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Martial World - Chapter 390


Chapter 390 - Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder




At the central region of the bonfire party, there was a bevy of six or seven young girls excitedly speaking as they formed a circle. Along with everyone else, it was simply packed tight with people close enough to push each other.

’’Lin Ming.’’ A woman's crisp and clear voice sounded.

Lin Ming turned his head to see that the one who spoke was Mu Qianyu.

All the disciples that were sitting around the fire quickly rose up to salute. Compared to an Elder of divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qianyu's status was even higher than some.

Mu Qianyu smiled and said, ’’Lei Mubai is locked up in the dungeon, would you like to go and see him now?’’

Lin Ming was slightly stunned, then he happily said, ’’Alright.’’

Before this, Lin Ming had been called over to Mu Yuhuang, and they had conversed for a good two hours. He didn't even have time to spare a thought to Lei Mubai.

When Mu Qianyu arrived, the entire atmosphere of the party became wary. Mu Qianyu glanced at all the young girls that surrounded Lin Ming and faintly smiled, sending him a true essence sound transmission, ’’Do you think my divine Phoenix Island is heaven on earth for male disciples?’’

Lin Ming's voice paused. He ruefully smiled, ’’Miss Mu, please don't joke with me. It was just a short time but I've already had to make many promises to them.’’

’’Haha,’’ Mu Qianyu chuckled, ’’from now on you may call me Senior-apprentice Sister. Honorable Master has already received you as a disciple. Also, Master Ancestor would like to see you.’’


’’Master Ancestor should probably want to discuss the matter of entering the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. That's right, weren't you interested in all those things that Lei Mubai had?’’

’’I am indeed interested.’’ Lin Ming honestly replied.

’’Mm. Master said to hand everything to you as long as you don't kill him. As I remember, your methods were sufficiently ruthless. The elder that was healing Lei Mubai used a great deal of top medicines, but that fellow is still lying half-dead without much hope to live longer. All of the meridians in his body have been depleted and shattered, and his martial arts have been wasted.’’ Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming, a deep expression in her eyes. This was the first time that she had seen such a martial arts crippling technique. She had no idea where Lin Ming could have studied this from.

Lin Ming laughed twice and didn't answer. The Realm of the Gods' Pulse Cutting Palm was an extremely sinister and cruel move. As for wanting to heal the damage, well... not even the miracle medicines of the Realm of the Gods might be effective, much less anything that could be found within the Sky Spill Continent.

’’Let's go.’’

The two of them left the Parasol Tree Pavilion together and walked towards divine Phoenix Island's dungeons.

The divine Phoenix Island dungeon was located within the hillside and extended several hundred feet deep. Within the depths of the dungeon was an array formation. Once this array formation was fully activated, its defensive capabilities were strong enough to withstand even the full bombardment of a Revolving Core master.

Within the deepest reaches of the dungeon, there was a sealed stone chamber. Lei Mubai was lying there on the ground as if he were dead, his complexion was wan like he had lost all his blood. His spatial ring had already been taken out and placed on a table where it was sealed up, and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd replica was also set aside.

Lin Ming looked at Lei Mubai in this state and knew that his heart had already died. A proud man whose arrogance had sunk into his bones, and had vainly dreamed to one day rule the world and control the fate of all others in his hand, had suddenly suffered such a great attack. In this situation, losing all hope was a completely normal event.

’’Lin Ming, you seemed to care about the Thunder Soul in Lei Mubai, right?’’ Mu Qianyu asked.

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded.

Mu Qianyu's eyebrow arched up. ’’If I'm not wrong, the final move that you defeated Lei Mubai with not only used a Thunder Soul, but also a Flame Essence?’’

Mu Qianyu had a special physique and was very sensitive to anything related to fire. Lin Ming's Thunderfire Annihilation had passed in an instant, but the energy of the Flame Essence had been sensed by Mu Qianyu.

Lin Ming hesitated a bit before honestly acknowledging this. He would be in contact with Mu Qianyu for a long time. Sooner or later, she would find out his secret. Lin Ming said, ’’My body is special. I can absorb many Thunder Souls and Flame Essences.’’

Although she had speculated about this earlier, hearing Lin Ming's affirmation caused Mu Qianyu to take a deep breath. Just what kind of bloodline did Lin Ming have? He was actually able to absorb multiple Thunder Souls and Flame Essences? This was simply unheard of!

Normally, as a martial artist's strength grew, they would need to replace the Thunder Soul or Flame Essence within their body. After someone had a Thunder Soul or Flame Essence within their body for a long time, they would be able to smoothly utilize its strength. But once they traded it in for another, more powerful one, they would need to adapt to the new properties of the Thunder Soul or Flame Essence, completely learning and developing new skills. This was a process that took a very long time.

But, Lin Ming was actually able to absorb multiple Thunder Souls and Flame Essences. Not only would he be able to avoid the hassle in this aspect, but he could also increase the power of thunder and fire within his body. This was simply a talent that defied the heavens!

Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming as if she were looking at some spooky monster. ’’Just how many Thunder Souls and Flame Essences can you absorb?’’

’’This... well, I don't really know.’’ Lin Ming didn't know whether or not the Heretical God Seed had an upper limit. The Supreme Elder of the Realm of the Gods hadn't possessed this secret skill for a long time. Before he could thoroughly research it, he had been reduced to ashes. Now, everything was left over for Lin Ming to ponder himself.

Not wanting to continue this line of questioning, Lin Ming took out a small crystal bottle from his spatial ring. There was a small red crystal sphere sealed within.

’’That's right, this is for you...’’

Mu Qianyu looked at the small crystal bottle and a surprised expression crossed her face, ’’This is the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal? You still have it?’’

Mu Qianyu saw that this Shattered Demon Heart Crystal looked complete, very different to the one third he had left from proving Lei Mubai's guilt. This sort of treasure would make Xiantian masters of any sect jealous;how could Lin Ming have so many?

’’Mm, this is a gift for you.’’

Lin Ming placed the small crystal bottle in Mu Qianyu's hand. He smiled, jokingly saying, ’’Since I entered the sect and have a master now, I should give Senior-apprentice Sister a gift on the first meeting.’’

Mu Qianyu was in the process of breaking through to the Revolving Core realm. Although reaching the Revolving Core realm was only a matter of time, if she had the help of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, she might be able to make her breakthrough several months earlier. To a top genius, several months was an incomparably precious amount of time.

Mu Qianyu stared at the small crystal bottle that Lin Ming had placed in her hand and muttered, ’’I really don't know what sort of special body you have. You actually ate this Shattered Demon Heart Crystal!’’

’’Mm, I ate a bit more than half.’’ Lin Ming casually said.

Mu Qianyu already felt a bit numb. This was a top miracle medicine that even a Xiantian master had to be careful when taking. As for Lin Ming, he had swallowed half with a mere Pulse Condensation period cultivation. Really, this special body of his was too abnormal.

She eventually took the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal. She had wanted to say some word of thanks, but as the words reached her lips, she felt a bit sentimental and decided not to say anything. As she thought back, Mu Qianyu remembered that just half a year ago, she and Lin Ming were strangers. But now, their relationship had developed to the stage where she could accept such a gift without needing to thank him. It was just like they were close siblings.

As she realized they had such a close relationship, Mu Qianyu felt warm in her heart. She looked at Lin Ming with a trace of happiness in her eyes and smiled, ’’Are you going to absorb the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder? Would you like me to help?’’

’’Mm. It would be great if you could stay around, just in case something happens.’’

As he opened the dungeon seal, Lin Ming went to investigate Lei Mubai's condition. At this point, his cultivation had already dropped to the Flesh Training stage. Not only was that, but the residual true essence in his body continued to dissipate. Sooner or later, it would all disappear. After another day or two, Lei Mubai would become a cripple;his body would even be worse than a normal mortal's.

’’Lin Ming...’’ Lei Mubai's eyes opened as he looked towards the heavens, his mouth spasming as he spat out this hateful name that had become unforgettable to him.

Lin Ming didn't respond. Instead, he undid the seal on the table and took Lei Mubai's spatial ring.

’’You will die! Wait until the day that the South Sea Demon Region tramples over divine Phoenix Island! On that day you will be flayed alive and destroyed without even a body to bury!’’

Lei Mubai's life was at its end, and his heart was like dying embers. Now, the only thing that supported him was his undying and eternally utter hatred of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming grabbed onto Lei Mubai's arm and began to link his true essence to the Heretical God Seed. As he clearly felt the energy coming from the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, the Heretical God Seed within him began to restlessly spin about.

This was a medium-grade earth-step Thunder Soul that was no worse than his Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. If it wasn't for the fact that Lei Mubai's cultivation was completely wasted at this time, it would be impossible to seize it.

The Heretical God Seed began to excitedly whine. Lin Ming poured true essence into Lei Mubai's body, turning it into a net of true essence that covered the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.

Because of Lei Mubai's weakened state, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder didn't have much ability to resist. After a quarter of an hour passed, Lin Ming's true essence net had finally tightly wrapped around the Thunder Soul.

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder fiercely struggled under the true essence shackles. However, under the formidable coercive pressure of the Heretical God Seed, there wasn't much trouble it could cause.


With a light sound, the blood red Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was violently pulled out. Lei Mubai's entire body fiercely trembled and he vomited a mouthful of blood. He immediately went limp on the ground as if someone had pulled out his spine.

All of Lei Mubai's ambitions and hopes had come to an end. As Lin Ming looked at his pitiful and wretched appearance, he didn't feel a single ounce of pity or compassion in his heart. Someday, if Lei Mubai ever became an extreme Revolving Core Supreme Elder or even a Peerless Emperor powerhouse, there was no telling how many rivers of blood would flow or how many people would die because they had been used for him to cultivate his martial arts.

As the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder appeared, it was just like a red serpent. Crimson energy recklessly erupted from it, as if it wanted to fly into Lin Ming's body and suck up all his blood essence.

Lin Ming locked his hands together, and according to the method of sealing a Thunder Soul, drew up dozens of runes. All of these runes fell onto the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, causing its radiance to dim by a few degrees. After several breaths of time, Lin Ming was able to galvanize his azure true essence into forming a cage, imprisoning the savage Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.

The deep red Thunder Soul smashed against the cage that imprisoned it. However, it was unable to break through the endless azure true essence.

’’This really is a sinister and evil Thunder Soul.’’

Lin Ming let out a light breath. Even though it was trapped in a cage, he could still clearly feel the rich blood energy and atmosphere that emitted from the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. It was as if he had been caught in a hellish blood pond, and all the blood vitality in his body was being sucked out.

’’There's a quiet room at the side. I'll guard you.’’ Mu Qianyu said.


After he walked into the nearby quiet room, Lin Ming sat down on the stone bed and placed a hand on the cage. Suddenly, the true essence he was revolving erupted. A powerful force filtered through the Heretical God Seed and began to influence the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.

In that moment, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder that was crazily smashing against its cage suddenly felt uneasy. The vast pressure coming from the Heretical God Seed was causing it to feel fear.

As the immense cover of pressure began to fall down, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder felt increasingly uneasy. Its manic efforts of breaking out of the true essence cage increased as it impacted the cage again and again. A crack had actually developed in the endless azure true essence, spreading out!

’’Do you need me to help?’’ Mu Qianyu asked. Lin Ming had to handle the last and final absorbing process himself. But, she could still assist in suppressing the Thunder Soul at the start.

’’No need!’’ As the azure true essence cage finally broke, Lin Ming reached out a hand and grabbed the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. Then, he pressed it into his chest!


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