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Martial World - Chapter 367


Chapter 367 - Saint Rank Talent




’’What did you just say? He's coughing blood?’’

The youth surnamed Jin couldn't believe this as he looked towards the center of the stage. He just happened to see the moment that Lin Ming withdrew his spear, and the brilliant purple light dimmed. The Earth Essence Shield also lightened, and there was a short moment where he could see Shi Hanshan's bleak and miserable appearance as he struggled to maintain the Earth Essence Shield.

His hair was disheveled, his face wan, his nose bleeding, and he was coughing blood. Even his clothes were stained crimson.

The youth surnamed Jin was stunned, his mouth hanging open. As he witnessed Shi Hanshan's incredibly tragic situation, he was aghast.

Shi Hanshan could be described as pathetic beyond belief. He was long on the edge of collapsing, but if he didn't stubbornly harm himself to maintain the shield, once the Earth Essence Shield broke, his situation would be even worse!

As Shi Hanshan saw Lin Ming gather his strength to stab out with his spear again, he felt his heart shiver. What he encountered on this stage wasn't a man, but a vicious beast in human form. Not only that, but this vicious beast was above the fifth-level!

Because he was concerned about face, he grit his teeth and refused to admit defeat. He was hoping that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to continue such a barrage of high intensity attacks. After all, he was in a defensive position, and in an extended battle he would be the one with an advantage. Not only that, but the Deep Earth Sect's Earth Essence Shield was able to save a significant amount of true essence. Lin Ming's true essence consumption surely had to be several times his own.

But after withstanding four or five more spear strikes, Shi Hanshan was on the verge of breaking. He could not suppress the roiling blood in his chest much longer, and he felt like he was about to vomit out his organs. On the other hand, Lin Ming looked completely unconcerned, as if he were just standing there watching him. Spear after spear after spear! Each spear was faster and more ruthless than the last!

He wanted to shout out and admit defeat, but Lin Ming's spear attacks were too quick. Before he had the chance to call out, another spear attack had already arrived!

But, this spear caused Shi Hanshan's face to go white, his mind trembling. He wouldn't be able to block this!


An old man from the Deep Earth Sect wearing a loose yellow robe stood up. But at the same time, Lin Ming's Heavy Profound Soft Spear had already smashed down.


Dazzling thunder sparked, and blue light flashed. Shi Hanshan's Earth Essence Shield was finally at its limit, and it was no different than an egg struck by a hammer - it exploded into pieces!

Shi Hanshan felt like he was struck by a mountain as he flew backwards, his clothes torn to shreds, a sweet, coppery taste in his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He didn't know how many bones he had broken, but he was tossed back like a broken doll.

Before Shi Hanshan hit the barrier array, the yellow-robed old man appeared behind him, casually ripping open the barrier and taking Shi Hanshan in his hands, gently falling onto the stage.

The entire audience was silent. The youth surnamed Jin was stunned silly. Shi Hanshan's Earth Essence Shield had actually been... broken? Not only that, but his opponent had been a Pulse Condensation period martial artist?

Most people at the banquet hadn't even noticed that Shi Hanshan had been coughing blood. They had been casually looking at the action on stage, comparing their knowledge of the martial arts match. They thought that Lin Ming wouldn't be able to persist, but after that sudden explosion, the Earth Essence Shield had shattered, and Shi Hanshan had flown backwards. Such a quick reversal was completely unexpected!

Mu Zhaoxuan, Mu Dianping, Hua Hong, and all the other divine Phoenix Island core disciples that had been worrying about Lin Ming felt like they were in a dream. Lin Ming won, but he also did so in such a fierce manner.

Zhan Yunjian sucked in a breath of cold. He casually glanced at Lei Zhenzi and saw that his expression was like the surface of a calm lake. ’’This fellow Lin Ming is too terrifying. He hasn't even grown up but he can already defeat Houtian core disciples! Not just that, but with plenty of strength left over!’’

’’Such a fearful talent... once he reaches the Houtian realm...’’ Zhang Yunjian didn't dare to think about what would happen. Three words echoed in his mind, causing his heart to tremble...

Saint rank talent!!!

As long as another year or two passed, Lin Ming would step into the Houtian realm and become a Saint rank talent! He would be a Saint rank talent that was in no way inferior to Mu Qianyu from ten years ago!

How was this possible? He had heard that this Lin Ming had been found from a small third-grade sect. A person that divine Phoenix Island had dug out from some small third-grade sect actually had such terrifying talent!

Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun. These twin sister Saint rank talents were already enough to cause the seven great sects of the Five Element Region to be extremely jealous. Once Lin Ming was added...

Zhang Yunjian was unable to think of the future. In just a mere ten years, three Saint rank talents had appeared!

He had a foreboding feeling that as long as divine Phoenix Island would be able to endure this disaster from the South Sea Demon Region, they would have a high possibility of becoming a phoenix that underwent nirvana, being reborn into a true fifth-grade sect!

At this moment, it wasn't just Zhan Yunjian, but also many others that felt this. Lin Ming's talent was already enough to be considered at the Saint level. It was just that he was too young, thus he was too weak at the moment. Stepping into the true Saint rank was just a matter of time. He probably didn't even need two years - one year would be enough.

The Sunfire Princess' beautiful eyes stared at Lin Ming, unblinking.

Tianguang Revered Elder stroked his beard as he laughed.

All of the disciples of divine Phoenix Island gazed at Lin Ming with a mixture of disbelief, awe, and worship in their eyes.

Even the indifferent Mu Bingyun was colored with surprise as she gazed at Lin Ming. This young boy that her elder sister had found had far surpassed any of her expectations.

The yellow-robed old man from the Deep Earth Sect examined Shi Hanshan's physical condition and his face sank, his eyes filling with murderous intent. He stared at Lin Ming, an ominous color flashing in his eyes. ’’Young boy, you are quite ruthless! You've broken all his ribs, crushed his sternum, and severely injured his organs! It was only a minor match, and yet you were so vicious!’’

The yellow-robed man wished to kill Lin Ming with a slap of his hand, but in the moment that he revealed his murderous intent, he felt a rich and blazing energy lock onto him. This energy came from Mu Yuhuang, and although it was smoldering hot, it caused his body to go completely ice cold, as if he was sinking into the nine layers of the abyss.

This was the feeling of standing near death's door.

The yellow-robed man's mind went cold. He of course had only thought this: it was impossible for him to truly do anything to Lin Ming. At most he would emit an aura to suppress him, but he hadn't thought that just as he released his murderous intent, Mu Yuhuang would instantly lock onto him, and with such a terrifying energy!

’’Everyone says that this old woman from divine Phoenix Island has reached the late Revolving Core realm, but also that her life's fire comes from the Silent Nine Emerald Flame found within the bottomless abyss. This fire is divided into nine parts and contains extreme heat and extreme cold. With just a touch, not even your bones would be left. Its might is beyond terrifying...’’

The yellow-robed old man didn't dare to provoke Mu Yuhuang. A character that could become an Island Master of divine Phoenix Island was no ordinary character, especially since this was the territory of divine Phoenix Island.

He quashed his thoughts of suppressing Lin Ming with his aura. As he held onto Shi Hanshan, he flicked a white pill into his mouth.

He coldly stared at Lin Ming and gave an icy cough, ’’So young, and yet your actions are so evil. Yet you actually have the face to preach to Thundercrest Sect's Zhou Xiaoling. Truly ridiculous!’’

Since he wasn't able to punish Lin Ming, the yellow-robed old man could only mock him. Less than half an hour ago, Lin Ming had taught Zhou Xiaoling a lesson for being too vicious. The yellow-robed old man planned to use this matter to embarrass Lin Ming.

Lin Ming maintained his calm. He slowly put away the Heavy Profound Soft Spear and slowly said, ’’I don't understand what Senior is implying. Shi Hanshan used vicious words to provoke me, using shameless methods to stir me up. Should I have endured his baseless insults and humiliation, and then stayed my hand and treated him with courtesy? The Deep Earth Sect's defensive shield martial skills are tough and also conserve true essence. If I don't go all out with my attacks, then what happens once my strength is all consumed? When my strength is exhausted, will your good disciple easily defeat me and then proudly claim to everyone how he did so, wagging his silly little tail?

’’If I'm verbally humiliated by others, should I stretch out my face and let them slap me? Does Senior think I am so cheap? Is the Deep Earth Sect so sad that they shame the disciples of divine Phoenix Island, but don't have the guts to withstand retaliation?’’

Lin Ming's words were extremely insidious. Not only were they derisive, but they also pointed out the conflict between divine Phoenix Island and the Deep Earth Sect.

After seeing the yellow-robed old man being berated, the divine Phoenix Island disciples felt much more relaxed in their hearts.

The yellow-robed old man's lips twitched. He coldly humphed, saying, ’’What a flippant tongue! Do you think that I'm blind? Your strength obviously surpasses Shi Hanshan by a great deal, and you could definitely have restrained your hand after breaking his shield so that you didn't injure Shi Hanshan. Yet you still made such a vicious attack, severely wounding him. How can you explain this!

Lin Ming unhurriedly said, ’’I can't explain and I don't want to explain. But if Senior really insists on asking for an explanation, then I also want Senior to explain a matter to me. The Five Element Region's six sects together obviously surpass divine Phoenix Island by a large margin. Yet, at this banquet, you dare to band together to bully my divine Phoenix Island, taking several people to fight a single person to wear them out. Where is the honor in this? Where is the honor in trying to force divine Phoenix Island into a situation where they have no one they can send out to battle. How can Senior explain this?’’

The yellow-robed old man suddenly looked ashen, unable to speak. In such an embarrassing debate, his own words had been thrown back at him, and he was completely lacking a means to respond. One had to feel sorry for this Revolving Core master. His strength far surpassed Lin Ming, and yet he had lost to Lin Ming in a war of words. Once this event was made known, he would become the laughingstock of the entire Five Element Region.

’’Well said!’’

With such a fantastic matter, the disciples of divine Phoenix Island couldn't help but applaud. They had been holding their breath this entire time, refraining from speaking, and at this moment Lin Ming had spoken for everyone, maliciously ruining the face of this Deep Earth Sect elder.

Ahh, this was just too refreshing a feeling!

Even old lady Yuhuang, whose expression had been sullen and icy from the start of the banquet, had a hint of a smile on her face. ’’Shi Zhongkun, you too have a day where you were defeated under the hands of a junior. I wonder just how you'll swallow this shame.’’

In the texts, they often described wars of words between scholars, who used their lips as spears to argue, piercing through the other's heart of understanding. Between martial artists, this was sometimes the case too.

Although Lin Ming's words weren't able to shake Shi Zhongkun's heart of martial arts, it was still enough to make him eat his own crap.

It also made Mu Yuhuang, who had been very uncomfortable for these last couple of weeks, much happier.

’’Boy, well done. I'll also note this down as your win and reward you.’’

Mu Yuhuang said with a true essence sound transmission.

Lin Ming happily replied, ’’Thank you, Senior Yuhuang.’’

Lin Ming had subconsciously changed from Master Ancestor Yuhuang to Senior Yuhuang. Calling this old lady Master Ancestor Yuhuang was just too weird.

But Mu Yuhuang was very happy at this moment. Naturally, she wouldn't care about such minor matters.

As Lin Ming looked up, he happened to see Mu Qianyu looking at him. She was brightly smiling at him, a vibrant shine in her eyes. She said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Fantastically done!’’


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