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Martial World - Chapter 384


Chapter 384 - Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts




Facing the blazoning might of the ancient devil arts and the crazy Lei Mubai whose hair was bathed in a blood red light, Lin Ming was finally able to completely confirm that Lei Mubai was from the South Sea Demon Region.

'The ancient devil arts can multiply one's own strength?' Lin Ming's lips curved up in a smile, 'If I hadn't completed 20% of Tempering Marrow then I would absolutely have lost this battle. But now, Lei Mubai is able to have me fight to the limits of my strength! With 20% Tempering Marrow added together with the opening of the Heretical God Force, just what would the result be?'

Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear horizontally and stood tall on the stage, his body exuding a virtuous light. Suddenly, his aura began to thicken, becoming increasingly swift and fierce, and a spear intent that could sweep away all surged forth. At this moment, Lin Ming was like a unrivalled treasure spear, immeasurably keen. With a single thought, he could pierce through the world!

’’Mm? Lin Ming's aura is also intensifying!’’

’’It's not only his aura that is intensifying, but the true essence in his body is becoming increasingly thick! Heavens! How can a Pulse Condensation period martial artist have such thick true essence within their body!?’’

In this instant, everyone was able to clearly feel the vast aura emitting from Lin Ming's body like an endless ocean. His true essence was like the wild waves of a storm, boundless and infinite!

With just Lin Ming's meridians and acupoints, he was naturally unable to release such terrifying true essence. A great deal of Lin Ming's true essence had been hidden within his marrow, and now all of that hidden true essence had spewed out;the power of 20% of Tempering Marrow completely broke free!

On the banquet's seat of honor, Mu Fengxian's sleepy eyes suddenly popped open, an expression of disbelief coloring them. She quietly watched Lin Ming for several breaths of times, took a deep breath, and then said to herself, ’’This child is a dragon within a deep pool. If my divine Phoenix Island has a great enough destiny and we are able to survive the incoming cataclysm to wait until the day that this dragon soars into the sky, my divine Phoenix Island will also be a phoenix that rebirths through nirvana, soaring along with it...’’

As Lin Ming's aura increased, all of the juniors beneath the stage stared with wide eyes. Their mouths were dry, and they watched with utter astonishment.

Lei Mubai couldn't bear it. As this aura rose, he was no longer willing to wait.

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder erupted. Lei Mubai cried out, ’’Blood Dyes the World!’’

The blood halberd swept out. After this move broke forth, the aura of the stage suddenly changed, as if tumultuous and violent waves of blood were crashing around. Lei Mubai tread forwards, and his body was like a phantom as he instantly flashed in front of Lin Ming, his spear sweeping towards his waist.

This halberd strike carried a heavy, roaring potential. Even a small mountain peak would be crushed by this sweeping blow!

In the halberd, Lin Ming could feel all the blood of his body being pulled by an invisible force, rushing to the surface and boiling in his veins as if it would break out of his body!

'This is the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder's effect on blood essence? Lei Mubai has no intention of staying his hand at all. If a normal martial artist were to be swept by this halberd, their blood would flow backwards and they would have already died from shock!'

Lin Ming's mind raced. The coiling dragon steel needle had fused into the Purple Comet Spear, and now the spear seemed to contain its own indelible will. A spear swept out, and because of the instant acceleration, the Purple Comet Spear slightly bent like a whip as he crashed into the blood halberd.


As soon as the blood halberd collided with the Purple Comet Spear, the blood halberd was suppressed. It was like a blood red massive shark that was abruptly pressed down in the water!

The Purple Comet Spear pressed down on the Great Desolate Blood Halberd! The compressed blood vitality of the halberd broke free, creating crashing waves of vibrant blood!

The two young masters struggled, their spear and halberd clashing with each other as red and purple thunder sizzled the air.

The impact of the intense purple and red true essence formed a howling tornado. The tornado picked up the countless crushed stones on the ground, and sent them shooting towards the protective light array enchantment.

Ping ping ping!

The reinforced light screen severely trembled once more.

The complexions of all the heroic elites changed, especially the Xiantian realm martial artists'. They were all frightened, unable to comprehend what was happening. With two juniors fighting, their auras were actually filled with the power of crushing avalanches and tsunamis. Was this really battle between two of the younger generation?

Lei Mubai clenched his teeth, all of the muscles of his body bulging, his blue veins popping up. He had no choice but to admit that Lin Ming had the qualifications to fight him on equal standing!

'This boy, his true essence is as thick as my own even after I used the ancient devil arts;how is this possible!? A frontal attack is not possible, I have to avoid his Purple Comet Spear and only attack his body.'

As Lei Mubai thought this, he suddenly rapidly dashed around, his footwork accelerating. As he stepped back, his form began erratic, drifting from place to place. The blood halberd in his hand also became a series of blood shades!

’’You want to compare speed?’’ Lin Ming's smirked. Lei Mubai was not a martial artist who specialized in speed like Jiang Baoyun. If he wanted to have a battle of speed, then he was not afraid. Not to mention that his comprehension of the Concept of Wind deepened with every day, and his Golden Roc Shattering the Void also drew closer to the second layer with every passing day. Soon, it would break through to the next level!


Lei Mubai appeared like a ghost behind Lin Ming, his halberd cutting down. However, this halberd directly cut through Lin Ming's waist, but passed straight through. At this moment, Lin Ming had vanished, leaving nothing behind by an afterimage!

It was just an instant, but Lin Ming had already moved dozens of feet away. ’’You are fast, but your weapon is a halberd. A halberd is not suited for speed!’’

Lei Mubai's pale face darkened. In terms of speed, a halberd was naturally inferior to a sword. This was common knowledge. But now, since he couldn't directly confront Lin Ming, he could only compare his speed. ’’I don't need you to teach me anything!’’

Lin Ming sneered, and suddenly a invisible cyclone of wind formed around his body, propping him up. After he had exposed his ability to fly, he had no more need to conceal the secret of Golden Roc Shattering the Void. ’’How skillful. In terms of speed, I too am confident in myself!’’

On the stage, forceful gales rampaged through the air. Lin Ming stepped forwards with Golden Roc Shattering the Void, and his body became a series of phantom images. With the Concept of Wind fused into the Purple Comet Spear, every spear strike contained a whistling wind origin energy.

In that moment, Lin Ming's spear shade turned into wind, and the wind became the spear shade. It could not be dispersed, it could not be avoided!



Suddenly, all of the red and purple lightning on the stage was swept up into a massive vortex, Lin Ming and Lei Mubai disappearing together.

’’Where are they?’’

’’There's only the afterimage left, I can't see them!’’

Those whose cultivation was below the Houtian realm had already lost track of Lin Ming and Lei Mubai's shadows. Even the Houtian realm disciples found it hard to see just where they were.

Zhan Yunjian took a deep breath, sighing as emotion filled his heart. So this power was that of the Kings of the younger generation? Perhaps in his entire life he would never be able to surpass them!

’’Their strength can actually compare to a Xiantian master!’’

Within the banquet area of Golden Bell Mountain, an early Xiantian master shook his head, overwhelmed by the scene in front of him.

’’Before, I had thought that their strength was slightly better than when I was at the Houtian realm, but it seems that now, even I don't dare to say that I could defeat them!’’


’’Blood Scattering Endless Sky!’’

Lei Mubai gripped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and smashed down. With an explosion, a massive hole dozens of feet deep was created within the stage. However, Lin Ming had already dodged early, avoiding this attack. Even so, the blood within his body still violently tumbled within him.

’’This fellow is too strong!’’ Lin Ming forcefully suppressed his surging blood. He still had his two final cards: the Heretical God Force and Thunderfire Annihilation. However, these two moves could only be used once, and he had to do so wisely. Otherwise, if he missed or failed, he would instantly be defeated!

Lei Mubai grinned. ’’You've forced me to this point. Now that the battle has reached this stage, even if I have to sacrifice my strength I will still cut you underneath my halberd!’’

As Lei Mubai spoke, the skin all over his body began to crack open with a 'ka ka' sound. Clouds of bloody fog ruptured forth from these cracks.

’’Blood Shadow Avatar!’’

As Lei Mubai cried out, the blood fog actually turned into a red human's shadow that took Lei Mubai's form. This shadow had no weapon. Instead, there was a long devil claw that was its hand.

Lin Ming was surprised but he didn't panic. He had already seen a similar attack method at the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting.

’’Go! Suck dry his blood essence!’’

The crimson Blood Shadow Avatar uttered a shrill scream, and then reached out its giant claw towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming appeared calm. His moved with Golden Roc Shattering the Void and his figure instantly drew back. At the same time, the Purple Comet Spear in his hand flashed with thunder. The power of thunder was the most effective counter to demons and ghost. He didn't believe that this Blood Shadow Avatar would be able to block the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder.

’’Your opponent is me!’’

Lei Mubai's cold words resounded within Lin Ming's ears. At the same time, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd slashed down!

Pincer attack?

Lin Ming frowned. The Purple Comet Spear in his hand thrust forth to meet the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!


As the spear and halberd collided, the blood essence within Lin Ming's body roiled and his true essence went into disorder. As for Lei Mubai, his organs were violently shaken by the azure true essence and his face turned ashen.


At this moment, the Blood Shadow Avatar cried and extended its claw. The claw grasped at Lin Ming's throat!

But at this time, Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear was already thrust out. He would not be able to pull it back in time and then thrust out again!

At this crucial moment, Lin Ming's right hand released the Purple Comet Spear. A deep azure light formed on his fist, carrying the power of thunder. This fist punched towards the Blood Shadow Avatar's blood claw!

’’Humph, you are seeking death!’’ Lei Mubai grinned like a demon. The Blood Shadow Avatar's claw was as hard as a divine weapon;its toughness was comparable to a low-grade earth-step treasure. To use a flesh and blood fist to meet this claw was no different than courting death!

’’Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!’’

In that moment, Lin Ming's true essence revolved to the limit. 10,000 vibrating true essence filaments roared forth, carrying the integrated power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder as well as the power of the 20% completed Tempering Marrow. This strike contained his full strength!


Lin Ming's fist smashed into the Blood Shadow Avatar's claw. The power of vibration and the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder erupted. There was a loud 'chi chi chi' sound as the blood claw was ignited by the thunder before it suddenly exploded into a bloody fog!


Lei Mubai's mind shook and then he spat out a mouthful of blood. The Blood Shadow Avatar was connected to his body - if it took damage, so would he!

As Lei Mubai spat blood, he kneeled on the floor, a looked of incredible disbelief in his eyes as he stared at Lin Ming. How was this possible? A bare human fist had shattered the Blood Shadow Avatar's demon claw!?

’’Lei Mubai is injured!’’

’’Heavens! This is too fearful. Lei Mubai's strength is already so terrifying, but he was actually severely wounded by Lin Ming!?’’

All of the young heroic elites present sucked in a deep breath.

Everyone believed that Lei Mubai had been hiding his strength, but no one imagined that he would be so strong.

However, what was even more unbelievable was that this amazingly strong Lei Mubai was actually severely wounded by Lin Ming!


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