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Martial World - Chapter 394


Chapter 394 - Concept of Fire




Lin Ming was dizzy from the feeling of space warping around him. By the time he opened his eyes, his heart shook. Before entering the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, Lin Ming had imagined many times just what the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm would look like. But he had never imagined that it would be such a shocking scene!

In front of Lin Ming was an endless expanse of dark red rock. It was barren, without a single touch of green, and between the red rocks were large flowing rivers of lava. These rocks seem to have been roasted red by the lava. Giant pools of boiling lava appeared everywhere, with giant bubbles of air tumbling upwards through the lava. With a thick popping sound, the noxious smell of sulfur washed out along with a billowing wave of heat. This has was toxic, a normal person would have suffocated and died here after just a moment.

If it was this alone, Lin Ming wouldn't have been so shocked. But what he found unbelievable was that behind him was a vast field of ice!

Wind and snow mixed together, and the fields of ice were as smooth as a mirror. The tips of massive glaciers stuck up through the ground like high towers, and they glowed with a cold sheen, shining and twinkling like a field of stars. The strong wind brought a thick hail of ice that scattered in all directions, its speed like arrows. If a normal person stood here, this hail would have been enough to pierce through their body, ripping an opening through flesh!

On one side was a land of lava and on the other was a field of ice, one side blazing hot and the other freezing cold. This extremely contradictory feeling was unbelievable.

’’This is the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm!’’ Mu Dingshan said in one breath. This was the second time that he had come here, and he had seen this scene before.

The divine Phoenix Mystic Realm had a prohibitory limit based on one's skeletal age. In addition, the time gap between each opening was very long. Normally speaking, a martial artist would only be able to enter here twice in their lifetime.

On the road that Lin Ming stood on, bright lights flashed periodically. With every flash of light, a new disciple was warped in. After they adapted to the strange feeling of space warping, they opened their eyes and were dumbfounded after seeing the same scene that Lin Ming saw.

This was the first time that these people had come to the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. Although some of them had already heard others describe the scene within, truly seeing it for the first time was an inexplicably shocking feeling. After all, hearing and seeing were two completely different matters.

After all of the disciples had arrived, Mu Dingshan said, ’’Good. This divine Phoenix Realm is an independent world, it isn't part of the Sky Spill Continent. The two lands of fire and ice are actually divided by an enchantment and extend a great distance. Choose one according to your attribute and enter! Blue Luan Faction disciples enter the ice field, and the Vermillion Bird Faction disciples enter the lava world! Remember, do not forget Honorable Sect Master's warning, and take your own safety as the highest priority. Now, either go with others or go by yourself. Disperse!’’

Independent world?

As soon as Lin Ming looked up, he saw that there were actually two blazingly hot suns hanging in the air. The sun of the fire world was extremely hot, and even emitted a faint blue light that looked like a massive fireball in the sky. Around the edge of the sunlight, the air itself was distorting from the heat, making the sun seem like an illusory mirage.

But the sun in the ice world seemed lifeless, like a distant and unaffected object. As the sunlight from there shined down on one's body, there wasn't even the slightest sense of heat. Instead, it only caused one to feel like they had fallen into a pool of ice water. This marvel, if not an illusion, was truly impossible to be seen within the Sky Spill Continent.

If this wasn't the Sky Spill Continent, and was a separate and individual world, then was this a world that was naturally formed, or was it a world that was created by a Supreme Elder?

Lin Ming couldn't help but indulge in his fanciful daydreams. At this time, Mu Dingshan asked, ’’Lin Ming, would you like to go together? Or would you like to go by yourself?’’

’’If I go by myself, will I be able to reach the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall? Or would I become lost?’’

’’No, this world has endless layers of profound principles and enigmas that direct it. No matter where you go, three days from now you will eventually come to the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall.’’

’’Then I'll go alone.’’

’’Haha, I also suggest you go alone. This divine Phoenix Mystic Realm is an incomparably broad and vast land. Until now, there has never been any disciple in any generation that has ever managed to trace the end of the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, even though every time we are warped here brings us to a different location. The divine Phoenix Mystic Realm contains countless lucky chances waiting around, but if several people go together, the area they will be able to cover is much smaller. Even if they come across some lucky chance, it would be difficult to split it between multiple people. If you go alone, then everything will depend on your own destiny. Naturally, that is the best path to take.’’

’’I would also like to advise Junior-apprentice Brother Lin that the deeper you go, the more dangers there are. If you would like to remain conservative and a bit safer, then stay around in the vicinity of the edges;there won't be any danger there. Three days later, you can also enter the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall. Of course, if you do so, you won't encounter any lucky chances.’’ Mu Dingshan was the one here with the highest understanding of the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, so he told Lin Ming everything he knew.

The deeper one went, the more danger there was. But correspondingly, the lucky chances they would encounter would be greater too.

Lin Ming understood this, and he was also increasingly clear why within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, it was possible to die no matter how high your strength or talent. Or why it was possible that if one was exceptionally talented, their chance of dying was higher. This was because the temptation of exploring the deepest and most unknown parts of the mystic realm was too hard to resist.

To those that walked on the martial path and dreamed of climbing to the peak of all martial arts, these individuals had the blood and will of adventurers flowing through them;this was a desire that was impossible to suppress.

Lin Ming also wanted to journey to the depths. If he stayed nearby on the edges, he would only walk through the paths that others had crossed, and there would be no meaning to it.

’’Thank you for the warning Senior-apprentice Brother Mu. I shall go first then.’’ Lin Ming cupped his hands together, bowed, and then left alone. The direction that he chose was naturally the world of fire. The more he walked, the faster he went, until he was nearly to the point of flying.

As Mu Dingshan saw Lin Ming disappear into the endless red mist and lava, he sighed. Although Mu Yuhuang had urged over and over to be safe, she was probably well aware that Lin Ming would journey through thick and thin to explore the deepest parts of the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. Otherwise, what point was there in entering the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm?

The blazing hot wind blew in his face as if it were roasting him. The air was filled with the pungent and sour smell of sulfur, and as he looked in the distance, everywhere he saw was covered by a thick red fog. Lin Ming's vision was already reduced to around 1000 feet, but the deeper he continued to go, the more his field of vision would decrease!

After flying at high speed for almost a full day, with Lin Ming's endurance, he simply didn't need to stop and rest. This sort of speed was rare even through all the previous generations of divine Phoenix Island disciples.

The divine Phoenix Mystic Realm had no night;the fierce and fiery sun simply didn't move. After an unknown amount of time, Lin Ming suddenly heard a loud rumbling sound coming up from above him. As he looked up, he immediately sucked in a breath. In the sky, there were dozens of rainbow colored beams of light that were crashing down at an alarming rate.

These were shockingly ten feet wide meteorites, or even larger. They were wrapped in burning flames and had long tails of fire. They whistled as they came smashing down onto the ground.

How much power was contained within these meteors? A meteor just a few dozen feet wide might be able to completely level a village with the impact! This was not something that mortal flesh was able to resist, unless it was a Supreme Elder from the Realm of the Gods.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As meteorites crashed in the distance, they smashed into the dark red rock or into the giant pools of lava, sparking massive explosions. Lin Ming could see lava shooting hundreds of feet into the sky, or even a thousand feet and more!

The ground trembled and a dreadful shock wave billowed past;it was impossible for someone to stand firmly on the ground here.

Lin Ming maintained complete concentration. The speed of the meteorite shower was simply too quick. Although the area was big, he couldn't outrun the explosion, he could only escape in advance. Fortunately, the shower of meteorites wasn't too dense, and massive meteorites were in the minority.

As Lin Ming stimulated the bodily true essence that protected him to the max, he moved according to the trajectory of the rainbow colored lights he saw. From this, he was able to determine the direction and speed at which the meteorite was falling. At this moment, his eyes widened. He saw a three foot wide smaller meteorite rapidly approaching him, it would crash not too far from where he was!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void instantly erupted. Lin Ming let loose his entire perception to track the path of the meteorite while he galvanized the true essence protecting him to the limit in order to avoid the full impact of this meteorite.

If the shock wave of the collision hit him from such a close range, the true essence that protected Lin Ming would be torn apart like paper.


The meteorite hit the ground, and the resulting explosion was like a deafening thunderclap to Lin Ming's ears, nearly blowing apart his eardrums. He was sent flying by the shockwave, and fell directly into a pool of thick lava.

Fortunately, the azure true essence that protected Lin Ming was endless. Being in this lava for a short period of time was nothing.

As Lin Ming instantly jumped, he saw that the rocks in the ground around him had cracked for hundreds of feet. The lava shot up into the sky, and fire blazed like a soaring inferno, directly piercing through the sky!

This is...

Lin Ming stared with wide eyes. He could clearly feel the active whining of the Heretical God Seed within him as well as the restlessness of the Fire Essence. Suddenly, Lin Ming was enlightened... originally, there wasn't any fire in the giant pool of lava, but after the meteorite struck, it actually formed a massive flame...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As meteorites crashed down in the distance, the roaring flames reflected in Lin Ming's pupils. It was like he could see the origin of fire...

The origin of fire was it's Law, and also the Concept of Fire.

The collision, movement, and the following terrifying explosion created a massively blazing flame. The more violent the explosion was, the more terrifying the flames would become.

If a high-speed meteorite strike the ground and create such a terrifying fire, then what if it were true essence instead?

If high-speed true essence struck, would it create an even more terrifying fire?


Another meteorite came crashing towards Lin Ming, it was even larger than the last one. Lin Ming flew away with Golden Rock Shattering the Void. However, he didn't go too far. His intention was to be a bit close, so that he could keep his perception in constant contact with the meteorite.


The earth seemed to tear apart. The billowing lava and violent destructive shockwave that followed was even more terrifying than the last time and waves of lava were sent surging out. Lin Ming stood within the ensuing storm, and was instantly sent flying backwards.

Lin Ming felt like his internal organs were struck by a hammer and he spat out a mouthful of blood. However, his eyes were filled with joyous ecstasy!

’’The Concept of Fire, I've touched it!’’

Even though he was just severely injured, Lin Ming didn't care. He summoned his true essence and thrust out with the Purple Comet Spear!

Facing the wave of flame and lava that approached him, the Purple Comet Spear swept through the flames, colliding with the tide of lava.

The essence of the fire and heat was produced through impact...with true essence simulating this, the power of fire could immediately be doubled!


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