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Martial World - Chapter 385


Chapter 385 - Battle of Kings




The entire audience was shocked speechless. No one imagined that the battle between the Kings of the younger generation would be at such a terrifying level.

The stage floor underneath the two youths' feet had been strengthened by an array formation, becoming as hard as iron. But now, it was all left in ruins.

Lei Mubai's Blood Shadow Avatar that he released had been destroyed by Lin Ming, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. His injuries were definitely serious. Although Lin Ming wasn't wounded, his face was very pale;obviously, he had also consumed a great deal of blood vitality.

Originally, with Lin Ming's astonishing recovery ability, this wouldn't be a problem. But Lei Mubai's extremely strange moves were able to affect the blood essence within Lin Ming's body, causing it to tumble within him. In order to suppress the roiling blood essence, he had to waste a massive amount of energy - and that was why he was exhausted to this degree.

’’Lin Ming's hand is also injured!’’

The audience discovered that Lin Ming's right had was slicked red with blood. Obviously, this was the result of the collision from a moment ago!

’’His fist was injured when he shattered the blood claw.’’

’’This is normal in such a violent collision. After all, Lin Ming doesn't practice fist fighting nor did he bring any treasure gloves.’’

All of the heroic elites present expressed their views. But as Lei Mubai heard these, he could only grimly smile.


Lin Ming didn't practice fist fighting?

Didn't bring treasure gloves?

This group of idiots knew nothing!

Besides Lei Mubai, no one was aware of just how terrifyingly hard the Blood Shadow Avatar's demon claw was. It was able to compare to a low-grade earth-step treasure!

If Lin Ming was able to crush it with his fist, did that mean that his fist was comparable to a low-grade earth-step treasure?

How was this possible!?

Lei Mubai took a deep breath, his eyes glimmering as he looked at Lin Ming.

’’Lin Ming, you are the strongest junior that I have ever met in my life. I have an incomparable desire... and that is to personally destroy you!’’ Lei Mubai grinned, showing his white teeth within his bloodstained mouth, his expression still grim and savage.

’’You want to destroy me, and I want to destroy you. Not just that, but perhaps I will kill you much sooner.’’ Lin Ming wiped off the blood from his right hand, his expression cold and resolute. His words revealed his murderous intent, he had no desire to hide the fact that he wished to kill Lei Mubai.

’’Haha! You want to destroy me? Good, then I will give you the chance! I didn't think that I would be compelled to use my final card in this battle. I will use my own blood essence as the price to make this attack. After I use this move, if you cannot block it, you will die!’’

A move that costs one's own blood essence?

Lin Ming's eyebrows curved up. Blood essence was extremely important to martial artists. Even if Lei Mubai swallowed other martial artists with the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, this didn't mean that he could easily waste his own blood essence. If this move cost him his own blood essence, it would surely be Lei Mubai's strongest attack.

This would also be his final move!

’’Lin Ming...’’ Mu Qianyu sat behind Mu Yuhuang, her lips slightly trembling. Now that the battle had come to this point, it was a life and death match between two great geniuses. Even they wouldn't be able to control their own strength, and neither would they want to. Once this match was decided, one could be severely wounded or even crippled.

However, this time, it was clearly unrealistic to ask them to settle this with a truce.

’’Yu'er, don't worry. With the High Ancestor here, there won't be a problem.’’ Mu Yuhuang noticed Mu Qianyu's anxious expression and rapidly beating heart, and knew what she was worrying about.

’’Mm...’’ Mu Qianyu nodded, slightly calming down.


As these two young Kings were about to make their final blows in this desperate battle, all of the martial artists present held their breath. Not to mention the young heroic elites, even the old Revolving Core masters were the same, staring with round eyes as they gazed at the center of the stage, none of them daring to miss a single second of this exciting match.

On the stage, the two fighting in this match had the possibility of becoming future Peerless Emperors! So this was a match between two young Peerless Emperors! This battle was destined to be written down in the ancient texts, left behind as a legacy for future generations, lasting tens of thousands of years from now!

Who could miss such a grand event!?

On the stage, strong winds blew, blood sand drifted into the sky.


The Blood Shadow Avatar that was severely wounded by Lin Ming merged into Lei Mubai's body, melting into him. As this happened, a strange blood red color emerged over Lei Mubai's body.

’’Blood Prison Descends!’’

Lei Mubai gave a loud shout, and his aura started to become increasingly wild, increasingly manic, surging forth with a monstrous wave. His entire body was wrapped with red lightning, his long hair fluttering in the wind.

His foot stepped upon the bloodstained sand, his blood halberd directed straight towards the endless skies!

At this moment, he was like a descended demon god, insufferably arrogant, above all others!

Lin Ming let out a light breath;no wonder this Lei Mubai had been so rampant, he actually had so many cards in his hand. With one killer move after another, it was hard to find a martial artist at this level that could defeat him.

This Blood Prison Descends took one's own blood essence as the price in exchange for doubling one's strength. This was a move that damaged oneself at the cost of damaging the enemy even more.

In this situation, Lin Ming no longer planned to withhold anything anymore. In this final strike, he didn't need to care about how much true essence he consumed. He could use everything he had, putting forth his complete strength to meet this strike of Lei Mubai's.

’’Heretical God Force - open!’’


The highly compressed true essence within the Heretical God Seed erupted. Lin Ming's aura soared again, and his thick true essence was like a dangerous, unstoppable force of nature. In that instance, his momentum was like an unstoppable spear light, piercing the skies!



’’His aura increased again, and his true essence has strengthened by another 60 to 70%! At this time, Lin Ming was still hiding such a massively great strength!?’’

The shock that Lin Ming had created was too great. Even Mu Fengxian's expression changed. This turn of events was even more startling than Lei Mubai. Lei Mubai had burnt his own blood essence in exchange for strength, but Lin Ming hadn't done so at all. This was only the compressed true essence that had been hiding within his body!

’’How can a Pulse Condensation period martial artist hold so much true essence within himself? Is his body a bottomless pit!?’’

Everyone present, from the young heroic elites to the old Revolving Core masters all stared with eyes wide, filled with shock and disbelief.

A Xiantian martial artist shook his head, ruefully smiling, ’’Can he really be considered a Pulse Condensation martial artist? The thickness of his true essence is already equal to mine.’’

For a Pulse Condensation martial artist's true essence to be as thick as a Xiantian master's... this was simply unthinkable. If he hadn't confirmed with his own eyes that a true essence vortex hadn't formed within Lin Ming's dantian yet, he would rather die than believe Lin Ming was only at the trivial late Pulse Condensation period.

’’However, although the strength that Lin Ming has been hiding is impressive, it is still worse than Lei Mubai's!’’

A Golden Bell Mountain disciple evaluated as he compared the auras of Lin Ming and Lei Mubai. The strength that Lin Ming had now was inferior to the strength that Lei Mubai had obtained at the cost of burning his own blood essence.

After all, that was blood essence;one would forever lose what they burnt away.

Now, Lei Mubai's hair was crazy and his momentum filled the skies, his strength had approximately doubled. As for Lin Ming, his spear intent spread through the world, sharp and keen. But in terms of his momentum, it was slightly worse - his strength had increased by about 60 to 70%.

Originally, their strength had been about the same. But now after they increased their strength, a gap was immediately opened up between them!

’’Lin Ming is in danger!’’

’’This is Lei Mubai's final move with everything he has. If he cannot block it, Lin Ming will be seriously injured or even crippled!’’

The divine Phoenix Island disciples held their breath. The young female girls that had a favorable impression towards Lin Ming felt their hearts hanging in their throats. Their beautiful eyes were wide and unblinking, lest they miss what was about to happen.

Mu Qianyu let out a light breath as she folded her hands together, her grip tightening. She prayed in her heart, 'Lin Ming, please, don't let anything happen to you.'

Lei Mubai's mouth was full of blood. Because of the constant and insufferable pain from the blood vessels in his body rupturing, his face was bleak and ghastly. ’’Lin Ming! I never imagined that you would still be holding a final finishing move in your hand. Your strength truly shocks me to an endless degree. But, this is as far as you go! In the end, your final card is inferior to mine!

Because of the combustion of his blood essence, Lei Mubai's voice had changed. It was hoarse and deep, as if he were laboring for breath. He slowly and clearly spoke, enunciating every syllable, ’’Take my final strike. Demon - King - Descends!’’

As he spoke these words, Lei Mubai grabbed his halberd with both hands, slashing out!

Monstrous and dreadful waves of blood surged into the sky. At that moment, even the void itself seemed to tear apart. With this strike of Lei Mubai, an indomitable momentum was brought forth. It was an unstoppable, apocalyptic momentum that seemed as if it could destroy the very world! Even those people outside the protective light curtain felt their entire bodies' blood essence swelling forth, their blood tumbling;this was an unbearable feeling!

Too strong!

Just the shockwave of this attack was enough to have many disciples with low cultivation to vomit blood from the sick feeling in their bodies. How could Lin Ming possibly stop this attack?

Everyone's hearts seemed to stop beating. Mu Qianyu wringed her hands together, her heart tightly clenching.

On the stage, facing this crazy storm of blood, Lin Ming's clothes fluttered in the wind, his long hair blown around by the chaotic storm.

At this time, his expression was calm like a placid lake. He linked his sense to the Heretical God Seed. Above the Purple Comet Spear, a purple arc of thunder and a tiny flame began to tremble!

10,000 year old Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!

10,000 year old Sacred Flame Parasol Tree!

With the increased power from these top quality materials, flames twisted, thunder howled! The savage and manic power of thunder and fire burst forth, like the dam holding back a raging river had been shattered!

The spearpoint was straight, endlessly driving forwards!

The power of thunder and fire gave off terrifying explosive sounds that reverberated in the air. The Purple Comet Spear was like a meteor wound with thunder and fire, piercing forwards!

In that instant, the Earthcore Crimson Flame and the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder connected...

Thunderfire Annihilation!


An extremely horrific energy detonated. In that moment, it was like all sound had been swallowed, and the sun itself had lost its color. Time seemed to suddenly slow down!

Lin Ming's vision was completely flooded with a blinding light, it was like he had been instantly sent into a separate dimension. He could clearly hear the sound of his heart beating, and even the billowing heat and excited cries within the Heretical God Seed.


The protective barrier array enchantment that had been reinforced was able to resist the all-out attack of an early Xiantian master. Now, this protective enchantment shattered once again. The true essence shockwaves that originated from the explosion were too terrifying. Even the master who had laid down this protective enchantment would never have thought that the battle between a late Pulse Condensation martial artist and an early Houtian realm martial artist could reach such a level!

The blazing white light lasted for several breaths of time. All of the tables at the banquet celebration had been completely overturned. Fortunately, the masters present had already foreseen that something dangerous was about to happen, and they created shields just in time to protect everyone from injury.

The martial arts stage had already been blown to ruins. Lin Ming propped himself up with the Purple Come Spear, finding it difficult to stand.

But, at this time, Lei Mubai's entire body was dyed red with blood, and even his eyes had glazed over.


Lei Mubai fell to his knees, his body shaking.

Seeing this scene, everyone was petrified. They needed time to digest just what had happened.

Lin Ming... he won!?!!?


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