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Martial World - Chapter 378


Chapter 378 - Purple Air Dawns from the East, A Pair Of Dragons Will Struggle




The divine Phoenix Island and Five Element Region disciples had already returned before the two hour break had ended, anxiously waiting to see the unparalleled clash that would follow.

Within the memories of these disciples, this would be the highest level duel that had occurred between the Five Element Region and divine Phoenix Island since they could remember. This was a rare event that wouldn't even happen once in a decade;naturally, no one wanted to miss it.

’’Haha, it's about to start, I can't wait!’’

’’Lin Ming, Senior-apprentice Brother Dingshan, Senior-apprentice Sister Xiaoqing - the ultimate trifecta! Can the Five Element Region manage to stop them?’’

’’I'm most looking forward to seeing Senior-apprentice Brother Lin Ming fight. In order to allow Senior-apprentice Brother Lin Ming to recover his top condition, he should be the last one up. I wonder how many chief disciples Lin Ming will manage to overcome.’’

The divine Phoenix Island disciples were excitedly discussing. They had a great deal of confidence Lin Ming. Lin Ming had used just his spear to evenly match with Xiao Chi;he absolutely had the strength to fight with a chief disciple.

Therefore, these minor divine Phoenix Island disciples had taken Lin Ming as their idol, and instead of saying that Lin Ming couldn't win, said that he could in fact defeat several chief disciples.

Of course, the disciples of the Five Element Region would never admit this. They still believed that Lin Ming would suffer a disastrous defeat in his last battle.

The six great chief disciples were the most outstanding disciples of their sect that had passed through multiple selection processes. But in terms of these Five Element Region disciples' mental states and morale, if the most powerful junior of their sect was defeated by someone who was even younger than them, this would be a serious blow to their self-esteem.

The incense finally burnt out. As Mu Yuhuang was about to stand up to speak, she actually gasped in surprise. She turned her head towards the banquet square's entrance, as if she couldn't believe her own eyes. A moment later, she quickly rose up to meet the new arrival.

The audience didn't know what was happening. Then, they saw an old woman with shining silver hair walking into the square, leaning on a walking stick with a smile on her face. She wore a long shawl embroidered with a hundred birds and phoenixes, and a crimson phoenix coronet was placed upon her head. She was very old, looking no different than a mortal woman who was around 70 or 80.

Everyone was petrified. The divine Phoenix Island disciples were stunned speechless.

’’Is... is that... is that the High Ancestor?’’

’’The High Ancestor has actually come!’’

’’I've been in the sect for dozens of years, yet this is the first time that I've seen the High Ancestor!’’

divine Phoenix Island's High Ancestor was a woman named Mu Fengxian. Her cultivation was at the extreme Revolving Core realm, and in the past she was the Saintess of divine Phoenix Island. In her youth, she was also a Saint rank talent.

Of those present, besides a few Revolving Core masters, the rest of them had only seen Mu Fengxian's appearance in portraits.

Over 200 years ago, Mu Fengxian had gone into seclusion within the back mountains of divine Phoenix Island, no longer caring about human affairs. No one thought that during this banquet competition, Mu Fengxian would actually appear!

It had to be known that Mu Fengxian had seen this rare high level competition scene many times. When she was young, she had also participated in many of these events, and had even been a champion, conquering all the heroic elites, her name shaking the land.

It could be said that these sorts of events were trivial matters to her. She simply didn't need to bother with attending.

Thus when Mu Fengxian had arrived, everyone was incomparably surprised.

’’Elder Master, how come you personally came?’’ Mu Yuhuang asked, puzzled.

’’Haha, within the back mountains, I saw purple air rise from the east, a pair of dragons will struggle. Today, a grand event will occur - a True Dragon will be born. Though, I do not know who will win. This old body wants to come out and take a look.’’

’’A True Dragon will be born? A pair of dragons will struggle?’’ Mu Yuhuang was startled, Mu Fengxian was without a doubt referring to Lin Ming. But, was the other dragon... that strange youth from the Thundercrest Sect?

Mu Yuhuang noticed that Mu Fengxian was really scrutinizing Lei Mubai, and her willowy eyebrows pressed together. The Thundercrest Sect really had a Saint rank talent! No wonder Lei Jingtian was so emboldened earlier. Even in the face of Lin Ming's stunning performance, he maintained the sense that he was in control of all events.

After Mu Fengxian glanced at Lei Mubai, she only smiled as she looked at Lin Ming. After several breaths of time, she then nodded with a satisfied expression. As Mu Yuhuang held her hand, she walked over to the seat of honor and quietly sat down.

Lin Ming gazed at this old woman. Extreme Revolving Core! That was only a step away from becoming a Peerless Emperor. Of course, this single step was no different than a moat;to cross it was beyond difficult.

Within the Thundercrest Sect banquet area, Lei Jingtian saw Mu Fengxian appear and lost a bit of his calm. ’’This old bag, why would she come out? She shouldn't have seen any flaws.’’

Lei Mubai frowned. ’’She shouldn't have. Even though Mu Fengxian is like some old ghost, it should still be impossible for her to recognize my cultivation method. Not only that, but I also cultivate the Thundercrest Sect's 'Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Law' and I control a Thunder Soul. Saying that I am a true Thundercrest Sect disciple is no exaggeration!’’

’’I hope so.’’ After thinking about it some more, Lei Jingtian also thought there wouldn't be anything amiss. Not even the Thundercrest Sect Vice Sovereigns knew of Lei Mubai's status.

Lei Mubai's expression was cloudy as he said, ’’This old bag Mu Fengxian, I wonder how many dozens of years of life she has left. Looking at how old she is, she's probably no less than 700!’’

After a martial artist reached the Revolving Core realm, depending on their state, they could reach 500 years of life to 800 years of life.

A martial artist also aged very slowly. For instance, although Mu Yuhuang was already 400-500 years old, she still had the appearance of a very beautiful middle-aged woman. But, when her life was about to reach its end, she would rapidly age until she became like Mu Fengxian with just several dozen years of life left.

Originally, the South Sea Demon Region was planning on waiting until Mu Fengxian died before they attacked divine Phoenix Island. But, Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun were growing too quickly. If Mu Fengxian didn't die and these two sisters still broke through to the Revolving Core realm, they would have wasted all their time. The gains simply didn't balance out the losses.

So they had no choice but to take action first, taking advantage of the fact that the two sisters hadn't grown yet.

Mu Fengxian put away her walking stick and said, ’’This old woman just wants to have a look at the fun. You do not need to be so formal, go about as usual.’’

Although Mu Fengxian had said this, in her presence, the divine Phoenix Island disciples were extremely careful and respectful. To them, Mu Fengxian was an existence that only existed in ancient texts. Within many of the ancient texts of divine Phoenix Island, Mu Fengxian's portrait was recorded. But as for Mu Fengxian herself, younger disciples never saw her. Mu Fengxian was just a character of legends, no one dared to be rash in front of her.

However, even though they were careful, with Mu Fengxian's arrival, the grand spectacle of this competition had reached the ultimate height, causing the disciples to shiver with excitement.

With Mu Yuhuang's announcement, the competition could finally begin!

A blue-robe girl moved, appearing like a burst of smoke on the stage. This girl was Mu Xiaoqing.

Although Mu Xiaoqing looked comparatively ordinary, she had a very majestic and elegant temperament that gave off a fresh feeling. ’’divine Phoenix Island Blue Luan Faction Chief Disciple Mu Xiaoqing, 19 years old. I challenge all heroic elites of the Five Element Region's six sects. Please advise!’’

’’It seems Mu Xiaoqing is going onstage first.’’

Within the Thundercrest Sect banquet area, Lei Mubai faintly smiled. Mu Xiaoqing was weaker than Mu Dingshan, thus the reason that she was sent out first. Without waiting for the other chief disciples to respond, Lei Mubai entered the stage.

As Lei Mubai walked onstage, he aroused the attention of everyone immediately. Even the Sunfire Princess Huo Ruyan who was readying herself to step up was shocked.

’’Who is this fellow? Did he just come out of nowhere?’’

’’Thundercrest Sect? It isn't the Thunderclap Zhou Lie entering the stage?’’

’’A new person? I don't remember seeing such a character within the Thundercrest Sect.’’

The Five Element Region disciples began talking amongst themselves. In this level of fight, only a chief disciple should have the qualifications to participate. For someone else to go onstage, that was truly disgraceful.

There were even many Thundercrest disciples that didn't know who this Lei Mubai was. They only saw this pale fellow walking with the Thunder Sovereign. They believed he was a new disciple and didn't pay much attention to him, but it seemed that the fellow had the gall to openly step onto the stage.

What was going on?

Mu Xiaoqing frowned, not speaking. No matter who it was, since they came onstage, she would treat them equally and impartially. She took a blue sword in her hand and coldly said, ’’Make your move!’’

’’Haha, Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, there's no need to be so hasty. There are still several words I wish to say.’’ Lei Mubai smiled. However, as this smiled crossed his face that looked like it had never seen the sun, this smile instead gave off a very spooky and disturbing feeling. Lei Mubai cupped his hands across his chest, saying, ’’Thundercrest Sect's Lei Mubai, 17 years old.’’

With these words, the audience was startled. 17 years old?

Lei Mubai was very tall, and it was difficult to see how old he was. But, he was actually 17 years old and his cultivation was already at the early Houtian realm. This result was on par with Mu Qianyu!

However, a 17 year old genius that was able to reach the Houtian realm wasn't necessarily a Saint rank talent. Although there were those whose martial cultivation talent defied the heavens, they could still be weak in terms of their true combat strength. Thus, these individuals could not be considered as Saint rank talents.

Mu Qianyu had a seventh-grade fire origin energy fusion compatibility and also had a very pure and rich Vermillion Bird bloodline. In combination with her outstanding cultivation method, she was able to qualify as a Saint rank talent. As for Lei Mubai, it was impossible to determine whether he was strong or weak.

Zhan Yunjian narrowed his eyes as he looked at Lei Mubai. He remembered that as the banquet started, Zhou Xiaoling had been mischievously smiling about something, like there was some wicked secret she was holding in. Now, Zhan Yunjian finally realized what that was all about. 'So that's how it is. What Zhou Xiaoling was thinking about was this man. A Saint rank talent? The Thundercrest Sect actually managed to raise a Saint rank talent?'

Zhan Yunjian's complexion sank. The Thundercrest Sect already had two masters in Zhou Xiaoling and Zhou Lie. If they also had a Saint rank talent...

Lin Ming sat below the stage, deeply gazing at Lei Mubai. From this man's body, he was able to sense thick true essence and a savage aura hidden within. It was as if this person was a monstrous beast that came from the abyss.

'This fellow is not simple at all.'

Lin Ming gave a judgment in his heart. This Lei Mubai gave him an unfathomable feeling.

Onstage, Lei Mubai crossed his hands across his back, no intention of moving from his pose. He waited for the buzz to calm down and then slowly said, ’’To all the seniors of divine Phoenix Island, I have two small propositions to make. I wonder if we can discuss it here.’’

’’What propositions?’’ The one to speak was Mu Yuhuang.

Lei Mubai slightly bowed to Mu Yuhuang, and smiled as he said, ’’The first proposition I want to make is that I would like to challenge all of the young heroic elites of divine Phoenix Island!’’

With this sentence, all of the divine Phoenix Island disciples were at first stunned. Then, together, they all exploded into rage.


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