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Martial World - Chapter 330


Chapter 330 - Fight




Seeing this, the yellow-clothed youth's heart burned with a raging anger!

Because of the tragedy of her sect being destroyed, there hadn't been times these days when Lan Yi smiled. Even though he flattered and pleased her in every way possible, taking meticulous care of her, the white-clothed girl rarely responded. In the first two days, she hadn't even spoken more than a few words, only having a heartbroken expression.

But now, she was actually smiling so brightly, and also towards another youth who was around her age.

How could the yellow-clothed youth possibly bear this?

He had endured so much suffering and hardship on the way, exhausting himself to take care of her, only to have a few words uttered towards him. And yet this smelly little boy sweet talked her for a little bit and the white-clothed girl was already smiling so happily!

The yellow-clothed youth's lungs exploded with rage.

He never imagined that it was Lan Yi who looked for Lin Ming of her own initiative;he only thought that Lin Ming was cozying up to Lan Yi with his sweet nothings.

Although there hadn't been much progress in their relationship, the yellow-clothed youth already considered the white-clothed girl as his exclusive woman. This wasn't just from the tragic story of a man's 20 plus years of life, or from the fact that he possessed a strong desire to possess her that was a twisted incarnation of his thoughts of wanting to subtly take revenge for all those years that she had been an irreproachable goddess. It was because the white-clothed girl had many Heaven Opening Pills on her. Those Heaven Opening Pills were his only hope to break through to the Xiantian realm!

’’Motherf*cker! I'm killing all these vicious beasts on the battlefield, and not only is that coward not doing anything, but he's actually moving on my girl from behind!’’

The yellow-clothed youth was raging. He felt like he had been taken for a fool. This city that he was saving from the vicious beast horde was that boy's, and not only was he not doing anything, but he was also moving on his woman. At that moment, all of his murderous thoughts converged onto Lin Ming. The difference in attitude that Lan Yi treated Lin Ming with was like a thorn that pierced his heart. If he didn't cripple Lin Ming, he would never be able to swallow this insult.

’’Boy, just you wait for me!’’

The yellow-clothed youth turned around and rapidly returned to the army camp.


In the army camp, Lan Yi was still talking to Lin Ming. Lan Yi didn't know much about Lin Ming to begin with, so she made a few simple insinuations to see if this boy in front of her was the Lin Ming from the Seven Profound Valleys.

This sort of matter was impolite to directly ask. Otherwise, Lin Ming might form an idea that she was trying get close to him because she had some hidden purpose in mind. Once that happened, it would be easy for him to despise her.

Lan Yi was well aware of the difference in status between her and Lin Ming. Not to mention that her Moon Seizing Sect had already been destroyed, but even if the Moon Seizing Sect was still here, the difference between her and Lin Ming was just too far.

According to rumors, if Lin Ming didn't encounter some tragedy, he would one day step into the Revolving Core realm. But as for Lan Yi, it was already nearly impossible for her to reach the extreme xiantian realm. If things turned out well for her in the future, she might reach the middle Xiantian realm, and if she very lucky, she might reach the late Xiantian realm.

If the Moon Seizing Sect weren't destroyed, Lan Yi would have thought this quite satisfactory.

But several days ago, she saw with her own eyes all of her friends, family and everyone else close to her in the Moon Seizing Sect slaughtered in a one-sided bloodbath. As she saw everyone she held dear dying around her, and as she listened to the last dying wish of her master, hatred had already engraved itself deeply into her heart!

At that time, she completely hated herself. She hated that she was weak. She hated that in front of a Revolving Core master, she was nothing but an ant, unable to do anything.

This sort of loathing that originated from her powerlessness caused her to have an intense desire for power. She wished to break through to the Revolving Core realm, and longed for the day that she could unite all the masters of the South Horizon Region to exterminate the South Sea Demon Region. She would ruin the evil ones, exterminate the demons, and take revenge for her Moon Seizing Sect - and for her master and countless fellow disciples that died!

Now, Lan Yi had the resources and final hope that her master had given her before telling her to escape from the Moon Seizing Sect. She was confused about what path to take. She didn't dare to flee to other sects, afraid that they would covet the precious resources that she had.

However, if she didn't go to a sect, it would be difficult for her to become stronger, much less break through to the Revolving Core realm.

At this time, Lan Yi had a thought of which sect she should go to - divine Phoenix Island.

At divine Phoenix Island, 90% of the disciples were women, and the disciples had a relatively good reputation for conduct. Not only that, but there were countless masters and top cultivation methods, inheritances, and abundant resources. If she could enter divine Phoenix Island, then that would be the best possible outcome.

But, Lan Yi was only a genius when placed in a low third-grade sect like the Moon Seizing Sect. As for a top fourth-grade sect like divine Phoenix Island, she would only be the most basic and generic of disciples. It was even likely that she wouldn't be able to enter. And even if she did manage to enter with luck, she would be an outer court disciple at best. It would be impossible for her to come into contact with the core cultivation methods, and she would waste her life.

In that situation, Lan Yi was also confused about what to do.

Until now, when she met a boy that she suspected was Lin Ming.

Lan Yi knew that divine Phoenix Island placed a great deal of value on Lin Ming, and there was possibly even some unknown relation between him and divine Phoenix Island's Saintess, Mu Qianyu.

What kind of existence was Mu Qianyu?

She was the future leader of divine Phoenix Island. She was a monstrous talent that stepped into the Xiantian realm at only 22 years of age. And within several years, she might break into the Revolving Core realm and become a top master!

In front of someone like Mu Qianyu, all of the so-called talents of the 19 third-grade sects were just a joke.

If Mu Qianyu could put in a few good words of recommendation for her, even if it were only casual, she could be promoted from an outer court disciple to an inner court disciple. This was just a one word difference, but the treatment was vastly different. Lan Yi didn't want the resources of divine Phoenix Island such as pills or true essence stones. What she wanted were the legacy cultivation methods.

To rely on the mediocre cultivation methods of the Moon Seizing Sect to break through to the Revolving Core realm was basically impossible!

Of course, Lan Yi wasn't planning on asking Lin Ming for help and offering nothing in return. She had only met Lin Ming by chance, they hardly knew each other, so why would he want to help her?

Lan Yi's thoughts were that first she would establish friendly relations with Li Ming, and then at a suitable time she would put out some of the resources from the Moon Seizing Sect as exchange, and then ask Lin Ming for help.

’’Miss Lan, if there isn't anything else, I'll head back to the battlefield then.’’

Lin Ming didn't want to waste time talking to Lan Yi. There were too many vicious beasts, and the army was under a great deal of pressure. Every second meant that another soldier could die.

’’Young Hero Lin, can you wait for a bit? My senior-apprentice brother is out at the front, he can last for a moment or two.’’ As Lan Yi spoke these words, the yellow-clothed youth had just rushed back, and happened to hear Lan Yi's words.

'My senior-apprentice brother is out at the front, he can last for a moment or two.'

The meaning behind this was that while the yellow-clothed youth would be fighting at the front, the two of them could continue to chat.


The yellow-clothed youth was mad to the point of almost vomiting blood. Never in his entire life had he been so mad. He had been taken for such a fool. He had gone to fight the beast tide, yet someone wanted to take his woman?

'A mere common Pulse Condensation boy actually had thoughts on Lan Yi? What is so good about you? Are you worthy?'

'So what if you're a genius? This father will kill you now!'


With harsh wind blowing, the angry yellow-clothed youth landed on the ground. He stood in front of Lin Ming, a sullen and simmering expression on his face, his lips constantly twitching.

’’Boy, you have guts!’’

Lin Ming tilted his head, frowning. He didn't understand why this yellow-clothed youth had suddenly rushed towards him like a rabid dog and starting barking.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, what are you saying!’’

The white-clothed girl was startled. She hurriedly ran in front of Lin Ming, blocking him. She didn't know why the yellow-clothed youth had suddenly rushed up like he wanted a taste of Lin Ming's spear, but with that murderous look in his eyes, he wanted to start a fight with Lin Ming.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister! You... you're protecting him?’’ The yellow-clothed youth tightly gripped the sword in his hand, biting his pale lips.

’’Good! Very good!’’ The yellow-clothed youth stared at Lin Ming with hatred in his eyes. He said in a true essence sound transmission, ’’You are surnamed Lin? Surname Lin, let me clearly tell you now that my junior-apprentice sister is not someone that a common man like you can match up with! Now leave her alone!’’

Seeing the situation rapidly devolve like this, Lan Yi was extremely nervous. She quickly sent the yellow-clothed youth a true essence sound transmission, ’’Senior-apprentice Brother, what are you doing? Do you know who he is?’’

’’Who is he!? Why would I care who he is!’’ The yellow-clothed youth almost went insane to the point of losing all reasoning, so why would he consider Lan Yi's words? This boy had actually moved on his woman. Even if he was the emperor of heaven, he still wouldn't be able to stand this!

And in this trivial little mortal city, just what sort of amazing character could there be?

’’I'm warning you one last time, hurry up and get away from her. Otherwise, I will have you pay a deep price!’’ The yellow-clothed youth used a true essence sound transmission to threaten Lin Ming again.

’’Crazy idiot.’’

Lin Ming didn't want to bother with this rabid dog anymore and waste his time. He was also disinclined to explain the misunderstanding. It was better to say that he disdained giving an explanation. With his strength and status, why would he even want to waste his breath arguing with this yellow-clothed youth?

The beast tide was becoming increasingly fierce, and now several masters were returning to the army camp. The army would soon be unable to cope with the beast tide.

At that moment, the beast tide ripped a hole in the army's defensive wall.


Lin Ming frowned, took out the Purple Comet Spear, and directly rushed towards the vicious beast tide.

’’You want to run away?’’ The yellow-clothed youth sneered, raising his sword and following. He basically hadn't listened to listen to Lan Yi's words.

’’Are you a turtle? You don't dare to compete with me in killing vicious beasts, and you also are too afraid to kill fourth-level vicious beasts. You only run away, are you still a man?’’

The army formation was broken, and the beast tide rushed in. The death toll was rapidly increasing;where would Lin Ming have the time to bother with this yellow-clothed youth?

In the blink of an eye, all of the vicious beasts at the gap were instantly cleared away! The nearby soldiers didn't even have time to react.

After resolving the threat of Bi Luo, Lin Ming naturally had no need to hide his strength anymore.

The might of this spear move was only displayed through a casual sweep, but it actually caused Lan Yi's eyes to contract. This was a power that surpassed the limits of a Pulse Condensation period martial artist, and he could even compare with the yellow-clothed youth. At least, it was no less that his.

Lan Yi didn't even have time to think about what this meant when her face suddenly paled. She watched as the yellow-clothed youth thrust out with his sword, and over a dozen sword energies pierced towards Lin Ming's back, the wind rippling in their wake!

’’Boy, you actually dare to ignore me? Take my sword!’’ In his apoplectic anger, the yellow-clothed youth didn't hold back. These sword energies were aimed towards Lin Ming's vital points. If they hit, it would be enough to cut Lin Ming's meridians, severely wounding him, or even crippling him!

’’Shameless! Don't you even care for face!?’’ Lin Ming's complexion sank. Now that the beat tide was rushing in, he didn't want to fight with this yellow-clothed youth. But this yellow-clothed youth chasing him again and again caused him to lose his patience.


A spear swept out, and azure true essence howled forth. There were only slight popping sounds as all of the sword energies of the yellow-clothed youth were shattered by Lin Ming's spear.


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