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Martial World - Chapter 373


Chapter 373 - Legend of the Saintess




A flying technique was a very peculiar utilization of a Concept's comprehension;not every disciple of Storm Valley was able to learn it. It had extremely high requirements of skill and perception, and usually within an entire generation, there would only be one or two people that were able to comprehend it. Zhan Huo's flying technique was already considered very good. It was just that his speed wasn't too fast, and it was impossible for him to hurry. In terms of combat potential, it was best used in the manner that Zhan Huo had just displayed, using crafty guerilla tactics.

But Lin Ming's flying technique was clearly usable in actual combat. In the air he was swift and agile, and he had completed three consecutive changes in direction. In just a breath of time, he had managed to completely dodge the terrifying explosion, soaring away in an arc. This left a deep image in everyone's mind.

Such flexible speed was not much inferior than a martial artist on the ground!

How had he managed to comprehend such a powerful Concept?

Within the knowledge of Sky Spill Continent, something like a Concept could only be realized by oneself - one had to comprehend it based on their own individual perception. If Lin Ming was a wind-attribute martial artist and was exposed to wind origin energy every day, and also practiced a wind-attribute cultivation method, everyone would just be able to accept this.

But Lin Ming was a dual thunder and fire martial artist, so how was he able to achieve such a high level of understanding of the Concept of Wind? It even overshadowed the disciples of Storm Valley!

The Storm Valley people looked extremely depressed. The blue-clothed elder that led them there had a pathetic, heartbroken expression. He felt like he was a normal chess player who was matched up against a chess master. He had thought he had won, and now everything was crumbling before him.

In the presence of so many people, where would Storm Valley recover its face?

Just where had this Lin Ming boy come from? How could someone with such a high perception exist?

In divine Phoenix Island's seat of honor, Mu Yuhuang was taking a deep breath, her eyes shut, digesting the scene from just now.

Within a single night, he was able to learn Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky.

He wasn't a wind-attribute martial artist, yet he was able to comprehend the Concept of Wind. Not only that, but his attainments in the Concept of Wind even surpassed the disciples of Storm Valley.

Lin Ming's perception had already completely surpassed the scope of her understanding.

Mu Yuhuang couldn't really believe that there was a youth that had such a terrifying degree of perception;Lin Ming must have experienced many lucky opportunities. But, what was undeniable was that his perception was truly outstanding. This included his heart, mind, talent, persistence... in a few words to describe him, he was simply a man who lived for the martial path.

’’Am I witnessing the rise of a peerless emperor?’’ Mu Yuhuang muttered to herself.

She wasn't really excited. Instead, it was better to say that she was disturbed. If Lin Ming was an ordinary Saint rank talent that would stop at the Revolving Core realm in the future, Mu Yuhuang would be incomparably happy. But, if there was a chance that he would become an almighty peerless emperor, that was an outcome that caused her to worry.

The birth of a supreme elder required the accumulation of destiny. Not only the destiny of that genius, but also the destiny of a sect.

When such a character was born within a sect, it was no different than a very difficult childbirth. In order to birth one, it would require a massive twist of destiny. Some sects might not be able to bear this. To them, when such a monstrous earth-shattering genius appeared, it was not luck. Instead, it was the greatest of all disasters.

This sounded absurd, but history had already repeatedly probed this point. A future peerless emperor would often live an extraordinary life from the time they were young. As a youth they would cause great storms in the world, stirring wars and world-changing events. Causing a vast loss of life was nothing surprising.

Some sects that were insufficient in their heritage would often disintegrate within such a storm. But, because these peerless emperors were often influenced by the luck of their destiny, they would escape from the jaws of death, continuing in the world on their path to becoming a peerless emperor.

Does divine Phoenix Island have such a heritage?

Mu Yuhuang was not able to answer this question.

If they did, divine Phoenix Island might be able to fly into the future with endless prosperity, becoming a fifth-grade sect, or even becoming one of the few Holy Lands within the entire Sky Spill Continent.

It had to be known that a peerless emperor hadn't been born within the Sky Spill Continent for thousands of years. Mu Yuhuang had no idea how many of these powerhouses were left in the Sky Spill Continent. Most of them were secretive, hidden masters that were rarely seen. Perhaps most of them had already flown up into the Realm of the Gods.

But, if divine Phoenix Island was found to be lacking...

Mu Yuhuang let out a loose breath, her mind in chaos. 27 years ago, the twin sisters Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun had been born into this world. They each had the respective Vermillion Bird and Blue Luan bloodlines. They were seventh-grade martial talents that also had a seventh-grade fire and ice origin energy fusion compatibility. A blessing like the appearance of these twin babies had never occurred within the entire history of divine Phoenix Island.

Now divine Phoenix Island was facing a powerful enemy in the South Sea Demon Region. But, the Five Element Region's six sects actually wanted to take this chance to loot them. divine Phoenix Island was in a truly precarious and dangerous situation.

But at this time, Lin Ming appeared!

This tumultuous event was like a dense fog that covered Mu Yuhuang's eyes, giving her a sense of confusion. She was unable to predict what the future of divine Phoenix Island would be like.

’’Everything in this world has a destiny. The heavens give nothing but danger. If I act wrongly, there will be disaster! My divine Phoenix Island stands at the crux of destruction and glory. If I hesitate in my actions, then I fear that the day of our doom is not too far away...’’

Perhaps Lin Ming was a chance that the heavens bestowed upon divine Phoenix Island. If they did not receive this chance, it might instead become a calamity.

After a long time, Mu Yuhuang opened her eyes and looked at Mu Qianyu. She calmly said, ’’Yu'er, after this banquet competition ends, I will receive Lin Ming as my official disciple. At that time he will be your junior-apprentice brother. Make sure that you guide him well.’’

Mu Qianyu was stunned. She happily said, ’’I was planning on it even if Master didn't say so.’’


As Zhan Huo fell, he was received by Storm Valley martial artists who jumped up to grab him. Otherwise, if he fell from 200 feet in the air, he would be severely wounded.

After assessing Zhan Huo's situation and seeing that he was only burned and not too injured, Zhan Yunjian calmed down. He turned to the blue-clothed old man from Storm Valley and said, ’’Uncle Master, Zhan Huo is already the third ranked master of my Storm Valley's younger generation. He had used every means, even shameless means to win, but was still defeated. Next would probably be the second ranked direct disciples of the six great sects. If they cannot win, I will personally challenge him!’’

’’Mm? You want to challenge him?’’

’’Yes. But we must first fight Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing. Us six against those three. First we will fight Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing so that Lin Ming can restore his strength. I don't wish to take advantage of others when they are vulnerable!’’

The blue-clothed old man traced his beard and then sighed, shaking his head, his heart filled with emotion. ’’divine Phoenix Island has a great destiny approaching them. This Lin Ming is a dragon in a deep pool. With two more phoenixes added together, I have no idea what this will mean for the future of the South Horizon Region and the Five Element Region...’’

After defeating Zhan Huo, Lin Ming ate a true essence supplementing pill. A pill wasn't a cure for everything;the true essence from this pill was different from the true essence that one saved up. Eating too many would ultimately affect one's strength.

Lin Ming hadn't even called out a challenge yet when a man stood up on his own. He was from the Golden Bell Mountain table area, and wore a loose golden robe. He was bald, and looked like a monk from a secluded monastery.

’’Golden Bell Mountain's Xiao Chi, 20 years old. Please advise!’’

The golden-robed youth's words and actions gave off a very stable and safe feeling. Lin Ming's pupils narrowed - middle Houtian realm!

The Five Element Region's six chief disciples all had cultivations at the top of the early Houtian realm. But none of them were truly at the middle Houtian realm. Yet this current youth, though he was not a chief disciple, was actually at the middle Houtian realm!

’’That's Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao, the elder disciple from Golden Bell Mountain!’’

’’Hey, a heavyweight finally came out. He is the elder brother of Golden Bell Mountain, and has already been famous for a long time!’’

This man's fame was like the shadow of a tree. When Xiao Chi was 17, he had already become known throughout the region. When he was 19 years old, he became the top ranked direct disciple of Golden Bell Mountain. His talent was a bit lacking, thus he wasn't able to become the chief disciple of Golden Bell Mountain. But no one doubted his strength.

Within the younger generation, Xiao Chi was the same as an elder senior-apprentice brother. It could be said that within all of the non-chief disciples of the Five Element Region's six sects, Xiao Chi was ranked at the top.

’’Haha, Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao also entered the stage. With Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao here, Lin Ming will be nothing but a grasshopper jumping around!’’

No matter how many matches Lin Ming won, the Golden Bell Mountain disciples all believed with their hearts that their elder senior-apprentice brother would be able to sweep him away.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao, you can do it!’’

As if they were trying to overwhelm the cries from the divine Phoenix Island disciples, the Golden Bell Mountain disciples began to raucously scream and shout.

On the stage, Xiao Chi had a calm and serene expression. He didn't respond to the cries from the Five Element Region disciples. Instead, he smiled as he looked at Lin Ming, ’’In a few more months, I will be 21 years old. This banquet competition will probably be the last event that I participate in with my status as a junior. Originally I had wanted to challenge Mu Dingshan. Even though I'm weaker, I wanted to have a fair and honorable match against him. However, I didn't think that my last battle would be against you. Not only that, but I'm taking advantage of you in a vulnerable situation. Really, this act is truly without integrity.’’

As Xiao Chi spoke, he shook his head, laughing at himself.

According to the customs of the large sects, one would no longer be a junior of the younger generation once they reached 21 years of age. Since Xiao Chi had long been famous, he was a figure that many of his younger juniors looked up to. Naturally, he attached a great importance to his own character and reputation. Yet now, he was forced to battle against Lin Ming. But now that he was in this situation, he would stand up and face it.

’’My talent is low, but I am taking advantage of my age to be in a superior position. Below the Five Element Region's six chief disciples, I am confident that I will not lose to anyone. If you can defeat me, then you have obtained the qualifications to challenge the chief disciples. But... don't look at the chief disciples' cultivations. Even though they are inferior to me in cultivation, their strength actually surpasses me by a great deal.

A chief disciple had always been raised to become the next successor of the sect. These fourth-grade sects had pooled all of their resources to train a single chief disciple. Naturally, the strength of other disciples couldn't compare to them.

’’Thank you for the advice. Now, make your move.’’ Lin Ming had a very good impression of this Xiao Chi character. He truly was strong, and would be a very formidable opponent, especially since Lin Ming wasn't in his top condition.

Then Lin Ming was surprised as he saw Xiao Chi take out a long spear from his spatial ring. The spear shaft was a deep gold, nine feet long, with another nine inch long spearhead. Lin Ming's eyes brightened.

Xiao Chi actually used a spear?

As Lin Ming and Xiao Chi stood across each other on the stage, within the Thundercrest section of the banquet, a pale youth was sitting, his hands folded against his chest. He had a hint of a smile on his face, and between his eyebrows was a light ivory mark.

’’Wuji, why are you smiling?’’ Zhou Lie frowned. He didn't like this mysterious and powerful junior-apprentice brother. Whenever he smiled, Zhou lie could feel that there was a sinister and dark intent behind it.

’’Hehe... I just had a sudden idea. I was wondering if I could be like Lin Ming, and challenge all the masters of the South Horizon Region including divine Phoenix Island. How would that be like?’’

’’You want to challenge the geniuses of the South Horizon Region?’’ Zhou Lie didn't think much of this, but Lei Jingtian was actually surprised. ’’What for?’’

The pale youth traced his chin. He watched Mu Qianyu from afar, darkly saying, ’’I just remembered a legend about divine Phoenix Island's Saintess. It's quite interesting...’’


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