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Martial World - Chapter 370


Chapter 370 - Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky




Three blue tornadoes twisted on the stage. Because of their rapid rotation, they issued a keening sound like a saber that was carving ice. Even the floor tiles that were supported by an array formation were grinded to pieces. If one was caught in this wind, their miserable fate could be imagined.

These three tornadoes were likely sword formations created by wind.

The power of the Concept of Wind lay in its ability to fuse sword and wind. The wind would never disperse. If wind was cut, it would still be wind. And in that wind was contained a sword energy that also wouldn't fade away.

’’The sword energy formed a tornado formation. What a terrifying Concept of Wind. Chu Yunfei is truly a talent blessed by the heavens;he might have already touched upon the origin of all wind!’’

’’Truly a rare spectacle. The four heroic Storm talents truly live up to their outstanding reputation.’’

’’The sword energy that formed the tornadoes cannot be cut. I wonder how Lin Ming will block this attack.’’

Everyone under the stage watched with shining eyes, waiting to see if Lin Ming would be able to resolve this attack, or if he would lose.

When masters exchanged moves using their full strength, it was normal for the winner to be decided in just a few moves.

Lin Ming saw the tornadoes formed from sword energy and let out a light breath. This Chu Yunfei's comprehension of the Concept of Wind might even surpass his own.

The seven great sects of the Five Element Region had studied and researched their sole attribute for countless years. It was normal for them to have comprehended the Concepts of their various attributes. When Lin Ming had fought Shi Hanshan, his Earth Essence Shield had also contained a shadow of the Concept of Earth. It was only that he didn't truly understand the Concept of Earth, so he was unable to realize it.

Now that he though back the tenacity that the Earth Essence Shield had displayed when it deformed but still didn't break, Lin Ming realized that this was probably some skill that belonged to the Concept of Earth.

Lin Ming still had a ways to walk on his own path of martial arts.

He concentrated on the Heretical God Seed and began to revolve the true essence within his body. He could already hear the sharp wind edges begin to cut apart his true essence protection;this was the aftermath of the sword energy and wind fusion.

Chu Yunfei sneered. ’’True essence is fused into the wind, and the sword energy melts into the wind. The wind is the sword, the sword is the wind, if he truly wants to dodge this sword energy, that's only possible if he can dodge the wind itself! Now die!’’

Sword energy erupted, and the three tornadoes rushed towards Lin Ming from all angles, wanting to strangle any path of escape.

Lin Ming's hair fluttered, his flapping clothes only torn apart by the tornadoes. He quickened the true essence in his body to the extreme, and his hand grasped the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. The power of fire that was contained within the Heretical God Seed suddenly erupted.


The azure light that covered the Heavy Profound Soft Spear faded away. In its place, a blazing fire combusted on the spear, a brilliant red light that shined like the setting sun, causing everyone watching to avert their gaze from such a blinding radiance.


Chu Yunfei was shocked beyond measure - dual-attribute body!?

This Lin Ming actually had a rare thunder and fire dual-attribute body! He could control thunder and control fire at the same time! No wonder he had been able to enter into the Vermillion Bird Faction.

In that split-second, Chu Yunfei wasn't able to reflect on what was happening. Lin Ming's spear seemed to ignite the void, the Heavy Profound Soft Spear billowing with a deep scarlet red as it swept at a tornado.

Suddenly, the wind that contained true essence was set on a blazing fire. Lin Ming's spear, to the utter disbelief of Chu Yunfei, broke apart a blue tornado.

After sword energy and wind fused together, it couldn't be cut apart. But, if the wind origin energy was burned to nothing, then the sword energy tornado would naturally be broken!

At the moment he had cut apart a tornado, Lin Ming suddenly felt as if there was a fire burning in his heart. The power of fire within the Heretical God Seed seemed endless, as if it were about to explode at any given moment.

This is...

Lin Ming suddenly realized that this was the result of continuously cultivating the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' for four months and reaching the second layer. The power of fire had gathered within the Heretical God Seed, tightly packing within. The qualitative and quantitative changes that had occurred had stirred up a resonance within the Heretical God Seed!

The law formulas of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' flashed across his mind. Lin Ming passed through the gap between the tornadoes, his feet treading upon the Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement technique as he suddenly accelerated.

Flames spewed forth, the Heretical God Seed roared.

Lin Ming suddenly thrust out his spear!

’’Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky!’’

Bright flames soared forth. What Lin Ming had shockingly used was a fire-attribute martial skill from the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'.

A raging fire wound out, a brilliant crimson phoenix spread out its wings from the tip of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear and soared out!

Chu Yunfei was shocked. He gathered all of the true essence and wind origin energy that hadn't dispersed, cutting down with his sword.


An inferno erupted. Chu Yunfei's hastily slashed sword naturally wasn't able to stop the Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky that Lin Ming had gathered his potential to use. The fire origin energy burned away the wind, burned away all!

Soon, Chu Yunfei's figure was engulfed in flames. The true essence that protected his body severely trembled, and suddenly broke. Chu Yunfei flew backwards, his hair and clothes singed in countless spots. In that moment, the power of fire had sunk into his meridians, causing him severe internal injuries.

The disciples of divine Phoenix Island were shocked. Lin Ming was actually a rare thunder and fire dual-attribute martial artist? Not only that, but he had actually studied the core divine Phoenix Island cultivation methods? Just when did he study it?

Some disciples suddenly remembered that just a few days ago, there was an extremely fast ring of fire that had spread out from the Parasol Tree Pavilion. It was like a tornado that suddenly grew, blowing away the leaves of the parasol tree forest. Now that they thought back on it, the center of this ring of fire was the small building 22, where Lin Ming was staying.

Without a doubt, the one who had unleashed this ring of fire origin energy was Lin Ming during his cultivation. In order to have this sort of incident, one needed an extremely pure power of fire.

The divine Phoenix Island disciples' minds were still wandering in the clouds as if they were in a fog. Mu Qianyu's beautiful eyes widened;she looked to the sky in incredible disbelief, staring at the flames that were still burning.

Four months ago, she had handed the jade slip that contained the first layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' to Lin Ming. And now, he had already reached the stage of Perfection.

Although this was an extremely fast speed, it wasn't enough to make her lose her calm.

But what she found inconceivable was the Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky. That was a martial skill that was only found within the second layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. But, she had only given the jade slip with the second layer to Lin Ming yesterday.

In that short time, he had actually learnt it?

What kind of monstrous learning speed was this!?

Mu Qianyu's chest was palpitating. At this moment, she met the puzzled eyes of old lady Yuhuang.

’’Yu'er, what's going on here?’’

’’Honorable Master, Yu'er didn't violate the rules of the sect. Four months ago I had only passed down the first layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' to him. It was only when I obtained Honorable Master's permission yesterday that Yu'er gave him the following jade slip as well as some supplementary notes.’’

’’You mean that he took only four months to fully complete the first layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', and then used this as the foundation to learn Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky in just a single day?’’ Mu Yuhuang stared with a charming pair of eyes that were filled with grace, making absolutely sure that Mu Qianyu wasn't making some joke.

’’Um, it should be like that...’’ Mu Qianyu wryly smiled. She felt that her own words held no credibility either. ’’Honorable Master, even Yu'er is inferior to Lin Ming's talent at cultivating the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. When I had first passed him the first layer, I had only gone to take a bath, but by the time I returned he had already learnt how to create flame chains.’’

Mu Qianyu had spent an entire day learning how to create flame chains. As for Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky, she had spent over half a month.

Mu Qianyu was a seventh-grade martial talent, and she also had a seventh-grade fire origin fusion compatibility, while also having a body with an inborn Vermillion Bird bloodline.

Compared to her, Mu Yuhuang had spent an even longer time.

Mu Yuhuang was well aware what it meant for Lin Ming to have such a terrifying practice speed. Although even Mu Yuhuang found this hard to believe, since Mu Qianyu had said it was so, this couldn't be fake.

’’This Lin Ming. He has a dual-attribute physique, his talent is amazing, and he has the perception of a monstrous genius. Not only that, but he has a martial intent, and also controls an earth-step Thunder Soul... how can such a person exist in this world?’’ Mu Yuhuang's intuition told her that Lin Ming must have experienced some heaven-defying lucky opportunity.

There were countless lucky opportunities that could be found within the Sky Spill Continent, and there were many geniuses that had managed to obtain these chances. There were even some people that went from mediocrity to becoming a master overnight. However, Mu Yuhuang carefully analyzed Lin Ming's results, and came to the conclusion that his results weren't necessarily all because of the benefits from some lucky opportunity.

'His constitution and cultivation could be obtained by some lucky chance. But his perception and martial intent should be an inborn talent. As for that earth-step Thunder Soul, Yu'er has already told me the complete process of how that happened. It was all because Lin Ming had risked his life in order to obtain it. Luck was a factor, but Lin Ming himself was the most important part. Regardless of anything, Lin Ming himself is a perfect talent. If the heavens have given Lin Ming a lucky chance, then right now the current Lin Ming is also a lucky chance of divine Phoenix Island. If my divine Phoenix Island can overcome this South Sea crisis, then my divine Phoenix Island will truly live in a prosperous time...' Mu Yuhuang took a deep breath as she thought to here. She glanced at Mu Qianyu. Mu Qianyu's eyes weren't moving, it was unknown what she was thinking.

Onstage, Lin Ming stood with his eyes closed. His thoughts were still immersed in that fleeting moment when he had used Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky, perceiving its insights and letting the fire origin energy freely flow.

A moment ago, he had only felt that the fire origin energy within his body had reached an extreme, and he had to vent it out or else he would have been sick. He had a revelation at that moment, and was able to recall the law formula for the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' second layer's Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky. Then, he was able to smoothly use it without any jerky feeling, as if he had practiced this skill for a long time.

The reason that Lin Ming was able to learn the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' to such a degree and at such a speed had little to do with his perception. It was almost completely because of the Heretical God Seed.

With the Heretical God Seed, the power of fire within Lin Ming's body was constantly nourished. It was not only extremely powerful, but also extremely obedient. When necessary, it could suddenly erupt from its compressed state, instantly enhancing Lin Ming's strength by a large degree.

With such a strong controlling force, cultivating the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was naturally much faster and easier.

In this match, although he hadn't been able to reach a state where his cultivation was consolidated, it allowed Lin Ming to gain more insights and a deeper understanding of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. If he could lay such a foundation, it would be much easier to practice the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' later.

There were many martial skills found within the second layer of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' cultivation method. This was also a very timely boon for Lin Ming. Before now, Lin Ming's style of attack had been too singular. Besides Flow like Silk, he had the coiling dragon steel needle and Thunderfire Annihilation.

Thunderfire Annihilation and the coiling dragon steel needle were both final master moves. As for Flow like Silk, that was not a pure martial skill. Thus, most of the time Lin Ming had used the 'Foundation Spear Technique'. For instance, Flood Dragon Goes to Sea, Flowers in the Storm, and so on. When his cultivation had been lower, this was completely sufficient. But now, it was increasingly apparent that this was a weakness of his.

'A battle is really a good way to enhance my strength. The competition at this banquet is actually a really good place to temper myself.' Lin Ming thought with some happiness. He swallowed down a pill and relied on his formidable blood vitality to restore his true essence.

He held the Heavy Profound Soft Spear in his hands, his clear voice ringing in the air, ’’...Who is next?’’


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