadn't expected that events would turn out like this. It was as if she were living a dream...

’’Cousin Qianyu, what are you thinking about?’’ A gentle voice asked from behind Mu Qianyu. He was an extremely handsome man who held a longsword in his hand. He was Mu Qianyu's distant cousin, Mu Qingshu, as well as the most outstanding grandson of the Vermillion Bird Faction's Third Elder. He was 32 years old, and a half-step into the Revolving Core realm.

He had amazing talent and a splendid background. Within divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qingshu was a nearly unapproachable man that many beautiful female disciples yearned for. Not to mention the 20 to 30 year old female disciples, but even the younger ones all took Mu Qingshu as their dream lover.

Mu Qianyu didn't bother turning her head. These past few months, when she had gone to battle, it would always be with Mu Qingshu. Even when they lived in their small houses, it would be in neighboring ones.

All of this had obviously been arranged by certain individuals.

Mu Qianyu knew more or less that these was the actions of the Third Elder. From a young age, the Third Elder had brought up matters of marriage and engagement with Mu Qingshu to Mu Yuhuang. At the time, this had been turned down by Mu Yuhuang.

To divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qianyu's future marriage was a very important matter. Mu Qianyu was the Saintess of divine Phoenix Island. One didn't even need to discuss her lofty status, temperament, or awe inspiring beauty, one just needed to know that the Vermillion Bird bloodline within her body was no less than that of divine Phoenix Island's founder. If one could marry Mu Qianyu, they would also be able to obtain the Primordial Yin energy that came from being the one to take her virginity. Thus, one would also gain a very pure Saint Beast bloodline.

Who didn't desire something so wonderful?

If Mu Qianyu were to be married, then the Third Elder believed that his grandson Mu Qingshu was the only one within the entire divine Phoenix Island who was suitable and qualified to match up to Mu Qianyu. However, Mu Yuhuang had also looked at Mu Qingshu with disdain. Mu Qingshu was okay, but he was only at the level of Mu Dingshan. He wasn't even a Saint level talent;how could he possibly be worthy of her Mu Qianyu?

But three months ago, Mu Yuhuang had given all of the Vermillion Bird blood essence to Lin Ming, without even the thought that Mu Qianyu would marry Lin Ming in the future. However, the future was hard to predict. After Lin Ming had entered the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had not returned. And thus, all of Mu Yuhuang's hopes and dreams had faded into nothingness. At this time, some of the Great Elders had united together to attack her!

Mu Yuhuang had no choice but to start thinking about potential allies to consolidate her position in her faction. And the Third Elder was a good candidate to do so.

But if she wanted to win over the Third Elder to her side, the price she had to pay was obvious.

Mu Yuhuang didn't want to take the matter of Mu Qianyu's future marriage as an exchange. But as she thought about it more, it did seem that besides Mu Qingshu, there was no one in the entire divine Phoenix Island who had the qualifications to marry Mu Qianyu. If Mu Qianyu had to be married in the future, then the only one she could marry would be Mu Qingshu.

As Mu Yuhuang realized this, she also tacitly yielded to the Third Elder's wishes and made some arrangements. Thus, the situation now was that Mu Qianyu and Mu Qingshu always went out to battle together.

Mu Qianyu was well aware of everything.

’’Cousin Qianyu, the skies seem as if they are about to rain soon. How about returning to our lodgings?’’

’’Please do not worry about me Senior-apprentice Brother. Senior-apprentice Brother, please return first.’’ Mu Qianyu's voice was neither cold nor hot, and her words held a strange hint of tempered unfamiliarity.

Mu Qingshu laughed twice, and then shook his head saying, ’’Cousin Qianyu wants to bathe in rain? Haha, well as martial artists, staying under the rain is no problem. Then, I shall accompany Cousin Qianyu in showering under this rain. This can be considered an act of elegance.’’

Mu Qianyu was somewhat taken aback. Since he had already said this, she had nothing left to say. She silently stood there.

’’Cousin Qianyu, are you worrying about the South Sea war?’’ After a period of heavy silence, Mu Qingshu tried to raise a topic of conversation.

’’No, I am just in a poor mood.’’ Mu Qianyu shook her head, unwilling to say more.

’’This...’’ Mu Qingshu reluctantly smiled, but the corners of his lips still twitched several times. He wasn't an idiot, and he clearly knew why Mu Qianyu's mood was so poor.

Ever since the Third Elder had spoken of marriage matters to Mu Qingshu, Mu Qingshu had already started to regard Mu Qianyu as his fiancé. And what man could tolerate his own fiancéthinking of another man, even if that person was already dead?

The heavy rain came. But, Mu Qianyu had no interest in soaking under the rain. Every raindrop that touched her would instantly be evaporated by fire-attribute true essence.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother may stay here, I shall return first.’’

As Mu Qianyu finished speaking, she deeply looked at the shadow of rain over the endlessly vast waters. She sighed in her heart, and then turned around and walked away.

Mu Qingshu also had no more interest in following her. He stood in the heavy rain alone, his complexion ugly. His originally handsome appearance was also twisted into nothing.

’’He's already dead, but he can still have you worry so much?’’ Mu Qingshu didn't feel happy. ’’You have no choice in your future marriage. Sooner or later, the one you marry will be me. If you can love me wholeheartedly and take care of me well, then I will also be good to you and do the same. But if your heart is filled with other men even after our great wedding, then do not blame me for being heartless in the future.’’

Time passed day by day. Four months... five months... half a year...

divine Phoenix Island still hadn't announced Lin Ming's death. But, news of his death still slowly spread. The Seven Profound Valleys was an ally of divine Phoenix Island, and was also participating in the war with the South Sea Demon Region. To the Seven Profound Valleys' geniuses, this was also a good opportunity to hone their strength. Their disciples contacted the disciples of divine Phoenix Island, and they thus learned that Lin Ming had died.

At the start they had assumed this was a rumor. But afterwards, they were able to gradually confirm it.

The Seven Profound Valleys' disciples were shocked. Most of them had bore witness to the complete process of when Lin Ming had become champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. This Lin Ming who was overflowing with talent, actually fell from the heavens?

This was simply unbelievable!

’’Unimaginable, really unimaginable!’’ On a small island in the South Sea, a blue-clothed swordsman held a jug of wine as he sat on the beach, his sword stabbed into the ground in front of him.

This blue-clothed swordsman was the top talent who had grandly lost to Lin Ming during the Total Faction Martial Meeting, Jiang Baoyun. At that time, Jiang Baoyun's strength was not much worse than Lin Ming's. Thus, ever since then, Jiang Baoyun always felt a familiar and friendly feeling towards Lin Ming.

’’I had wanted to take you as my goal in life, hoping to chase after your shadow. I did not think that even the heavens would be so jealous of someone with your ability, that you actually fell within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm! That I have lost all chances to fight you in the future, that is my life's great regret!’’ Jiang Baoyun heaved a deep sigh, and poured the jug of wine onto the beach.

’’My sword is your monument and the sand is your mound. This wine is my parting gift to you. In life you were a heroic man, and in death may you be an outstanding ghost!’’

Of course, there were also those within the Seven Profound Valleys that were heartily enjoying news of Lin Ming's death. And among these, the one who felt the greatest joy was Ouyang Boyan!

One year ago, Ouyang Boyan's nephew Ouyang Dihua had died to Lin Ming. But, because of Lin Ming's unique status, he couldn't do anything against him.

Of course, in reverse, Lin Ming certainly couldn't do anything against Ouyang Boyan. Ouyang Boyan's cultivation had already reached the peak of the early Xiantian realm, and was close to reaching the middle Xiantian realm. As one of the senior Elders of the Seven Profound Valleys, there were many complicated forces supporting him from behind. Lin Ming had no proof that Ouyang Boyan had tried to kill him, but even if he did, it would be very difficult to bring him down.

Lin Ming could only avoid Ouyang Boyan. He had even entrusted Qin Ziya with arranging his parents to a safe place, in fear of Ouyang Boyan's retaliation.

The seeds of hatred had already been planted within Ouyang Boyan's heart. But after Lin Ming had gone to divine Phoenix Island, Ouyang Boyan could only hopelessly dream of his revenge. He had not thought that today, he would actually obtain the great news of Lin Ming's passing!

’’Hahahahaha! The great heavens are righteous! This boy has died well!’’ In a high loft, Ouyang Boyan laughed. ’’Regrettably, I was unable to personally kill you and resolve the hate in my heart!’’

Ouyang Boyan clenched his fists, and suddenly seemed to think of something. The corners of his mouth curved up in a fiendish grin. ’’Come to think of it, that boy's lover Qin Xingxuan is also in my Seven Profound Valleys... good. Since I cannot kill you myself, I shall vent all my anger upon your lover. Little girl, do not blame me. If you want to blame someone, then blame Lin Ming!


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