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Martial World - Chapter 383


Chapter 383 - Great Desolate Blood Halberd




Forsaken Blood Halberd replica?

Even Lin Ming, who didn't know much about the top sects of the Sky Spill Continent, had heard the fierce name of this Forsaken Blood Halberd. The Forsaken Blood Halberd's former name was the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, and it was a heaven-step treasure that was excavated from an ancient ruin. It was 10 feet long, as thick as an arm, and blood red all over.

It was rumored that this halberd was a high-grade heaven-step treasure.

The original master and creator of this Great Desolate Blood Halberd had long been lost in the vast stretches of time. But it was known that this halberd had existed at least 70 or 80 thousand years ago.

Afterwards, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd was spread through the Sky Spill Continent and passed through several owners. Of those who held this weapon in hand, it could be said that any of these characters were masters that could shake the world, among which were many Peerless Emperors!

However, this blood halberd was simply too dangerous and portentous a treasure. According to the ancient records, everyone that had ever possessed the Great Desolate Blood Halberd eventually died a miserable and violent death. Even the so-called Peerless Emperors were no exception to this rule. It could be said that their destiny which was described within the ancient texts wasn't enough, and they died to the curse of the blood halberd.

For instance, a thousand years ago the Netherworld Great Emperor had managed to obtain the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Unfortunately, he perished under the hands of several Peerless Emperors.

Afterwards, this blood halberd was said to have been obtained by a Supreme Elder. But according to rumors, this Supreme Elder had gone into an ancient mystic realm and had been missing for hundreds of years. Until now, there still wasn't anyone that had a hint of where he was. Thus, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd had vanished along with him.

Humans were wonderful and contradictory creatures. The more ominous a treasure was, the more it would arouse the crazed envy of others. This was because many of them assumed that they were fated for great deeds, as if the heavens themselves had mandated that they would succeed. They believed that a great destiny had come to them and that they wouldn't die from the blood halberd's curse. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd even became a symbol of being a Peerless Emperor. Thus, replicas of this Great Desolate Blood Halberd had spread everywhere, and it wasn't unusual for a genius whose ambition was to one day become a Peerless Emperor to have one.

’’So you also use a long weapon.’’ Lin Ming's expression was calm. Compared to the spear, the halberd head had many crescent blade tips that could be used to slash and kill. Those that wielded the spear could also wield the halberd.

’’Hehe, allow me to remind you. With this blood halberd assisting me, my Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder can become 50% stronger!’’

’’Oh? What a coincidence. With the help of the Purple Comet Spear, my Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder can also display its greatest strength!’’

As the two stared each other down, the young heroic elites present held their breaths, their hearts rapidly racing. This battle was far more wonderful than they had assumed. They thought it would be a one-sided match, but it had actually stayed even until now.

Such a fight was what these people desired to see the most. They opened their eyes wide, fearing that they would miss any of the exciting moments.

Lei Mubai swept out his blood halberd, and his aura suddenly erupted. The true essence within his body revolved to the limit and a thick bloody energy surged forth from his body.


The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder flowed into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, the entire halberd shaft growing increasingly bright red as if it were dripping blood. The savage halberd blade began to issue out a keening cry!

’’Blood War Throughout the World!’’


The tiles under Lei Mubai's feet suddenly shattered, cracks spreading throughout like a spiderweb. Lei Mubai waved his halberd, and a bloody storm twisted into existence, sucking in all the surrounding stone, tearing it to pieces!

Facing such a powerful attack, Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear. The spearpoint drew a crescent moon on the ground and began to howl. The coiling dragon steel needle had fused into the Purple Comet Spear. Spear and thunder became one, thunder flashed, arcs of lightning danced in the air.

Lin Ming thrust out his spear, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appearing behind him once again. With this strike, it carried a primal azure true essence as well as a massive snake of thunder that was as thick as a tree trunk. With a cry from the audience, this spear contained an unstoppable momentum as it thrust towards the bloody storm.

Bang bang bang!

A series of explosions sounded in the air. The bloody light mixed with the smashed tiles and the purple electric radiance. All of the stones within were smashed into dust. As the dust mixed into the bloody storm, it transformed into red sand!

The protective array formation that the Revolving Core master had laid down began to vibrate. Cracks appeared out of thin air, and with a light 'chi chi chi' sound, the protective curtain of light was punctured. A savage beam of true essence pierced through!

’’Be careful!’’

Everyone was shocked. Several Revolving Core Elders hurried to lay down a new enchantment. However, because it was too quick, the new enchantment wasn't able to be instantly laid down. The electric light and true essence explosion shockwave flooded out, overturning the banquet tables and smashing apart the jade dishes!

All the heroic elites of the sects began to revolve true essence around their body to protect themselves. The ones with high cultivation protected those with low cultivation. As the true essence shockwave collided against their true essence, it created a rainbow of colors that dazzled everyone present.

’’Who are these two!? The true essence shockwave from their battle can break open the protective array formation and also force our disciples to resist with all their strength!’’

’’This is too terrifying. Look over there. Even the Deep Earth Sect's Houtian disciples who excel at defense find this difficult to resist. Can a Houtian master truly have strength of this level!?’’

’’What Houtian master? That Lin Ming is clearly at the Pulse Condensation period!’’ With these words, everyone felt as if they were living a waking dream.

That's right! Lin Ming wasn't at the Houtian realm! He was even a step away from reaching the peak of Pulse Condensation!

Because of Lin Ming's strong and dominating performance, everyone had faintly forgotten the fact that Lin Ming wasn't a Houtian master. Just what was wrong with this world!

The ones most shocked were the Xiantian masters. As the backbone of their fourth-grade sects, they were above 30 years old, and there were even some around 40 or 50 years old.

’’Such a strong attack power, is this really the strength of the younger generation? When I was at the peak Houtian realm, even I didn't have such abnormal attack power!’’ Those that were able to attend this banquet celebration weren't average martial artists. When they were at the Houtian realm, they were also outstanding martial artists that surpassed others.

’’If this continues, they won't need much time to compare to a true Xiantian master! An early Houtian realm youth can actually compare to a Xiantian master;just how strong will they be in the future? They might even become Peerless Emperors!’’

The difference between the Houtian realm and the Xiantian realm was like a moat that separated the two. As one stepped from the Houtian realm into the Xiantian realm, a martial artist would be reborn as they eliminated the foul Houtian air within themselves and experienced a qualitative change to their true essence that greatly increased the intensity and thickness of it. The Xiantian realm was also considered a massive bottleneck. Every normal Houtian martial artist that had an unstable foundation would be stuck there forever;the only ones left that had a chance of ascending were the most outstanding of individuals. Even Qin Ziya, who was considered a top-class Houtian master, would only be the lowest of Xiantian powerhouses. This showed just how strong a Xiantian realm martial artist truly was.

Therefore it was especially difficult for a Houtian powerhouse to be able to jump realms and fight against a Xiantian master. Within a small sect like the Seven Profound Valleys, it was already good if there existed two or three people that could accomplish this. Not only that, but these two or three people would often be at the peak Houtian realm or even a half-step into the Xiantian realm.

On the stage, Lin Ming and Lei Mubai had already separated from each other. All of the tiles within a 100 foot radius of them had been completely demolished, and the spot where the two youths had collided had been turned into fine sand. After this sand was stained red by the blood essence within the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, it had turned the center of the stage into a crimson desert.

Lei Mubai hadn't expected that Lin Ming would be powerful to such a degree. When he was Lin Ming's age, he didn't possess this strength - did that mean that Lin Ming's talent exceeded him?

Lei Mubai's heart had always been heavy with pride. How could he tolerate a fourth-grade sect genius ever surpassing him!

’’I really underestimated you. But, my strength is far more than that! For you to be able to force me to use my true strength, that alone is enough for you to be proud of!’’

The true essence within Lei Mubai's body began to rapidly revolve. Within his meridians, the bloody energy became increasingly thick and concentrated. His entire skeleton began to crackle, and his aura exploded along with it, frightening everyone who sensed it!

Ancient devil arts!


The space around Lei Mubai seemed to become its own separate space;his aura increased several times over!

What he was using was the power of the ancient Devil Tome that his master had found within far off ruins!

He didn't fear using this cultivation method. This wasn't a cultivation method of Silent Demon Emperor City, but rather a recently unearthed ancient cultivation method manual. Regardless of whether it was Mu Yuhuang of Mu Fengxian, neither of them would be able to recognize it.

Although this wasn't an orthodox strength, the South Horizon Region sects had never distinguished between good or evil. Everything was based only on the respect for the strong. So, there was nothing wrong with using this ancient devil art technique.

Even if there was something wrong with using this, he no longer cared. If he didn't defeat Lin Ming here, then he would only frustrate his own spirit!

’’Mm? This cultivation method!’’ Mu Yuhuang's eyes shined. With the breadth of her knowledge, she was able to instantly recognize the uncommon and extraordinary nature of this cultivation method. This was obviously not the cultivation method of the Thundercrest Sect, and even if it was, it would be recently obtained by the Thundercrest Sect. There was even a high chance that it was this Lei Mubai who had found it!

’’Master Ancestor, do you recognize this cultivation method?’’ Mu Yuhuang asked Mu Fengxian with a true essence sound transmission.

Mu Fengxian squinted her eyes as she looked at Lei Mubai, thoughtfully deliberating for a moment. Then, she hesitated and shook her head, ’’This cultivation method should have recently appeared in the world, this boy's lucky fortunes are very great!’’

Mu Yuhuang let out a light breath and turned to glance at Lei Jingtian. She saw that his own eyes were shining with acclaim. Suddenly, Mu Yuhuang's heart went cold - there was an absolute chance that this cultivation method was found by Lei Mubai!

With such a great lucky opportunity falling upon him, she feared that Lei Mubai really might become an almighty Peerless Emperor!

Lei Mubai's ancient devil arts were truly amazing. But Lin Ming was indifferent. Among everyone present, there was no one who was more experienced in the highest level cultivation methods that him.

In the fragmented memories of the Realm of the Gods' Supreme Elders, there were countless incomplete cultivation methods, most of them being sporadic and fragmented worthless bits. But Lin Ming still looked over these one at a time. As he compared them to Lei Mubai's ancient devil arts, he came to the conclusion that these ancient devil arts were probably created by a Peerless Emperor that originated from the Sky Spill Continent.

Perhaps this Peerless Emperor died of old age or perhaps he soared up into the Realm of the Gods. Regardless of what happened, this cultivation method that he left behind as his legacy could only be considered the lowest third-rate cultivation method within the Realm of the Gods.

Under the shadow of the crimson light, Lei Mubai gripped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, his clothes fluttering in the wind and his jet black hair recklessly flying. With the bloody lightning that twined around his entire body, he was like an ancient demon god that descended into the world.

Lei Mubai stood there, his aura filled with utter disdain for the world. All the young heroic elites felt that Lei Mubai was no different than a giant mountain that stood before him, an unattainable and distant existence. As for the young female disciples of the Five Element Region, their beautiful faces blushed and their hearts wildly beat. As for Zhou Xiaoling, her eyes never left Lei Mubai for a second.

Zhou Lie saw the entranced expression on his younger sister's face and sighed. He didn't say anything further. Whether it was Lei Mubai or Lin Ming, they were both characters that had already surpassed the realm of his comprehension.

’’Lin Ming! Do you still think you can defeat me!?’’

Lei Mubai slowly said, his every word dripping with overbearing arrogance!

His strength had grown two-fold. If he used Blood War Throughout the World again, the power of that move would also be doubled!


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