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Martial World - Chapter 362


Chapter 362 - Close Contact Combat




As soon as divine Phoenix Island's Lin Ming and Thundercrest Sect's Zhou Xiaoling walked onstage, it caused an immediate sensation.

Lin Ming and Zhou Xiaoling were both top second rank talents among the juniors. Several years from now, they would be top level characters equal to the Sunfire Princess and Zhan Yunjian. Naturally this attracted the attention of everyone present.

’’Lin Ming is 16 and a half years old, and Zhou Xiaoling is 17 years and one month old. There's a seven month difference between them...’’ There were many nosy individuals that had collected as much information as they could, and were able to pinpoint their ages accurately to the month.

’’I think that Lin Ming has a higher chance of winning. For better or worse, that Storm Valley Ma Junhui is still a core disciple ranked in the upper middle reaches. He was sent flying out by Lin Ming in one move;I don't think that's something that Zhou Xiaoling can accomplish.

’’Don't be silly, that Ma Junhui was just an idiot, he was far too arrogant. He didn't even treat Lin Ming as a true threat and didn't use the 'Wind Conversion Art'. He deserves to be struck down like a fly. If he was serious, then the gap between Lin Ming and Ma Junhui wouldn't have been so great. I think Lin Ming might not be able to defeat Zhou Xiaoling. Don't forget, she's at the peak of Pulse Condensation, but Lin Ming is only at the late Pulse Condensation period!’’

To a true genius, jumping ranks and fighting those above was natural matter. But when the one you were against was another genius, then that was another matter altogether. That was extremely difficult, and every small difference in cultivation was an extremely large gap.

’’I think that Zhou Xiaoling has a higher chance of winning. In another half a year, if Lin Ming can reach the peak Pulse Condensation period, then it might be a fair match.’’

All the nosy busybodies were speculating on the outcome of Lin Ming and Zhou Xiaoling's match. To these young heroic elites, they also liked to compare their sense of judgment. In any case, even if they were wrong it wouldn't be a loss.

Old lady Yuhuang glanced at Mu Qianyu as usual, and Mu Qianyu nodded in return, indicating that this wouldn't be problem. She had complete confidence in Lin Ming. In truth, a seven month gap wasn't too great a difference. Even if his opponent was a top second rank talent, Lin Ming should still be able to win.

Seeing Mu Qianyu's confidence, old lady Yuhuang was much more reassured. She thought to herself, 'It seems that Lin Ming's talent is even more remarkable than Dingshan and Xiaoling's. Yu'er has really found a treasure for my divine Phoenix Island.'


On the stage, Lin Ming and Zhou Xiaoling were 100 feet apart from each other.

Lin Ming's mind stirred, and then he asked with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Miss Zhou, could you tell me who has such a great interest in me that they would send so many people after me?’’

Zhou Xiaoling's eyes narrowed. She smiled, replying, ’’Someone offered 300 medium-grade true essence stones to beat you up really bad. If you defeat me, then I'll tell you. But if you lose, you lay in bed for a month like a good little boy and let me win those true essence stones. How about it?’’

There was no foolproof plan in this win, especially since Yan Fuhong had no friendship with Zhan Yunjian. If there was a true investigation, Zhan Yunjian was unlikely to keep Yan Fuhong's secrets for him.

Lin Ming's eyebrows rose in challenge, ’’Oh, is that a promise?’’

’’This little lady keeps her word. But, it seems that you're overly confident in defeating me.’’ Zhou Xiaoling unfolded her arms, and purple lightning twisted around her hands, snaking into the air around her, causing the surrounding space to tremble. She had high expectations of Lin Ming's strength. For heroic elites of similar age, engaging in a true battle with someone of similar strength was an extremely rousing and mentally stimulating event.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, ’’Against a thunder-attribute martial artist, I will always be confident.’’

He flourished the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, and the silver spearpoint droned as it began to shudder. True essence flooded into the Heretical God Seed and the power of thunder erupted. In a split-second, a purple white electric current surged forth from the spear, tearing the void.

The was the power of thunder that used the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder as its foundation - it was incredibly violent!

Zhou Xiaoling's eyes instantly widened, her originally large eyes almost doubling in size, blinking as she stared at the power of thunder that wrapped around Lin Ming's Heavy Profound Soft Spear.

Those present were also shocked, they didn't think that Lin Ming would be a thunder-attribute martial artist. Wasn't he a disciple of divine Phoenix Island? How could he be a thunder-attribute martial artist?

The common folk watched for fun but the experts could see the true skill. The elders of the Thundercrest Sect as well as their core disciples' pupils narrowed as they saw Lin Ming release the winding thunder. This power of thunder contained the will of thunder - it absolutely had the support of a Thunder Soul!

Zhou Xiaoling traced her pretty chin, praise on her lips, ’’I never thought it would be like this. When I listened to that person say you knew how to control thunder, I thought you just had some minor skills. But now it seems like you even have a Thunder Soul! Hehe, things are getting more and more fun!’’

As Zhou Xiaoling spoke, she took out a large golden ring from her spatial ring. This ring was three feet wide, and was as thick as a thumb. Its edges were sharpened, but there was a blunt section that one could grab onto. This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen such a strange weapon.

’’Looks like a low-grade earth-step treasure made from Gold Thunder Rock...’’

When Lin Ming had his Purple Comet Spear made, he had researched many different thunder-attribute materials, and thus he was able to recognize the ring in Zhou Xiaoling's hands. This was a weapon made from Gold Thunder Rocks. Although it was worse than the Profound Thunder Stones that were used in his spear, it was still a very good thunder-attribute material.

This ring of Zhou Xiaoling's was a top low-grade earth-step treasure. It was far superior to the Blood Wave Saber that the Zhang Family from the Seven Profound Territory possessed.

’’You aren't going to switch your spear?’’ Zhou Xiaoling asked.


’’I don't want to take advantage of you.’’ Zhou Xiaoling said, her eyes squinting, ’’Even if I win, others will say it wasn't because of my skill.’’

Lin Ming thought this was quite funny, this little girl was very confident in herself. ’’Say that after you've won.’’

’’We'll know after we fight! Purple Thunder Cut!’’

Zhou Xiaoling trod the floor, and her body moved forwards like a slippery fish. The golden ring in her hand was completely engulfed in a shining purple light. The ring rapidly rotated, and arcs of lightning flashed out, turning into a vicious flywheel. Wherever this weapon went, even the air itself seemed to be sliced apart.

The power of this move startled everyone;just how was Lin Ming going to block such a fierce attack?

If that silver spear struck the spinning flywheel, it would probably be cut in half;there was no way to undergo a direct confrontation!

Lin Ming wasn't nervous or in a hurry. He languidly stepped back, and as the spinning flywheel was about to strike him, he stabbed his spear into the center of the ring. Although the Heavy Profound Soft Spear really couldn't meet this weapon head on, as long as it was in the center of the ring, it would be absolutely safe.

Zhou Xiaoling's eyes flashed with a brilliant light.

’’You want to avoid a collision? Nice try!’’

With a thought, the power of thunder within the flywheel burst out, and a thick current of electricity plunged into Lin Ming's Heavy Profound Soft Spear like a snake.

At such a close distance this was impossible to dodge. In an instant, that purple snake of thunder had sunk into Lin Ming's body.

Once one was struck by such a powerful electric current, they would be momentarily paralyzed. In a battle of masters, this momentary paralysis was fatal.


Zhou Xiaoling maliciously laughed. She raised her fist and punched out towards Lin Ming's right eye.

’’Let me give you a panda eye!’’

To curse someone and then beat up their face was a style consistent with Zhou Xiaoling. To give Lin Ming a panda eye was a very fun idea.

However, when her fist was halfway there, it was actually grabbed by another hand!

In that moment, Zhou Xiaoling felt like her hand was stuck in an iron clamp, even her bones were on the verge of breaking.


Zhou Xiaoling screamed in pain, her beautiful eyes filled with horror and disbelief. How was this possible!? Lin Ming was struck by her purple thunder, so how come he wasn't affected!?

Zhou Xiaoling desperately let out a burst of thunder from her left hand, wanting to shake free from Lin Ming. But Lin Ming was simply unafraid of this electric shock. Whatever thunder surged into Lin Ming's body seemed to disappear without a trace.

Zhou Xiaoling clenched her teeth, waving her hand to try and loosen herself. However, Lin Ming's hand seemed to be cast from iron, immovable and unshakable;his hand gripped Zhou Xiaoling to the point where her bones nearly shattered.

Lin Ming's expression was cold, there was no fun or entertainment in his eyes. In that moment, he would have been fine if he was struck. But if another martial artist was punched in the eyes, there was a high chance they would go blind.

When a martial artist was paralyzed, their defensive power would be lowered by a great deal;how could a fragile eye withstand a fist that was flooded with true essence?

This little girl seemed simple at heart with an innocent and childish spirit. But this childish spirit was no reason to play with the lives of others. This little girl was spoiled too much by her master, what she needed was a good awakening lesson.

’’Let go of me.’’

Zhou Xiaoling angrily said. Her right hand gripped the golden ring, slicing towards Lin Ming's arm.

However, Lin Ming only gripped Zhou Xiaoling's arm and pulled.

After Tempering Marrow had reached 20%, his strength had already reached tens of thousands of jins - it was impossible for Zhou Xiaoling to compare with such a terrifying strength. In front of Lin Ming, Zhou Xiaoling was nothing more a chicken being held, she had no power to resist at all. With just a slight movement, Lin Ming pushed Zhou Xiaoling to block the sharp-edged ring with her own arm.

Zhou Xiaoling was shocked. She quickly stopped the attack.

In a battle between two young masters, it had actually devolved into a close combat melee. This sort of scene was extremely rare.

The audience stared with wide eyes, bewildered. In a normal battle between martial artists, it would usually be an exchange of martial skills, or a comparison of whose true essence was thicker, or whose moves were more vicious;how could there ever be a melee like this?

Zhou Xiaoling blushed. She had never felt so powerless in her life before. With her hand gripped, it felt like it was about to break, there was just no way she could loosen herself. ’’You idiot, let go of me!’’

Suddenly, her foot lashed out towards Lin Ming's vital male weakness between his legs. But, this move was thankfully blocked by Lin Ming's knees.

’’So young and yet your actions are already so inhuman. This fist is for your neglectful parents!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he raised his first, and directly punched Zhou Xiaoling's stomach. His fist was imbued with vibrating true essence, and his entire hand was wrapped in an azure light. Zhou Xiaoling's complexion changed. With her hand grabbed by Lin Ming, there was no way she could dodge this.

Bright Thunder Shield!

At this critical moment, a dazzling purple shield of thunder appeared around Zhou Xiaoling.


Vibrating true essence erupted, and the thunder shield shattered like glass. Lin Ming's fist smashed into Zhou Xiaoling's stomach!


Zhou Xiaoling felt like her stomach had been struck by a heavy iron hammer. She cried out in pain as she flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


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