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Martial World - Chapter 393


Chapter 393 - Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic realm




The 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was an extremely broad and profound cultivation method. As Lin Ming practiced more and more, he increasingly became aware of this point. Not only was the cultivation method to practice contained within, but there were also many techniques to control fire, fire-attribute martial skills, and most importantly, there was also the understanding of others regarding the origin of fire. That is to say, the Concept of Fire.

Something like a Concept could only be realized through one's own contemplation, it couldn't be explained. Just a few words were enough to provide many nights of deep reflection.

In addition, there were also ways to cultivate the mind and heart. There were ways to adjust one's mentality to communicate with fire origin energy, so that a martial artist could completely immerse themselves in a sea of fire origin energy and break through their shackles.

However, these mysterious skills all depended on one's own understanding and studying. As for Lin Ming's perception, it was considered quite good. In these recent days, he had learned a great deal.

Time passed day by day. Lin Ming would wake up every morning and absorb the rising energy from the fire of the sun, practicing all day. At night, he would again ponder the cultivation methods. Such a day seemed boring, but the wonderful feel of advancing in one's cultivation let Lin Ming be at ease and happy.

Of course, not every day was spent on statically practicing from dawn till dusk. Occasionally, there would be a 15 or 16 year old girl, or even a group of them together, coming to Lin Ming, asking him for guidance on some puzzling questions about the cultivation method.

These girls with their soft-spoken voices, sweet tone and flushed cheeks as well as watery eyes that were filled with hope... Lin Ming found it hard to refuse them. Every time he would try to carefully explain to the best of his knowledge. In truth, Lin Ming's theoretical knowledge wasn't much, but fortunately, these girls were usually the lower end disciples at the Pulse Condensation period, so he was able to barely deal with their questions.

Every night, Lin Ming would take a drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence and place it on the acupoints of his body. In 12 days, he had used 12 drops of blood essence, half of which were placed between his eyebrows.

As the Vermillion Bird blood essence touched the skin between his eyebrows, he had a faint dizzy feeling as it slowly penetrated through. At this time, Lin Ming felt as if all the blood essence of his body was moving towards this spot between his eyebrows, as if it were trying to turn into a crystal there.

As this feeling slowly vanished, the Vermillion Bird blood essence was also thoroughly absorbed. Lin Ming then felt his entire body fill up with blood vitality, and energy surged within him to the point of overflowing and roughly moving everywhere in his body. With a casual movement, he could even hear popping sounds in his bones. This was an extremely comfortable feeling. Every time it happened, he wanted to bend back and let out a great yawn.

’’Drinking the immortal dew wine from the Realm of the Gods' Supreme Elder's memory is probably like this feeling.’’ These past two years, Lin Ming had eaten a great deal of medicines. But most of these medicines were extremely overbearing and contained a cruel energy;it was almost the same as eating poisoned food.

This Vermillion Bird blood essence was the first one that had felt thoroughly pleasurable as he transplanted it within himself.

In order to promote the absorption within his body, Lin Ming would take out the Purple Comet Spear after he placed a drop on his body and then practice his spear skills. After Lin Ming had his match with Elder Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao Chi from Golden Bell Mountain and competed in spear skills with him, Lin Ming's skill at spear play had made great progress. He repeatedly practiced what he had left, and he felt the strength of his body endlessly growing.

Lin Ming looked at the leftover Vermillion Bird blood essence, there was only around 10 drops of so left;it was enough for 10 days. Seeing this made Lin Ming feel some regret.

Also, this Vermillion Bird blood essence was like the Heaven Opening Pill. The first drop would have the greatest and most obvious effect. Afterwards, each following drop would be continuously weaker. Now, on the 12 drop, the effect wasn't even half of the first drop's.

As this continued, he estimated that the last drop might only have around 20% of the first drop's effect. This was truly a waste.

As Lin Ming thought this, his mind suddenly stirred. Maybe he could save these last remaining drops and give them to Qin Xingxuan?

Qin Xingxuan's talent could only be considered the most basic within divine Phoenix Island. But with the help of the Vermillion Bird blood essence, she would have a ray of hope that she could one day step into the Revolving Core realm.

However, divine Phoenix Island had given the Vermillion Bird blood essence to Lin Ming, and that was to let Lin Ming use it. He had no right to give it away to someone else. The only way would be if Lin Ming's status rose once again, and he gained a strong enough influence and authority to do so.

Lin Ming shook his head, and temporarily erased this thought, putting away the Vermillion Bird blood essence. He would wait until he had the strength to do so before thinking about this again.


In a flash, another three days passed. Finally, it was the day to enter the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

Within the depths of the divine Phoenix Island mountain range, a spirit boat slowly landed within a clearing of the mountain valley. A line of people stepped down from the spirit boat, including Mu Yuhuang, Mu Qianyu, and Lin Ming.

This was where the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was located. Just by looking at the surrounding scenery, it was no different than anywhere else on divine Phoenix Island. It was just that the surrounding mountains formed a tight formation around this mountain valley, and the heaven and earth origin energy here was very vibrant, especially fire origin energy and water origin energy.

Lin Ming glanced at the disciples that would enter the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm with him. Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing were impressively among them. In fact, nearly all of the core disciples and direct disciples had arrived, even Zhang Zhen was among them. It was just that he wasn't eligible to enter the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall.

Seeing Lin Ming, Zhang Zhen happily smiled at him and waved.

’’During this trip into the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, your primary concern should always be your own safety. Do not try anything beyond your capabilities. Understand?’’ Mu Yuhuang asked.

Every time the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was opened, there might some disciples that died. Although this was a very small probability, these people - especially those that entered the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall - were those most outstanding talents that divine Phoenix Island had cultivated. If they died every time, then divine Phoenix Island would truly suffer.

And what was most horrifying was that life or death within the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm didn't depend on one's talent or strength. The weak might live, and the strong might die.

This was mainly because those geniuses that were strong and had immense talent would always be particularly confident in their own ability, and try to reach out to a great lucky chance. Finally, the results of this would only be that the dangers that followed would multiply by several fold, and they would fall like a meteor from the heavens.

For the weaker, lower-tier disciples, having several die was bad enough. But if direct disciples on the level of Mu Dingshan died, that would cause divine Phoenix Island to be pained like their heart was bleeding.

Mu Yuhuang's eyes swept over all the disciples that would enter the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm one at a time. Finally, her eyes paused on Lin Ming. She said to him in a true essence sound transmission, ’’Lin Ming, the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall has a history of tens of thousands of years. The Ancient Phoenix Clan also had a much richer and purer Saint Beast bloodline than we do. In fact, they might even have had the bloodline of a God Beast, and the talents that existed in their era are beyond our understanding. You may be considered a monstrous talent in this life, but compared to those existences from tens of thousands of years ago, you might not necessarily be too outstanding. Therefore, do not be blinded by your confidence, and do not try to do anything that is beyond your capabilities in the smelting trial. If something happens to you, that is a blow that my divine Phoenix Island may not be able to bear!’’

What Mu Yuhuang was most anxious about was Lin Ming. She knew that back when he had been at Thundercrash Mountain, Lin Ming had scaled the summit when he only had a cultivation at the mere peak Bone Forging stage. He had taken advantage of the battle between Mu Qianyu and the Thunder Flood Dragon to directly sneak into the Flood Dragon's cave and then loot the treasures within, finally obtaining the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo and the Magnetic Birthstone. Because of this Magnetic Birthstone, he was able to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. That was a Thunder Soul that only a middle Xiantian realm master could absorb, but Lin Ming had done so with just a pitiful Bone Forging stage cultivation!

At first, Lin Ming was not a disciple of divine Phoenix Island. Thus, when Mu Yuhuang had heard of this from Mu Qianyu, she thought highly of and also appreciated Lin Ming's decisive actions and courage in the face of danger. But now, Lin Ming had become her disciple, and Mu Yuhuang's feelings had undergone a complete change. When most people saw others' children taking risks and placing themselves in danger, they might praise them. But when they saw their own children doing the same, they might not feel the same way. Instead, they would only be anxious.

If Mu Yuhuang had a choice, she would rather Lin Ming would be able to steadily and calmly reach the extreme Revolving Core realm in the future;this would also be a great additional strength to divine Phoenix Island.

As for the path to becoming a Peerless Emperor, one needed to constantly seek opportunities. It could be said to be a dangerous path with many narrow escapes. Mu Yuhuang didn't dare to guarantee that something as illusory and vague as destiny would be able to accompany Lin Ming through his journey. Through the ages of the Sky Spill Continent, there were countless top geniuses that had tried to become a Peerless Emperors. But the number that succeeded was mind-bogglingly low.

’’Disciple understands.’’ Lin Ming nodded.

’’Good. Well, now I will join forces with the other Elders to open up the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. The ordinary disciples usually stay inside for three days. After those three days, they will automatically be transferred outside. As for those disciples that enter the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall, they will have 7 to 10 days. When the time arrives, everyone will also be sent out. Now, would any of you like to withdraw?’’

After Mu Yuhuang casually asked, no one volunteered to quit. Of course, this was natural. All of the disciples were struggling for spots to enter the divine Phoenix Mystic realm. Such insignificant danger was simply nothing to them. As people that walked on the path of martial arts, they had to experience countless life and death dangers. Even in a friendly competition of martial arts, it was possible that a situation would arise in which they would be killed. If they feared death, they would forever be stranded in the Houtian realm or Xiantian realm, and find it near impossible to ever reach the Revolving Core realm.

’’Very good!’’

Mu Yuhuang nodded, ’’Tianguang, we'll work together to break the seal so that these juniors can go in.’’

As the powerful figure of the Blue Luan Faction, Revered Master Tianguang was the representative of the Blue Luan Faction disciples. He nodded, waved his hand, and a shining blue sword flew out;this was splendidly a high-grade earth-step treasure weapon.

Mu Yuhuang gathered her hands together and released a series of flaming runes that blended together with Revered Master Tianguang's blue treasure sword. A moment later, there was a 'zi zi zi' sound, and the space in front of the crowd began to tremble as if it were the surface of a still lake that was being disturbed, ripples constantly appearing.

Suddenly, a jet black vortex appeared out of thin air, constantly spinning with the faint sound of wind and thunder coming from it. The surrounding heaven and earth origin energy frantically converged on this vortex. The origin energy around was restless, and great gusts of wind picked up, causing everyone's clothes to flutter in the wind and all the rocks and sand to fly in the air.

Finally, after several dozen breaths of time, the swirling vortex slowly stabilized and the wind died down. In front of the crowd, there was a black entrance that was 10 feet wide. This opening through the void was suspended in the air, and it was impossible to see inside, as if it were the gateway to another world.

’’Go! And remember, do not do anything that exceeds your limits!’’ Mu Yuhuang repeatedly urged.

Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing were the first to jump in. Their figures flashed for a moment, and they were suddenly swallowed up by the black opening. Lin Ming followed them and also jumped in.


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