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Martial World - Chapter 335


Chapter 335 - Concealment Technique




Lin Ming hadn't been able to see through Bi Luo's appearance changing technique.

When Bi Luo had lured Lin Ming into a trap by telling him of the Seraphic Pond Mountain, whether it was temperament, appearance, or breath, all of those were indistinguishable from the true Qin Ziya. Even though Lin Ming felt that something was strange during that time, he was still tricked. This was because Bi Luo's appearance changing technique was simply too perfect.

At that time, Lin Ming thought that he couldn't see through Bi Luo's disguise because their strength was too far apart. But now, Bi Luo had changed into an old man, and Lin Ming's strength was beyond Bi Luo's. Still, even though he had correctly guessed Bi Luo's identity, even though he widened his eyes and looked, releasing his entire perception, he still didn't manage to see a single flaw in Bi Luo's appearance changing technique. Lin Ming had to admit that Bi Luo's disguise was too clever.

Moreover, Lin Ming cultivated the 'Overbearing Soul Tactic', so his soul force and perception were far beyond that of a martial artist at the same level. Afterwards, he had comprehended the Samsara martial intent and his perception had taken another step forwards. Even so, he was completely powerless to see through Bi Luo's appearance changing technique.

Lin Ming had thought that this sort of appearance changing technique came from the Mirage Faction, and was a technique that was known by all the disciples of the Mirage Faction.

But now that he thought of it some more, during the Total Faction Martial Meeting when he had fought the Mirage Faction core disciple Bi Tinghua, he had seen through his illusions. It was impossible for every disciple of the Mirage Faction to be as fierce as Bi Luo, otherwise it would simply be too absurd.

Not only was Bi Luo skilled in appearance changing techniques, but he was also skilled in concealment techniques. Usually, a martial artist had to reach the Xiantian realm and achieve the state of returning to one's true origin in order to hide their cultivation. Bi Luo was still short of this, but he could hide in the army so that Lin Ming couldn't discover where he was. Even after Lin Ming had rushed deep into the tide of vicious beasts, he hadn't even noticed Bi Luo until the very last moment before he was attacked.

Lin Ming sighed, this auxiliary secret skill was just far too formidable. He had no idea where Bi Luo managed to obtain it, but it was probably at some ancient site. If he exchanged it at the Seven Profound Valleys, he would probably be able to obtain several Heaven Opening Pills, more than enough to help him reach the Xiantian realm. The reason that Bi Luo hadn't exchanged it immediately was most likely because he was trying to keep a low profile. After all, his cultivation was insufficient and he wouldn't be able to immediately swallow the Heaven Opening Pills. Once it was revealed that he had so many Heaven Opening Pills on his body, it was possible he would suffer a catastrophe when others coveted them.

Bi Luo's plan was to wait until he reached the peak Houtian realm, and then exchange the secret skill with the Seven Profound Valleys for the Heaven Opening Pills as soon as possible. If Bi Luo hadn't run into Lin Ming, then he might have actually reached the Xiantian realm.

Lin Ming began to read the jade slip. The more he read, the more impressed he was. Not only was the concealment method able to hide cultivation and true essence fluctuations, but it could also change one's personal appearance. The only flaw of the otherwise perfect technique was that it couldn't hide one's killing intent;it was when Bi Luo had released a faint killing intent that he was found out by Lin Ming.

As for Bi Luo's appearance and true essence fluctuations, he had hidden them very well. From beginning to end, there wasn't even the slightest flaw.

This sort of secret skill didn't have any combat strength, but it was very practical for Lin Ming.

There was no need to mention how broad and useful an appearance changing technique was, but in conjunction with the concealment technique, it could be used in sneak attacks and could also be useful in escaping.

Lin Ming was thinking of immediately studying this secret skill, but a flame suddenly lit in front of him;this was a sound transmitting talisman from Qin Ziya.

The message was very simple. Qin Ziya informed Lin Ming that early the next morning he would be arriving at Green Mulberry City with several masters, including Qin Xingxuan and Mister Muyi.

’’Martial House Master Qin is coming?’’

Lin Ming was surprised. He didn't think that even before the support from the Seven Profound Valleys arrived, Qin Ziya would come first.

From the eruption of the beast tide until now, it had only been two days and two nights. Qin Ziya needed to arrange sending the lower rank disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House to a safe city, and then also inventory the property and resources and pack up. In addition to the time it took to fly here, it was already a very fast pace.

Although Qin Ziya did this because he owed Lin Ming a favor, Lin Ming was still very grateful.

’’Martial House Master Qin should have already obtained a Heaven Opening Pill, but he shouldn't have had time to eat it yet. Once he takes the Heaven Opening Pill, he will need to go into seclusion for a short period of time. The chances of Martial House Master Qin breaking through to the Xiantian realm are gigantic. Once he does, he will become a Seven Profound Valleys elder. Once he arrives tomorrow morning, the safety of the city will be set!’’

'So, there are finally some matters which I don't have to be scrupulous about. I guess it's time to clear out some trash...'

Thinking this, Lin Ming's figure disappeared from his tent.


At this time, in the army commander's tent, Zhu Ping still hadn't taken off his armor. He was sitting at the table, looking at the casualty report in his hands. But as he glanced at the report, Zhu Ping's thoughts were in chaos;he didn't even know what was written on that report.

One matter was very clear. That master that Ouyang Boyan sent had died, killed at the hands of Lin Ming!

This was a late Houtian master from a sect, yet he was still killed by Lin Ming?

Zhu Ping's hands began to sweat. His treasure sword was on the table, but this sword wasn't even able to give him the slightest sense of security.

Before now, he had heard that Sky Fortune Kingdom's Royal Family took orders from the Seven Profound Valleys. But to Zhu Ping, the Seven Profound Valleys was an extremely remote existence. No matter how terrifying its influence was, or how strong its disciples were, Zhu Ping had no clear understanding.

With the backing of a master, in addition to the many masters of the army, he hadn't even placed Lin Ming's strength in his eyes. He had subconsciously looked down on Lin Ming, thinking of him as a snotty nosed brat that had just managed to run into a great stroke of luck. He was thinking of killing him in the chaos and saving the Zhu Family.

However, now it seemed that his idea was just laughably absurd. This night, he had seen Lin Ming kill a Sludge Monster with a single spear strike, letting loose an aura that was like a peerlessly evil demonic god. Seeing this had caused all of Zhu Ping's courage to shatter into tiny pieces.

The youth that he tried to have killed actually turned out to be such a terrible demon.

Now, if Zhu Ping looked at Lin Ming, all he felt was a fearful pressure that made his heart sink. This was the feeling of one's fate being completely in the hands of another.

Zhu Ping had even thought of escaping this night. But Green Mulberry City was surrounded by vicious beasts all around - where would he be able to run to?

’’It shouldn't matter, at most he only suspects me, there is no evidence. Also, I'm the commander of the army. If he kills me, the morale of the troops will falter and they'll fall into chaos...’’

Zhu Ping thought aloud, comforting himself. Before now, he had even thought of an excuse to absolve himself of any guilt.

Although he didn't expect that Lin Ming trusted him, Zhu Ping was sure that Lin Ming only had some speculative thoughts, and no true proof. Although he was just a mere mortal, he was still the commander of Green Mulberry City's garrison troops. During this beast tide, he couldn't be killed on a whim.

Thinking this, Zhu Ping calmed down. He took up the report in his hand and began to review it with a red ink brush.

The higher the position one was in, the more drunk they were on power, and the more they latched onto authority. They feared losing it and dying, especially someone as young as Zhu Ping. He was only 40 years old, and had broken through to the Pulse Condensation period with his own strength. He had an excellent future, and over a hundred years of life still to enjoy.

Like this, how could he not fear death?

He took a deep breath, then began to write. Because he was somewhat distraught, his handwriting was crooked from his trembling hands.

At this moment, a nightmarish voice abruptly sounded out, ’’Army Commander Zhu, you seem a bit cold?’’


Zhu Ping reflexively recoiled, throwing away the red ink brush in his hands like he had been bitten by a snake. He looked before the table, and saw a black-clothed youth standing there like a demon. This was Lin Ming!

’’Young... Young Hero Lin.’’ Zhu Ping's throat was dry, his complexion pale. He reluctantly managed to compose himself, and calmly said, ’’Young... Young Hero Lin visits so late at night, I welcome you.’’

Lin Ming casually sat in a chair, and flatly said, ’’Zhu Ping, there's no need to put on an act or play games with me. I'll ask you now, how many people does Ouyang Boyan have in Green Mulberry City?’’

’’Ouyang... Ouyang Boyan? The Seven Profound Valleys elder, Mister Ouyang? Young... Young Hero Lin, I am such an unimportant person, how could I possibly know anything about Mister Ouyang's matters?’’ Zhu Ping forced out with a bitter smile.

’’Really?’’ Lin Ming sneered. He hadn't had any hopes that Zhu Ping would actually know Ouyang Boyan's plans.

’’Well....’’ Lin Ming stretched out a finger, and lightning crackled on his fingertip, ’’You can die now.’’

Zhu Ping suddenly stiffened, his face filled with fear. He was preparing to justify himself and give out some excuses, ’’Wait... wait! Young Hero Lin, I...’’


A purple light directly pierced Zhu Ping's throat. Zhu Ping's frightened eyes opened wide, as if he couldn't believe this reality.

His throat broken, blood began to crazily spurt out. Zhu Ping futilely held onto his throat as if he was trying to block the blood from oozing out.

Zhu Ping never thought that as the commander of Green Mulberry City's garrison army, a viscount of Sky Fortune Kingdom, as well as a Pulse Condensation period martial artist and an important character of Green Mulberry City's Zhu Family, he would actually be sentenced to death here without even a trial.

When Lin Ming killed Zhu Ping, he had first laid down the dreamland enchantment so that he wouldn't disturb anyone. It wasn't that he was afraid of anyone. With his status and power, he only needed to find a casual reason to take Zhu Ping's life, and no one would have been able to dispute him.

The reason that he had let Zhu Ping live up to this point was because Zhu Ping was the commander of Green Mulberry City's 10,000 garrison troops. During the invasion of the beast tide, it was impossible for Lin Ming to kill the commander. But now that Qin Ziya was about to arrive and the situation would soon be decided, keeping someone like Zhu Ping around was pointless.

The reason that he laid down the dreamland enchantment was that he didn't want to alarm the soldiers and cause the morale of the troops to be unstable. Once tomorrow arrived and Qin Ziya came, everything would be fine.

Lin Ming turned Zhu Ping's corpse to ashes with the Earthcore Crimson Flame, then returned to his own tent and ate some pills as he sat down in meditation, awaiting the arrival of tomorrow.

However... tonight was destined to not be a tranquil night.


Several uninvited guests silently appeared outside Green Mulberry City's army camp, lurking in the dark of night.

’’Is it here?’’ A man wearing a bamboo hat asked. The bamboo hat blocked part of the man's face, only revealing a sinister pair of eyes that shined with greed.

He had searched so hard, and he had finally found it...

Behind the bamboo hat man, there were also five to six men. Their cultivations ranged from the Pulse Condensation period to the Houtian realm, and several of them had a faint crescent symbol on their chest, marking their identities. These people were from the Moon Seizing Sect...


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