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Martial World - Chapter 387


Chapter 387 - Confrontation




Although Lei Jingtian was very skilled at covering his expression, there was still a slight true essence fluctuation that he emitted from the shock of a moment ago. All of this was keenly captured by Mu Yuhuang's senses.

'This old fox!' Mu Yuhuang's face darkened. She finally understood why Lei Jingtian had been so adamantly opposing her, obstructing her repeatedly. It was highly likely that he was collaborating together with Lei Mubai. 'Lei Jingtian most likely sold himself out to the South Sea Demon Region. There's a high chance that what Lin Ming said was true. Action first, consequences later, what a brave boy! The key is, how can he prove this? In this situation it's impossible to torture the information out of this Lei Mubai.'

Mu Yuhuang knew what was at stake. If Lin Ming couldn't provide a clear and adequate explanation, he would most likely die a horrible death. It was impossible for divine Phoenix Island to protect him in that case.

Lei Jingtian's entire body flashed with arcs of thunder. His eyes were like those of a savage beast staring at its prey.

Even the Deep Earth Sect's Shi Zhongkun was standing behind him. Before, he had been humiliated and defeated by Lin Ming in a battle of words. Now that he had an opportunity to kick Lin Ming while he was down, how could he possibly miss it?

’’You are making false allegations boy! Good! What vicious thoughts you have! Because of some dispute, you even shattered all the meridians of Nephew Lei Mubai. If you do not give an explanation for this, then I will break all of your meridians. Otherwise, how much face will my Five Element Region still have!?’’

As Shi Zhongkun spoke, the aura of his body erupted. With the combination of two middle Revolving Core masters suppressing Lin Ming together, even though Mu Yuhuang stood in front of him, he still felt the pressure on him surging.

Lin Ming didn't have a single good impression towards this Shi Zhongkun. His voice was low as he said, ’’Elder Shi, it's irresponsible to speak nonsense.’’

Shi Zhongkun sneered. ’’As if you know not to blabber nonsense. You say that Nephew Lei Mubai is a spy from the South Sea Demon Region? Then what evidence do you have? If you cannot produce evidence, then prepare to pay with your life!’’

As Shi Zhongkun spoke, the Five Element Region disciples were stirred into a frenzy. Especially those that had been so miserably oppressed by Lin Ming, such as Chu Yunfei, Chen Kun, and Shi Hanshan. All of them were clamoring to have Lin Ming pay with his life.

’’Lin Ming, this isn't a trivial matter. If you have evidence, then quickly produce it. Otherwise, I cannot protect you.’’ Mu Yuhuang said with a true essence sound transmission. There was a faint hint of criticism in her heart. This was such a great matter but he hadn't even spoken to her before acting.

Lin Ming took a deep breath then replied, ’’Senior Mu, I didn't have a choice;I just didn't have conclusive evidence at the time to confirm my suspicious. If I had told you in advance, the Council of Elders might even need to be convened. If that happened, I fear that someone might be informed in advance, and the result would be Lei Mubai escaping somehow. Thus I had no choice but to act first and explain later.’’

Lin Ming was aware that even though Mu Yuhuang trusted him, she wouldn't act with just his side of the story. She would absolutely bring this matter up with the Council of Elders, and then the matter would be dropped. After all, this spy was just a junior. Even if he was killed it wouldn't have a big impact on anything. But if they were wrong, then that would be a catastrophe.

When that happened, Lin Ming would only be able to helplessly watch Lei Mubai leave divine Phoenix Island and return to his South Sea Demon Region. He would become a serpent that lay in wait to bite him.

Lin Ming had family, he didn't want someone like that aiming for him. One Ouyang Boyan was already enough for him. Ouyang Boyan was from the Seven Profound Valleys so he wouldn't dare to act too recklessly, but as for Lei Mubai, he wasn't restricted by these scruples. Therefore he had no choice but to cripple Lei Mubai to cut off any path of retreat for him.

Mu Yuhuang's complexion completely changed. ’’What did you say? You don't have conclusive evidence? This was only a guess!?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’No, I still have assurance that I'm right...’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he stepped forwards and stood in front of Shi Zhongkun and Lei Jingtian, directly facing the pressure of these two Great Elders.

Shi Zhongkun's expression was a taunting sneer, as if he had already seen the future where Lin Ming's meridians would all be broken.

As for Lei Jingtian, he looked very savage. He felt his heart speeding up a bit, but he still didn't believe that Lin Ming had evidence. As long as Lin Ming couldn't put forth any evidence, he could insist that any accusations Lin Ming made were nothing but baseless lies and slander.

Lin Ming cupped his hands across his chest in a polite gesture and calmly said, ’’Thunder Sovereign, please be patient. If you are able to confirm that I am lying, then you may kill me or torture me or do anything else you want.’’

Lei Jingtian frowned, his eyes flashing with murderous intent. ’’This is what you said! If you do not have evidence, this old man will beat you to death!’’

As Lei Jingtian spoke, his eyes were actually on Mu Yuhuang. He said to her, ’’High Master Yuhuang, this is what your disciple personally said. Do you have anything to say!?’’

Mu Yuhuang's complexion became increasingly ugly. At this moment, no matter how strong she was, it would be impossible to justify any reason to protect Lin Ming.

My Yuhuang's voice sunk by several points, her voice reaching arctic temperatures, ’’Since Lin Ming made this promise himself, naturally I will not interfere. If Lin Ming is truly making false allegations, then Thunder Sovereign may handle this matter however he wishes. But if Lin Ming is able to produce evidence, and there are also those who would deny it, then this old woman will personally act and kill everyone who does!’’

As Lei Jingtian heard these words that were filled with murderous intent, his heart stilled for a moment. But he still sneered and said, ’’High Master should remember the words that she has said!’’

Since the matter had reached this stage, Mu Qianyu could no longer sit still. She nervously looked at Lin Ming, her heart in tumult.

The entire audience's eyes were locked onto Lin Ming. Lin Ming took a deep breath, and then asked in a completely calm voice, ’’There are several questions I would like to ask Thunder Sovereign...’’

’’Go ahead! I want to know just what you ask!’’ Lei Jingtian responded in a contentious tone.

Lin Ming said, ’’First question, when Lei Mubai fought me, was the cultivation method he used from the Thundercrest Sect?’’

Lei Jingtian frowned, ’’No! The cultivation method that Lei Mubai used was one that he found in some ancient runes. Since ancient times, true geniuses have always had a great destiny fall unto them. Obtaining a lucky opportunity from some ancient ruins is a completely normal matter!’’

’’Then it is as the Thunder Sovereign said.’’ Lin Ming nodded. ’’Second question. Is Lei Mubai's Thunder Soul handed down from the Thundercrest Sect?’’

Lei Jingtian's voice spoke. This boy, was he trying to set up verbal traps for him to jump into?

After thinking about it and not finding out where any of these traps might be, Lei Jingtian said, ’’No, Mubai found his Thunder Soul after adventuring into an extremely dangerous and ominous land. It is not from my Thundercrest Sect.’’

Lei Jingtian had made up his mind that he would distance himself from everything as much as he could, in order to prevent Lin Ming forcing him to give unclear explanations in the future, forcing him to lie more.

Lin Ming nodded. ’’Third question. Who are Lei Mubai's parents? And did Lei Mubai ever mention his own background to Thunder Sovereign before?’’

Lei Jingtian said, ’’Mubai was orphaned as a child. His parents were mortals, and they died in the chaos of war!’’

Mortal parents, and they also died. Lei Jingtian believed that no matter how great Lin Ming's ability was, he didn't have the means to prove otherwise.

Lin Ming said, ’’My questioning is over. Senior Mu, may I request that you lay down an enchantment that can inhibit true essence sound transmissions?’’

Mu Yuhuang's eyes shot up. She didn't know what Lin Ming was planning, but she still looked for a divine Phoenix Island array master and had an enchantment laid down to his specifications that could inhibit true essence sound transmissions.

After Lin Ming confirmed that the enchantment had been laid down, he swiped his spatial ring and took out a red crystal that was the size of a drop of water. ’’Do you know what this is?’’


Lei Jingtian's eyes narrowed. From this small little thing, he could feel an ancient and endless energy emitting. Obviously, it was some sort of extraordinary object.

Just what was this?

Lei Jingtian didn't know, but Shi Zhongkun's expression changed. He had seen something similar recorded down in the ancient texts before. This boy actually had such a treasure!

Mu Fengxian stood up, her eyes bright. She looked at Lin Ming with a profound expression before saying, ’’After the fall of the Netherworld Great Emperor, the Devil Demon Heart he cultivated was crushed into three fragments. Rumors said that each of these three fragments were obtained by separate Revolving Core powerhouses, and used to produced many Shattered Demon Heart Crystals. After one dissolves and absorbs this blood essence, it is able to increase a Xiantian master's chances of reaching the Revolving Core realm. This old woman has seen one before. If I'm not wrong, then this red crystal that Lin Ming has is a Shattered Demon Heart Crystal.

The Netherworld Great Emperor had fallen over 1000 years ago. The Revolving Core old monsters present were only a few hundred years old, and there were very few people that knew just what a Shattered Demon Heart Crystal was. Most people had only seen such an object recorded in the ancient texts. As for someone who had seen one with their own eyes, that would only be Mu Fengxian. At the time, she had already broken through to the Revolving Core realm, and the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal was no longer very useful to her.

Lei Jingtian's eyebrow arched up. 'A treasure that could increase the chances for a Xiantian master to break through to the Revolving Core realm? This boy actually had such a precious object?'

Lin Ming said, ’’That is exactly what this is.’’

Lin Ming had obtained a total of ten Shattered Demon Heart Crystals from Zhou Xinyu. When he was being pursued by Huang Zixuan, he had been forced to take half of one. Now, he had a total of nine and a half crystals left over.

Half of a Shattered Demon Heart Crystal was able to help Lin Ming's full body Tempering Marrow reach 5%. After that, he had gone into seclusion on Dark Moon Island for three months. Lin Ming had swallowed many Heaven Opening Pills that had been massively enhanced by medicinal inscription symbols, and had managed to raise his Tempering Marrow to 20%. As for the Shattered Demon Heart Crystals, Lin Ming worried that he had too many pill toxins within his body, so he hadn't taken any more. Now within his spatial ring, were a total of nine and a half Shattered Demon Heart Crystals.

Now that he had to take one out, even Lin Ming felt his heart ache.

’’Boy, what are you planning on doing?’’ Lei Jingtian felt a faintly foreboding feeling in his heart.

Lin Ming sad, ’’Thunder Sovereign may not know, but the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal contains the remnant will of the Netherworld Great Emperor. After swallowing it, one can sense the energy of the Netherworld Great Emperor... when the time comes, you will naturally know what I mean.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he glanced over at the crowd and said, ’’I would like to request several seniors to come onstage and confirm a matter!’’

Lei Jingtian's expression changed. This contained the will of the Netherworld Great Emperor? What did that mean? If he swallowed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, would he be able to sense something?

He inadvertently glanced at Lei Mubai. He saw that at this time, Lei Mubai was lying on the ground, his face ashen, his lips pale, and his eyes glazed, as if the embers of his life were burning to an end. Lei Jingtian's heart sank;Lei Mubai was finished!

’’Elder Jin, may I ask that you step up? And also Elder Bai.’’ Lin Ming separately asked the Golden Bell Mountain Elder and the Arctic Ice Palace Elder. In his opinion, these two forces would be relatively fair. Golden Bell Mountain had always been very low-key. As for Arctic Ice Palace, they were rather cold and proud individuals - they shouldn't have any reason to cover for Lei Mubai. In fact, besides Lei Jingtian, there shouldn't be anyone there that would risk the wrath of the world and sell themselves out to the South Sea Demon Region.

Lei Jingtian's heart went completely cold. He now knew why Lin Ming had asked for an enchantment to be laid down that inhibited true essence sound transmissions. And that was to prevent him from discussing anything with these two Great Elders!

What about those earlier three questions? Why did he ask them? Lei Jingtian was confused, brooding over this. The foreboding feeling in his heart was becoming increasingly intense. He thought that if something happened, he would find a way to leave by himself. As for Lei Mubai, he could die here alone.


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