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Martial World - Chapter 337


Chapter 337 - Take Action




’’Mm? Secret?’’

Lin Ming paused. The man in the bamboo hat had called Zhou Xinyu his junior-apprentice sister a moment ago. From this, he knew that they were also from the Moon Seizing Sect.

Now that the Moon Seizing Sect no longer existed, these surviving disciples began to eat each other. They were probably fighting over something, and it seemed to be this so-called secret.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes as he looked at the black-shrouded man on the Heavenly Wind Eagle. Lin Ming didn't immediately answer Zhou Xinyu, because he simply wasn't a match for that black-shrouded man. Although that man had strength similar to the Sludge Monster, the difference between fighting that Sludge Monster and that black-shrouded man was immense. The Sludge Monster was a relatively immobile creature that, coupled with its huge size, was easy to strike with his Thunderfire Annihilation. But the black-shrouded man was different;Lin Ming might not even have the chance to strike.

If Lin Ming used Thunderfire Annihilation at the highest level he could, it would instantly consume 60% of his true essence reserves. If he missed, he would no longer have the strength to resist.

Not only that, but there was also a middle Houtian master standing near the black shrouded man. Outside of the barrier array, there was also a late Houtian master controlling the array formation.

These three great Houtian masters were at the middle, late, and peak stage;it was simply a full Houtian line-up. Against them, Lin Ming would absolutely lose.

’’It's a pity that Qin Ziya is still on his way. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any need to fear them...’’

Lin Ming had a contemplative expression, when suddenly he heard the high pitched cry of a bird, and a strong wind immediately blowing out. The golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle had blown away a dozen nearby tents, and shot up into the sky.

However, the person sitting on the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle wasn't Zhou Xinyu, but was a small and wretched looking man that was slyly smiling. He rode the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle towards Huang Sanping. As for Zhou Xinyu who had originally ridden the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle, she was sent lurching forwards by the violent wind current.

Looking at the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle fly towards Huang Sanping, Zhou Xinyu paled, ’’How... how could this be...’’

She had wanted to rely on the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle to break through the barrier array formation and escape, but she never imagined that her mount would abandon her like this.

’’Haha, Junior-apprentice Sister Zhou! The golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle will listen to its handler! Give up! Obediently surrender to me, serve me, and I might let you live another day!’’

Huang Sanping lasciviously smiled and then flicked his fingers. Several silver true essence threads shot towards Zhou Xinyu.

Pu pu pu!

The silver true essence threads exploded. Although Zhou Xinyu had managed to dodge most of the attacks, the explosive shockwaves sent her staggering, shredding most of her clothes.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Zhou, you can also fall from the skies! You were once the top talent of the Moon Seizing Sect, all of the resources there were yours to enjoy, and that old idiot Shui Yue only had you as the apple of his eyes. Otherwise, how could I still be stuck at the peak Pulse Condensation period? I would have already broken through to the Houtian realm!’’ Huang Sanping viciously smiled as his true essence attacks struck Zhou Xinyu. Compared to her, he was three years older and his strength was naturally above Zhou Xinyu's. After several attacks, Zhou Xinyu was in a miserable state.

On the side, Huang Zixuan hadn't moved, letting Huang Sanping recklessly attack. He knew that these past years, Huang Sanping had suffered from bias towards Zhou Xinyu by the Sect Master Shui Yue, causing a simmering fire to burn in his heart. Now was the best time to let him give vent to this rage to clear his spirit;it would be advantageous to his future cultivation efforts.


Two thick true essence threads blew up, and a terrifying air blast send all the soldiers around soaring backwards, spitting blood. The tents were blown up, and all sorts of weapons and armor were sent flying backwards. Countless people had been injured or crushed by the attack.

But in the center of this strong explosion was an ice-blue shield;this was the defense Zhou Xinyu had summoned to block Huang Sanping's attack.

Huang Sanping's eyebrows rose, and he smiled, ’’I see that Disciple Uncle Shui Yue and Disciple Uncle Lan Yue both loved you so much, they gave you methods to save your own life? This is the sect's earth-step defensive treasure, 'Blue Water Flower Curtain'. Good! Once I cripple your cultivation, I'll be able to collect both a great treasure and my adorable little Junior-apprentice Sister!’’

Huang Sanping evilly smiled, and then extracted the Blue Moon treasure sword from his back. The longsword slashed out, and three sword energies cut forth.


The Blue Water Flower Curtain shook, the curtain of light trembling. Although the earth-step defensive treasure was formidable, it all depended on who used it. Zhou Xinyu was only 18 years old, her true essence was much thinner and weaker than Huang Sanping's.

’’Sir... Sir Lin!’’ Zhou Xinyu was forced into a dead end. Her shaking voice was engulfed within the thunderous true essence explosion, slurred. ’’Moon Seizing Sect... once... top third-grade sect, had obtained... Netherworld Great Emperor... 72 Shattered Demon Heart Crystals, now... still 12 left over! My spatial ring has one! This shattered crystal can... increase... a Xiantian master's chances of breaking through to the Revolve Core realm! Sir Lin... rescue me!’’

’’Shattered Demon Heart Crystal? A miracle medicine that could help increase a Xiantian master's chances of reaching the Revolving Core realm?’’

Lin Ming was stunned. He had never heard of this Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, but he knew who the Netherworld Great Emperor was. He was the top master of the South Horizon Region that had ruled for over 1000 years. Even including the entire Sky Spill Continent, he was one of the top ranked peerless emperor powerhouses. He had founded a sect on the level of a Holy Ground - Silent Demon Emperor City. But he committed all sorts of evil and atrocious deeds, killed boys and girls, and recklessly plundered talented women from all over. Finally, he moved on the daughter of an emperor of Sky Spill Continent. Then he aroused the hatred and outrage from all over, and was finally killed by a collaborative effort of several of Sky Spill Continent's emperors.

Afterwards, some of his subordinates lived and fled far away to the South Sea where they founded their own sect, which was the current South Sea Demon Region.

When Silent Demon Emperor City had been wiped off the map, many sects from the South Horizon Region had participated in the effort. At that time, the Moon Seizing Sect was a top third-grade sect whose influence was even above Peacock Mountain. It wasn't strange that they would participate, and it was highly likely that they obtained some kind of treasure!

For a legendary character like the Netherworld Great Emperor, anything that came from him would definitely be an extraordinary treasure!

If there was a medicine that could help a Xiantian master reach the Revolving Core realm, then its value could be imagined. Perhaps...

As Lin Ming realized a possibility, his heart began to race.

The Heaven Opening Pill could help a Houtian master reach the Xiantian realm. But, the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal could increase the chances of a Xiantian master successfully reaching the Revolving Core realm. Both of them were medicines that washed the muscles and marrow, and were top quality medicines that could help one break through bottlenecks. If the Heaven Opening Pill could help him in Tempering Marrow, then wouldn't the medicinal efficacy of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal be stronger?

And wouldn't it be an even greater help for him to complete Tempering Marrow?

Thinking this, Lin Ming's mind began to race. His breath became fast, and his eyes widened. This was a big opportunity that also came with a correspondingly big risk. With this great lucky chance before him, any life threatening battle was worth the risk!

But just because he was willing to take the risk didn't mean he should commit suicide. If he rushed out, he simply wasn't a match against that black-shrouded man;what should he do?

Calm down, calm down!

Under the effects of the ethereal martial intent, Lin Ming instantly calmed down, his breath becoming incomparably gentle and slow, as if here were one with the void. His eyes closed, his senses faded away, and his keen perception rushed out in all directions like a tide, searching for the only chance to save Zhou Xinyu!

When Lin Ming cut off his senses, he also cut off contact with Zhou Xinyu. This caused Zhou Xinyu's true essence sound transmission to no longer reach him.

’’Lin... Sir Lin... Sir Lin...’’

Zhou Xinyu helplessly looked at Lin Ming, her true essence sound transmission unable to reach him. He had both eyes closed, and seemed to be ignoring her. Suddenly her heart plunged into the depths of despair.

Looking at the indifferent Lin Ming, Zhou Xinyu could only ruefully smile.

Yes. Lin Ming was someone she had only met by chance, why would he want to save her? To do so would put his life in great danger, and might even kill him. Even between husbands and wives, in a critical life and death situation, they might not help each other live.

As the despair and hopeless anguish in her heart began to thicken, Zhou Xinyu bit her lips and desperately supported the Blue Water Flower Curtain with all her strength. However, under Huang Sanping's constant and savage attacks, the Blue Water Flower Curtain gradually weakened, almost to the point of breaking apart.

’’Haha, Junior-apprentice Sister Zhou, I wonder how long you can last!’’

Huang Sanping's hair crazily floated in the wind, his eyes crazed as he lifted his sword with both hands and jumped down from the Heavenly Wind Eagle. He pointed his sword straight at Zhou Xinyu;this blow would absolutely crush her Blue Water Flower Curtain!

Zhou Xinyu's lips flowed with blood, and her eyes contained a decisive and resolute color. At this moment, she no longer held any hope of living. She would rather die than let herself fall into Huang Sanping's hands.

The sword in Zhou Xinyu's hand began to vibrate, releasing a keening sound. Her eyes widened, and she revolved the true essence within her body to the limit. She was about to send out her strongest attack, when at this moment, a thunderous roar suddenly exploded from beside her, and a dazzling purple lightning lit up the entire night sky!

Zhou Xinyu hadn't even had time to figure out just what had happened. She only saw a shadow fly past at the limit of speed, his entire body wreathed in flames and thunder, shooting forwards like a glorious meteor. This figure held a spear in his hand, directly thrusting towards Huang Sanping's chest!

At this moment, time seemed to stand still, and all of the noise and chaos around seemed to disappear. In Zhou Xinyu's eyes, there was only a flash of flame and thunder. This figure that bathed in this heavenly thunder and fire with his long hair dancing in the wind seemed like a peerless god of war!


Huang Zixuan's expression gravely changed. This enemy attack was too sudden, and its speed was too fast! Even the peak Houtian master Huang Zixuan couldn't react in time!

’’Who dares!?’’

Huang Zixuan shouted, and all of the black fog that surrounded him erupted outward. He slapped with his palm, and the black fog formed into a massive python, roaring towards Lin Ming!

However, in his haste, Huang Zixuan had used the fastest move he could. But how could it compare with Lin Ming, who had gathered all of his potential in this one strike!


The massive python burst apart, the Purple Comet Spear rushed past!

’’Damn!’’ At this point, Huang Sanping was in an extremely dangerous situation. He abruptly changed his sword technique midway, and a blue sword fell on Lin Ming's spear in torrents. At this time, he didn't care about Lin Ming's cultivation, he only thought it was a sneak attack from a master.

Ding ding ding ding!

The sword energies slammed into the vibrating azure true essence, all of them breaking at once. That spear light crossed 1000 feet, unstoppable, crashing into Huang Sanping's chest!


Huang Sanping had just been so insufferably arrogant with a thick fighting intent, but with the spear breaking through his chest, he vomited a mouthful of blood and organs, his body flying back like a ragdoll.


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