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Martial World - Chapter 344


Chapter 344 - Thunder Breaking Demon Arts




’’You... who are you?’’

Huang Zixuan looked at Lin Ming, alarmed. Before they had chased him all the way here, in that short instant when they fought, he hadn't been able to clearly see Lin Ming's cultivation. But now that Lin Ming was in front of him, he saw that he was at the late Pulse Condensation period.

For someone who had just entered the Pulse Condensation period to actually be able to swallow the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal with that cultivation and not die, yet also have the strength to suppress him afterwards... was there really such a person in this world?

Lin Ming didn't waste time responding to Huang Zixuan's nonsense. After he swallowed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal and tempered his marrow, his body had to produce new blood. Although he had smoothly entered into the late Pulse Condensation period, the process of creating new blood after tempering his marrow had exhausted nearly all of his true essence. Now the energy he used was almost purely from the compressed true essence that was hidden within the Heretical God Seed. But, this sort of true essence would be consumed quickly. It was equal to opening the Heretical God Force - it was impossible for it to last long.

Lin Ming's right hand shook, the Purple Comet Spear flew forwards!

Azure true essence howled in the air, the space around the spearpoint began to tremble.

Huang Zixuan's complexion sank. He coldly said, ’’It seems you want to die quickly. You think you won against me with just a single move? Don't force me to use the Moon Seizing Sect's forbidden technique! We'll both die together!’’

Hearing the words 'forbidden technique', Lin Ming didn't respond, but Zhou Xinyu's paled. Obviously, this forbidden technique that Huang Zixuan mentioned was not fake.

’’Sir Lin, the Moon Seizing Sect's forbidden technique was obtained on the same year they invaded the Silent Demon Emperor City. It's half of a demonic secret skill jade slip that they obtained, 'Blood Shadow Great Technique'. You can kill 1000 at the loss of 800. To use it requires one to sacrifice their life force and cultivation as the price. The power of this skill is astoundingly strong!’’ Zhou Xinyu quickly said to Lin Ming through a true essence sound transmission. This battle would naturally be determined by Lin Ming, she only wanted to inform him.

Huang Zixuan was able to guess from Zhou Xinyu's facial expressions that she was using at true essence sound transmission to speak to Lin Ming, and then a smug smiled appeared on his face. He threateningly said, ’’Boy, let me give you a tip. Once I use this technique, you will die without a doubt. But, I do not want to injury my life and cultivation. In comparison to my life, the treasures that the Moon Seizing Sect left behind are naturally insignificant! If you are willing to agree to a truce, then I will let you off. You can even take away some of the treasures. Otherwise... you will die!’’

Lin Ming didn't respond to Huang Zixuan with words. They only thing that responded to him was Lin Ming's spear, billowing with the power of rolling thunder and fire!

Hong long long!

Air shook, true essence howled.

Huang Zixuan's face flashed with a hideous expression, ’’You have forced my hand! Blood Shadow Great Art!’’


Countless lines of blood suddenly appeared in Huang Zixuan's arms. His true essence fused with the blood, becoming a bloody mist. Suddenly, the black fog that surrounded his body turned into a vibrant crimson color.

Huang Zixuan's eyes turned blood red, the muscles of his hands bulging, his nails extending out like demonic claws. His gaze was full of bloodlust. This Blood Shadow Great Art not only damaged one's life and cultivation, but it would also affect their will. Once they used it, they would not be able to control the desire for slaughter and thirst for blood that rampaged in their hearts.


Huang Zixuan rushed out with a punch. A massive crimson demon claw flew towards Lin Ming, accompanied by the wails and cries of ghosts, and a surge of bloody wind and air.

This blood wind was not an illusion, but was truly blood - Huang Zixuan's blood.

As Lin Ming faced this massive crimson demon claw, his vision narrowed.

’’Hou !’’

A deafening dragon roar impacted the heavens. In that moment, the dragon cry broke the clouds and split stones, the eminent might of a dragon filling the endless space, shocking the minds and bodies of anyone who heard it.

That short moment was like an illusion, like a dream. The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder that lurked within the Heretical God Seed roared forth, transforming into the shadow of a Purple Flood Dragon as it clashed with the demonic claw.


The crimson demon claw broke apart, a shock wave surging in all directions. Broken stone flew everywhere, and all the land within dozens of feet was overturned or razed. But amidst the bloody mist, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder broke through, crashing into Huang Zixuan.

Huang Zixuan's face immediately paled, ’’What kind of thunder is this!?’’

The power of thunder was the element that most suppressed ghosts, evil, and demonic beings. During a thunderstorm, ghosts could not be born. Those that cultivated demon arts or ghostly arts were often turned to ashes and extinguished when facing heavenly tribulation during their disaster of thunder. As for the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, that was a high-level Thunder Soul, and it also contained the peerless and inherent might of a dragon. Lin Ming's blood was also fused with the blood of a True Dragon. How could a little beginner's demon art possibly resist it? Much less Huang Zixuan who only had half of the whole.

Facing the roaring Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, Huang Zixuan had no time to think. He bit his tongue and spat out his blood essence. The black and red mist transformed into a bloody shield in front of him, blocking the attack of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder.


The shield shattered. Huang Zixuan gave a miserable cry as he flew backwards. Lin Ming didn't give him the smallest chance to catch his breath. He immediately displayed Golden Roc Shattering the Void, and his body flashed as he appeared near Huang Zixuan, his spear stabbing out!

The power of thunder and flame blasted out. Lin Ming used 20% of the true Thunderfire Annihilation!

A terrifying energy rushed out from the spear, forming a vacuum in space. Huang Zixuan's face twisted. He gathered together his final strength to counterattack. He slashed out with his demon claw, avoiding the Purple Comet Spear to grab Lin Ming's rib. Attacking Lin Ming's main body was the only way to force Lin Ming to retreat.

However, how could Lin Ming give him such a hope? Lin Ming's hand loosened and he suddenly stormed backwards, a crimson flaming chain appearing at the end of the long spear. He had shot out the Purple Comet Spear!


The Purple Comet Spear easily pierced through Huang Zixuan's body. The 20% power Thunderfire Annihilation didn't explode, but turned into a manic and violently brutal energy that broke into Huang Zixuan's body, tearing all of his organs and meridians into pieces.

Huang Zixuan spat out a mouthful of blood, and desolate hopelessness flashed in his eyes. His dantian wasn't destroyed so he wouldn't die immediately, but he could only live for a few more breaths.


The crimson chain tightened, and the Purple Comet Spear was pulled loose. As the spear came out, blood rained on the floor, and Huang Zixuan's corpse fell to the ground.

Seeing Huang Zixuan's blood dye the rock red, the handler and Huang Zixuan's third brother were ashen. They couldn't believe everything that had just happened. An outer court elder of the Moon Seizing Sect, Huang Zixuan, whose strength reached the limit of the Houtian realm was actually killed in less than 10 breaths of time by such a young boy!??!

The battle was fast, the moves were fierce. It was bewildering and unexpected!

But at this moment, Lin Ming turned his head, an icy gaze shooting out. Everyone that followed Huang Zixuan felt like their hearts had jumped into their throats.

The eagle handler was frightened to the point where he immediately slumped to the ground, but the other two Houtian masters glanced at each other, and without a single word, launched their movement techniques and flew in separate directions, rapidly escaping!

’’You want to run?’’

Lin Ming sneered, then activated the Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement technique and the Concept of Wind. He would first let that middle Houtian realm master off for now, and chase down the late Houtian man called Third Brother!

Lin Ming's speed wasn't where his strength lay, but that was only relative to those monstrous geniuses whose speed reached the limit, such as Jiang Baoyun. Now, with Lin Ming's cultivation having continuously broken through, along with his understanding of the Concept of Wind having increased, how could an ordinary late Houtian master compare to him?

As the two ran away, Lin Ming soon caught up in just a dozen breaths of time.

A spear thrust forth.

Flow like Silk!

10,000 vibrating true essence threads roared into the area, weaving into an inescapable net, directly blocking the path of the man.


The third brother gave a desperate cry, his saber slashing down at the azure true essence. However, the azure true essence was infinitely tough - how could he cut through it? Not only that, but as he struck it, a terrifying vibrating force transferred up his weapon, causing his blood to roil and his weapon to nearly shake free from his hand.


In the moment of life or death, the third brother left out a cry of despair. However, Lin Ming showed no mercy. A spear pierced through the man's dantian, twisting his true essence. The man's dantian broke apart, and he bled from the head, immediately dying.

Lin Ming took the man's spatial ring and then retrieved his spear. He turned towards another direction to chase down the middle Houtian martial artist.

Although Lin Ming's cultivation had reached the late Pulse Condensation period, with his strength chasing one person was fine, but chasing two was a bit troublesome. With Lin Ming's current soul force strength, he wasn't yet able to completely lock onto someone. This vast barren mountain had valleys and stone cliffs everywhere. If this man looked for a place to hide, then it would be very difficult to find him.

However, Lin Ming wasn't alone;he also had the Winged Flood Dragon.

At the same time that Lin Ming chased after the third brother, Chi Yan was following that middle Houtian master. Although Chi Yan was still a child, it also had the strength of a sect's ordinary Houtian martial artist. It was completely able to follow and hound a middle Houtian master.

Once followed by Chi Yan, the man was extremely anxious. With his limited strength, he couldn't do anything about Chi Yan. He had attacked several times with no results. Instead, he was just wasting his time.

And at this time, Lin Ming arrived. He carried the Purple Comet Spear that was stained red with blood. His entire body was covered with rags, and the aura that he was emitting was the same as a blood-crazy demon.

Seeing him, the man was frightened out of his wits.

’’Young Hero please forgive me, I was only forced by Huang Zixuan! I am innocent...’’

His voice abruptly ended here. Lin Ming stabbed out with his spear, directly crushing the man's dantian to pieces!

’’Innocent?’’ Lin Min sneered.

In this world, no one was innocent.

If a man tried to kill others for their own benefit, then they had to be prepared to die in exchange.

To be filled with such bloodlust and excitement when killing someone, but actually proclaiming themselves innocent when they were at the door of death... this sort of person should die sooner.

Lin Ming took this man's spatial ring, hopped atop Chi Yan, and flew back.

Huang Zixuan had already died, and all his hopes with him. Huang Sanping's wrist was shattered by Lin Ming. To a normal Pulse Condensation martial artist, a broken wrist wasn't a wound that was fatal. But before this, Huang Sanping had already suffered an extreme attack from Lin Ming, and had spat out a great deal of blood and viscera. Now that there were injuries piled atop his old injuries, he no longer had any strength to resist.

Seeing Lin Ming return, Huang Sanping's face showed a touch of despair and fear, just like a man on the execution grounds who had been sentenced to death.

Few people were unafraid of death, especially those promising talents of sects. Huang Sanping's lips trembled, and his voice shook as he asked, ’’You... you are Lin Ming?’’


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