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Martial World - Chapter 371


Chapter 371 - What Can You Do To Me?




'Who is next'!???

Wasn't this just a brazen challenge to them all? This was simply a naked slap to the face!

As Lin Ming shouted these words, the faces of the Five Element Region disciples began to turn blue.

Was this boy some invincible iron man? He had been in three continuous matches and had won all three, each opponent stronger than the last! But Lin Ming didn't seem to show any signs that he was weakening!

’’Too arrogant, he is far too arrogant! So f*cking, so so f*cking arrogant!!!’’

A Deep Earth Sect disciple turned red;he had to use two continuous curse words to express how angry he was.

’’This is really angering me to death! How come our chief disciples aren't going onstage? Bao Aoxuan, Huo Ruyan, Zhan Yunjian, or any of them can make this kid eat his own words. As soon as they go up, he'll be defeated!’’

’’You idiot, once the chief disciples go up, what do you think Mu Dingshan and Mu Xiaoqing are going to do? Once that happens, when the chief disciples battle each other won't that little punk be able to go down and rest? We've had to wear him down in a battle of attrition, but if we let all our efforts be for naught and start again from zero, what will happen to us?’’

’’Damn, this father is going to go up and ruin this punk's haughty attitude!’’

A disciple stood up but was instantly pulled down by someone next to him. ’’Don't be dumb. Your strength isn't enough to reach the top five direct disciples. If you go up, you're just giving him more chances to show off!’’

’’Humph. I don't believe his physical strength is so great that he can be fine even through three battles. Does he think he's made of iron or something? Even if I can't win, I'll still waste away his strength!’’

As the six great sects argued amongst each other, they couldn't help but acknowledge the inconceivable situation that was laid before them. That was that Lin Ming's endurance was beyond terrifying!

Although he had consumed true essence after every battle, this slow rate of consumption was simply outrageous to the point of making one's blood boil. It completely emitted a feeling that made one feel hopeless.

In five full breaths of time, there was actually no one who dared to enter the stage. After Chu Yunfei - who had ranked fourth among the direct disciples of Storm Valley - had been defeated, besides Zhan Yunjian, there were only two people that ranked above him.

Thus, even if the second ranked direct disciple went to meet Lin Ming's challenge, even he might not be safe!

In a war of attrition, Lin Ming would lose without a doubt. Even a Saint rank talent wouldn't be able to persist through dozens of Houtian masters. But, the crux of the issue was just who would be the cannon fodder?

Of the six great direct disciples, any of them were an existence that was far more outstanding than Jiang Baoyun;their arrogance could be imagined. They were characters that valued their own image and pride above all else.

Even though this war of attrition was a disgraceful matter, everyone still wished to be the last one who was able to finally defeat Lin Ming and gain fame. How could these arrogant and proud disciples tolerate placing themselves in the position of cannon fodder for others?

’’Ah! Someone hurry and go up! That kid just took some medicine, he's recovering!’’

After ten breaths of time, some disciples of the Five Element Region were beginning to turn green. They were actually challenged and stopped here by a mere 16 year old boy who had trash talked them, and yet no one dared to step up. What kind of situation was this?

Especially since at this time, the newly converted Linmaniacs of divine Phoenix Island began to raucously shout.

’’Big Brother Lin, that's my boy!’’

’’Big Brother Lin, you rock!’’

’’Big Brother Lin is a true man, a man whose flesh and blood is iron!’’

’’Lin Ming, you can do it, we believe!’’

’’Ah! Lin Ming, you se*y beast!’’

The divine Phoenix Island disciples were proud and jubilant. Before this they had been the ones who had been challenged to battle, and they were already stretched too tightly to deal with it.

But now, when Lin Ming had challenged the Five Element Region disciples to battle, no one dared to appear. There was simply no better feeling in the world.

Of course, there were a few disciples like Yan Fuhong that had an increasingly ugly complexion. Their faces had already sunk as far as they could. Yan Fuhong was horrified. He didn't think that he had actually tried to mess with such an abnormal boy. If Lin Ming ever found out... Yan Fuhong dared not to think about what would happen. Just the possibilities already sent shivers running down his spine.

Many of the disciples of divine Phoenix Island had stepped on their chairs, some stripping their clothes and waving them.

This was simply a revival of madness.

It had to be known that divine Phoenix Island disciples were always especially proud and arrogant individuals with a high view of themselves. Especially core disciples - they were the chosen of heaven among all chosen of heaven. The men cared much about their image, much less the women. Any random female disciples of divine Phoenix Island already had a status that was hundreds of times superior to a country's princess.

But now, these young infatuated girls had lost all restraints and disregarded any pride, screaming and crying out at the top of their lungs.

divine Phoenix Island had many female disciples. As these young Linmaniacs wept and moaned and screamed, even some of the other female disciples flushed red. These women were simply devolving into se*-crazed beasts! How could the disciples of the Five Element Region possibly permit this?

To male animals in nature, the most painful affront was to have many other beautiful female animals taken by another male animal, being unable to lift their heads.

Although humans often flaunted their wisdom and morals, this sort of animal disposition was etched into their very bones. These were the most basic instincts that were impossible to suppress.

The disciples of the Five Element Region were unable to bear such a massive pressure. A desperate blue-clothed youth stood up, a calm expression in his eyes, like a spirit that was unafraid of walking on death's edge. He walked onstage with resolution, preparing to serve as cannon fodder and bravely face death for the Five Element Region, becoming a heroic martyr. This self-sacrifice immediately ushered in looks of admiration and sympathy from those around him.

The blue-clothed youth had a thought that echoed in his mind. That was that he could die, but he would not die on his knees, and other such sayings.

To sacrifice one's life for honor and die as a martyr, for fame and justice - that was a worthy death.

Lin Ming was utterly speechless as he watched this idiot stand up. The reason that he had participated in this war of attrition was because he wanted to repay Mu Yuhuang and also to force himself to his limits, and use this chance to enhance his strength.

But this fellow that came up was only wasting his time.

His cultivation wasn't even at the Houtian realm.

However, fortunately a direct disciple of Storm Valley was finally unable to watch such a sad scene and stood up. He was the third ranked disciple of Storm Valley, Zhan Huo. He was slightly stronger than Chu Yunfei, but against someone like Lin Ming, he didn't have much confidence in himself.

’’Brother, which one of us should go up?’’ The peak Pulse Condensation martial artist saw Zhan Huo stand up and asked him, his heart quivering. When he walked onstage, he was finally able to feel the pressure. This was a completely different feeling from the heroic self-sacrifice that clouded his mind earlier. This pressure made him intensely nervous, and as he heard the cheering from both sides, this pressure had reached the extreme.

As he faced Lin Ming who was standing calm and straight onstage, this pressure became a massive oppressive feeling, a crushing aura that he couldn't withstand.

He finally understood why even though there were dozens of Houtian realm disciples, no one had gone up for a full ten breaths of time. With all the heaven blessed talents and Revolving Core Elders watching this fight, the pressure to succeed could be imagined. Under such a compelling pressure, every person had to be careful about walking onto the stage.

Zhan Huo looked at this blue-clothed idiot and sighed. He sent a true essence sound transmission, ’’Go back. In the time that you fight him, he'll recover more energy than you can make him consume.’’

The blue-clothed youth turned green. At the moment that he wasn't sure what to do, Zhan Huo had walked onstage. ’’Storm Valley's Zhan Huo, please advise.’’

Zhan Huo pulled out his weapon, surprising everyone. This weapon was actually a whip.

A whip was much more difficult to use than a spear. Zhan Huo's whip seemed to be made from twisted animal sinews. The surface of the whip was embellished with a variety of sharp metal features, every one with keen edges and corners. If one was really lashed by this whip, their flesh would be mutilated.

This whip was very long, it was around 50 feet. Brandishing it was also very difficult in terms of control.

Lin Ming casually waved his spear, and drew a crescent move on the floor with the spearpoint. ’’Make your move.’’

Zhan Huo's lips curved up, showing a trace of a sly smirk and also a taunt. Lin Ming frowned, what was this fellow planning?

’’Boy, consider it bad luck that you met me!’’

As Zhan Huo spoke, he bent his knees and then suddenly leapt upwards!

’’Mm? He jumped up?’’

Zhan Huo jumped over 100 feet high, and then his ascending speed began to slow down. When he finally reached the point where he should fall back down, an unexpected event occurred.

Zhan Huo opened both arms wide, the clothes around him fluttering in the wind as he stopped in midair.

He's floating?

The divine Phoenix Island disciples were shocked. Besides Storm Valley, the disciples from the other Five Element Region sects were also stunned. There were even slight changes in the expressions of some divine Phoenix Island elders.

’’Oh? This fellow is quite interesting. Storm Valley truly does produce geniuses that have an amazing comprehension of the Concept of Wind!’’

’’Zhan Huo is also one of the four heroic Storm talents. This weird comprehension of a Concept is no worse than Chu Yunfei's. Storm Valley's 1000 years of accumulated knowledge truly lives up to its reputation.

’’Haha, the sect inheritances are one thing, but this Zhan Huo boy also has very good perception. This sort of flying technique is not something that any Storm Valley disciple can learn;it is an extremely difficult and challenging skill to grasp. In the younger generation, only Zhan Huo has understood this Concept utilization.

Lin Ming's face revealed a very strange expression.

Flying technique?

He watched as Zhan You swayed in the air. Periodically, a small current of air formed around him. This was a sign of the unstable wind origin energy that he controlled.

If this technique was compared to the Golden Roc Shattering the Void that Lin Ming cultivated, it had zero combat value. It could only be described as an extremely shoddy and useless technique.

However, Lin Ming was able to understand one matter. For someone below the Xiantian realm to fly was not a big deal at all. The reason that he had hid the secret of Golden Roc Shattering the Void was because he feared that this cultivation method would be too shocking and draw in a disaster. However, it seemed as if any heaven blessed rare talent with good perception would be able to comprehend a flying technique from the Concept of Wind.

Now he no longer needed to hide this. He had already revealed some secrets that had caused others to believe he had a monstrous perception. Even if he revealed his comprehension of the Concept of Wind, it shouldn't be too shocking;no one should suspect anything.

If one could freely use Golden Roc Shattering the Void, it was possible to suddenly change directions in midair. If this skill was used in combat, it would be very difficult to guard against.

At this time, Zhan Huo had already flown more than 200 feet high, there was only a palm-sized shadow left from him on the ground. He cunningly smiled, and then loudly said, ’’Lin Ming, in this battle I am now in an invincible position. Just what can you do to me?’’

Zhan Huo was smart. He realized that he wasn't a direct match for Lin Ming, so he used his flying technique to float in the air. Then, he could use the superior length of his whip to attack. With the addition of his true essence fused into the wind, he would have an advantage in long distance attacks, and slowly consume Lin Ming's energy. With this, if the fight continued, even if he eventually lost he would have used up all of Lin Ming's energy, and he wouldn't have the ability to fight any longer.

Lin Ming could only passively be beaten by him. Although a martial artist was able to jump 200 feet high, by the time they did, they would have already lost their striking strength and velocity. At that time, all Zhan Huo had to do was move away from Lin Ming's jumping trajectory, calmly dodging him.


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