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Martial World - Chapter 327


Chapter 327 - You Cannot Stop Me




Brutal and manic power of thunder scattered out.

A two inch long simple steel needle. There was a textured image of a Purple Flood Dragon carved onto the surface, twining around the needle a total of nine times.

Because the coiling dragon steel needle was in a completely static state, the power of thunder was fully restrained within it. The old man had plenty of time to observe the energy structure of the steel needle, and his perception wasn't bounced back either.

As he felt the power of thunder that was compressed to such a terrifying degree, the old man's lips began to fiercely twitch.

’’This... this is...’’

The old man had never personally seen a Thunder Soul before, but as a Mirage Faction disciple, he knew that the enemy that was best suited to suppress them were thunder-attribute martial artists. The power of thunder was able to dispel illusions, ghosts, and evil powers. This was something that the old man had learned from reading many ancient texts.

This steel needle in front of him didn't send out even the slightest bit of power of thunder at the moment. It was endless, and all of the threads of thunder seemed to contain a consciousness;it was alive.

Consciousness... awareness... thunder with life, endless;this was the symbol of a Thunder Soul!

Compared to a Flame Essence, a Thunder Soul was much more rare. Even a low-grade human-step Thunder Soul was an incomparably precious treasure. As for a medium-grade human-step Thunder Soul, that was enough to cause bloodbaths between Xiantian masters...

Seeing the intensity of the terrifying energy within Lin Ming's hand, this Thunder Soul was absolutely at least a medium-grade human-step Thunder Soul... could it even be a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul!?!?

The old man was unable to imagine that this was a Pulse Condensation period martial artist. Where or how could he have possibly absorbed a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul which only a Xiantian master could absorb?

Even if it were divine Phoenix Island, they also wouldn't be able to achieve this. To absorb a Thunder Soul, one could only have limited assistance - the true test all depended on oneself.

Not just that, but the boy had a Thunder Soul and also a Flame Essence!

A medium-grade human-step Flame Essence and a possible high-grade human-step Thunder Soul!

Was this a power that a 16 year old boy could have!?!

The old man was suddenly afraid. He felt that this Lin Ming was too strange, he was just like a demon king hiding within humanity!

In his heart, he couldn't help but think about retreating. He hadn't exposed his true identity, and even if Lin Ming hadn't been bluffing about knowing his identity, he still hadn't revealed any clues to who he was. If he couldn't win, then he would flee!

As a Mirage Faction disciple, he was proficient in concealment techniques. As long as he was able to escape Lin Ming's true essence locking rage, he could easily escape in the night, losing Lin Ming.

In the worst case he would just not return to the Seven Profound Valleys. Although not returning to the Seven Profound Valleys was the same as severing his future hope of becoming a Xiantian master, preserving his life was much more important than some distant Xiantian realm.

The old man treasured his life very much. The reason that he would undertake this mission for Ouyang Boyan was because he wished to break through to the Xiantian realm and live to 180 years old.

The old man turned his palm, and a small thunderclap bead appeared. This was a small Array Faction gadget. Once it was thrown, it would explode and create a massive amount of thick fog. He would be able to use this chance and display his illusion techniques to escape.

However, before he could throw the thunderclap bead, Lin Ming's Purple Comet Spear began to shine with a dazzling bright purple and a burning crimson red. In the dark night, it was just like a purple and red sun was rising into the sky!

Thunder and fire intertwined!

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. Suddenly, all the sounds of the world vanished, and the surrounding space twisted.

The old man's face was colored with fear;a dual thunder and fire attack!?

It was too late to run. The old man fiercely clenched his teeth, overdrawing his life essence to forcefully stimulate the true essence in his body to the max.

’’72 Swords Absolute Killing Array!!’’

This barrage of 72 sword energies was the old man's strongest move. Once he used it, he would be placed in an incomparably weak position for a short period of time. Because of this, he didn't dare to use it rashly. But now he had no other choice left to him. That shining red and purple power of thunder and fire on the spear was too terrifying to do otherwise.


The spear light and sword energies struck each other. A horrifying true essence current billowed forth, and all the sword energies were completely shattered!


The old man had expected Lin Ming's strike to be terrifying, but he never imagined that the strongest final blow he had overdrawn his life to use would be destroyed so easily!



On the outskirts of Green Mulberry City, the beast tide was still coming. The yellow-clothed youth from the Moon Seizing Sect had already killed thousands of vicious beasts, and the blood of countless vicious beasts rained down on the land, dying the earth around him a deep crimson red.

Every sword strike would release dozens of sword energies, and every sword energy was able to take a vicious beast's life. With a single sword slash, this yellow-clothed youth was able to massacre dozens of vicious beasts. If it wasn't for the fact that only a few vicious beasts were left around the yellow-clothed youth at the moment, he would have killed even more.

As for third-level vicious beasts, they were nothing but paper in front of the yellow-clothed youth, and equally as fragile. He was able to kill them with a single sword;there wasn't even a need to stop.

A fourth-level vicious beast would take at most 10 breaths of time to kill. The two Iron-armor Lizards that had attacked the yellow-clothed youth were also equally killed by him!

What kind of abnormal and terrifying strength was this?

Zhuang Fan, Lin Wanshan, and everyone else watching could only sigh in lamentation;martial artists from large sects were just too formidable.

Zhuang Fan and Lin Wanshan who had just stepped into the Pulse Condensation period thought this, and the common mortal soldiers were also stunned. To them, this yellow-clothed youth was just like a war god.

The yellow-clothed youth enjoyed this feeling very much. When he had been at the Moon Seizing Sect, he was only an inner court disciple, and had broken through to the Houtian realm when he was 26 years old. The result could only be considered the most average within the sect. There were just too many geniuses and top-tier talents pressing down on him, making him feel that his existence was weak.

Over the years, the yellow-clothed youth could be considered invisible. But now, he unveiled his power in front of so many people, making him the rising star of this battlefield. This made him extremely happy;even the true essence in his body seemed to be flowing much smoothly than before.

Not just that, but most importantly, he would soon capture the heart of his talented junior-apprentice sister. As long as he was able to obtain her, he would have enough Heaven Opening Pills to attack the Xiantian bottleneck!

He had to thank the South Sea Demon Region. If it wasn't for them destroying the Moon Seizing Sect, he would never have had this opportunity. Most likely, he would never have had a chance to obtain a Heaven Opening Pill either.

The more the yellow-clothed youth killed, the more vibrant and excited he became. He had originally been hesitant about going to battle, but now he hoped that he could continue fighting for a long time.

But at this moment, he suddenly heard a loud explosion, and the land itself resounded with a deafening thunderclap, He turned his head to a distant spot in the beast tide, his eyes wide with amazement. Purple thunder flashed into the sky, impacting the heavens. Between it, a giant pillar of red flame also ascended upwards. It was as if heavenly tribulation had come down to the world!

'Mm? What's going on?'

Although the yellow-clothed youth was extremely far from where it happened, he could still feel the terrifying energy contained in that explosion.

A peak Houtian thunder-attribute martial artist and a peak Houtian fire-attribute martial artist were fighting?

How could that be possible? In this small land, why would two great elders be fighting here?

The yellow-clothed youth hesitated, thinking he would go take a look. But then, those terrifying fluctuations of energy suddenly stopped, interrupted, as if they had been completely sealed off.

'It's gone?'

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, what was that a moment ago?’’ The voice of the white-clothed girl's true essence sound transmission resounded in the yellow-clothed youth's ears.

The yellow-clothed youth was stunned. He immediately withdrew the shocked expression on his face and replaced it with a casual tone, saying, ’’Eh, probably some heavenly thunder.’’

’’Heavenly thunder?’’

’’Mm.’’ The yellow-clothed youth calmly analyzed and explained the situation, ’’If that terrifying power of thunder continued, it would most likely be two great masters fighting. But since it instantly vanished, it was most likely spring thunder that fell down, splitting into heavenly fire. This kind of phenomenon isn't uncommon.’’

’’But Senior-apprentice Brother... look at the sky.’’


The yellow-clothed youth suddenly looked up, and then big beads of sweat began to immediately form on his forehead. Above him, the bright moon was shining in the sky like a silver plate, and the entire night was free of clouds, the stars shining brightly.

In this weather, how could there possibly be thunder?


Ten miles away, a black-clothed man was kneeling on the ground, barely propping himself up with his sword. Half of his body was covered in soot and another half of his body's clothes were burnt away. The flexible armor underneath his clothes was fragmented, and his chest, stomach, arms, and legs dripped with fresh red blood.

This man was Bi Luo. Bi Luo had just fallen from the sky, and his illusion technique had been automatically dispelled, reverting from the appearance of an old man into his true self.

If it wasn't for him using a self-defensive ice armor bead at the last moment, he would have been severely wounded to the point of losing every bit of combat strength he had left. If that happened, his fate could be imagined.

’’Martial House Master Bi, did your sword strike from a moment ago overspend your true essence, thus causing you to be unable to support your illusion, revealing your true self?’’ Lin Ming asked the severely wounded Bi Luo, a faint smile crossing his face.

Lin Ming didn't use the full strength of Thunderfire Annihilation, only using one with 40% strength.

This was a technique that Lin Ming had slowly and thoroughly researched, then mastered after spending a month in Ancestor Chi Yan's mountain range.

The complete and full version of Thunderfire Annihilation was very slow, it had a long activation time. It also consumed a great deal of strength. Not just that, but with Lin Ming's current cultivation, simultaneously controlling a low-grade earth-step Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder and medium-grade human-step Earthcore Crimson Flame was impossible.

If he rashly used the complete Thunderfire Annihilation, he might not be able to control the power, and would probably kill himself in the explosion he created.

’’You...’’ Bi Luo's eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at Lin Ming. Lin Ming's current strength had completely surpassed the scope of his understanding. This was a strength that was impossible for a 16 year old youth to have.

’’Hahahahaha!’’ Bi Luo suddenly smiled, laughing with unbridled impunity.

’’Lin Ming, you think that you can kill me today? I may not be your match, but if I wish to leave, you cannot stop me! You have a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul on your body? If I spread this news, then how many Xiantian masters will take an interest in you?’’ An evil and vengeful smile curved on Bi Luo's face.

Lin Ming blankly looked at Bi Luo, not seeming to care for his words.

’’Normally, even if someone were interested in you, you could still stay in the sect and no one would dare to touch you. But now... divine Phoenix Island and the South Sea Demon Region are about to go to war. In such chaos, do you really think you can always be protected?

’’Lin Ming, you are too confident in yourself. But then again, geniuses are always so confident, that is why they die so easily! You thought you could lure me out by hiding your strength? You think you can kill me? Since I dared to kill you, then I naturally have ways to save my own life. You... you cannot stop me!’’

’’You think I can't stop you?’’ The corners of Lin Ming's lips lifted in a faint smile, revealing a thoughtful expression.


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