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Martial World - Chapter 353


Chapter 353 - divine Phoenix Island




The remaining medicinal efficacy of the Heaven Opening Pill was naturally an incomparably valuable resource;Lin Ming used this leftover medicinal efficacy to cultivate the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' and the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'.

With the medicinal efficacy circulating in his meridians, Lin Ming wholly immersed himself in cultivation. Without knowing night or day, several days passed, and the built up medicinal efficacy in Lin Ming's meridians gradually began to melt away like a fine spring stream. At this moment, Lin Ming held a thin cracking sound.

With this thin cracking sound, the true essence broke through the barriers of the meridians and flowed through the body, even reaching the tiniest blood vessels on the edges.

’’I've finally broken through to the fourth layer of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'!’’ Lin Ming let out a loose breath, the air forming a vaporous white arrow that shot forth dozens of feet, smashing against the rock walls and causing them to shake.

After so many days of continuous cultivation and repeatedly exhausting his true essence, the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' had finally made another breakthrough.

The 'True Primal Chaos Formula' was the true essence revolution law formula that was contained within the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians', and was also the foundation of the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'. Later, no matter how great his Tempering Marrow was or how progressed he was in the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, he still couldn't abandon this foundation.

Not only that, but as Lin Min broke through further layers of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' and obtained a deeper understanding, he could better record it onto a jade slip and assist Qin Xingxuan in easing her cultivation path even more.

Finally, a full three months passed. Lin Ming had swallowed all of the Heaven Opening Pills he possessed and also reached the fourth layer of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. Tempering Marrow had reached nearly 20% completion.

Although Lin Ming's cultivation was still in the late Pulse Condensation period, his true strength had increased by a great amount.

With this feeling like his body was bursting with strength, Lin Ming was looking forwards to finding a Houtian genius and challenging him to a spectacular duel.

’’The three month period is up. It's about time I go to divine Phoenix Island...’’ Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a purple thunder;he was filled with anticipation towards the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.


In the legends of the ancient times, when Sky Spill Continent was first formed, there were four Saint Beasts that lived in the four cardinal directions: the foreign east Azure Dragon, the northern waste Black Turtle, the western domain White Tiger, and the southern mountain Vermillion Bird. Afterwards, the heavens and earth changed, and the seas rose while the southern mountains vanished into the waters. The Vermillion Bird was reborn through nirvana in the South Sea, turning the surrounding 10,000 miles into divine Phoenix Island. Looking down from the Primal Chaos Heavens, divine Phoenix Island looked like a phoenix that was spreading its wings out to fly;it really caused one to wonder at the infinite mysteries of nature.

The truth of history had already disappeared into the vast ocean of time. Even the ancient history books or carvings were unable to endure the passage of tens of thousands of years. The truth had long become unknown.

Lin Ming flew several thousands of feet in the air, above the endless cloudy sea, overlooking the 10,000 mile island below.

Within divine Phoenix Island, there were also six smaller islands that surrounded it, immersed in a thick mist as they revolved around divine Phoenix Island.

Around these islands there were also smaller islands. They were scattered all over the vast sea like stars in the sky. Lin Ming could faintly make out that these small islands that surrounded divine Phoenix Island were part of a titanic guardian array formation!

It was impossible to use true essence stones as the basis of an array formation of such a terrifyingly massive scale. A sect, no matter how wealthy, would not be able to withstand such a terrifying consumption of resources.

If he didn't guess wrong, then this colossal array formation used heaven and earth origin energy as its strength, drawing the origin energy from the boundless sea, forming a self-sustaining and perfect system.

To lay down such a large array formation... the resources needed could be imagined. This caused Lin Ming to sigh, he couldn't help but marvel at the terrifying heritage of divine Phoenix Island.

No wonder the South Sea Demon Region didn't dare to engage in a frontal assault against divine Phoenix Island, and had to use beast tides and the threat of the extermination of other sects to force divine Phoenix Island to engage in a war on a different battleground. Otherwise, if divine Phoenix Island had the backing of these thousands of islands along with the myriad masters of the 19 third-grade sects, the South Sea Demon Region might enter but not leave.

The divine Phoenix Island Sect was located at the center of the main island's divine Phoenix Mountains.

In the 10,000 miles of the main island, there were numerous martial families. Of these martial families, the greatest ones among them already had a heritage of 2000 years. Their legacies were no less inferior than that of the Moon Seizing Sect.

These could also be considered as a part of divine Phoenix Island.

At this time, in the main hall of divine Phoenix Mountains' highest peak, a woman in scarlet clothes sat above a jade platform. She looked to be around 30 to 40 years old, and her hair was white, like thousands of threads of snowy silk. Her hair was swept up by silver lace in a phoenix shape, incomparably elegant.

The woman's eyes were closed in deep meditation. At this moment, her eyes suddenly opened and then flashed with a strange light. She muttered, ’’Yu'er mentioned a youth to this old woman a few months ago and called him a rare cultivation talent. She said that this little boy's talent even surpassed her imagination, and had gone beyond even hers and Bing'er's. Although Yu'er is naturally modesty, in truth, underneath that veneer she is extremely arrogant. For her to give a youth such a high appraisal... this old woman is really curious. Today, this old woman was meditating and suddenly felt a touch of the mind... it's probably that little boy that Yu'er mentioned. This old woman really wants to have a look and see just how strong he is. If he can't even compare to the core disciples of my divine Phoenix Island, then this old woman will truly be disappointed.’’

As the woman spoke to herself, she flicked her fingers and a flame flashed in the air. She didn't need to use a sound transmitting talisman to pass on a message.


The immortal mountains were layered in clouds, thick, billowing veils of mist winding around the 1000 peaks. From afar, it looked just curtains of the lightest white gauze were draped over the entire mountain range, hiding it from view.

In midair, an ethereal jade palace appeared silently like a mirage among the clouds. This immortal pavilion was without a doubt, the location of the divine Phoenix Island Sect!

They hadn't even closed in, but they could see all sorts of spirit boats and flying mounts shuttling back and forth in the air. Even the Winged Flood Dragon that Lin Ming sat on didn't attract too much attention.

’’It is truly worthy of being called a top fourth-grade sect, the aura is truly extraordinary.’’ Standing behind Lin Ming, Zhou Xinyu felt a deep emotion springing from with her. Compared to divine Phoenix Island, the Moon Seizing Sect was nothing more than a small town, not worth mentioning at all.

Lin Ming didn't speak. His eyes were focused on a spirit boat that was flying towards him, as he waited for the other to come up and question him.

’’Who goes there?’’ A man in a red robe stood on the prow of the spirit boat, sweeping his eyes over Lin Ming, his vision full of arrogance and pride.

This arrogance was deliberately revealed, but had already been etched within his bones from the time of his birth. This was an arrogance and pride that stemmed from being a disciple of a top sect within the South Horizon Region.

’’I am Lin Ming, Seven Profound Valleys' disciple.’’ Lin Ming cupped his hands together, neither arrogant nor humble.

’’Lin Ming?’’ The red-robed man looked up Lin Ming once more, ’’You're the heaven-step talent that Uncle Master Mu mentioned?’’

’’If you're speaking about the heaven-step talent under the joint talent training program, then that's me.’’

The red-robed man had a peculiar look in his eyes as he glanced at Lin Ming once more. He turned around, saying, ’’Follow me!’’

As he spoke, he turned the spirit boat around and directed it to fly straight towards divine Phoenix Island.

Zhou Xinyu said with a bit of dissatisfaction, ’’This fellow really looks down on everyone else.’’

’’It's normal.’’ Lin Ming calmly said. The difference in strength between divine Phoenix Island and the Seven Profound Valleys was greater than the difference between the Seven Profound Valleys and Sky Fortune Kingdom. He only had to think back to the attitude that the Seven Profound Valleys' disciples held towards the Sky Fortune Kingdom disciples to understand the reason for this red-robed man's haughty attitude. Even the residents of a large city would look down on humble country folk with contempt in their hearts.

They rode the Winged Flood Dragon to the entrance along with the red-robed man. At this time, the red-robed man was already waiting at the stone steps in front.

’’From here you have to walk, you cannot fly. These are the rules of divine Phoenix Island.’’ The man pointed at Zhou Xinyu, ’’Who is this girl?’’

Zhou Xinyu seemed unhappy to have a finger pointed at her in such a manner. She walked up and unhappily said, ’’I am Lan Yi. I came to divine Phoenix Island to formally enter as a disciple.’’

’’Enter as a disciple?’’ The red-robed man traced his chin, comparing Zhou Xinyu's cultivation to her age. He said, ’’Three months from now, divine Phoenix Island will recruit outer court disciples. With your talent, you should barely be able to qualify. Before this, you cannot enter through the gate.’’


’’A war will soon break out at any moment. No unauthorized personnel may enter the mountain.’’ The red-robed man icily said. As he was speaking, two spirit boats flew over them, directly flying towards the main hall.

Zhou Xinyu looked up at the spirit boats and coldly snorted, ’’Didn't you just say that from here we have to walk to the entrance? Then what about those spirit boats?’’

The red-robed man frowned, ’’Do you think I lied to you about sect regulations to lead you on or play with you? Those two spirit boats have a sun symbol flying above them. That symbolizes that they are emissaries from the Five Element Region's Sunfire Sect. It just so happens that it will soon be my divine Phoenix Island's Exalted Vice Island Master Tianguang's 400th birthday. All sorts of emissaries from different sects will be arriving to celebrate. This emissary from the Sunfire Sect is either a Revolving Core elder or the sect's direct disciple. With their status, they may ride their spirit boat to the palace square and then afterwards they will have to walk!’’

Zhou Xinyu didn't retort. Although this red-robed man was arrogant, he wasn't deliberately making matters difficult for them. The truth was that she hadn't received any invitation, and it wouldn't make any sense for them to let her through the gate. In fact, other sects also managed their entrances like this.

Zhou Xinyu sighed. She turned to Lin Ming and said, ’’Just inform me by sound transmission later. First I'll find someplace to stay.’’

Lin Ming hadn't yet said anything when the red-robed man's face suddenly changed. He looked at Lin Ming strangely, and then coldly said, ’’I just received orders. You may both enter, but you...’’ The red-robed man pointed at Zhou Xinyu, ’’After you enter the mountain gate, you may not climb the mountain, you can only stay at the guest hall outside. As for you Lin Ming, you follow me to Parasol Tree Pavilion, and we'll arrange a place for you to stay there.’’

As the red-robed man spoke, he waved his hand and sent out a sound transmitting talisman. This was an order to the disciples of the Parasol Tree Pavilion, so that they would prepare living quarters for Lin Ming.

In the divine Phoenix Mountains, there was a mountain peak that was covered with a forest of parasol trees. Underneath the towering trees, a young girl was sitting, a blade of grass between her lips. The red-robed man's sound transmitting talisman lit right beside her.

The young girl softly coughed.

’’What's the matter, Junior-apprentice Sister?’’ Beside the girl, there was another red-robed man meditating.

’’I just received a message from Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang. He said that the boy that Uncle Master Mu recommended has arrived, and he will also be arranged at our Parasol Tree Pavilion.’’


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